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#21 Jun 8, 2007
I just started taking Slimquick Extreme this morning and so far I feel fine. I don't feel tired like I do most mornings. I only took 1 pill this morning AS DIRECTED and will take 1 more pill when it is time for it. I've taken different diet pills on and off for the past several years. I've had success with some. People need to read the directions and warnings thoroughly. If you do exactly what the directions say you probably won't have any problems unless you have an existing medical condition that you may or may not already know about. I'm not a doctor or any kind of health expert, but I do know how to comprehend and follow directions. If you take it and feel sick then stop; the product obviously doesn't work well for you. I will keep taking this product for a few weeks and post my results, if any.

Sutton, NE

#22 Jun 11, 2007
I believe you have to drink tons of water with these pills as they have a diuretic component to them. Also, don't take any caffeine with them. If one is sensitive to caffeine this will obviously cause a bad reaction with the OD on caffeine plus the diuretic component. I am going to try it. My friend lost 30 poounds in 2 months but she also followed the diet and exercise plan strictly and stopped drinking pop.

Denver, CO

#23 Jun 15, 2007
I have never before taken a diet supplement and I have chosen Slimquick for three reasons.

First, I consulted with the employee at GNC because I can not take over stimulation. I can only have one cup of coffee in the morning or I get the shakes. She recomended this product because it has natural ingredients to boost your energy level. But, you must follow the instructions. Start slow and work your way up. Drink lots of water, like the med student says, everyone has different reactions.

Second, I do not want to lose weight and gain it back. This product is supposed to work along with a better diet and excercise. There are no pills you can safely take to lose weight...fast and with no repercussions. I like the fact that this is motivating me to work a little harder to be in a better shape.

And third, Slimquick doesn't advertise Rapid weight lose. Rather, it states that is is clinicaly proven to reduce body fat by 10%. It is supposed to occur over time, but with lasting results. That is what I need.

I have been taking it for 4 days now and have lost 2 pounds. And I feel great. But, I have also changed my intake, and how often I eat. Small amounts, 5 times a day. This is a much healthier way to eat anyway (easier for your body to digest smaller doses at a time).

So stop taking the pill if you don't like the way you feel when you take it, but don't complain about the product if you don't follow the instructions. If you are concerned about losing weight, but are afraid of pills, consult a nutritionist or a personal trainer, or both.

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#24 Jun 16, 2007
I started taking slimquick 5 days ago and have not yet noticed any side effects. I haven't noticed a difference in my energy level, but I am hungry less often (until about 6 hours after my last pill which is when my appetite increases tremendously). I'm getting headaches which are not common to me, but I'm attributing them to stress. If any real problems arise I will be sure to post.
concerned girl


#25 Jun 16, 2007
ive been taking these for about a month and my pesonality has really changed to the worse and also lost my sex drive anyone else have this problems

Atlanta, GA

#26 Jun 18, 2007
I started taking slimquick on yesterday and felt really good, but when I went to bed I had chest pains...this morning I took it and felt okay but now it is time to take the second dosage and I have a really bad headache. I tried this product before and had the same reactions...I think for my sake I need to stop taking this product and lose weight the old fashion way more excerise less eating.

Phoenix, AZ

#27 Jun 19, 2007
I really don't think any of you should be worried. My younger sister has been taken it for three months and lost 34 lbs and my older sister took it and is losing weight too. I just started taking it. I feel good. Of course you are going to feel different, your put something new into your system. I take the pills 6 hrs apart. I have two slim fast shakes a day replacing two of my meals and then i have one fest size meal a day. I'm really not hungry and if i do get hungry I have some fruit or veggie. I also drink a lot of water throughout the day. I always have juice around. I'm also working out 5 days a week at least 30 min or more. I'm 5'4" 220 to 230lbs and I wear a size 18/20. I hate being this way, I am disgusted by myself!. It happened after I had my two wonderful boys. My goal Is too reach 130lbs. I know it will take a while but here I go. I'll re-post and update. Today is June 19 2007. Its my fourth day on my silmquick / slim fast plan.
A couple of questions

Blooming Grove, NY

#28 Jun 19, 2007
Hey... I havent started taking this stuff yet... but I am worried... does any one know if there is anything in it that can really hurt you?? Does it interfere with birth control?? And does anyone else have any other important information?? Thanks!!!!

Raleigh, NC

#29 Jun 20, 2007
Number one for all you people that are trying to loose weight. If you read anything at all it always tells you to
1) consult your doctor before taking and pills or changing your diet or exercise.They tell you this so you dont end up in the hospital for Heart problems or high blood pressure. You dont know if your body can handle these changes so it is best to talk to someone about it first and make sure you dont have any diseses that would prevent you from looseing weight even with diet and exercise.

2) If you ever read anything at all it is always best to loose weight naturally. Normal weight loss should be at the most 5 pounds a mo. So dont get your hopes up or put your faith in pills. Yes, they might help some people and yet they might not help others. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!.

Raleigh, NC

#30 Jun 20, 2007
Also make sure you followw directions. I saw that someone posted that they had taken 3 pills the first day and felt horrible. The direction say one the bottle to only take 1 pill 2 times a day for the first 2 days!!!! Even the people at GNC where I bought this told me this. Your body needs time to get used to the natuural caffine in the pills. Eating three pills all at once does not give enough time for your body to build a tolerance thus giving you the effect of drinking several cups of coffee. Be smart kids READ DIRECTIONS
A couple of questions

Blooming Grove, NY

#31 Jun 20, 2007
Hey... I know the natural way to lose weight is to diet and work out... I have done this and lost 55 pounds... I just dont seem to be doing losing anymore and I want to try this... this is my first day I took them as the directions said and i actually feel great!!! So far so good... but I would really like to know if there is anything published on these pills being harmful... this kinda stuff does make me nervous!

Del Rio, TX

#32 Jun 20, 2007
I've been taking SlimQuick for about 5 days now and I feel great. I take the dosage as directed and I also follow a diet and exercise regimen. The biggest thing I noticed is that I have no appetite whatsoever so I started drinking Slim Fast shakes, eating peanuts and fruits and really make myself eat dinner even if my portion size is the same that I feed my 3 year old. I also noticed that I'm extremely thirsty so my daily water intake is about 120 oz.

I decided to weigh myself once a week but I wanted to see if I was losing anything and I've already lost about 3 lbs. It's working for me but I think everyone needs to decide for themselves or talk to their doctor.


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#33 Jun 24, 2007
Hey everyone. So it has been a week and I'm still feeling great. Now I haven't weighed myself but my pants slipped on without a problem, I also have like a 1 1/2 inches between and I usually have to suck it in to get them on . So I know there is a change.

Renee, I'm doing the same thing and if I decide to eat a little more I actually feel like I over ate.

I totally have more energy. I love it. So I'm on week two and i started taken the 4 pills a day. At first it was kinda like when I first took the first pill but then everything has been fine since and I haven't felt weird or funny. Just happy. I like that. I wake up feeling like " OK new day let's get going." I know I sound cheesy but what can I say LOL. I'll write in a week and let you know what going on. Later and good luck to all of you

Del Rio, TX

#34 Jun 24, 2007
I started week 2 on June 22nd and for week 1 I lost a total of 5 lbs. I still feel great but the only problem is after about 2 days on SlimQuick I started my menstrual cycle. I didn't think much of it because I'm not that regular to begin with but my cycle only lasts about 3 - 5 days but I'm still having irregular spotting. Did anyone else experience this type of problem?

Durham, NC

#35 Jul 4, 2007
I have started taking slimquick extreme 5 days a go. first day i felt great and had so much energy. when I increased the dose to 2 pills in the third day i start feeling weird! I am so tired and feel dizzy most of the time. I am hungry all day long and yesterday i slept for 11 hours continuosly... first i loved it and i do't know if anybody had same symptoms?? please share your advice :(( by the way I lost 3 punds so far!

Longueuil, Canada

#36 Jul 4, 2007
I have taken this medication for a month as the directions directed. It did nothing for me but increase my appetite. For me all OTC medications are placebos and make you think that it does something for you, but it's all mind over matter.

The best diet on the market is the Atkins if you really want to loose the weight. It has worked for me in which I'm proud to say that I have lost 60lbs. It's tough for the first 3 dys after that you would not even want to touch another CARB. If you follow the program as described the 1st week you will lose an average of 7-10lbs for me I lost 11 and it felt wonderful. With this diet there were no side effects. If you really want to lose weight please leave the OTC medications(especially Slimquik)for the ginepigs and do it the natural way.

Durham, NC

#37 Jul 5, 2007
Hey Tee, I guess that what i really wanted to hear :) thanks so much, I will try Atkins because i really want to shed these extra pounds :)

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#38 Jul 12, 2007
OK so its July 12th and I cut back to two a day cause I'm chapped on money right now. Still helps me with my hunger. I will start take the regular dose as soon as I can. I haven't weighed myself. I'm kind of busy I'm in the middle of a move. I'll write back in a few weeks with my results.
TE from Wichita

Wichita, KS

#39 Jul 12, 2007
I have lost weight the old fashioned way and did great, but that was 4 years ago. i have gained a little of it back so i decided to try Slim Quick i was taking it as the bottle said for about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks, i did lose weight but one day i forgot to bring my second dose with me to work and by the time i go home it was to late for me to take it. that night i started having chest pains and didnt think anything of it. the next day was my day off and i forgot to take my pills before we went to run errands, well while we were out i started feeling chest pains, nausea, faintiness, anxiey and dizziness. went home and relaxed felt the same way the rest of the day and night. talked to a cousin who is an er nurse and took the same pills and had the same reaction, after i spoke to her i decided not to take them anymore. i ate a couple of bananas due to the lose of potassim since the pill makes you pee more. the chest pains kind of went away. now today i went to work and started having chest pains and anxiety again. went to minor emergency and they did an ekg and all the blood tests, they said eveything was fine. i came home and slept drank lots of water and gatorade, felt okay most of the day but now tonight i started feeling the chest presurre again. im thinking its just withdrawl symptoms. has anyone else had this same reaction? please help.
Em D

Mount Dora, FL

#40 Jul 13, 2007
I have a question about SlimQuick Extreme. I realized that it has gelatin in this pill, and was curious to know if anyone knew if it is Kosher gelatin or not?
Thanks so much.

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