nebraska sucks
Country girl

Omaha, NE

#675 Mar 3, 2012
james killer wrote:
Why in the world would u want a town full of goths!! Or heavy metal crap!!! Nebraskans dont use meth or smoke!! Well some people do smoke but u could go and were and u could find someone who somkes!! I fish I hunt I get out and do things!! I enjoy life! My summer is amazing!! Going fishing everyday!! Swimming in the lake!!! Enjoying fresh corn and watermelon! Going camping going exploring in the field nehind our house!!! Who wouldnt want that?!?! Ur just a spoiled city boy that doesn't enjoy life!! Ur stuck up and snotty just like cities!!! What do u do for your summers?? Sit in a small apartment in new York breathing in pollution?? Exactly not enjoying the good life!!! I'm from nebraska and proud of it!! The biggest town I've ever been to is Omaha so idk why your calling it small!!!!!

Omaha, NE

#677 Mar 17, 2012
I have to agree with most of the posts on here, Omaha is not as enchanting as the media made it sound. I moved here due to the job market....well guess what it isn't any better here, unless you enjoy slave wages and service industry. If you didn't attend Creighton or UNO, forget ANY decent job no matter what your background, experience or education. Not all of us enjoy hunting, fishing and boating....there is a constant haze over the city from all the pollution....the weather is either too hot, too cold or too windy or too many bugs to enjoy the outdoors. As far as summers in a larger city, IDK, how about we enjoy hiking and mountain biking with very minimal bugs, in the winter, skiing, snowboarding, tubing down a snow covered slope....and there is plenty of clean air to can keep Nebraska and your snotty attitudes and bad drivers!Someday soon I will leave this hellhole!
LeavingtoSaltLak eCity

Omaha, NE

#678 Apr 10, 2012
Haha! Just found this .....finally leaving Nebraska! It has it good and bad points. The crime here leaves alot to be desired, worse than in East Chicago.....something needs to be done. People here also need to do more than eat and get drunk! There are tons of walking trails, biking trails and golf courses! Get active Nebraska!! I will miss certain thing and other things not so much!

Lincoln, NE

#679 May 12, 2012
I love L.A not this boring ass state there is nothing to do all there is is just stare at that big ass light (wich is the tv)!

Since: May 12

Doniphan, NE

#680 May 24, 2012
It does kinda suck... LMAO
Happy to be gone

Clearfield, UT

#681 Aug 21, 2012
Nebraska was the worst experience of my life! I am soooooo glad to be gone, my life has never been happier since leaving that he**hole! Bunch of drunk retards, who have nothing better to do. There is more to life than drinking! Hope all you Nebraska nuts have fun. BTW---the Huskers are gonna take a beating from all the other Big 10 teams this season!

Omaha, NE

#683 Dec 6, 2012
emmynemm12 wrote:
It does kinda suck... LMAO
As long as sluts like you live there.

Omaha, NE

#684 Dec 6, 2012
Happy to be gone wrote:
Nebraska was the worst experience of my life! I am soooooo glad to be gone, my life has never been happier since leaving that he**hole! Bunch of drunk retards, who have nothing better to do. There is more to life than drinking! Hope all you Nebraska nuts have fun. BTW---the Huskers are gonna take a beating from all the other Big 10 teams this season!
So you're back to balling your sister now. Whatever trips your trigger, Sphincter Boy!

Irvine, CA

#685 Dec 10, 2012
Yea Nebraska is a very strange place. My family lives in a very small town under 200 people if that many. I found the woman running the supermarket (if you want to call it that) rude and small minded. She was a very big fish in a tiny pond. The mind set of most of the people in the town were just as small minded. There were a few people that were enjoyable. The town has nothing to do, no movies, no bowling I mean there is nothing. The next town is 26 miles away and they dont have movies they are another 3 hours way. In the town of O'Neil there is nothing but awful food. I have been told by the locals that a few people own the town and they wont change anything. I guess what I am saying is if you think Nebraska sucks dont worry about it with the way people are there thier towns wont be around long.....Lin and Oma will be the only places left.....yea Nebraska sucks! I agree

Lincoln, NE

#686 Jan 10, 2013
Faith wrote:
<quoted text>Get over ur self i live in nebraska and i am fine ur just some spoiled brat who is pampered besides if u wernt then y would u descrase ur home town u just r to city for nebraska!!!!and besides we all dont smoke Tabacco or drink so shut up and another thing gangs,drinkers,and riots r all in the big citys not in peacful Nebraska
I am also from Nebraska and I hate it too, but you just proved a point you stupid hick, learn to spell. I hate this state so much it should just be destroyed with everyone in it.

Colorado Springs, CO

#688 Mar 16, 2013
Arnie wrote:
<quoted text>
FYI, Lincoln is not a state it is a city
who cares. I'm a hoarder I got no education.

Colorado Springs, CO

#689 Mar 16, 2013
Hey you all I have been posting here since 2008 well we all get olderbut my love for Lincoln ne is still there. Still live on F street. Me and my Buddy Bob Dirks are in Co right now. Co is cool men at least they have Dew. Only 8 hours to Lincoln. Still eat my TV dinner and still shop at Russes. Go husker go Lincoln ne. Homes is Nebraska men I still pick up cigarette butts of the Road.
bob dirks

Colorado Springs, CO

#690 Mar 16, 2013
Well this is the first time I post here Bob told me about it. What can I say go Husker Nebraska is the Best state on earth. Robert Bob my friend is a true Native he says it how it is. His sister Cathy has 4 kids from diffrent dad. I hope to marry Cathy one day I live on my own with my dogs. Have a nice house in Lincoln on south Street. Me and bob are friends since high school go Huskers I don't eat steamed Rats like he does but he lived in India once. I prefer our Fairberry Hotdogs yum.Go Husker Go Nebraska Lincoln is the best city.

Colorado Springs, CO

#691 Mar 16, 2013
He did robert Bob agai I just want to share a reciep some might think it is sick but it is a delicadess aks the Chinesse peopleor vietnam or India. Well steamed Rats with some good nebraska corn and a dew is great food. you just frie them or cook them in a steam it is so good. i put Barbeque sauce on it. Where I live there is a lot of rats. Nebraska has a lot of field rats Go nebraska go corn.

Colorado Springs, CO

#692 Mar 18, 2013
hey I"m a native of Nebraska my nick name is the mighty. Bob steamed Rats sounds delious we need to getter. I live IN Chenney Nebraska ina House., I love to travell and try new things. New Food. I have to agree we do have alot of rats in the Country. What can I say I love Nebraska my Russ Market corn and our Football I dress up in my Husker clothes on gameday. Nebraska is a beautiful state.My friend Peggy adrows Nebraska as well here in Lincoln we have a lot of garage sales I love garage sales. I'm staying at the La quinta In colorado springs just came back from New Mexico I visit my Stutart he lives in a home he is Mental the VA is nice there I brought him Fair berry hotdog. He couldn't handle Nebraska anymore because Peggy and Linda wanted to marry hnim he transfort to New Mexico he didn't live the VA her either. Well our VA is not too bad they don't like hoarders. Nebraska people are clean. Mt granddaughter MCkesha told me she would like to meet you Bob. She wants to try steamed Rats as well. Go huskers

Las Vegas, NV

#693 Apr 2, 2013
Well Nebraska is a nice place I love Lincoln ne. My son Lark A had a payee in Lincoln ne because he is Mental they only gave him 50 a week. You can get a lot of stuff with 50 Dollars a week in Lincoln. I love Russ Market as well as Runza.Fair berry Hot dogs are my favorite too. My sons father is from Az and my son moved to Kingman AZ. I a Lincoln native I went to school with Ruth H. She is a hoader but still a nice Lincoln person. I'm looking for a good Lincoln men. Nebraska people are honest and we love our Football. I should have listen to my Aunt Jan and uncle Marty you were aginst when I married a Truck driver from Az. I should have married Ruth son stanley a ne native. Go husker's go Nebraska I love this staate and I hope to move there back soon.

Las Vegas, NV

#694 Apr 2, 2013
Howdy this Bob Robert again I'm here in Vegas sitting my brother since his dosen't like Lincoln. Well can wait till I get back on the Grethound back to Lincoln ne. Brought my brother some hot dogs and Nebraska Stuff such as corn and some nice T shirt I got a good deal on those at our Walgreens on 70 and O street. Well I say it again like I said in 08 Nebraska is the best State in the world and I think they should move the White house to Lincoln ne. After all our City is named after a President. go Huskers, go Mountain Dew, Lincoln is a grat place to be. We even have Trader Joes. Lincoln ne is the New capital of USA. Go Ne

Lincoln, NE

#697 Aug 5, 2013
I hated growing up in Nebraska but it can be ok. For example, my rent is 350 and its a two bedroom house with a huge yard in the country with horses out back and amazing sunsets. Lincoln isn't to bad either, there is some diversity there, I was an interpreter in Arabic a while back in the military and there are a lot of people from Iraq there, which is cool to see considering I lived there for a year of my life. Although there are some downs, in the town I live in now I am surrounded by menonites. It actually says in my rental agreement that "because its against the laws of god to live with the opposite sex and perform homosexuality these things are not to be done on the property" HAHA.....but I don't throw wild ass parties and Ive had a chick living with me for a while and my landlord loves me and never says shit about it. Also, I think people are not really that nice here, you hear that a lot about NE (that its full of nice people), I grew up here and the odds of me getting in a fight here with some jerk are way higher than in Washington and even Colorado in my opinion.
Hate Huskers

Asheville, NC

#698 Nov 6, 2013

Nothing in Nebraska. It's flat, no amusement parks, no fun things to do. If you don't like the "Huskers" (Cornhuskers for those of you who never lived there.) people will look at you funny. If someone says, "Go Huskers" and you say, "Huskers suck". They'll get loud with you. No one in Nebraska will actually fight you, but they will get loud and cry at you about whatever you're doing that they think is wrong.
There's nothing in Nebraska and the only thing to do in Lincoln is go to bars or football games.(Or an occasional SaltDog baseball game.) People in Nebraska are incredibly rude. In the 12 years I was there I made 2 friends the entire time, and neither one was a native Nebraskan.
So, really when someone tells me Lincoln is okay... I have to wonder what Lincoln they are talking about because Lincoln, Ne is like the butthole of the state. The only thing they care about there is the stadium, cornhuskers, and runza.(Which thankfully, I never ate at in the entire 12 year tenure I was in Nebraska.)
Yes, if you live and grew up in Nebraska... You love the water, but for the rest of us. Don't drink it! You might be tempted, but the water contains Uranium, feces, and high levels of arsenic.
And since I lived around Nebraskans for so long... I know there will be someone who will go... "Nu-uh! You lie. We're glad you don't live here anymore." (And I'm glad I'm not there anymore... I'll never miss it.)
There's the water report at the time of writing this Lincoln, NE has 13 non-safe chemicals in their drinking water.
Like football? That is an understatement. They live COLLEGE ball. That's right. Nebraska doesn't have an NFL team. They couldn't afford it anyway. They paid over a million dollars to Bo Pelini to coach the UNL Cornhuskers. If you love football played badly by people who won't be picked for the NFL... Go live in Nebraska. Rude people, lame sports, and water you just can't (shoudln't) drink.
ms brown

Hyattsville, MD

#699 Nov 8, 2013
Everybody just need to stfu and get a life stop going Bk & forth and become something great in life like maybe the president or a judge that way your views will be tooken seriously and only than you would have the last word PS. Let good thoughts be your. Sword & shield

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