anybody ever get carded for a lighter?!

Stoney Creek, Canada

#41 Feb 11, 2012
Yeah I was carded for a lighter yesterday. She asked me if I had ID and I told I've bought lighters from here before without ID. I continued to explain to her that there's no law stating anyone of a certain age couldn't buy a lighter, and that she had to sell it to me. I was paying by debit so it's not like I could give her 5 bucks cash and walk out with it, so I went to another convenience store and I had no problem purchasing one.

Thornhill, Canada

#42 Feb 11, 2012
Just happened to me today I've been going to this dollor store since I was god damn 10 and they sold me lighters and now when I come they ask me for id then I go to convenice and they don't sell either I never knew u need I'd to buy a light that's just messed up

Scottsdale, AZ

#43 Mar 24, 2012
yesterday Target wanted to scan my lisence for the purchase of bic lighters. Im 58. I told her she could keep the lighters and I would not participate in this draconian bull

Minneapolis, MN

#44 Mar 29, 2012
There are a lot of good comments here already. I was carded for lighters today - and I turn 60 in April! I was so surprised by the request that I didn't notice whether the cashier scanned my ID, but going back tomorrow so I can watch. If they are scanning, I will make a bigger scene LOL. Today, I limited it to a mini speech on loss of freedom, nanny state (Minnesota), and that I'd have to mention it to my husband tonight while we are watching Bill O'Reilly on Fox News! Actually, I should probably send him, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck emails :-) Seriously, this crap has to stop - or we'll all be rationed toilet paper and permits to use it!
George fields

San Jacinto, CA

#45 Apr 8, 2012
I went to circle k and wanted a lighter because my mom asked me to go I knew I had to be 18 so they asked for my id I gave it to them and they told me umm we don't accept these kind of ids I mean if they see my birthday on the card that says my age is 18 and it shows my name their shouldn't that be enough???

Hobbs, NM

#46 Apr 9, 2012
uughh same sh*t happened to me ,, it freakin sucks they neveer did this before but when i needed it the most they carded me ,, so i said f**k yu dude wtf?? ill just go jack one dayum,, you can either sell it or it can be deducted out of yur next paycheck , yur choice ha.

Winter Garden, FL

#47 Jun 14, 2012
It is not the showing of the ID that bothers me but the fact that some stores, namely Target, tell their customers they MUST scan their drivers license information in order to purchase a lighter. The law only states you need to provide proof of age and does not mandate scanning the mag strip on your license. This provides Target information they have no legal right to and infringes on your privacy. Target needs to STOP this practice.

Winter Garden, FL

#48 Jun 14, 2012
The whole notion of providing an ID for a lighter is outrageous. Sure it is flammable but your kid can go down to the local propane dealer and get a bottle of propane filled without providing an ID. An underage person can purchase gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc without providing an ID as well as many other flammable or dangerous chemicals and items. Lets have these state legislatures STOP all the nanny state BS and concentrate on how they can stop spending so much money! Wonder what the enforcement cost is for this policy? Next you will be carded to buy a can of whipped freaking cream or antiperspirant.

Northport, AL

#49 Jul 29, 2012
Common Sense wrote:
<quoted text>
No you might want to "lug" (you sure must be a pussy if carrying your wallet is a chore) your wallet around for ID. Im sure you must have to "lug" it around for your drivers license or band cards credit cards or medical cards. The main reason for a lighter is to ignite cigarettes. So should we sell them to 2 or 3 yr olds? There has to be a limit and to try to stop millions of people dying each year from tobacco use...they are trying to make it more difficult to smoke. God...some people need to have things spelled out for them. Dumbass....
Really man so your telling me that if I want to go camping that I need an Id for a lighter? Where as I can go into cvs and buy enough medicine to kill myself and no be ided? Now don't get me wrong I don't think you should need id for medicine ither. But just think about that.

Bronx, NY

#50 Jul 31, 2012
This happened to me yesterday and ive been looking for this so called law for an hour and a half and nothing. At the local deli where i have been going to practically every day since they opened about 8 years ago. Where ive purchased countless lighters and two bongs without id asked me for an id to buy a mini bic lighter. I refused as it was 2am and i just went out in my shorts, tanktop and slippers around the corner specifically for a lighter and some baby formula. I was pissed and put the exact money on the counter took it and left.

Bronx, NY

#51 Jul 31, 2012
ps. im going to be 32 next month and look about 36

United States

#53 Oct 27, 2012
Just now at Hixson, Tn, Target my wife I were carded for lighters. Yes, I got ugly and said we should defy this stupid rule, reg, law. I got in the car and e mailed my state senator about it. We need to raise hell with elected officials and with store management. Too much govt, too many laws and regs. Light a fire under the regulators!!!

Spring Hill, TN

#54 Nov 17, 2012
57 yrs old and just got carded to buy a bic lighter at Krogers

Billingham, UK

#55 Dec 11, 2012
No problem with me

United States

#56 Dec 24, 2012
Stores scan ids simply to make sure it isn't a fake.. And anybody can buy a lighter without an id.. A lighter is a survival tool and they can't refuse you purchase of a survival tool

United States

#57 Mar 6, 2013
Kinda sad i got a case of bear and two cartons of smokes from circle k with no id at all... came back a hour later for a lighter...thay id me... gave it to them.... thay said thay couldnt sell it to me cause my id was expired... it expired like two weeks before

Longview, WA

#58 Apr 2, 2013
You can thank your Democrat president for this. He is also now mandating that your MD ask you if you have any guns... Obama and his pals are trying to get all the information they can about you so they can use it against you later... JUST TELL BO NO!!!!!

Bolton, CT

#59 Apr 2, 2013
I got carded today at CVS...was absolutely floored!! This nanny state is really out of control when you can't even buy a $5 lighter. I want to know how are all the under 18 year olds feel about this?

Boynton Beach, FL

#60 Apr 21, 2013
I went to Target and bought a pack of 3 lighters and was carded. They scanned by driver's license. I am almost 53 annoyed that after Boston and Newtown we can not pass expanded background checks. This happened in Boynton Beach,Florida.

Olive Branch, MS

#61 May 19, 2013
These are company policies that large corporations put into place to satisfy the government. See, the government has tried everything they can to make it hard on retailers and the people that work for them. It's ignorant - just bring your ID and you don't have a problem. The scanning is just a tool to make it easier for the cashier who is dealing with hundreds of transactions a shift and to provide a speedier checkout for the customer. Some of you nuts need to put the conspiracy theories out to pasture.

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