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Hagerstown, MD

#441 May 17, 2011
I was taking the Slimquick I took it for about a week. Yesterday was my last dose as I fell in to a panic stricken state. I have been having many panic attacks with in the last 24 hours and they wont stop no matter what I do. I am currently waiting for a dr to call me back to see what he wants to do all I want is these attacks to stop.

Manhattan Beach, CA

#443 Jun 16, 2011
Stevie wrote:
<quoted text>
I ended up in ER with violent vomiting and pancreatic enzyme levels were through the roof. Was drinking the powder for about 3 months. In hindsight, high blood pressure, feeling sick, sweating....all happened since I started the drink. Upper abdomen seemed to bloat more throughout the day as well. Stop taking this. Do not wait until you are so sick that you have to make a trip in an ambulance to the ER!!!
I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I am 39yrs old. I startedgetting yeast infections, after the third time, I went to see mydoctor and my sugar levels in my urine were out of control! I then went to my internist and got checked my Glucose level was 467 where it should be between 80-120. later talking to a dietician for diabetes, I admitted to her the only thing different was that I had taken SQ ultra, she then told me that just the week before she had met with another patient the week before in the ER who wasalso taking SQ!!! Hmmm, I am very curious to know if you were diagnosed with Diabetes, thanks!

Bergholz, OH

#444 Jul 29, 2011
After one day of slim quick (green tea version), I had breast pain, bloatjng, and started spotting 12 days early. NOT worth it. Throwing the rest of the bottle out.

United States

#445 Sep 9, 2011
Jenn wrote:
I have been taking Slim Quick Extreme for the past 3 weeks with diet and exercise and haven't noticed a change hardly at all. If anything, I feel like I've gained weight since I started taking the pills. I stopped taking them today and plan to try and lose weight by just regular old diet and exercise...
Hello I wanted to let you know that Slimquick does work I have lost 50lbs it took 5months and within the first 2months I was down 20lbs I took the regular slimquick drank tons of water and ate very healthy. I'm officially 152lbs and a size 8 I feel great people barely notice me. So if the extreme isn't working it's because you are not being patient I felt the same way at first but I didn't give up and I had to buy a bottle evry 2wks but it was worth it because I am in love with working out and eating right and it's all because of the energy that slimquick gave me. I stopped taking them 2months ago and have stayed the same size because I was consistent BE PATIENT they work I swear.....
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Kansas City, KS

#446 Oct 7, 2011
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Kansas City, KS

#447 Oct 7, 2011
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Also "like" our facebook page and spread the word. Time is limited to act. The deadline for making a claim is October 24, 2011. So please act fast. Thanks.


jane doe

Clermont, FL

#448 Dec 27, 2011
Melinda did your PVC's return? I too started having them and still do intermittently. I just wondered what diagnosis you got. email me at ukusagirl@hotmail.com
melinda Va Beach wrote:
I stated taking Slimquick and felt fine, then about a week later I stated experiencing severe PVC's (premature venticular contractions)of my heart, don't know if is directly related but when I stopped taking Slimquck the PVC's stopped, I will NOT take this nutritional supplement any longer,think about this, there are known drug drug interactions. In my opinion slimquick should be taken off the market.

United States

#449 Jan 27, 2012
Im taking Slimquick but am going 2 discontinue.. Ive had really bad headaches like those of migranes & dnt want this 2 give me health problems..:/

Dallas, TX

#450 Feb 9, 2012
I'm 15 but I have the appearance of a 16-17 year old. I currently weigh 156.
I've gained a couple pounds lately and I have to loose weight fast in the next two months. Normal diet and excersise doesnt work anymore for me. I WANT to start slimquick and have the pills but now, am feeling kind of scared. I know my body limits and everything but I still have doubts. Any help.?
Bowel movements

Phoenix, AZ

#451 Mar 5, 2012
Belle wrote:
I started taking this pill thinking it would help my hunger problem and to boost my energy. Actually it did, but the next morning after taking the pills I woke up with excrutiating sharp pains in my stumach. I thought I was going to have to be taken to the hospital. It was the most pain I have ever had in my life. I felt nautious and hott and I thought I might pass out. I had to call out of work that day. For the past three days my stumach would hurt on and off. I threw those pills out right away. I don't recommend these pills for anybody. I don't want the same thing to happen to you that happened to me. I would not want that on anybody!
You needed to poop. You probably just needed to relax which I understand can be impossible with pain.

Doha, Qatar

#452 Mar 12, 2012
Katie..why u took 4pills the first day ..it has been mentioned to take 1pill with each meal ...

Windsor, CA

#453 Mar 27, 2012
Alex wrote:
I'm 15 but I have the appearance of a 16-17 year old. I currently weigh 156.
I've gained a couple pounds lately and I have to loose weight fast in the next two months. Normal diet and excersise doesnt work anymore for me. I WANT to start slimquick and have the pills but now, am feeling kind of scared. I know my body limits and everything but I still have doubts. Any help.?

Idk what to say! But tell me if you know anything I'm 16 and I weigh like 138

Windsor, CA

#454 Mar 27, 2012
Carrie wrote:
I just started taking the slimquick hoodia today, i'm taking 2 pills twice a day and noticed i'm not as hungry. I don't plan to stay on these diet pills very long so I was curious if the weight will come back after I go off them?
I've noticed that too! Im 16 weigh about 138 idk if I'm loosing weight yet, haven't checked but I am now barely eating anything. Any more info?

Windsor, CA

#455 Mar 27, 2012
I've been taking SQ pill twice a day for about a week or two now. Idk if I've lost any weight yet. I'm 16 at 138 and my dads checking to see if I have diabetes. I've been worried about having it before so I wouldn't think SQ would have triggered it. I am scared because it does give me headaches makes me light headed and never hungry anymore but it's tolerable, if anyone knows anything as to why cramping is involved please get back. Idk if I should stop taking them or not

Windsor, CA

#456 Mar 27, 2012
justtrying wrote:
<quoted text>
I have been taking it for one week and 2 days and my weight keeps going up and then down and then back up again. Also, it's starting to make me nauseaus. I'm thinking about giving it up!!!
I feel the same because idk if it's hurting me internally? It gives me headaches sometimes but it's tollerable

Windsor, CA

#457 Mar 27, 2012
Jessica wrote:
ive been taking slim quick for about 2 weeks and when i uped the dosage to 2 tablets morning and afternoon i started feeling nausous dizzy headache tired bloated and my heart keeps racing and it feels as if it skips a beat every now and then which sends a weird feeling down my left arm. I hate feeling this way and noone should let them self feel this way just to lose weight. i strongly do not recomend this to anyone. DO NOT GET IT
I get the same feeling is it harming me? Because i can tolerate it

Windsor, CA

#458 Mar 27, 2012
Jill NY wrote:
I have been taking slim quick for 1 week now. I have not followed the directions, i like to take things slow, so I have been taking only 1 pill a day and i feel good. Before I started the pill I would wake up with a headache everyday and since I started taking slim quick I have not had one, it is great! I have noticed minor side effects; Trouble going to bed at night, that is why I am only sticking to one a day, I think if I take that second pill I will never get to sleep. Cramping, almost like I have my period and I am not do for 3 weeks. Hot flash symptoms, but I just drink more water and it seemed to get better. I donít step on scales but I am usually a size 8 and yesterday I was able to easily fit into a size 6, so maybe it is doing something. I do pee and shit alot more, so that is what could be happening. I think i am going to finish out the bottle slowly; I am getting married in 2 months and hope this help. But i hate reading all the bad side effects people are feeling; it is making me scared. Maybe people should let there body's take it in little by little instead of so much of a dose in the beginning.
I feel the same! Tell me howd it go??

United States

#459 Mar 28, 2012
I took slimquick for a little over a month. Got headaches, but I was losing weight so I brushed it aside. Since I have stoppes I have been having nose bleeds.

Brick, NJ

#460 Mar 30, 2012
I took the powder Slimquick for the first time wednesday and was fine. Then took morning dose on Thursday and felt horrible. Headache, dizziness, abdominal pain throught the day. My night ended with me in bed shivering with chills through night. On Friday morning I began sweating being hot and then cold. It is now Friday afternoon and I cant get out of bed because when I stand I am dizzy. I have already drunk 2 32 oz. botles of gatoraid but still dehydrated and note sure what else to do.


#461 May 10, 2012
Ive been taking it for two days now and i feel nauseous

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