Hmmm obviously someone who associates with the devil will write some positively skewed article about how well the justice system works.

Chandler dares to say that the grand jury system works as it should.

Not in New Mexico it doesn't.

The grand jury is supposed to be an independent investigative body. They are teh ones who ask for and evaluate the evidence. They are the ones who request to speak to witnesses. That's the way the system works mostly everywhere else.

Yet in New Mexico the grand jury is spoon fed evidence and information by the prosecutors. How easy it is to get an indictment when the prosecution presents solely what they want the grand jury to see and hear. By state law the prosecutors are supposed to present the grand jury exculpatory evidence and give the target their right to testify, but in New Mexico they cheat that statutory mandate by having the target arrested so that they cannot testify nor meet with an attorney in order to gather or present evidence.

So the general public foolishly believes that these prosecutors are god-sends when in fact they are devils cheating and violating the law.

Chandler is correct people in the public do not trust the system and for good reason.

The justice system is corrupt as all hell because the prosecutors and some judges are corrupt individuals who abuse their positions and more so the law.

Too bad the only honest prosecutors are on television.