Proposed Changes In Ohio's Concealed ...

Proposed Changes In Ohio's Concealed Carry Law

There are 167 comments on the WJW Fox 8 Cleveland story from Mar 29, 2010, titled Proposed Changes In Ohio's Concealed Carry Law. In it, WJW Fox 8 Cleveland reports that:

AKRON, Ohio - More than 200-thousand permits have been issued in Ohio since the state enacted its Concealed Carry law six years ago.

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#21 Mar 29, 2010
I really do think that the people that have there permit are not the ones to worry about! people make it sound lik they are safer if only the criminals can be trusted! I have my CCW and I carry it everywhere if needed I'll feel safer

Amherst, OH

#22 Mar 29, 2010
I fully support the bill to remove the restrictions placed on Concealed Handgun License holders while dining at restaurants.

The proposed legislation will simply allow the holder of a valid Concealed Handgun License to maintain control of their firearm while dining in a restaurant that serves alcohol, instead of having to lock it outside in their car where it can be stolen and potentially used in a crime.

As the law stands today, a permit holder can dine at any fast food restaurant, but can’t walk into a Chipotle simply because someone else in the restaurant may be having a beer or a glass of wine. We are not talking about Bars, Nightclubs or Outdoor Sports Arenas.

Having a firearm while drinking is already illegal, so the existing restriction is redundant. It's like saying you can't drive your car into a restaurant parking lot because cars and alcohol don't mix!

I strongly agree that guns and alcohol do not mix, but how does someone who is sitting two tables away from me having a glass of wine impair my judgment? We know that it does not, just like someone else drinking at a bar does not impact my ability to drive if I am not drinking.

There are currently thirty six other states that permit licence holders to dine in restaurants that serve alcohol, including every state bordering Ohio.

As a Concealed Handgun License Holder, I have undergone an extensive background check, have been fingerprinted, have never been convicted of a felony or charged with an offence relating to drugs or violence. I have taken the required classroom training and passed a competency check with a handgun to be sure I know how to handle it. At last count there are over one hundred forty thousand Concealed Handgun License Holders in the State of Ohio.

I was once a person who believed that firearms were only for Police Officers and criminals, but because of a tragic family experience, I have come to understand that the police can’t be there to protect us and we must take personal responsibility. That is why my family; along with 140,000 Ohioans, have invested time and money to learn how to protect ourselves.

Marysville, OH

#23 Mar 29, 2010
This is great! the law should be less restrictive! we all have the right to protect ourselfs! and the places we cant take our guns are in some cases the most dangerous! you would have to be crazy to just go shoot people for no reason so i do not believe this would be a bad thing!
just me

Independence, OH

#24 Mar 29, 2010
I respect the CCW permit, but the bad guys don't care if you have a gun, it's who is the fastest, shoot first before he shoots me, I think all kinds of different things. If you feel you need to carry a gun into Applebees or any other place to eat would you want to carry a gun in to the Pier and your finer places? I say stay home and get carry out. To go to an ATM or a 24 hr store carry your gun and your permit. If you drink and carry and get caught then take the permit away and check your house for guns. Cause we all know liquor and guns don't mix. I'm also going to pray only for peace and order, and let the Police do their job.

Barberton, OH

#25 Mar 29, 2010
All but four states that have Conceal Carry allow law abiding citizens to carry a handgun into a restaurant. The anti-2nd Amendment rights groups like the Brady Bunch feed on peoples' fear and talk about guns and alcohol not mixing and there will be blood in the street! This is the same failed argument they have been using since 2004 and not only has it not happened in Ohio, it has not happened in any of the 48 states with Conceal Carry laws. Law abiding citizens do not just pull a gun out and start shooting. This is a fallacy of the left.

I love to see the people who say they "support" conceal carry or 2nd amendment rights, etc., and then they say "but" ... they are either lying about their support or they are completely unable to form a logical thought.

If anyone follows the news in Akron Ohio, you know what is happening to our city under Mayor Donnie. He is at war with the Akron Police Department and sticks it to them every chance he gets. Crime is rampant in our city and Donnie boy is fiddling while the city burns.

My advice! Get your conceal carry license like more than 200,000 other Ohio Residents have done and carry often! Remember, when seconds count the police will be there in minutes!


#26 Mar 29, 2010
I carry mine 24-7 and I believe that our second amendment right should be protected, as I plan on protecting my right to live anyway, where I live a Police officer is only 2-3 hours away!

Akron, OH

#27 Mar 29, 2010
Get away from all of the hype of law abiding people carrying guns. I have a CCW permit in both OH & PA. There are times that, to stay within the law, I have to leave my handgun in my locked car to go into a resturant where drinks are served. Hopefully nobody breaks in to it and steals it. I have passed background checks and it the case of PA, personal ref. checks in order to obtain my permits, unlike the thugs who prey on the average person on hte streets.
When the law first passed here in Ohio, there were dire predictions of the "Old West" and gunfights in the streets. None of that has come to pass, so why won't the media and gun haters get tht through their heads. All we want is a meens of personal protection? Or maybe we should wait for an understaffed police department to respond to a robbery or mugging.
As for me, I wouldn't hold my breath for the later.

Beachwood, OH

#28 Mar 29, 2010
I have legally carried daily for the last two years that I have had a CCW license. Most of us will never draw our weapon for self protection in our lifetime because the law states three things must be proved: The attacker must have the Ability and Opportunity (i.e. gun, knife, etc) and I must me in immediate Jeopardy of being fatally hurt or killed. Furthermore, I must have not have provoked the altercation and if possible must attempt to flee first. However, as most of you have seen the news, crime can happen anywhere and I chose years ago not to be an easy victim.
Dead End

Fremont, OH

#29 Mar 29, 2010
Steve wrote:
Giant Eagle sells liquor also
Not for on site consumption so you can carry there.
Steve massillon

Massillon, OH

#30 Mar 29, 2010
Steve wrote:
<quoted text>
McDonalds or Burger King I can go into with my weapon on, the safest place to store a weapon is on my person not in my car. To legally store the weapon in a vehicle you must have it in a locked case or compartment. My Chevy Colorado does not have a locking glove box or center console so then I have to carry around a gun case in my truck. No thanks.

FYI Steve. You can carry in a store that sells alcohol like Giant Eagle unless they have it posted on the outside of the building,door etc. Firearms will not be permitted in liquor establishments/liquor is being dispensed, school safety zones, courtroom, structure where courtroom is located, police station, sheriff's office, state highway patrol station, bureau of criminal identification and investigation, state correctional institute, jail, workhouse, other detention facility, airport passenger terminal, premises of any public or private college/university or institute of higher education, church/synagogue/mosque or other place of worship unless the handgun is in a locked motor vehicle or the licensee is in the immediate process of placing the handgun in a locked motor vehicle.
We carry for safty not to have gun fights. We know this is not the wild wild west!!
Matt oberlin

United States

#31 Mar 29, 2010
NO GUNS WHILE DRINKING is already the law.As it should always be! I would like to take my family to a restaurant that serves more than a value meal and feel free to exercise my second amendment right.
Matt oberlin

United States

#32 Mar 29, 2010
A holder of a CCW should be aloud to eat at an establishment that sells more than a value meal!
Matt oberlin

United States

#33 Mar 29, 2010
not Mount Pleasant, MI Oberlin Ohio

Brecksville, OH

#34 Mar 29, 2010
ohioans that have their concealed carry permit have passed a class showing we know ohio gun laws and safe gun handling. we also had to pass a background check that was performed by a local sherrifs office. to obtain a permit you must have a clean record, no felonies, drug or violence charges. ohio citizens with a carry permit arent the people that should be feared, its the people that illeagaly carry a gun with the intent to commit a crime. ohioans with a carry permit carry a gun to protect ourselves and loved ones from violent criminals. Home invasions, vicious attacks in metro parks, abductions in mall parking lots happen to good honest people anywhere at anytime. why shouldnt we have the ability to protect ourselves from violant criminals. the police cant be everywhere, their response time is minutes, attackes happen in seconds. give ohioans a chance to protect ourselves. and finaly, before passing judgement i ask that any ohio politian go to a concealed carry class and look around. my class consisted of single moms, elderly citizens, people that have jobs that take them to high crime areas. you will be suprised to see the class isnt full of gun toting hillbillies. just your average person that wnats to live peacefully. and if that isnt enough, go to maple hts and ask about our mailman that was shot in the head while deliverling our mail. tell me why i shouldnt carry a gun after that. where were the police to protect him?? they cant be everywhere. they did a great job and caught the guy rather quickly. but the damage was done. let that sink in

Medina, OH

#35 Mar 29, 2010
My S&W M&P .40c goes with me where ever I go. I don't spend my hard earned money at Giant Eagle or Applebee's. Stay outta those places Steve. Go to Buelhers instead. They have lower prices too!!
Your Kidding Right

Sparks Glencoe, MD

#36 Mar 29, 2010
I have a CCW for Ohio and PA, I carry 99% of the time when I leave my home. I don't frequent places where my fire arm is not welcome. I don't care to take the chance a loaded gun will be stolen from my locked car. I travel in PA a great deal and find their laws are more realistic. I can carry in bars and not worry about it, and no I don't drink. Since I have gotten my PA CCW I have yet to see a no fire arms permitted sign posted in any place I go to in PA. Now Ohio, the signs are all over the place. Maybe the places who post the no fire arms signs should be legaly liable for any injuries or death a CCW holder is subject to if they are robbed while in that place of business and not able to defend themself. CCW holders should be welcome, we took the time to have a background check and be finger printed along with being tested which is more than a normal street thug does.

Danville, OH

#37 Mar 29, 2010
The reason for a ccw is for protection!You take your classes and you pass the background test and get your permit!
You should be able to carry anywhere,Criminals dont get permits,Thats why they call them criminals.Criminals carry thier guns anywhere they want.
Norm Deplume

Medina, OH

#38 Mar 29, 2010
The difference between those with a CCW permit and those without is that those without have the balls to pull their weapon and use it.

United States

#39 Mar 29, 2010
Why the F.O.P. would be against this is mind boggling. Following the letter of Ohio law, even off duty police officers, retired police and military are barred from carrying a gun in a class D liqueur establishment. Of course, they get away with it. CHL holders are not criminals and follow the law. How many other bar patrons will be sober, passed a background check, and taken 12+ hours of training including legal and liability as well as range time. From a criminals point of view, knowing the bar is full of unarmed patrons makes it an easy mark.Why not put a sign up at your house stating there are no guns inside? See how that goes over.
Stop all guns sales


#40 Mar 29, 2010
Outlaw all guns and gun sales. Enough is enough. The 2nd ammendment says a a well regulated militia. See the word REGULATED?!!That means we can make laws to control gun sales and the type of guns sold. And what is a militia? An army or police force that's who! Thirty thousand pepole die a year in the USA from nuts with guns and it's time to stop! Ban all gun sales and force the people who have guns to turn them in or face prison.

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