European Kindred founder indicted in ...

European Kindred founder indicted in Oregon

There are 48 comments on the KGW-TV Portland story from Aug 11, 2008, titled European Kindred founder indicted in Oregon. In it, KGW-TV Portland reports that:

The founder of the European Kindred white supremacist organization has been indicted on weapons charges in Oregon.

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Portland, OR

#1 Sep 12, 2008
I feel the media and the public needs to stop making us look and sound bad. We kindred are not bad people, were just mostly outspoken and follow through with our beliefs.

Eugene, OR

#2 Sep 13, 2008
David Kennedy is my 16 yr old sons dad. Patrick David Kennedy. I'VE known dave since I was 17 and love him as he does me. Dave is innocent of this SO CALLED "federal" crime.. Founder or no founder.. a man lives with or without jurisdiction or matter what his name is. Carry on.. never give up.... Never Surrender... to the system that we are judged upon


#3 Sep 26, 2008
thats my dad bitches.
and thats my moms comment there.

Dallas, OR

#4 Sep 29, 2008
I am courious about the "European Kindred" and its founder. I know of someone incarcerated in the D.O.C and was instantly targeted by that gang and threatened. It was my impression that the gang was founded to protect caucasion inmates from others. Well he is caucasion and still they harrass him. Whats the deal with that?

Cambridge, MA

#5 Oct 4, 2008
well he is either a rat or some chomo or chimo

Boise, ID

#6 Nov 9, 2008
They dont protect anyone that is outside of there gang. They only way that they will get protection is by joining the gang or paying rent.

Portland, OR

#7 Dec 21, 2008
Check it out! This comment was not about EK. IT was about David. What I don't get and what no ones asking, is what the fuck is up with incarcerating a man who's clean and sober, giving back to his community and doing right by his kids. David didn't sell any fire arm lets just get that part out of the way. So all allegations set aside we as a community should ALL have a LARGE problem with anyone being arrested, held and soon tried based solely upon their past
What are we doing letting our government send a twisted message like this to are kids? What is the federal DA's office saying?
" Hey kid's really its not worth your time so don't bother. Because even if you do get clean and sober, turn your life around, become a contributing member of your community. Take care of your family and try to give back. We still wont stop coming for you. We want you to believe that the hundreds of thousands of dollars that we make the community pay for the treatment well send you to is more then enough to prove that we believe in your ability to change. But don't work an honest program or go to 12 step meetings because well be sending informants to your treatment centers,required and personal meetings and because your changing you life you'll trust them. So well get you, Don't bother changing well make less money off of taking advantage of your mental health issues if you just keep hitting the pipe."
Come on Portland, we have talk of a mental health Court is this not to be considered discrimination? To sit here and say that becuase we the government are going to lable you ,you con not attend regular court .

Portland, OR

#8 Dec 21, 2008
Why is it that they say that a CHILD MOLESTER or MERDERER can be rehabilitated but an addict will always be an addict ? We should be asking what about our GOBERNMENT OFFICIALS AND JUDGES who currently use or have used regardless of weather or not they attended treatment why are they not placed under this lable ? What ever happend to as "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL" ? Were we not raised to believe that you are innocent until proven guilty? What about justice being blind why is it that none of this is applying here where should we stand ? Yet our government openly agknowlages that addiction is a mental health issue so why are were putting up with this?? What do we as community, truly know about David P. Kennedy. We all know that if David was a autistic young man we'd all be pissed buy the way he is being treated. Yet even though his PO whom we pay to help guide him in his re-entry in to our community has so willingly set up and opened the door to the medias involvment with David, yet still we condem him based upon the byest way the information reguading David and his past have been portraide to us by the media. You may have read the articles I'm refuring to but did you retain the facts or just the writteres oppion.( IE.... Portland Tribuneand & Portland Monthly). What is the difference, they want to talk mental haelth and addiction. They know that at a very young he wittnessed his father murder his step mother . To later be raised by a man whom at one point was an active member of a biker club. This as we all know is a "truly healthy and law abiding way to raise a child" NOT. As they allow the media to take the facts and change them arround as to thier own concienance to sell more pappers , Why are these people not being prosicuted for slander and sued for the pain and suffering which they are placeing on Mr. Kennedys family and his children? Example Renne Denfield who miss represented herself as a book writer and gained access to David via his PO and then proceeded to knowingly slander his family by publishing in a cover page article in the Portland Tribune that Mr. Kennedys mother was deceased , which is false Davids mother whom had been ill for at least 6 months prior to the article was shocked to learn that she her self was dead. So in tradidition of freedom of speach i do not aprove that Ms. Dinfield refused to correct her obious mistake even after beeing asked to do so by the Kennedy family, Iwish Ms.Dinfield and her partner whom live in St Johns the best of luck in thier future publications. Oh yeah they call this freedom of speach, so he who is free of all sin may he cast the first stone. Wheres your back bone Portland?? So hey portland if WE as a community dont take a true stand now against this type of false profileing whos to say who of us will be next .To suffer the goverments wrath based solely on something we or one of our family members did years ago in our past.As our goverment stands now just because of our parents mistakes we are there for classified as - PROSTITUES,DRUG ADICTS,TEEN PARENTS, and ALCHOLICS. WHY ARE ARE WE LETTING THEM DECIDED FOR US ???? AND we as a community complain about dead beat dads and that our young men do not have real rollmodels today. Though we willingly cast aside a man whom after takeing full advantage of his FIRST oportunity for treatment and is a, CLEAN AND SOBER, LOVEING ,HARD WORKING TAX PAYING , ACTIVE FATHER TO ALL 3 OF HIS BOYS. Who was also a strong working single father to his children ( includeing a new born) while thier mother was in treatment and faceing multiple identety theaft charges TO ROT IN PRISON FOR UPWARDS OF 15 YEARS !

Mesa, AZ

#10 Dec 30, 2008
dave we love you and miss you. your not the only brother who is being FALSELY ACCUSED cause who you are and what we PROUDLY REPRESENT.

Portland, OR

#11 Mar 9, 2009
our government is a bunch of race traders free D.K.

Brookings, OR

#12 Apr 27, 2009
my uncle david is a good man and all who oppose can SHOVE IT!! so stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
Oregon is Disgusting

United States

#13 Apr 28, 2009
fnfnfn wrote:
our government is a bunch of race traders free D.K.
What the heck is a race trader. Are you saying they can trade races with someone else?

That is just too funny for words.

Portland, OR

#14 Aug 21, 2009
so let me get this right the police can allow a convicted fellon to posess a gun sell it and because he is a ek member he goes to prison for it??hmm doesnt seem fair.they plant a guy around him to continuosley try and get him to commit a crime and thats not the police entrapment?can you really put a man in prison for that why cant the police have some sort of reprocutions for there actions in this.why couldnt they just let david do his recovery in peace like most addicts who get that chance??

Portland, OR

#15 Aug 21, 2009
let me refraze that the girlfriend admits she had it sold it and is a convicted fellon..she gets to walk and he goes to federal prison for being set nwhat justice..

Portland, OR

#16 Aug 21, 2009
i truely belive that if left alone to do there recovery these two would have 100 percent changed there lives but with no help from the cops david is right back were he started in prison and for what trying to get clean and learn new ways of living ..
David Kennedy

Portland, OR

#19 Sep 29, 2009
My name is David Kennedy, I was arrested Aug 6,08. It's been over a year now since my arrest. Because I'm up front about my beliefs I caught the attention of local law inforcement. I was born into a life that left me very few choices, in a world of addiction, from my youth. Dog eat dog, and survival. I had even fewer options, but my beliefs will never change. But through this school of hard knocks, and insanity, realizing my addiction was behind my troubles, I started changing things that made a difference in my life. I put my dream which was simple and my goals into focus. Which were to be a middle class hard working father. So I put myself through 2 inpatient tx programs, which kept me from my wife and children for 15mths. She wasnt ready, so I stayed away until she was. While in my 2nd 8mth inpatient program the Gresham Police Illegally intercepted my oral communication for a year. Spending tax payers money that WHOLE YEAR and breaking ORS 133.724 and 133.726. They recorded me inside my drug tx program downtown, 3rd & couch, Mentors program through Central City Concern. And after repeated attempts to try and get me to touch a gun or find one for someone, they failed, but arrested me for giving their informant a phone number. Nothing more Nothing less. A couple weeks back I signed a deal with the Federal Government for 90 months, so my wife would get probation. She told them (gresham police)I didnt have nothing to do with a gun sell and that she dealt with Harry Walker; and the police told her "we don't want you, we want dave". From my reasearch Ive learned it cost around $30,000. a year to house me, tell me how does one have faith in the US justice system. When it targets people that are changing their life for the better. and against the constatution, and Illegally records them, and takes a documented, productive, tax paying member of the community, and rips him away from his home, wife, and children for 90 months. For giving someone a phone #? and to whomever it is that reads this letter today, I ask you, and I quote "Is this a waste of tax payers money"? Sadly Ive lost my faith in the US justice system, and the US Government. Sincerly, David P. Kennedy

Little Falls, NY

#20 Oct 18, 2009
free dave! dave is a good friend a great family man and a visionary. all you wankers fuck off its all about the children the family brothers in arms and afuture for our white children dave keep your head up bro we love and support you hey dave sci 2000 summer time remember?that tatooed head dude ove youbrother

Carson, WA

#21 Dec 25, 2009
Lisa wrote:
David Kennedy is my 16 yr old sons dad. Patrick David Kennedy. I'VE known dave since I was 17 and love him as he does me. Dave is innocent of this SO CALLED "federal" crime.. Founder or no founder.. a man lives with or without jurisdiction or matter what his name is. Carry on.. never give up.... Never Surrender... to the system that we are judged upon
Hey Lisa what's up ? Remember me ? In back seat of Miles' car ?
long lost brother

Ashland, MS

#22 Jan 3, 2010
wow!i really dont know what to say about all this insanity b.s if all you f..kers had grown up along time ago you wouldnt be in this bullshit mess, and quit being a bunch of followers and get alife,ole davey wavey is a big boy and can handle his own, i love my friend davey very much too, but im not a follower and never will be, had i have followed id be doin life right now or dead for sure. im sorry for dave's misfortune, but we all choose a path to walk on, but all you goof balls out there trying to justify this shit ought to take a look at your own lives and where they are leading
Mr Logic

United States

#23 Jan 18, 2010
The moral of the story.....DONT LET RATS INTO YOUR GANG!! Recruit smarter, not harder. It's a fact EK is full of snitches.

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