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SET 4 LIFE Productions

Lawrenceville, GA

#1 May 28, 2006
"Can I Jam With The Band" showcase

If you are seeking to be signed as a recording artist,songwriter,track producer,rapper,go to :
Send us your song mp3,bio and photo.Our professionals have worked with
Motown,Virgin Records,Jermaine Dupri {So So Def},BMG,Polygram,UNIVERSAL and much more.We are holding showcases from city to city so you can audition for lables,publishers,managers,pro ducers,and many other music industry professionals.Our next showcase will be held in Macon,GA.,July 7th.Special performances by recording artist Tootie Malone doing her hit single "Wish I Could Come Over Tonight" featuring Otis Redding III,and former lead singer Jeffrey Singleton.A live band will be provided to perform for singers and musicians.You may also bring your tracks.If you are serious about a career in the music industry,go to our web site at :http://canijamwiththeband.com /index.htm
and attend our showcases.

La Grange, NC

#2 Jun 5, 2006
I might like to try out, I need to find something to do after I lose the election to Terry Harris.
Check It Out

United States

#4 Jun 6, 2006
harris for sherrif wrote:
Hey I might be interested,but only if I can sleep with all the married women,I am a former candidate for Caldwell Co. sheriff,but I love to sleep with married women just ask former sheriff Roger Hutchins,I slept with his wife but of course so did half the deputies under his command.But of course if Im elected,let me refrase that if I buy enough votes I will let all Black men sleep with my wife and of course my granny,please contact me at harris for illegal vote buying sheriff.org .PS Im sorry that I slept with David Alexanders wife Robin,she gave me the crabs,I think she caught it from Eddie Bowman or maybe her son,she loves to keep it in the Family.
This is just way out of line. Does Mr. Clark believe that he can't win the election unless he tries to discredit, defame, and tell lies about others? Statements like these are just going too far. You need to leave people out of it that is not in the race for Sheriff. Why don't you just follow Mr. Clark around for a little while and find out all of his major flaws?

Santee, CA

#5 Jun 6, 2006
Did it occur to anyone that "Harris for Sheriff" is actaully the contender smearing the name of his opponent?
Furniture Guy

Mocksville, NC

#6 Jun 6, 2006
Clark for sherrif wrote:
Hey I might be interested,but only if I can sleep with all the married women,I am a former Caldwell Co. sheriff,but I love to sleep with married women just ask my former wife.But of course if Im elected,let me rephrase that if I buy enough votes this time, I will let all Black men sleep with my wife, she is fat and ugly, and of course my mother, she is a real dog, please contact me at Clark for illegal vote buying sheriff.org .PS Im sorry that I slept with Tammy Faye,she gave me the crabs,I think she caught it from Whitey McCall and Ed Prichard ,she loves to keep it in the Campaign Family.
This has no place on this Website...


#7 Jun 15, 2006
right that has no place
Harris Is A Disgrace

Eddyville, KY

#8 Jun 15, 2006
The Harris futile few would like you believe that Terry is his own man and makes his own decision. The reality is Harris is lead around by his nose by those from the former administration that the public voted out. Harris doesn't want you to know that his core support group consists of the former administration gang that lied, cheated, stole and wife-swapped. The citizens of Caldwell County figured them out last time and voted them out, look how desperate they are to get back in, it should tell you something, they don't want you to vote for the best man (Clark), they want you to think that Sheriff Clark is subhuman. If that were true, the public would know that by now, but they start their lies during an election year....very typical of the Harris clan. The Harris crew have had failure after failure of fundraisers and gatherings, they have forced themselves on the public under the guise of civic and religious organizations. The disgraced the flag, our country and our veterans by disguising political rally as flag day. Look at the class these people have....NONE!!!!!
Sheriff Clark recognized what it was when he showed up and wanted no part of a political rally tossed upon the graves of our veterans and service members. Don't let Harris tell you he is a vet and fought in a war, real veterans don't use the service to their country for personal gain, but Harris does....that should tell you something. He is a loser, a low life and a person without morals and ethics.
Vote Clark for Sheriff, he doesn't disgrace our flag for personal gain.......He is tough on drug dealers and criminals while Harris is waving a flag from the coffin of dead veterans for votes.....You are a disgrace Terry Harris.
Down the road

Fayetteville, NC

#9 Jun 16, 2006
Clark is losing his mind and it shows by the numerous post that are all alike. Terry Harris an honest man is going to win this election
Harris Is Desperate

Eddyville, KY

#10 Jun 16, 2006
Harris and his few supporters have finally seen the futility in their bid for Sheriff. They have suffered 3-4 back to back public fundraiser/rally disasters, this has shown them that the public majority does not support their candidate.
They continue to deny the truth that is posted and they try to distract you from the truth that Harris is simply not qualified for the Sheriff's office. He has not done anything or arrested anyone in 30 years. His experience is limited to patrol only. When asked what his strategy to better this county is, he merely responds with, "I plan on expanding the idea of community policing." Citizens and officers from the Granite Falls police department will tell you, that Harris never did anything related to community policing during his tenure as chief. He was an underachiever, who did not command respect from other law enforcement officers in the county. Harris supporters consist of former administration people that were fired or quit because they were inept and did not earn their paychecks. Harris doesn't want you to see or believe any of the past posts, but the public does know it and they will not vote for someone that is not qualified but associates with those that were an embarrassment to law enforcement and the community. Harris will tell you that every post and every detail is a lie......they are not.....ask around, research and you will quickly learn that Harris is a face to a past, regressed and amoral administration.
Vote Clark for Sheriff, he has a proven record against drug dealers and criminals and he is dedicated to his job. Sheriff Clark is the right man for the job, don't believe Harris supporters that are desperate to get back to their old routine of lies, deceit and adultery.
Vote Harris

Franklinton, NC

#11 Jun 16, 2006
Keep on old devil. This can get real ugly
Harris Has Lost

Eddyville, KY

#12 Jun 16, 2006
The Harris supporters, made up primarily of the last administrations rejects that enjoyed a life of lies, deceit, incompetence, corruption and wife swapping, are hell-bent on trying to create a smokescreen that will cloud the public's view on what the real issues are. Harris and his puppet masters wish that the public was blind, deaf and dumb to their ways from the past. Harris has done nothing in law enforcement for 30 years, Harris let Granite Falls become saturated by crime and drugs, while his support group of Roger's old crew, are pushing hard for Harris votes in an attempt to get back in office. Read their little quips after someone post the truth and see how they can't deny anything, they can only spew fluff and try to distract you. The citizens of Caldwell County are smarter than that Terry. They have seen you for what you are and they are not impressed. Your supporters have lead you and they have lead you poorly. The public does not like you singing your praises about being in the service, claiming to be a combat veteran, and using it to beg for votes.....Harris is not worthy to be our Sheriff, he has not proven anything to anyone in law enforcement. Vote Clark for Sheriff, Sheriff Clark is tough on drug dealers and criminals, he is doing the job we elected him to do and he does it without using his accomplishments to beg for votes.


#13 Jun 19, 2006
Clark sucks!!!!!!!!
Harris a Winner

Fayetteville, NC

#14 Jun 19, 2006
Clark needs to be voted out of office. He is the most dishonest sheriff Caldwell co. has ever had.

Knoxville, IA

#15 Jun 25, 2006
We are currently looking for a band manager to help us along the way. We are a clectic (?) type of band...we are a group of three so far and we sort of need a little assistince. We will not tolorate liers of any sort or the fact that they live and breath. You can let us know by writing to us at 411 e.state street centerville, ia 52544
Granite Falls

Mauldin, SC

#16 Jun 26, 2006
You are all stupid and ignornant, not everyone is concerned with the two jerks running for sheriff, some well to do's who are in this for one thing one, for money, and power and to help their good buddies. This is not about the sheriff's race, take it someplace else, preferably to the dump where it belongs.
Clarks the Man

Franklinton, NC

#17 Jun 26, 2006
What is wrong with you that you complain about everything in the world. If I want to write about Clark I will do it on any forum I want to. What are you doing on here anyway, Granite Falls?
Harris 06

Jamestown, NC

#18 Jun 26, 2006
Do not be rude clark, the person has a right to say anything they want to on here or anywhere. Get over yourself you do not own this topix line.
The Real Terry Harris

West Monroe, LA

#19 Jun 30, 2006
I know Terry Harris, I have worked with him and for him. Terry has his good points but he has a temper that can be very violent. I have seen Terry at Granite throw things, cuss and treat me and other employees like dirt. The old Hutch gang trying to portray him as an angel is funny. I know Sheriff Clark and he is a good man, he takes law enforcement seriously and cares about this community. While at Granite, Terry avoided his officers and the public, he was never around when we needed him and if you approached him with a problem, he would just shrug his shoulders and say, "what do you want me to do about it?" I could not imagine Terry as Sheriff. I have spoken to him and people supporting him and they are people that worked for Roger and they care about nothing but getting even with Gary for winning last time. They make me sick and everyone I know and see, I will tell them and tell them to tell everyone they meet to vote for Clark. The public won't be fooled by Terry and his band of little Hutchlings. Sheriff Clark is tough on drug dealers and criminals, and they all seem to have gotten in bed with Terry.

Anderson, SC

#20 Jul 9, 2006
Courtney Lynn Conde


#21 Jul 29, 2006
Hello i'm looking for a singing career. I practice all the time when i first hered music I tried to sing along with it.And that goes back to when I was a baby. I'm not the best,but really who is? I've been told that I was nothing and herad people say I wouldn't make it,but even though it gets to me after a while I'm back on my feet again.I told myself over and over again that I would make no matter how long it takes. So please give me a chance to prove that I can do it."courtney conde"

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