epona horse rescue

Lincoln, NE

#43 Oct 18, 2010
I have know Linn, personally and professionaly for over 6 years. My dealings with her have always been above board, hoest and to the point. I have had a small part in helping some of her 'rescues' be placed in good, responsible, forever homes. I still check on them myself, and have been happy to see them cared for in the manner they deserve.
I have NEVER seen a non-profit organisation that DIDN'T need donations, and to continue feeding, vetting, trimming, worming, teeth floating and so on..the list is endless, requires so much dedication and energy I'm surprised she has any time of her own, to geeeee, what? Pacify you trouble makers? Get a grip......

Alliance, NE

#44 Oct 19, 2010
The only phone call the law enforcement got was from me! The only information they acted on Ms.Folsum is the information you gave me. I told them who was complaining and mentioned if the horses were indeed in dire straights to get back to me and I would make sure they at least got feed.
The deputy is a former ranch kid, he knew what healthy or neglected horses ought to at least look like.
Common sense tells you to accept the fact that a lot of rescued horses take a little time to return to health.
Your statement to the fact that the hay on hand was for "show" purposes didn't hold water when he saw horses eating the same hay in their pens.
Did the place look spotless, how could it with over 50 horses on hand?...they crap as much as they eat!
Tell your so called expert from Kansas that ole Weber says the easiest way to get to a horse's mind is understanding what is going on between the horse's ears...You won't find that in many books.

Burwell, NE

#45 Oct 19, 2010

Thank you and please come here any time you want. We have nothing ot hide and are proud of the work we do. God Bless and take are.

Lin/ Epona Horse Rescue
Admirer of a thankless jo

Rosebud, TX

#46 Oct 23, 2010
To Carolyn: The affects of losing a horse can be quite devastating to say the least and unfortunately can cloud judgment. Please seek the help of a professional to help you deal with the loss. Horses do get old and pass away on their own - many times unexpectedly. I have known the Epona group for more than 5 years, but I can't entirely make the claim that I know them personally - takes a true friendship bond to be able to make that claim, which you cannot. Maybe the person in the wrong was you. Why didn't you put your mare down humanely? Passing on the expense and blame to someone else? If you wanted to donate her to animal science why didn't you step up to the plate?

What I find to be truly scary is you look like someone with a vendetta to settle and at stalker mode. Your actions are dangerous and quite chilling. I can only hope Epona has taken the necessary precautions to protect themselves and far most the horses they desperately try to take care of. As for the person in Missouri, coming onto property once doesn't make you an expert - makes you a scam - but at least you stepped up to the plate and took on a rescue horse - although truly under false pretenses. I am sure there are more that can be adopted.
sean crook

Lincoln, NE

#47 Nov 5, 2010
ive gotten one horse from lin at epona and love him very much. im planning on going back and getting another. she just had a bad fire out there andneeds help. she is not a hoarder and wouild rather starve herself than starve a horse. all of you saying crap about her probably dont have horses or havent even gone out there. if the horses looked starved its because they were skinny when they got there and it takes alot of work and time to put weight back on them so leave her alone.
Sadie Time Line

Burwell, NE

#50 Nov 9, 2010
Sadie arrives at Epona Sept 4
Sadie sees farrier on Sept 6th
Sadie gets bloodwork wormed and exrayed Sept 8
Home offer Sept 16th by woman in Kansas
Sadie sees vet again Sept 17th
Home offer picks her up on Sept 23
Real math says this is 19 days not 6 weeks
only fools n horses

United States

#51 Nov 11, 2010
exrayed? you mean xrayed,if she saw the vet that many times,how come they didnt fix her,it only took one visit from the vet in kansas to discover the problem,you are full of shit that mare didnt see a vet,or get wormed,or get teeth done or get bloodwork
prove she got there on sept 4th and that she saw the vet that many times,the proof is in the pictures they dont lie
non-hatefilled anoym

Burwell, NE

#52 Nov 11, 2010
Since when is proof of anything owed you, you ugly, hatefilled anonym?

United States

#53 Nov 13, 2010
Non-hatefilled?? That is pretty funny considering your post!! As far as proof Well Epona Horse Rescue AKA Belinda Beaune should really start coming up with some proof on anything and everything she says if she wants donations to continue to her so called "rescue". If anyone wants proof on the horse called Sadie visit Alec Brown Racing, Sadie's story is the third story right now under messages. Then you can read posts made by Belinda Beaune and watch the whole story of what she is really like unravel. But you better hurry because once she sees this the messages on ABR will start being deleted at lightening speed. Now run on over to ABR and don't be to upset when you find the "proof" or truth about Epona that you seek.
Proof in the photos

Burwell, NE

#54 Nov 13, 2010
Hey Proof -- Time line is in the posts- Sadie came in on Sept 4 late afternoon, Due to severe pain Lin was going to put her down- did not and took her to the vetmore than once , wormed her and fed her. Farrier was there twice. The only thing Lin did not do was catch the hotnail. Sadie was trotting along the fence the morning Jayne came to get her. Lin has the email where Jayne advised her to not get the dental done as Jayne wanted her vet to do it. Lies of ommision by other parties are lies just the same. Lin let her go as she knew this was an amazing chance for Sadie, this does not sound like a hoarder or animal abuser to me.
only fools n horses

United States

#55 Nov 15, 2010
trotting the fence eh while hotnailed?whatever you stupid ass,no horse with a hot nail is going to be trotting the fence least of all one that can hardly walk with the pain she was in Jayne posted videos of how she walked on abr and she was bad,that was without a hot nail and with the proper shoes,I dont believe a word lin says,jayne didnt advise her not to get the teeth done,jayne didnt even talk to lin till 3 days before she went to get her and the mare didnt even have a coggins
and Lin only let her have her because she said,the Fobs would pay her to let the mare go
its all about money with lin thats all she only loves herself

United States

#56 Nov 16, 2010
The golden rule in supporting rescues is only support the ones who are transparent,the ones who post regular updates,will take donations straight to their vet,farrier,feed store have alot of good supporters and volunteers and most important are not always in emergency mode.
with everything I have read here I wouldnt support this rescue,she may be legit,but with the amount of bad press and the website has no real info,and from her posts she doesnt seem that educated about horses in general,I think I will direct my help to somewhere else,there are plenty of horses in need all over the country and donors should feel good about donating

Alliance, NE

#57 Nov 16, 2010
I get really sick and tired of all this blaming and crap bashing.
This is what I know about horse rescues in general.
They all are in need of funding.
Too many people neglect and abuse horses and give them up.
Too many rescues have to pick up the pieces from people who abandon horses.
There are way too many horses out there in trouble.
There are too many people who think they have the answers.
And the biggest thing I have witnessed is that too damned many people with no knowledge of what it takes for a horse to survive give up money to help horses out, only to discover things don't always go the way it is supposed to.
I have had it up to the whazzoo with the bleeding hearts who think every horse needs to survive.
The god awful truth is that the rampant number of sick, abandoned, neglected, crippled horses, had it better off when we had slaughter plants, and rendering facilities to take care of those kinds of issues.

Not every taxpayer wants to support horse rescue with public funds.
I'll stand up and say the horse if it is to be saved,it needs saved by those who know something about the issues, and not a bunch of bleeding hearts who don't know which end the crap comes out of.
I'll take one step further and say that when I am done with any horse, it is my business what I do with it. You can't stop me from putting a bullet in its brain pan or selling it at a sale barn.
If I own the animal, want to give it up, sell it to slaughter that is my business.
I've seen way too many "legitemate" rescues not do the right thing...I've seen them hide behind 5013c status and not issue receipts...I've seen HSUS collect over $1.3 million and spend less than 1% of it for animal welfare.
I've seen the likes of you condemn and defame the BLM and I have had it.
I raise chickens, and beef to eat and raise a garden because I don't trust the foodstuff in the grocery store... I hunt deer, turkey and waterfowl for the pure fun of the hunt and the great eating after wards... and none of you can stop my endeavors and way of life.
Save the vanishing prairie...eat a horse!
only fools n horses

United States

#58 Nov 17, 2010
wow an epona supporter huh Jim LOL Save the vanishing prairie...eat a horse!
This is the people supporting epona horse rescue in lins own words

Thank you and please come here any time you want. We have nothing ot hide and are proud of the work we do. God Bless and take are.
dont forget the barbeque sauce Jim
fool is you

Burwell, NE

#59 Nov 19, 2010
To only fools and horses, wanna use your real name.. no cause you are lying as usual. And if someone supports Epona but not the core beliefs of the rescue, that is not the fault of the rescue. You are one angry and embittered party. I feel sorry for you.

Alliance, NE

#60 Nov 30, 2010
I know what i know about horse rescues because I've seen what happens.
I am in contact with Hsus and I have gone out on a limb and asked them to contact me about any situation that merits looking into the REAL situations that can develop.
There is basically no excuse for any horse starving due to lack of food. There is free hay available in these situations. It just shouldn't happen.
If you become aware of the problem whether it be one horse or 200 and they are starving give me a call anytime. I'll get hay to the site.
Don't be so quick to put the jerk responsible in jail, make the best out of the situation and get the local law enforcement people involved.
Put the burden on the county, they have to take charge and then prosecute if the need arises.
If the county takes charge, you can bet your Bippy that prosecution will follow...the counties can collect their fees and the prosecution then has teeth....in fact there is a bill in front of the Unicameral this next session that will make it possible for the counties of Nebraska to meet those needs. Get in contact with your elected officials and support that cause.
It's better for Nebraska than it would be to send the issues on to HSUS and let them collect.
There is no excuse in a time of plenty for any livestock to starve to death.
Quit the witch hunts and use your heads if your really concerned about animal welfare.
It isn't the Nebraska farmer or rancher creating the problems, it's people with good intentions who don't know crap about what animals need. You read every week where some rescue fails because people got way in over their heads.
EPONA is making progress. I have all the proof I need from the local law enforcement people and that proof has been forwarded on to HSUS and other entities.
No proof exists that Epona was at any fault.
I made the statement about the "Vanishing Prairie" to make a point, the point being there are entirely too damned many horses out there beyond saving...the money is better spent being used on horses in better shape than 30 year old horses close to death.
only fools n horses

United States

#61 Dec 1, 2010
How people spend their money is up to them,if they want to spend it on a 30 yr old horse they can,the proof that epona was at fault is with Sadie the horse that she was going to put to sleep and is now living a happy life
so Lin you dont care if the people supporting you
are killing horses in their spare time as long as they give you money?you are no better than the horse brokers
every living thing has a soul and deserves to be treated as such.
I hope all the horses in your care get new and proper homes you will answer to god for all the souls you have killed
The truth

United States

#62 Dec 2, 2010
Lin Beaune
Decided it was time for a full update on everyone...

Moose- happily being fostered at the trainers and hoping to find a good forever home soon.

Rowdy (the palomino from 2007 with chronic feet and dental problems) He is doing very well and has gained full weight. Rowdy is sweet andf loving, compaion only and very dear to our hearts.

Fonzi- Lumpy is still lumpy, he has had lumps removed and the huge one is being looked at again to see what the risk factor is. He is growing is well over 16 hands and very sweet and gentle.

Charley- what can I say he is a love to humans and a terror to horses.

Bruce- is huge, happy and will be going to his new home soon.

Jake- My heart horses and buddy He is doing really well and is very sweet.

Kat- The T/B mare from last December. She is companion only sound and loves her treats. Her and Fonzi hang out together and look like a set of twins. Their stars are identicle.

Lady j- looking for a home and looking for a friend. very smart mare and I think will find a home soon.

Molly and Freckles the long ear crew.. ornry and ruling the roost.

The ponies Spike, Dillion and Alice- the terrible trio and quite naughty. They have taken up winer residence with the goat herd.

Miss Meggie my matriarch of the Beatrice ponies and a very nice grumpy pony gramma.

Miz Tilley The Queen of all and a barn babe in this cold along with Dottie,(a rescue mare (waiting out the snow to go to her forever home)whose owner could no longer care for her and we were asked to find her a home after another rescue was unable) Ginger ( the oldie of the bunch whose human mom supports her needs until she can come home to her, also an emergency intake when there was no place for her to go. Butch and Candy the little guys of the barn herd and need no introduction. Chance (aka Dodger) healing nicely and no longer escaping from his pen. Lincoln the $5 pony from the famous auction barn, he is gaining weight and doing well afraid of people but learning to trust.

The blindies, Lucky Lucy, Chickie Cochise, Heidi and Shiek all doing well in there big pen and shelter with endless hay on a cold winter night.

Shadow, yearling Belgian , Belle orphan Belgian, Moon and Hope the weanling crew always into something and it never seems to be their shelter!

about 12 months ago Report.

Ginger ( the oldie of the bunch whose human mom supports her needs until she can come home to her, also an emergency intake when there was no place for her to go

Burwell, NE

#63 Dec 2, 2010
There is a long time between Lin's update and when Ginger passed away. Context is everything. The temporary spoke of in the update was far exceeded and became permanent. The horse was relinquished and passed away. Why all the drama. Lin and Larry lost their barn, Larry was injured and still the vendetta continues. Leave these people along to rebuild their life and the rescue. And once again you to are a no named finger pointer!!!!
To Jim

Dalton, GA

#64 Dec 4, 2010
Jim, you have your rescues mixed up. Epona was nowhere near the 3 Strikes mess. She was not in Alliance, she was not involved at all. You have defended a rescue that you don't know anything about. Not your fault because there are a lot of rescues out there, and there were a few that did help with the Alliance 3-Strikes issue. But Lin and Epona were not one of them. Just wanted to set the record straight. And before anyone bashes, I personally was in Alliance for the 3 Strikes mess, so yes, I do know.

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