Tankleff investigator: Case "biggest"...

Tankleff investigator: Case "biggest" he's done

There are 150 comments on the Newsday story from Dec 29, 2007, titled Tankleff investigator: Case "biggest" he's done. In it, Newsday reports that:

The walls of Jay Salpeter's second-floor office in Great Neck hold images of his beloved Jets and Mets, as well as what he could regard the hard-earned trophies of his trade as a sleuth-for-hire. There with the ...

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#165 Jan 5, 2008
Chief Keenan lived in Rockville Centre. A very decent man. After he retired he became the Chief of Security of NYRA.

Chief NiCastro, I believe was not in the detective bureau at the time. He was never a detective or a commander until late in his career. I am almost certain he had nothing to do with SOS - you may be confusing him with Borrelli.

If you listened to Joe Coffey, you would think he solved the whole case. There was another fellow I know very well who was telling people he was a major figure in the case. They just forgot to mention his name in the book written about SOS. Boy, did we have fun with that when the guy was telling all the Newbies working in the Zodiac Task Force of his exploits in the SOS case. A detective named Frank took the book and went to the page: WHERE ARE THEY NOW, the page that did a follow up on all the detectives who worked on the case and where and what they were doing now. This so called STAR detective was no where to be found. The Detective Frank blew is up and posted it on the wall at the Zodiac Task Force in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. What is ironic of the DETECTIVE who always seems to be in on the BIGGIES is that he caused a false sketch of a black man to be published in the papers, and it was posted for three years when it was really an Hispanic man who did it. When zodiac retired and then came back after a year of so 'vacation', that sketch was re-produced. I was retired at the time, but enough was enough. I called the Chief of Detectives, an old friend and told him it was BS and why it was BS. Only two days later the Chief issued a statement to NY Post that the sketch was worthless and not even worth the paper it was written on.

Our friend did have his value. He was a known conduit for Jimmy Breslin. EVERYBODY, AND I MEAN EVERYBODY KNEW IT AND WERE SCARED SH!TLESS TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

Ronkonkoma, NY

#166 Jan 6, 2008
PeteF. Thanks for the info. It was a long time ago, and even Nicastro's son is since retired.

Also vaguely remember the Plocie Commissioner of about that time, a guy named Codd. He had a nephew that had a small problem of getting into minor run ins with the police.

Glen Cove, NY

#168 Jan 8, 2008

I saw a show where the psychic Noreen Renier told a detective that the Zodiac killer was Spanish and his name was Eddie. I forget the detective's name.

I read your comments on a rant and am always interested in them. I haven't seen you there lately.

I've always believed Marty was innocent.


#169 Jan 10, 2008
Mike, I didn't know of any psychic who chimed in on the case. I can tell you that I said in the very beginning that it was a Hispanic guy because of the area where Joe Proce was shot. It just didn't figure it to be a black. I, also didn't have confidence in the detectives sketch of the black guy.

I do have to tell you that I did get a LOT OF HELP TO CONFIRM that suspicion. I spoke to the shooting victim in Jamaica Hospital with a Senior Citizen detective whose boss was desperate for fame and glory to keep the case. I simply asked Joe if he had a better recollection of the evening now that he is well and the bullet was removed. He was up and alert, and totally coherent. He said it was a Hispanic guy. WHAT! how do you know Joe? I talked to him, he said. WHAT! Joe said, while I was walking up to my house he appeared, a thin, 20's spanish guy with a moustache ?. He asked me to take him inside for a glass of water, I refused. He stopped walking and I heard a shot and my leg was in pain. It don't get much better than that. That was on a Friday night. Joe predicted he would never leave the hospital. I scoffed. He looked like the picture of health considering what he went through. He died of a heart attack that Sunday morning.

I was up at a NY hospital speaking to another possible Zodiac victim when the call came in that Joe died. The two detectives who were doing the sketch of the guy who supposedly shot him came up with an almost identical sketch produced earlier. I was so disgusted by the process that I went into the waiting room and went to sleep.

That black guy's sketch was out there for 3 years until I got it fixed after I retired when I called the Chief of Detectives with my story. He corroborated it with a boss, and the picture was pulled with a story in the NY Post.

It all had to do with EGOS. Nothing else. I did what I had to do, they wouldn't listen - f--k them.

Three years of investigation wasted. The spanish guy lived within a mile or so of Joe, as I said he would.

I have spent my time writing as much as I can about the Suffolk DA who framed my son in law, a former Suffolk cop of three burglaries.

It is a whopper, for sure. No, Mike, not even you could imagine how bad these people really are. I know, I couldn't and it set me off track for a long time until such time the evidence could not bring me any other place than an entire FRAME job by Spota and the DA squad detectives under the command of one James Burke. Maybe you saw Burke. He teaches for PTS.

Glen Cove, NY

#171 Jan 10, 2008
Sign of the Zodiac"

A serial killer is holding New York hostage. He is picking out his victims according to their astrological sign, leading the press to dub him The Zodiac Killer. Two eyewitnesses to one of his shootings say the killer is black, but the only solid clue police have to go on is a cryptic note left at one of the scenes with a symbol of a cross within a circle. Psychic Noreen Renier is brought onto the case for any insight she may have. She is able to see the face of the shooter. But he’s not a black male—he’s Latino and his name is Eddie. Is the psychic right?

and cache:UY4pXg5wGJAJ:members.aol .com/garypos/Renier_chap_pt2.h tml+Noreen+renier+Zodiac+New+Y ork&hl=en&ct=clnk& cd=2&gl=us

But the show I saw had a New York detective in it walking around with Renier. That's TV I guess that the simulated her working with the police.


#172 Jan 10, 2008
there were other witnesses who said the shooter was Hispanic. I was off the Task Force as soon as it went to the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

I didn't have updates on the case. What I do know is when I had a chat with my old boss who ran the TF, or as a LT, he did, I ran my story by him and he told me there were two witnesses who clearly saw a MH run out of the block. He wanted to explore it further - told the Boro commander, and was told,'go with the black guy'. so he was kind of stunned when I told him about Proce. It was then I called the Chief of D and told him my opinion. Like I said the black guy was yanked the next day.

It was all abuot ego and nothing else.

Glen Cove, NY

#173 Jan 11, 2008
I'm not a police officer, I'm a person who is trying to solve the murder of a loved one. I can't say more than this on a public board. I'm interested in how the police investigate crime and what their training is, how one becomes a detective, how one gets assigned to a case, what's the oversight. So, I'm always looking online for crimes and I watch a lot of real-life cases on TV. I keep stirring up the case so it's not put aside.
I am contemplating writing a book about what I've gone through in order to raise money for a reward.

I'm sorry for your son-in-law being framed. It has to be really rough on you that you knew what was going on and couldn't stop it. I'm in somewhat the same situation, I disagree strongly with the police over who they call their main suspect.
Joe Friday

Brooklyn, NY

#175 Jan 11, 2008
Just keep in mind, Marty is free due to shoddy police work not because he's innocent. He's a murderer. He wouldn't be free under my watch.


#176 Jan 11, 2008

But I will concede that if they did their jobs properly they could have extended the misery longer had they bothered to find the knife and blunt instrument. I mean, they had Marty there to tell them, didn't they? He 'confessed' to the murder, what was the big deal turning them on to the real murder weapons?

The DIAZ case was shoddy police work. Their rush to make up evidence led to what was a probably guilty murderer to go free.

Medford, NY

#177 Jan 11, 2008
High profile attorney Eric Naiberg said in yesterdays Newsday he sat in on the entire Tankleff trial and still believes in his guilt.

This comes from a seasoned homicide defense lawyer. I bet he would say your son wasn't framed, but a very guilty w. boy.


#178 Jan 11, 2008
You're back.
Joe Friday

Brooklyn, NY

#179 Jan 11, 2008
PETE F wrote:
But I will concede that if they did their jobs properly they could have extended the misery longer had they bothered to find the knife and blunt instrument. I mean, they had Marty there to tell them, didn't they? He 'confessed' to the murder, what was the big deal turning them on to the real murder weapons?
The DIAZ case was shoddy police work. Their rush to make up evidence led to what was a probably guilty murderer to go free.
Make no mistake about it, Marty is the real killer. The defense spend 17 years creating fabricated stories.

Glen Cove, NY

#180 Jan 11, 2008

Eric Naiburg
Wasn't he Amy Fisher's lawyer? And didn't he overcharge her and have an affair with her?
Wasn't he involved in the Lisa Steinberg case?
And what's this about a cat being killed?
That's who you quote.\?


#181 Jan 11, 2008
Joe Friday wrote:
<quoted text>Make no mistake about it, Marty is the real killer. The defense spend 17 years creating fabricated stories.
You may be on to something here Sgt.Friday. Has anyone found anyone in the defense team to be former SCPD detectives? That would account for their ability to fabricate facts.
Joe Friday

Brooklyn, NY

#182 Jan 11, 2008
PETEF wrote:
I THINK KUDOS FOR MR.SALPETER ARE MISGUIDED. The real hero in this case is Marty Tankleff. for the job.
Now I heard it all. This is an absolute disgrace calling Marty a hero. He's a KILLER. There is no way he should be grouped with real heros. You should be ashamed to even think about making a comparison like that.

Bronx, NY

#183 Jan 11, 2008
PeteF.. A while back I asked you about a Spota bust, involving body shops and a Poupis. You said then that there was some relation to the time of your SIL.. Well, there's a relation to me as well. Right now I just can't figure out who is protecting who..


#184 Jan 11, 2008
Marty Tankleff is a 'hero' simply because he NEVER gave up. He fought thru many disappointments when he thought he had a chance.

The post I made was what I guess you would call 'tongue in cheek'. Just having fun with SalPeter.

Truth is I may have hit on something as the family gave much of the credit to Marty by keeping their hopes alive throughout this ordeal.

The answer to your misgivings is for Spota to try him again. Why should he not try him again? If Spota believes a person is guilty (does he?) then he is obligated to do it again. But, he declines to do so. What is he hiding.

One simple solution to this problem is to take the fingernail scrapings out of storage and have them tested. I am sure the defense team would be able to raise up enough money for the costs.

Why not, it is an open question that is left open. You haven't heard the defense team fighting to keep it closed, you only heard the prosecution.

The only question is: When you use the name JOE FRIDAY, are you taking it from the Jack Webb series or are you taking it from the spoof movie version? I think the latter, because, you, sir, are no Joe Friday. You are more like a Monday Morning Quarterback - or you are Eric Naiburg.

Glen Cove, NY

#185 Jan 14, 2008
Another false confession:

Cops made autistic Brooklyn man confess to sister's slay, says lawsuit

Monday, January 14th 2008, 4:00 AM

An autistic Brooklyn man exonerated of charges he murdered his older sister is suing the NYPD detectives who forced his false confession.

In June, a judge dismissed murder charges against Ozem Goldwire, 29, who spent more than a year behind bars after the Jan. 2, 2006, slaying of his sister.

Highly vulnerable to suggestion, Goldwire was interrogated for 21 hours by cops trying to pin the murder of Shereika Goldwire on him, according to a suit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

During the grilling, Detectives Nancy Malota, Christopher Scandole, Matthew Collins and others screamed and pushed Goldwire at the 73rd Precinct stationhouse in Brownsville, manipulating him with threats that he could not leave unless he confessed, the lawsuit alleges.

Goldwire finally wrote a statement claiming he strangled his sister after she refused to lower the volume on the TV in their Ocean Hill home. There was no other evidence linking him to the crime, according to the lawsuit.

State Supreme Court Justice Gustin Reichbach made it clear he was releasing Goldwire because he was innocent - not on a legal technicality.

"Here we had the ingredients of the perfect storm for false confession," Reichbach said.

Goldwire's lawyer Gerald Allen said detectives lack the necessary training for questioning suspects with special needs and are too eager for an arrest.

"The NYPD benefits from this practice by increasing arrest activity and obtaining media exposure of the quick closure of the case," Allen said.

An NYPD spokesman did not respond to a request for comment. The slaying remains unsolved.
Julio Trenar

Algeciras, Spain

#186 Jan 23, 2008
where are you suggesting the pipe came from?
wake up all


#187 Jan 25, 2008
none of you get that salpeter has always been in this for the publicity. he brought in gandolfini and has already written a book to be published in september, 2008. how can his book be completed if this case is not over? because he just wants the money generated by the publicity of his being a savior. he is a publicity hound and marty being free is a by product of salpeter's greed. give it time. you will all see that i am right.

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