Waverly Ohio City Schools

Waverly Ohio City Schools

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#1 May 3, 2007
I am trying to move to this forum for one that was closed by the moderator on the Chillicothe Gazette Forum.

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#2 May 3, 2007
Anyone that moves here is more free to discuss what ever you want. Not like the Gazette.

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#3 May 3, 2007
Hey joyce hopefully everyone will come to this site to voice thier opinion. They also to shut down the Candadates Night topic, I guess things were getting a little to truthful huh!!!!!

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#4 May 3, 2007
i just think the waverly levy would be too much out of the pockets of an already impoverished population

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#5 May 3, 2007
This is a much better forum than the other one.
I am sure I got flagged by Regular Guy about the post of them getting kick backs, because it had been on for what 3 days? The moderator had been on there every day. Then today he closed it and told me what I couldn't say. Why so long?
Like I said he flagged me, cause we were getting into the school so bad, that was his only weapon he thought he could use to shut us up.
I have been on another thread on this site since the smoking ban was voted on.
I can't believe what some people say and no flags. Humm

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#6 May 3, 2007
Here are the Salary Notices for the Administration of the Waverly Schools. With Salaries like the following its no wonder why they have to beg and plead for more money!!!! Its time to take a stand and vote NO, NO, NO, and NO again!!!!

Larry "Bo" Arnett -$60,601.00 - Plus another $3,850.00 for being the Equipment Coordinator yearly which brings his total to $64,451.00 a year.

John Dickens -$71,330.00

Cheryl Francis -$95,368.00 a year plus whatever retirement money she is getting!

William Hobbs -$73,019.00 a year plus $3,292.00 for being Boys Varsity Assistant Basketball Coach plus $823.00 for summer related activities preformed for a total of $4,115.00 and another $2,486.00 for Cross Country Coash plus $373.00 for summer activities for a total of $2,859.00 which brings his total salary to a whopping $79,993.00 a year

William Hoover -$65,688.00

Rebecca Peden -$60,969.00

Roger Ramsey -$85,436.00 plus his retirement from the school. Boy I wish that I made $85,000 for directing school bus routes!!!! What a joke!!!!!!

Mike Roback -$83,153.00 plus $3,292.00 for being Varsity Assistant Football Coach and $823.00 for summer activites pertaining to football for a total of $4,115.00 which brings his total salary to $87,286.00

Andrew Seddelmeyer -$69,172.00 plus $ 4,813.00 for being Boys Head Basketball Coach which brings his total to $73,985.00

David Surrey -$ 90,692.00 WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Rick Teeters -$83,153.00 plus another $2,738.00 for Varsity Volleyball Coach which brings his total to $85,891.00

Patsy Tennant -$71,460.00

Patrick Willaims -$66,454.00

Now a total of the people listed above come out to be a whopping $998,985!!!!!!!!

Its not wonder they need more money. If this doesnt shock you and you want to still vote yes on this issue there is no hope left for you. I think if these folks were as worried about the kids as they say they are they would have said to cut back on the 27% pay raises they got in the last few years and put it toward books and supplies that they need!!!!! I hope you do the right thing and Vote NO on Waverly City Schools Tax Levy!!!!

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#7 May 3, 2007
Do you have Greene's salary? A mother asked me today, as he has her all upset he way he treats her son at school. I told her I would try to get it for her.

Bridgeport, WV

#8 May 4, 2007
I dont but you can call the City schools and request a copy of them since they are public record. And thanks for posting my message on here as well. It is also back on the new forum on the Chillicothe Gazette.

Columbus, OH

#9 May 4, 2007
Chilly, I would like to see a link for this article it might explain when the Gazette did a recent article on the State Local Report Cards Waverly was at the bottom. Did the article summarize the fact that cheating in class gave them higher grades but when testing the students didn’t make the grade? I ask because to many scholarships are awarded on a Grade Point average which can be “jockeyed” which hurts the honest kids.
Chilly stated;
“Education Weekly published a report recently about the tremendous increase in grade point averages of students which is not reflected in student performance on standardized testing.”

What kind of revenue is that auditorium generating other than entertaining the school board member's family; which a majority of their kids are involved in the schools plays.

Drew I felt this article was wrong, you forgot to add the Media Specialist, Superintendent, Director of Continuous Improvement, and various other faculty members and not so much the plays, as the musicals, Madrigals ect…

If the school functions were not dominated by the children of the fortunate few would the community have looked at this levy different? They could say,“my children are giving equal opportunities’ for the Musicals, Choir, PAWS, Yearbook, Newspaper.”“It’s a great school because they care about everyone in the community not just their own.”

I constantly read in the Gazette about kids getting together for charities. Take the aftermath of Katrina several area school kids got together and raised money. I kept waiting for Waverly Kids to show their charitable side but it didn’t happen. Many kids won’t care if the levy passes or not because life at school won’t change for them.

BOE you want the levy to pass?! start making the school a community. Promote the child who is a little different, poorer, or just needs some good attention. One spark of good recognition in a kid’s life can make all the difference in the world. As a child from a poor family (due to medical bills) one teacher made the difference in my life by putting me as the lead in a grade school play. It changed my confidence and my life.

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#10 May 4, 2007
If parent's are so concerned about their kids as they pretend. Think before you vote yes, you are setting your kids future to have to pay 1.5% of their future earnings.
People can't make it now, what's it going to be like when your kids get homes, bills etc to pay? How much is gas going to cost them to go to work, even if they find a job that is.
Think of your kids not yourself for a change.
Think of the Kids VOTE NO for them.
You bunch of BOE brain washed morons.

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#11 May 4, 2007
How much will the school board and teachers pay me under the table to vote yes for them?
They want my vote, let them pay me.
After all looks like they make a good enough salary.
9 months a year.
Majority of Waverly don't make as much in 3 years, 12 months a year work as they do in 9 months. Summer is almost here. Another 3 months off.

Waverly, OH

#12 May 4, 2007
This levy puts an unfair burden on the working poor, whether or not more money is needed. I can NOT morally vote for a levy that takes food off the table of the working poor!!!

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#13 May 4, 2007

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#14 May 4, 2007

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#15 May 5, 2007
This isn't about the schools but Waverly news.
Just heard on the scanner an associate at Walmart just got assaulted by someone who has left the store.
Associate is in the office waiting for the police.
3pm Saturday

Van Wert, OH

#16 May 6, 2007
Chilly stated;
“Education Weekly published a report recently about the tremendous increase in grade point averages of students which is not reflected in student performance on standardized testing.”
What kind of revenue is that auditorium generating other than entertaining the school board member's family; which a majority of their kids are involved in the schools plays.
My bad... the report was in the Washington Post. It was referenced in Education Weekly. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/...

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#17 May 6, 2007
I don't get your point at all, Chilly.
I was in the dream auditorium last night.
Then after we were out in the hall(?) taking pics etc.
I asked "Where is the prom going to be"?
I was told "Right here"
I could not believe it.
They had the prom in a little dinky room, probably all the kids couldn't even all fit into at the same time.
Then I asked " Well, where is your after prom?"
I was told at the old high school.
Made not one bit of sense to me.
They don't even have a place at this big, new wonderful complex, nightmare, place to hold a Prom?
Then go to the 'Old' school for the after prom? Run the kids a mile both ways for their prom?
My lord, Ms Molly.

Bayside, NY

#18 May 8, 2007
I'm here Are you?
I bet the school board didn't even take time to put their panties on this morning before they ran down to vote theirselves a raise.
Who wouldn't do that? They need the money so so bad.
I hear they are raising hell at the bowling alley, Steve and a bunch of guys about this too.

Bayside, NY

#19 May 8, 2007
Thinking of a class action lawsuit against the BOE for having secret meetings to work on school levy, at the Amerihost.
This is not legal. No minutes of meeting and public was not informed.
Plus the fact some at the levy meeting were on "the Clock" while there.
Lots of under handed dirty work by the school board, as usual.

Bayside, NY

#20 May 8, 2007
Do you think the yes voters from the school might be the BOE's prostitutes?

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