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Since: Apr 08


#255 Dec 6, 2009
I haven't heard of any at the moment. There has been a firm of lawyers looking at the legality of the contracts, for a group of DRI (formerley Sunterra) owners, on the Daily Mirror site

There are two more sites on the Mirror dealing with Sunterra, DRI maintenance charges. From reading some of the comments, it seemed to be a waste of £115.00 x 100 peoples money.

From what I've heard DRI are trying to clean up their act, accommodation being improved and updated, even an amnesty on unpaid maintenance charges, I have no proof, I don't work or have any association with them.

In fact I'm in the same state as most others, I was lied to and subjected to a relentless 8 hour presentation, the only thing I didn't get was "waterboarded". Fortunately I was finally signed up in Spain, so I may give these lawyers a try.

Have you taken your complaint to trading standards?
Are you complaining over miss selling, misrepresentation or maintenance costs?

You may be aware that former and current employees from DRI (Sunterra) monitor these sites and do regularly post comments, sometimes it's quite obvious.

If I hear of any No Win No Fee lawyers who are successful then I will post the relevant details.

“Timeshare Mis-selling advice ”

Since: Dec 09

Barcelona, Spain

#256 Dec 7, 2009
Hi to All,

Our sponsor will only take on cases that were signed up in Spain or its islands after October 1994, as from 2007 they have precedent cases that have been won, and because of this, they can pursue on a No Win No Fee basis, even if the company you purchased from has changed hands (LSI, GVC, Sunterra) for instance.

Ours sponsor will be looking at the UK sales contracts under the 1994 timeshare directive from the end of 2010 due mainly to the factor that this timeshare directive has not been pursued under UK law. They are inundated with over 800 enquiries a week at present.

We would suggest that If you are a Mis-sold owner in the UK, you should keep your maintenance fees up to date if possible as it will only be a matter of time before a UK Laywer/Owner take the timeshare directive through the UK courts that will set a precedent for all claims as has now happened in Spain.
manager of apd

Broxbourne, UK

#257 Jan 3, 2010
The old man wrote:
Do not have anything to do with these crooks. Particularly APD Leisure and marketing in the UK. Charging over £400 for Sunterra apartments that are available for £200 if booked direct.
as you have never bought from us what gives you the right to slander us its such a shame that you stick your nose in to something you have no idea of and we do not charge anyting to use our resorts once you have joined idiot!!!!!
manager of apd

Broxbourne, UK

#258 Jan 3, 2010
we would like to point out we have on several occasions asked diamond to stop selling the trial pack as they have no space in there system to put people we parted company for this reasen and do not wish to be asociated with them as for the nutter who says we charge twice the amount to get in a diamond resort either he is a muppet working for them or just a misguided poor soul who has never delt with us still an idiot
Another Muppet

Dunstable, UK

#259 Jan 6, 2010
My husband and I bought RCI points after sitting through a 6 hour long presentation in 2002. In 2004 we were invited to meet Sunterra personnel who had just taken over from RCI. This turned out to be another presentation and we were pursuaded to buy more points and become gold members. We struggled to pay the finance company and the management fees until 2005 and having not been able to make any bookings whatsoever (always told there was no availability etc etc) we finally decided not to keep up the finance agreement payments or the manangement fees. The debt for the financing of the points was sold to a company who have taken us to Court to get their money back. Sunerra are now known as Diamond (a fact I was unaware of until 2 weeks ago). I telephoned Diamond to enquire about my membership and have been informed that as the management fees have not been paid since 2005 the membership is no more. This leaves me with a very large debt, Bailiffs calling each time I am taken to Court for non payment and the future is looking bleak.

My husband committed suicide leaving me in considerable debt, my home was reposessed and I am struggling to make ends meet let alone pay for something I have never had (or likely to have) the benefit of. On Diamond's website it states that in circumstances where a co-owner is deceased they will consider buying the points back from the survivor. They won't do that in my case because I no longer have the membership. All I have is a debt of £12,000. I am almost 60 and due to retire. What I am going to do once I am no longer employed and living on a basic state pension is anyone's guess.

Salamanca, Spain

#260 Jan 15, 2010
I Joined a class action suit through the Timeshare Consumers Association (T.C.A) some years ago, my partner and I am still waiting for news on our case against Sunterra/GVC even though we do not own our membership anymore, as we could not afford the fees anymore.

I feel scammed out of my families holiday money, and feel there is no one to trust. Sunterra has now changed names, the Timeshare Consumers Association does not answer any emails, so where do you go.

Since: Apr 08


#261 Oct 16, 2010
Another Muppet, don't despair. We were all told a pack of lies in order to get us to sign up for the points. I like you haven't paid the finance company and the debt was sold on to another low life organisation. I've had the threatening letters etc.(I'm almost ready to sue them)

You do have a recourse. As you were missold the points, induced into signing the agreement with false promises and untrue statements from the sales people this is Misrepresentation, and under the Misrepresentation Act 1967 you can pursue Sunterra / DRI for your money back, and the finance company, plus damages. There are some sites that you can access in the UK where you can contact people in a similar situation to yourself and get information, Daily Mirror, Penman & Sommerlad investigate has three threads on DRI and there is the DRIP website. There are murmurings of a class action against DRI but I believe even a lone figure pursuing them and the finance companies involved, would get massive support and publicity so much so that the bully boys would back down and settle out of court.

Bhubaneswar, India

#262 Jul 10, 2011
Hi, This is a good site.
[url=]C DRFENCE | Fraud Control For VoIP Networks[/url]

Mansfield, UK

#263 Feb 11, 2013
why do people always want something for nothing!!!! greed....thats why...get real people ...
John Jenkins

Bristol, UK

#265 Feb 18, 2013
Laura Stirling UK wrote:
Following my earlier request, I have now cancelled my direct debit with GE, copied to Sunterra and Trading Standards, highlighting gross misrepresentation, they do not own the resorts, can never give you where you want, despite asking for anything any time. They never respond to emails etc. The only holiday I ever got was the "free" holiday just before completing the final documentation and this freebie has now cost me over over £1500.
hi laura, we have done the same thing, and despite having got a solicitors letter supporting us GE sold our debt on and the new company are taking us to court. Have you faired any better? if so anything you can tell us might help us fight this..I'm on [email protected], if you want to reply

Many Regards

Since: May 13

Godalming, UK

#266 May 22, 2013
Majorca Victim wrote:
around 4 years ago I was stopped in my local High Street and asked if I would like a free holiday for answering 3-4 simple questions.
At the time my husband and I were having financial problems (deja Vue!) and I was thrilled at having won something. We were contacted and asked to go to a presentation, which we did. We were told all the wonderful things that Sunterra could do for us, and that if we signed up for a 3 year deal (at around £3,500) we would not only get our free holiday, but also 2 holidays per year for the next 3 years.
We did the sums and decided that we could go for it. We did, only to have similar experiences to the rest of the people on this site.
We went to Majorca for our 'FREE' holiday around August 2005, a beautiful resort in Alcudia, on the first day, we were 'invited' to attend a presentation. We said we were not really interested in buying any more points. We were then told that if we didn't go to the presentation, we would not be able to stay at the hotel, and that we would be sent a bill for the holiday, as well as having to make our own way home, as our flight would be cancelled.
needless to say, we attended the presentation, where we were given 2 1/2 hours of facts and figures about this holiday, these points, these benefits, swopping with other members, etc etc etc, whilst all the time being plied with cheap fizzy plonk.
I was in the process of setting up a business, and was told that the holidays would be a perfect to offer as prizes for my clients. I was also told that I could buy holidays and sell them on eBay.
By the time the presentation ended, I was very confused, and although my husband was very reluctant, we signed. We committed ourselves to £12grand, in a loan agreement with GE Money.
I left believing that I had done the right thing, full of the bulls**t that the sales rep had fed us. My husband was still unsure, but I managed to convince him that everything would be ok.
Time passed, and we did not receive anything in the post for several weeks, by which time, i had been involved in lots of other stuff and had not given Sunterra another thought.
Our 'cooling off period' had now lapsed, and we were committed to around £185 per month for the next 10+ years. It was only when I tried to find out HOW I could work the system I had been sold, that I realised that I could not.
So for the last 2 1/2 years we have paid this 'debt', feeling that we had to because we were in a legal agreement etc.(wimps or what!) This weekend I was talking to my daughter who knows someone who was in a similar position, and who is now taking action against Sunterra and GE Money. I did some digging on the Internet and found lots of disatisfied people, like me.
I am waiting for some forms to be sent through to me from an action group led by Sandy Grey who presented a programme on TV about Sunterra. When I receive these I will be only too glad to post the details on here for all others who feel as strongly about this as I do. This has been left to lie for too long, and I for one do not intend for Sunterra or GE Money to have any more of my cash!!
I'm in same boat! What happened when you stopped paying GE Money for the loan? Did you tell them you would no longer pay? I've been paying mine since 2006 and I want to stop as I've paid them £14520 to date the total loan was £14952. I have another 6000 to pay over the next few years.
Charles Berger

Torrance, CA

#269 Dec 10, 2013
Timeshares are an okay option for travelers. However, timeshares have gained a bad reputation for several reasons, some salespeople’s lack of ethics, rental and resale companies offering profits for marketing timeshares and companies offering relief for unwanted timeshares by cancelling them. The timeshare industry must perform a deep cleaning otherwise the industry will be severely affected because of the lack of trust. There are timeshare scams and timeshare cancellation stories of people who trusted their prayers would be answered:
Charles Berger

Columbus, OH

#270 Dec 16, 2013
Most timeshare companies are taking advantage of people, often those who are more vulnerable and less able to resist hard sales tactics. I have heard of many cases where maintenance costs rise well above inflation. It would appear the timeshare companies lock people into contracts and then drive up their profits though increased maintenance charges. It would be good to see legislation whereby timeshare companies can only charge "reasonable" maintenance costs and not use this annual fee to fleece people's bank accounts:
Gary Ward

Torrance, CA

#271 Jan 14, 2014
Beneath the surface of most timeshare scams lies an intricate web of misrepresentation, poor resorts, unusable weeks, and swiftly expanding maintenance or membership fees. However, it’s important for intelligent consumers to consider that these swindles come in all shapes and sizes. Most crooked salesman have a particular pitch or angle – a method to their mad thievery – that can manage to hook unsuspecting vacationers, even ones that have been taken in by different scandals before. This is a good article on how to avoid becoming a victim of a timeshare scam:

Cardiff, UK

#273 Jan 15, 2015
SUE L wrote:
I was conned by Sunterra many years ago into buying into a scheme where I had a "free" holiday at Ocean Village, near Daytona Beach. It didn't match the
presentation description, and much of the time was spent in Reception trying to get things sorted. When I returned to UK I wrote to Sunterra, and received a shirty response and no apology. After contacting Trading Standards I was advised to contact Barclaycard, as I had paid for my holiday by credit card.
Barclaycard more or less said, "Hard luck". I wrote back threatening Court action under s.75 Consumer Credit Act, as advised by Trading Standards.
Surprise, surprise - a few weeks later I received a cheque from Barclaycard for the full amount. Since then I have used my credit card for everything, then
settling my account as soon as the bill arrives.

Since: Oct 14

San Jose, CA

#275 Feb 19, 2015
Timeshare fraud has been around since the timeshare idea was created, but they increase during poor economy. When times are difficult, timeshare owners are stuck with properties they can´t travel to or even afford. Desperate to recoup some money to pay for bills, they can easily become victims to scams artists pretending to be their timeshare salvation who will take upfront fees -as much as five number figures in some cases- but fail to fulfill their promise. There are good articles about timeshares:

Mazatlán, Mexico

#276 Apr 1, 2015
The sale of timeshare ownership has become an enormously profitable way for resorts to generate additional income. In essence, buying a timeshare means that you get to share a vacation property with different parties, usually divided by 52 weeks. If you are interested in getting one of these properties, it is very likely that you have to assist a sales presentation, where you will be pushed at a certain point to sign a sales agreement. There is good information:

Maidenhead, UK

#277 Oct 24, 2015
CAT wrote:
My husband and I are victims of the now well known Sunterra scam. We bought into all the lies told us at the initial presentation as at the time we thought we were dealing with a respectible company. We now know to our cost exactly how the scam works.
* Franchise companies such as Caledonian resorts are set up to sell Sunterra holidays, their only product.
* Holidays are grossly misrepresented and sold as a flexible alternative to fixed week timeshare.
* Victims are deliberately missold points to get what they are assured is a luxury, anytime, anywhere holiday
* Victims are given no documented information during the cooling off period and their inquiries go unanswered.
* Victims eventually realise there is poor or no availability and that they do not have enough points for the holiday they were promised
* Victims are then invited to buy more points to make the scheme workable.
* The dilemma is then a) Does the victim buy deeper into the scam to get the holiday they were promised? or b) Do they walk away and leave Sunterra with £5K to £10K and the holiday to resell to further victims?
* The annual management fee continues to spiral outwith the victims control.
* Despite cheques paid to Sunterra they refuse to accept responsibility for the lies told by the fanchise company.
* When enough victims catch on and try to pursue the franchise company it goes into liquidation having taken massive sums for itself and Sunterra.
* The franchise company sets up under another name for example Pegasus
* Sunterra continue to use the same fly-by-night companies.
* Sunterra does not have a shop front and refuses to acknowledge customers complaints making dialogue impossible and after sales customer care non-existant.
* Members and potential victims are not allowed to meet and barriers to communication are raised. Eg., the members web site is edited by pro Sunterra individuals whose job it is to stifle negative comments, promote Sunterra and prevent active and meaningful debate.
It is also now possible that when you take a Thomas Cook holiday to their resorts you may be introduced to this scam at their welcome meetings which are being attended by Sunterra sales personel representing themselves as the sister company of Thomas Cook. Thomas Cook take no responsibility for any agreement between customers and Sunterra but they do take an introduction fee from Sunterra for finding them another victim. The whole industry frankly stinks.
To those of you who are thinking about joining Sunterra, based on our own dealings with this company, I and many others would advise you to think again. To those of us who have been duped, we will gain nothing by staying quiet. Sunterra uses applied psychology in it's disgraceful tactics to make us feel embarassed, stupid and naive. We are not. We based our judgement to buy on lies told to us by an unscrupulous company. Don't let these crooks get away with it. People are starting to speak out. Please do likewise. You have more support than you think.
Thank you for your attention
hi, i no the feeling we joined sunterra march 2000 increasing ,maintenance fees no availability of your choice (incredibly frustrating) so inventually we parted company with them in 2006 with no resale,we did have some holidays to their suggestions and their dates but how rediculous this is when you can only book in my case availability at work pending, my sympathies with you regards [email protected]

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