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Clermont, FL

#462 May 10, 2012
Its not worth it. I now hae a heart arrythmia and have to take meds as a result of taking it.

Little Neck, NY

#463 May 14, 2012
I urge everyone who is currently using or has used SlimQuick to read this article I came across today http://www.publichealthwatchdog.com/study-lin... .

This stuff can seriously hurt your body. It is not worth it trust me. I, just like SIT suffered from liver damage. It is no joke and I am currently looking into a lawsuit.
Lonely Boo

Anchorage, AK

#464 Jun 14, 2012
They just came out that Slimquick kills the liver so i suggest you get tests done to make sure you did no damage to yourself in your quest for health. I lost 85 lbs doing nothing but eating right, excercising and taking regular vitamins. Get yourself checked out!
Lonely Boo

Anchorage, AK

#465 Jun 14, 2012
Here is the phone number they blasted over the tv today about Slimquick harm....I would call them and get compensated! So sorry that happened to you....FDA is falling down on the job. The major component Uva Ursi or Bearberry is not meant to be taken willy nilly it can kill you. It is all over the place OTC and should be PULLED. Good Luck everyone
Angie a

Lincoln Park, MI

#467 Jul 1, 2012
I was doing the slim quick that omes in the packet you mix with water. I went threw the first box fine which is like 12 days. On the second box, I felt I'll the first day, chest arm and back pains. I had to go to the ER. My blood pressure was. 167/136. Extremely high. It's been a week I still feel sore and my blood pressure still constantly spikes. I haven't took any slim quick since that day. My Dr doesn't know what it is since I never had problems before. I'm just wondering if it is because of this diet formula will my blood pressure eventually go back to normal or is it permanently screwed?

Crawfordville, FL

#468 Jul 5, 2012
mary wrote:
I've only taken SlimQuick for a few days, but wow! can I tell a difference. I have lots of energy, even to the point that I can't get to sleep at night, even though I took the second dose 8 hours before bed. My mind just races. But the strangest side effect is that I'm horny! I have lots of energy and feel great AND sexually aroused. Really don't see this as a bad thing, though. Kind of hope it sticks around!
I am experiencing the same side effects and I thouught I was crazy... I have way more energy and I also am experiencing excessive thirst but strangly I am also "in the mood" way more than normal. So not only am I making my boyfriend happy with weight loss, I am making him happy in the bedroom too. I have not experienced high blood pressure, racing heartbeat, sickness or anything else mentioned though.

Van Nuys, CA

#469 Jul 12, 2012
Angel wrote:
I was taking the Slimquick I took it for about a week. Yesterday was my last dose as I fell in to a panic stricken state. I have been having many panic attacks with in the last 24 hours and they wont stop no matter what I do. I am currently waiting for a dr to call me back to see what he wants to do all I want is these attacks to stop.
i had took sq in 2007 a had panic attacts back to back now it is 2012 and i still suffer for panic attacts on and off i wish i never took this pill if i new how to sue i will i been going to the doctor

Portland, OR

#470 Jul 12, 2012
I followed all the instructions and took the pills until I finished the bottle. I lost four pounds during that time and loved the extra energy. However, it did increase my moodiness during taking them and now I have had a terrible stomach ache for 5 days now. I can only think it is related to the pills because it happened right after taking them. I am not sure if I should go to the doctors or if it is something that will fix itself. Did anyone have anything similar happen?
crytstal handshoe

United States

#471 Jul 14, 2012
i a currently useing slimquick,for a week or so but it dont seem to do much at all for my hunger,and i have god awful heart burn idk if this is working or worth it
crytstal handshoe

United States

#472 Jul 14, 2012
i have also noticed strange cloudyness when i go to the bathroom on occations anyone else?

Ardsley, NY

#473 Jul 30, 2012
Lisa wrote:
<quoted text>
I took slimquick and had great results but it does affect birth control. Hope this helps.
In what way does it affect birth control like can I get pregnant someone please help bc I took slim quick for 3 days last week and I am on the pill and I was sposta get my period yesterday and it still has not come some one please help.
#474 Aug 16, 2012
I just ordered the slimquick but after reading some the reviews its making me worry. should i worry? are they dangerous?

United States

#475 Aug 18, 2012
I started taking Slimquick 2 weeks ago, I am taking the caffeine free version because I am very sensitive to pills that contain alot of caffeine which is why I chose slimquick, it was the only pill I could find that had a caffeine free version. I was dissapointed at first, I dont know why I thought it would work right away.lol I actually gained 2 lbs in the first few days and I was pretty upset, but then I suddenly dropped 5 lbs in 3 days time after that, so technically 5 lbs in 2 weeks! I feel great and less bloated, my bowels are regular(they never have been!). Now on the down side...A week ago, I got numbness in my left hand, I didnt think anything of it and then yesterday I started to get numbness in my chin on the left side and then my left side of my face tongue and left side of my throat..all numb! Its a pretty scary thing, I also got severe dizziness and couldnt stop going to the bathroom, peeing and diarhea. I think I actually got dehydrated from the pill. But if you read the label, it says to drink a full glass of water with it..and you should, directions are there for a reason, I am sure te dizziness and numbness comes from very low sodium levels caused by the diuretic, which can happen with any sort of diuretic if you dont drink enough water. I have had low sodium before when I was on a prescription diuretic, so thats how I know. It can cause seizures and coma, so those of you who take this, please listen to the directions and drink plenty of fluids, do not take with any other vitamins or diuretics either. Overall, I am satisfied with Slimquick!

Angola, IN

#476 Aug 30, 2012
I took slim quick in the spring for a little over 2months. I lost 24 pounds and felt great. I decided to try losing weight on my own so I stopped taking them. I lost 6 pounds in the next 3 months and was a little deterred. I decided to try the pills again and after taking 4 pills over the course of 2 days I had cramping and blood in my toilet. The cramping is similar to period cramping but the blood was different. Needless to say I'm taking the pills back to where I bough them for the refund the box claims I will get. I'm seriously hoping the cramping and bleeding goes away and I won't have to go to the doctor. My parents are unaware that I have taken these pills and as proud as they are about my weight loss I don't want them to be disappointed. Don't get me wrong I'm 22 and seriously needed to lose weight but they are still my parents and as a student I'm on their health insurance so I'd have to inform them.

Porter, TX

#479 Sep 9, 2012
I took slimquick for a month about 6 months ago. I lost maybe 5 pounds from it but the side effects were bad enough to make me quit. I got the jitters all the time, I NEVER wanted to eat and when I did I felt like I needed to throw up and that last, and worst, thing was the acne. It made me have little clusters of small, extremely painful whiteheads on my cheeks. Ive never had acne my entire life and even though I quit slimquick I still get them.. 6 months later!
I'm so upset about the acne, I'm starting to get scars on my cheeks because they just won't go away and I don't know how to get rid of them... it's very disheartening.

Woodinville, WA

#480 Jan 24, 2013
angelyk_dragon wrote:
First off, from experience I must say not all supplements work the same way with everybody. My brother and I have been on an exercise regimen for the past year and have jumped from one brand of pill to another. Some worked for us and some have not. Some even gave me intense headaches and some were just fine with me.
Also as a medical student I have learned that each and every individual have different body types and will have different medical backgrounds, therefor each diet pill will not work the same.
As far as the medical concerns posted above. The diabetes thing... very unlikely. DIABETES does not develop in a span of two weeks. It usually hereditary. She may already have had diabetes but may not have known it till the hospitalization. I suggest you go to www.diabetes.org to learn more about it.
Dehydration may occur same with any pill or even with exercise. It is vital that you take in at least 2 liters of water a day and 2-3 cups more when exercising. But if you really feel dehydrated drink sports drinks like gatorade, they have what you call electrolytes and it will aid in dehydration.
Now with hypertension or high-blood pressure, there is a chance that it may occur. A lot of these pill contain ingredients to give you a lot of energy, there for they may stimulate increased heart rate and such. I suggest to go to a Doctor first and have him/her to evaluate you to let you know if you are safe to take any fat-burner pills.
I have just bought slimquick extreme and I am ready to try them out. So for all of you that want to try them I say go for it if you feel unsure about any health conditions that may arise, you may want to consult with you doctor 1st.
Hope this helped!
Good points and as a nurse can I point out that sports drinks aid in hydration not dehydration Yikes. Lol I know what you meant but its important that we don't confuse people if promotion our medical background with the post.
Texas dad

United States

#481 Mar 17, 2013
My daughter also just got out of the hospital after taking slim quick for 13 days. She was in the hospital for 3 days with severe dehydration and 596 glucose level. Has never had any symptoms of diabetes before this.

Lakewood, NJ

#482 Mar 26, 2013
I've been taking NV diet pills for maybe a little over a month now, I got the Caffine Free ones first because I hate the feeling of feeling jittery. Then when I went to get another bottle they didn't have the Caffine free ones in stock so I got the regular ones. Personally I don't feel jittery at all so that's a good thing, I feel like I am loosing weight but I don't know if I can attribute the weight lose totally on the pills but they do seem to somewhat work so I am going to stick with them for a while. One side effect I've noticed, once again I don't know if it's from the pills or not but I have serious gas lol ive never had gas issues like this in my life so I'm assuming its from the NV. I'm gonna stick with them a little longer & also buy a cheap scale so I can monitor my weight appropriately. I only take 3 a day and I think you are supposed to take more but I really do have a fear of the Caffine affecting me because I have anxiety disorder to begin with...I've been looking for the sprinkles I would like to give them a try. I was taking SkinnyGirl pills but the grapefruit in it counteracts with one of my Prescription medications which is why I switched to NV. I certainly don't buy the whole "Hollywood diet" marketing tactic at all...rich celebrities have personal chefs and trainers they don't take 30.00 diet pills lol

Springfield, MA

#483 Apr 12, 2013
has anyone else experienced headaches while using slimquick? I've been on them for about a week and a half and I had been feeling great and energized but 2 days ago I developed a sudden headache and can't get rid of it.

Tampa, FL

#484 Apr 19, 2013
I just started today, I feel like I have had a ton of Redbull, but I am diabetic, been feeling really weak, nausea, moments of total excitement, like I was possess, jumping everywhere, not sure whats wrong with me actually, I really want to lose weight, but afraid, after reading all of this, should I stop? someone please advice me, I'm really despite, but don't want to risk my life..... [email protected] or [email protected] edu

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