LINK, OFF TOPIC, continue to slicks in on the small fry cult frauds employed within the trashy open fraud states with high tech devices, and watch trashy bumpkin hicks kneel to the direct porks right up their cans . KALISPELL A Kalispell woman has been sentenced to eight years in prison after she pleaded guilty to helping cover up the beating death of a medical marijuana patient.

District Judge Stewart Stadler handed down the sentence on Karrolyn Robinson on Thursday. She had pleaded guilty in October to tampering with evidence and theft.

Robinson's common-law husband, Robert Lake, and Jeffrey Nixon are charged with deliberate homicide in the April beating death of Wesley Collins.

Robinson admitted taking marijuana plants from Collins' apartment and to asking Lake's brother to delete text messages from Lake's cell phone before she turned it over to police.

Police found three marijuana plants and many of Collins' personal belongings during a search of Robinson's apartment.