Montana GOV, nothing but Flukes, frui...

Montana GOV, nothing but Flukes, fruits and frauds !

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Pappys MT Trashers

Anonymous Proxy

#1 Jan 27, 2012
Link, its good to see (BRA) PORKING IN ON THE SMALL FRY RACIST FRAUDS in rural God Fraud states. Black-Run America (BRA)

Anonymous Proxy

#2 Jan 28, 2012
LINK,off topic, just turn on USA news, and watch more and more pig swine trash fall before the USA EYE. THE RACIST, FASCIST PIGS THAT DO THIS TO PEOPLE ON BEHALF OF THE ESTABLISHMENT ON COMMON TERMS. I WOULD LIKE FOR THE FAMILIES OF THE VICTIMS OF POLICE blue crimes TO GET TO DO TO THEM WHAT THEY DID TO THEIR LOVED ONES. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!! The recent killing of Sean Bell by New York City cops is just another example of the racism and police brutality facing communities of color in this city. Bell's name can be to the long list of names like Amadou Diallo, Abner Louima, Ousmane Zongo, Anthony Baez and Timothy Stansbury -- all who fell victim to the NYPD. At the same time, affirmative action and other important programs are under attack, and gentrification is spreading. The task before us is clear. We must come together to stand against racism, demand justice, and build a movement to fight back! Come to a forum to discuss these important issues. Contact

Anonymous Proxy

#3 Jan 28, 2012
link, Police recently tasered a blind black woman who refused to hang up the phone in her own home. Mychal Bell's cousin Barron Scooter Collins was tasered to death 9 times in police custody (which has rightly been called murder) recently, and in the past people have been electrocuted (tasered) for even pointing at officers. Police brutality is systematically corrupt terrorism in our society that cannot stand. The recently televised videotape showing a handcuffed black teenager being pummeled by a white police officer in Inglewood, Calif., would appear, at first glance, to be another incident of racist police brutality, even drawing comparison to the 1992 Rodney King beating. The police officer involved surrendered and was indicted by a grand jury last week. But a closer look at the videotape provides a more disturbing image. In the foreground is what appears to be an African-American police officer apparently doing nothing to stop his colleague from assaulting the youth. In addition, there appears to be at least one other minority officer in the video who also is doing nothing to stop the violence. By their failure to act, they are, in effect, condoning the actions of the abusive police officer.

Anonymous Proxy

#4 Jan 28, 2012
link, off topic, just a minute, over by Bachelors Grove, they just did some dipping in the water off across from graveyard, wet suits were smooth. In Chicago, family members rallied with signs and posters and t-shirts honoring loved ones murdered by police: Meliton Recendez, 15, shot going out for a juice. Johnny Goodwin, 21, shot in the back. Lester “Roni” Spruill, 43, beaten and found dead in a jail cell. Steve Womack, 22, killed from a high-speed police chase. A young man spoke with a broken arm, spoke, explaining how the police shoved him out a window when they raided his home. One man described how cops from the scandal-ridden “Special Operations Section” - known as “Shoot on Sight” put a bullet in his nephew’s neck while the young man lay handcuffed on the ground. Deborah Thompson, who’s brother Fred Hendersen was shot by a suburban cop point blank in the side of his head, told the crowd of 200 she would not let the killer of her son intimidate her. Mae Green, made a promise to her son Tony, who choked to death after being arrested by the police, “They will not give the police department a standing ovation for killing my son.” Ashunda Harris who’s nephew Aaron Harrison was shot in the back as he ran away from the police, spoke clearly to the urgency of the situation: “If we don’t make this movement and this revolution happen, it’s going to continue and it’s going to reach down to our grandchildren, and our grandchildren’s children. We need to put an end to this…” Cleveland, Dorothy Chappell, whose grandson, Brandon Mc Cloud was murdered by Cleveland cops, September 1, 2005, called out the cops who killed her 15 year old grandson at the 4th district police station where the October 22nd protest was held.

Anonymous Proxy

#5 Jan 29, 2012
link, you got it, as more and more watch small fry bumpkin hick trash racist trash states put their trashy coward tails between their legs in failed illegal attempts to hide the already USA trashy open racist reputation on the USA BLACK MARKED STATES.

Anonymous Proxy

#6 Jan 29, 2012
In the 19th century, many scientists subscribed to the simple belief that human populations are divided into separate races.[2] This was often used to justify the belief that some races were inferior to others, and that differential treatment was consequently justified.[3][4][5] Such theories are generally termed scientific racism. When the practice of treating certain groups preferentially or denying others rights or benefits based on racial characteristics is institutionalized, it is termed institutional racism.

Nowadays, most biologists, anthropologists, and sociologists reject a simple taxonomy of races in favor of more specific and/or empirically verifiable criteria, such as geography, ethnicity, or a history of endogamy.[6]

Those who subscribe to the proposition that there are inherent distinctions among people that can be ascribed to membership in a racial group (and who may use this to justify differential treatment of such groups) tend to describe themselves using the term "racialism" rather than "racism", to avoid the negative connotations of the latter word. "Racialism" is assumed to be more value-neutral terminology, and more appropriate for (scientifically) objective communication or analysis.

However, this distribution of meanings between the two terms used to be precisely inverse at the time they were coined: The Oxford English Dictionary defined racialism as "belief in the superiority of a particular race" and gives a 1907 quote as the first recorded use. The shortened term racism did not appear in the English language until the 1930s.[7][8] It was first defined by the OED as "[t]he theory that distinctive human characteristics and abilities are determined by race", which gives 1936 as the first recorded use. Additionally, the OED records racism as a synonym of racialism: "belief in the superiority of a particular race". By the end of World War II, racism had acquired the same supremacist connotations former associated with racialism: racism now implied racial discrimination, racial supremacism and a harmful intent.(The term "race hatred" had also been used by sociologist Frederick Hertz in the late 1920s.)

Modeled on the term "racism", a large number of pejorative -ism terms have been created to describe various types of prejudice: sexism, ageism, ableism, speciesism, etc. Related concepts are antisemitism, chauvinism and homophobia (which in turn has led to terms such as Islamophobia).

Anonymous Proxy

#7 Jan 30, 2012
link, yes yes, nice bumper stickers, good to see more COPS KILL COPS BUMPER STICKERS ! oink oink, take a bite out of crime, dont support your local police !!
sugar love

San Diego, CA

#8 Mar 10, 2012
link, and just think, as more cops kill cops, you also see more pd pig swine employee baby pukes convicted all the time.
sugar love

San Diego, CA

#9 Mar 10, 2012
link, take a bite out of crime, dont support your local police.

San Diego, CA

#10 Mar 10, 2012
link, yes yes, nice bumper stickers, good to see more COPS KILL COPS BUMPER STICKERS ! oink oink, take a bite out of crime, dont support your local police !!
you know, after reading more and more on states exposed frauds within various Departments, MT trashers is right, more and more employees within various police departments are directly convicted on child rape and even incest rape crimes on their own children. Professor of Criminal Justice Social Science Division.

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