I can see why there is no black peopl...
Oregon is Disgusting

Sherwood, OR

#578 Aug 4, 2010
More specifically to the point:

- The transit system is 'sticky' because there are no facilities where there should be. The machines are often broken and you have to drive to get to mass transit which pretty much defeats the purpose.
Who in the world older than 12 wants to ride the bus?????

- Cops often are the problem as evidenced by their ongoing conflict with the citizens they are supposed to be protecting. What is the latest problem?

- The parks are usually devoid of people as most Oregonians are not athletic, healthy or engaged in anything more strenuous than TV viewing.

- Restaurants are generally burgers and fries places with the 'higher end'(read over priced) ones are unrefined and unexceptional. For a city supposedly food friendly the lack of truly great dining is ridiculous. They talk a good line but fail to deliver.

- An airport and a casino as attractions? Alert the media. Visitors long (LONG) dead are still the most exciting thing that has ever happened. Alert the media.

- Yawn.
Oregon is Disgusting

United States

#579 Aug 21, 2010
Wow, that sounds even better the second go around.

Zounds! The last chump leaving Oregon to the mold and algae put out the camp fire.

San Antonio, TX

#580 Aug 22, 2010
i'm a upstanding black man thinking of moving to portland all i want to know is would i have to worry about the klan and burning crosses on my front lawn or being called the N word everywhere i go.
Oregon is Disgusting

United States

#581 Aug 22, 2010
Upstanding as opposed to standing on your head?

Look up the Nazi balloons and flyers (or maybe fliers) and the stuffed monkey incidents.

Raleigh, NC

#582 Feb 5, 2011
BrettHirasaki wrote:
Carlos, you need to think about Portland if you want to find black people. I have an impression that that city is becoming a majority of black.
I know this an old post but I have to agree thr r black people in oregon and the real issue is the illegal immgrn issue. yes believe it or not we are oregon. Alot people may not know this but thr are black in Arizon and Montana and alaska, south dakota and I don't mean a smll number esp.in arizona
Mrs Jimenez

New York, NY

#583 Jul 11, 2011
It is frightening to read this blog of friends going back and forth. No offense to any and of any member of any race. I am a proud Latina. It is equally frightening how some states cannot get beyond racism. MLK Jr. made an impact, but how great of an impact.... Potentially great...the minds of the people are what invalidates these men and women (both black and white of all races) fight for freedom, dignity, and equality.

Racism...a very controversial topic has laid it thick for most Hispanics. Why? We are in the gray area between black and white. We are the mulattoes of this world. If we migrate, then we are considered a plague. If we give birth and help the population grow we are a burden and over sexual beings. My friends, life is precious as birth is precious. It is true that the scheme is have the most children so that you can get more benefits, which is an unfortunate truth. Now, let us look at the reality of things.

Resources are restricted from minorities and are often denied the right to apply. I am Puerto Rican, but I speak what I see, hear, and observe. I speak what things plague my people as well. I am an educated individual who has a BS in Psychology/Education. I am progressing after battling a college that felt that I was contagious to the other students. Yes. Racism has many shapes, colors, and sizes. It has man forms. We sympathize with one side over another and seek to look for the guilty party.

If we are transferring blame, then let us start with the feeble-minded in government who felt that the forefathers lacked in knowledge when they built this country on good principles...brotherly love. Now, we see hatred running rampart as well. Where you find Black and Hispanic Americans going at each others throat. When will the blame game cease? When will we come to terms that racism is an horrific monster that eats away like gangrene? It is plague; a cancer that cannot be cured.

Welfare system...what a joke! Unemployment - now you have to work for these penny on the dollar programs where clients are mistreated, abused, and discriminated against. Unemployment workers in NYC telling those who are collecting to go collect disability instead. The same do not care that such claim takes months and months to process...what happens to the family? Are children supposed to feed on the paint of the walls to survive until disability determine if you qualify or not.

We need to get a grip and get together...color is just color. The intent of the heart weighs far more than just color. The spirit and will of man in priceless and a nation that stands together in brotherly love will not as easily fall prey to these nuances occurring in and out of the government.

Sorry, but I read and this is how I feel.

Mrs. SJJ at age 36.
Mrs Jimenez

New York, NY

#584 Jul 11, 2011
BTW, I am not from Queens. Not sure why it assumed that I was from Queens. I am from NY, NY. Pardon the grammatical errors...I am only human.

Albuquerque, NM

#585 Aug 5, 2012
Brett wrote:
99% of the people in Oregon are very open minded people. It is a very progressive thinking state, well ahead of its time with respect to many moral issues.
There are racists everywhere. It doesn't matter where you go. It is less pronounced in Oregon because of the fewer minorities. I think those of Hispanic descent or those who look Hispanic would probably face more discrimination in Oregon than anyone with African ancestry. Why, you may ask?
Because of the flood of illegals into the state from Mexico and California. Its not that Oregonians are racists or hate persons from other cultures, its that this huge influx has really strained an already empty state coffer. As I've said before, almost the entire tax base comes from workers in the form of income tax and from property owners. So if you work and own a home, you foot the bill for everyone else.
Business taxes are almost nonexistent in Oregon. Why don't businesses flock to Oregon? Because the transportation system is sooooo bad. Portland is THE port. Schools are so bad people don't want to bring their families here,and because not everyone fishes, hikes, hunts and camps.
Housing prices have skyrocketed which is good for those cashing in, but really bad for those trying to raise families. Housing prices were driven up by Californians coming in and buying up all available property, hence one reason for Oregonians' resentment of outsiders. Most jobs are service industry jobs and they just don't pay the rent.
Oregon was once rich in timber and fishing industries. Regulation (which some was good and necessary) borne of tree huggers and do gooders (save the Spotted Owl which we now know was never even endangered) totally wrecked havoc on these industries. Federal laws were enacted which overrode all Oregon common sense. Oregonians resent that and with good reason.
Wow you r rude dude!!! We ain't movin there. Hmmmm acing like blacks are in welfare and don't work. Well they do!!! What does ur lazy ass do? U don't own Oregon so shut tbe hell up!!!

Indianapolis, IN

#586 Nov 24, 2012
Learn to spell Carlos.

Masontown, PA

#587 Nov 27, 2012
Why is that?

Newport, OR

#588 Feb 2, 2013
I moved to Lincoln City Oregon 6 months ago to work in the casino . What an effin joke ! I excelled in everything I did ! Received 58 customer compliment cards in 4 months , was promoted by my Dept mng . Was nominated for the coveted " Superstar " award . Was told by the dept mng that I was " setting a standard " ... And was fired a month later ! Why , I don't know , was told Policy " 701 " , when I asked him to more specific , I was told that he couldn't say anything more at the time . Just like that I was terminated ! Got a job at Rite Aid in the Interim , moving to Salem in 3 weeks to what promises to be a better job ! Plan on working ther for a while then transferring the hell out of Oregon . My new employer is a nationwide company that will allow this .
Oregonians are racist and don't know it ! They are afraid of intelligent hardworking individuals who are African Americans !

Monessen, PA

#589 Feb 19, 2013
Is the cake made with "Squirt"?
fed up

Kent, OH

#590 Mar 17, 2013
Go live in Liberia, we don't want you here.
LuvOregonandCali f

Beaverton, OR

#591 Aug 8, 2013
Why is everyone so worked up on this site about Blacks. I have never seen an issue. I see this post is from 2007, but this mentality has not changed much. I wonder if Carlos ever moved to Oregon and how he is doing.

On the subject of mentality not changing....I have black and white friends and don't see any racism issues. Most of the people complaining about being black in Oregon are the blacks who are drawing conclusions based on crap they read on the internet rather than their own experience. I have a few black friends that jump to the conclusion they are being treated differently when they are not. It's a state of mind, not what is really happening. If you get yourself all hyped up believing people in Oregon are racist then you will read that into everything, I've watched it happen. "Oh see that guy, he's staring cause I'm black", uh no, he's staring cause your running your mouth about how racist Oregonians are at the top of you lungs, and he is an Oregonian.(forehead slap). Most of the people I have met here have an far bigger issue with Mexicans than blacks and that isn't even because of the race that is because there is such a flood of illegals here sucking up our resources instead of being working, tax paying people. Race has nothing to do with it.

Just saying. I am a Californian moved to Oregon 8 years ago and heard all the same crap about how Oregonians hate people from Cali. Whatever...never had a problem. Also, I'm a white girl with a Hispanic last name (yes my biological name, I'm 1/4 Mexican, & look white) Spend most my life in Cali and the rest here in Oregon and never once saw the bs issues people keep saying happen. It's all crapola. Change your state of mind and open it up a bit. Life is what you make of it.
LuvOregonandCali f

Beaverton, OR

#592 Aug 8, 2013
P.S. Never heard anyone take issue with anyone, any race (black, Mexican, white, etc) that is here legally and works. Oregonians have an issue with people who don't pull their own weight. All races of Oregonians seems to take issue with people who don't pull their own weight regardless of race. The only way you will have a problem here is if you come here and don't work or at least try to work. It doesn't matter what race you are. Just hold your own and you will be just fine.

Hattiesburg, MS

#593 Jan 16, 2014
pooh bear

Garden City, MI

#594 Jan 22, 2014
Just stop it already you
Eddie Dee Williams

Portland, OR

#595 Feb 22, 2014
Oregon is still a very racist state, however its going to take a trilogy of books to explain all of the racism, I have been exposed to. To put it mildly, I am license to kill(double Jeopardy) in the court of Law in the state of Oregon, due to Racism.

My memoirs: Justified License to Kill @ Barnes & Noble Oregonblackforum=Eracism
Eddie Dee Williams

Portland, OR

#596 Feb 22, 2014
A Caucasian man at a soccer game in Beaverton Oregon, casually approaches me, since I am very approachable. Extends his right hand and makes this statement to me; All these white people, you see here can't stand each other. They are only united to keep you black people down!
Eddie Dee Williams

Portland, OR

#597 Feb 22, 2014
I have survived driving into a sheet wearing, cross burning KKK meeting.I survived the Skinheads trying to constantly kill me.
I saved twelve Caucasians from a brutal massacre.
My memoirs: Justified License to Kill@ Amazon

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