down ON MT
MT worst place to have a

San Diego, CA

#1 Nov 26, 2011
child abuse and the statute of limitations -
Child Abuse reporting in Montana apparently goes through direct conceals in a central .... Suggest that your wife get in touch with a rape survivor group - but don't be surprised at the trashy hick states attempts to openly hide and conceal the rapes in the trashy states attempts to save face on its trashy small fry klan trash reputation
MT worst place to have a

San Diego, CA

#2 Nov 26, 2011
McCain, Obama disagree with child rape ruling - politics -...
... Forty-four states prohibit the death penalty for any kind of rape, and at least four states besides Louisiana permit it for child rape — Montana
except when their trashy puke fraud employees are exposed in child rape and child incest crimes !! HA HA HA !!
here is a good example

San Diego, CA

#3 Nov 26, 2011
link, here is a good example of the small klan trash frauds of the trashy hick cult of dirty trashy rapes . wrote every State/ Government official for 5 years about this guy, his wife, their unlicensed Day Care. This is my child's maternal grandparents and child was there despite a Order of Protection. I filed complaints to get my child out of there. Even with an Order of Protection against that house, the police refused to prosecute my ex. My ex was the co-author of the Order of Protection, citing how dangerous the home was, violent, rapes, threats. My child was not to be within 1,000 yards of that home. My ex is their daughter, who endangered my child, child was forced to witness the rapes and molestations. CPS refused to take my child from her, even after endangering child's life. By her own self admission, this man, her mother, were dangerous. It is unclear how many dozens of kids were actaully raped by the time they arrested this pervert. The key is, the authorities KNEW that same home was runnng a sex toy business out of the same address, they did nothing. They condoned the sex toy parties, likely the same (Pointy things) that raped two 4 year old little babies, IN WRITING!. My ex? Child neglect, child endangerment, no charges on her. The grandmother, Jacque, Det. W confided she was interviewed and lied about her knowledge of the rapes. No charges were brought against her. Why was this illegal/ Day Care ignored? Who Knew of it, and, possibly used its services to molest kids? Why else cover up an unlicensed day care, illegal one under the Law? I contacted this web site and immediately. CPS refuses to let me see my child, because I exposed their corruption. Parent's, abused kids, you have NO Civil Rights, CPS rewrote them and due to Washington D.C and your elected Politicians, they have a license to kill you, or your kids, or both. Get this, Jacque is STILL babysitting kids, babies. Even the State Day Care Licensing Board doesn't give a rats a___!
Update: 3/4/09-Jerry Lindau, facing seven felony counts of sexual assault against children, was found dead in his cell on Wednesday. More details at end of article.
…while I’m on the subject of bad babysitters
Jerry LindauBillings, MT–Jerry L, 62, and his wife Jacque, ran an unlicensed daycare out of their home and cared for at least 12 pre-school aged children. The L’s claim that all of those children are relatives. You probably know where this one is going, don’t ya?
L was arrested when it was discovered that he had sexually molested a pair of 4-year-old twins. These two little girls told their daddy that Jerry had been touching their ‘nu-nu’s,’ their terms for vagina. The man they called ‘Papa’ penetrated them with his finger…they stated that sometimes he did it too hard, and it hurt. The children also told authorities that Jerry had touched their nu-nu’s with his tongue. The girls were forced to touch Jerry…one of the girls said that the place she touched was wet and her hand got wet. For the purpose of keeping my breakfast in my stomach, where it belongs, I’m not going any further into the nasty details. You can find the graphic details here, in the charging documents. Those two little girls gave the police information that most 4-year-olds could never dream up.
When one of the girls told ‘Grandma Jackie’ that Papa was putting a stick with ‘pokie things’ on it in her butt, Grandma Jackie told her to stop joking with her. Grandma Jackie didn’t believe them.____ you Grandma Jackie. You should be sitting in an adjoining cell. Papa told the girls not to tell their daddy.____ you Papa…you lard ass child raping ___hole.
Jerry was arrested and is being held on $100,000. He is being charged with four counts of sexual intercourse without consent and three counts of sexual assault. Jerry is no stranger to law
here is a good example

San Diego, CA

#5 Nov 27, 2011
link, you got it, and when the trashy trash fraud bumpkin hicks of that state are JAXXED AND DOG POPPED BY ITS OWN LAWS, you watch the chickenhick trash of the state of MONTANA YELLOW from direct USA fed beef porks all over its trashy corrupt exposed nazi klan PECKERWOOD RACIST TRASH STATE !!!---- pub showing the direct intent by the the porked offenders to illegally connceal direct legal evidence within the direct illegal attempt of concealing USA FED EMPLOYEE FRAUD . ha ha ha !!!-- The child enticement laws in Montana cover any type of communication, be it oral, written or electronic. In order to be found guilty of the crime of child enticement a person over the age of 18 will have to commit the following acts:
•With knowledge or belief that the minor child is under 16
•Communicate, persuade, entice, counsel, or procure said minor child
•To engage in actual or simulated sexual conduct including

• With knowledge or belief that a minor child is under 16
•Entice, coerce, arrange for, or persuade said child
•To travel within, from or to the state of Montana
•To engage in actual or simulated sexual conduct.

Penalties for Child Enticement in Montana

Penalties for individuals convicted of child enticement in Montana will vary widely depending on the age of the minor victim.

•If the minor child victim was under 16 years of age, the defendant will be guilty of a felony and face life imprisonment or imprisonment for no less than 4 years and no more than 100. The resultant fine will not exceed $10,000.
• If the minor child was under 12 years of age, the defendant will be sentenced to a term of 100 years in the state penitentiary, with the first 25 years having to be served without eligibility for parole, probation, or conditional release along with being assessed a fine not to exceed $50,000.

Defendants convicted under this law will have to register as sex offenders and sit through sex offender rehabilitation classes.

Defense of Child Enticement in Montana

A defendant that has been charged with enticing a child will have available a number of defenses. These defenses if asserted correctly could absolve the defendant of any criminal liability:
•Duress or compulsion where a person engages in criminal conduct due to threat of imminent death, or seriously bodily injury, or force.
•Ignorance to or mistake as a mater of fact that negates the element of intent to commit the crime
•Involuntary intoxication that results in lack of capacity to appreciate right from wrong
• Mental disease, defect, or insanity
here is a good example

San Diego, CA

#6 Nov 27, 2011
LINK, YOU GOT IT, there is no excuse for anyone to harm a child, it does not matter who the F you think you are, they will hunt the pig frauds all the way to the USA FED DEPARTMENTS, trashing the USA PUBLIC IMAGE OF THE DIRTY DIRT WATER EXPOSED USA CHICKENHICK FRAUDS. RIGHT THROUGH FILTHY STINKY CHAW BACON USA FED FRAUDS EMPLOYED RIGHT IN THEIR FED DEPTS. aND RIGHT UP THE USA TREE TO THE USA HIGH POWER NARCO BULLS THEMSELVES. ha ha ha !!!
here is a good example

San Diego, CA

#7 Nov 27, 2011
here is a good example

San Diego, CA

#8 Nov 27, 2011
link, once again, slicks on areas with in tight lapel cam nose pops on employee crim crime offenders, as corruption stream lines and grows as the true seed of justice was planted deep in the underbelly of the exposed fraudulent small corrupt system of nazi racist klan trash.
down on MT

San Diego, CA

#9 Nov 29, 2011
link, 1 second, over by JEWISH MAFIA

San Diego, CA

#10 Nov 30, 2011
as you directly monitor , you will note the areas Mentally Ill Individuals employed within the small racist klans departments, the employees are long time drug abuse and booze users, and you can directly monitor the areas stores, small malls , etc, in fact, more people with small children within rural KKK KLAN second rate states like Montana can continue to cam run areas , as states fold before direct USA FED SUP POP DISPLAYS, as more direct USA witts continue to DOG POP AND TRASH the states image of direct illegal employee corruption all over the USA. AS EMPLOYEES DEATH TOLL CONTINUES TO RISE USA WIDE, its no surprise that the public will continue to DEFEND against the directly exposed terrorist offenders within various child anus rape conceals, in Department narcotics sales , etc, hope to see more employee fraud CUT DOWN just like the bad weeds

Anonymous Proxy

#11 Dec 16, 2011
Link, 1 sec, over on charts, its good to see the areas crime levels on the rise, and more of the trashy whitejiggnggger racist trash employed in the trashy smelly hick punk state slink popped and USA exposed in Baby anus rapes within the areas trshy small fry fed dept sections, hope to see more of the states trashy drunk employee frauds run over !! HA HA HA !!! JUMPS OVER TO BLACK ICE.

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