Mississippi Sucks

Montgomery, AL

#542 Jan 12, 2012
I have lived here all my life and will have to agree that Mississippi sucks for many reasons like recently with the self serving tobacco lobbying governor giving an unreasonable amount of pardons to criminals ,very weak economy , alot of illegal immigrants and a lot of subcontractors that give jobs to them, no legislation or talks of legislation to resolve that problem because of private interest , why does Alabama have legislation on that and not ms, before long there won,t be any jobs for the middle class , self serving politicians like Barbour corrupt judges like scrubs , high obesity ,high teen pregnancy , poor schools , no jobs , me as example I had to get a job with an out of state contractor and even my boss agrees on his first trip down here that Jackson ms was a dump , the court system down here is a joke and unorganized as hell , plus many more reasons which I could write a book on , not the hospitality state , I mean I travel alot and have found that northerners were more friendly , anyway the only reason I stay down here is because of family if not for that I would have been gone back in the 80s , point being it has to be that bad if some one born and raised in ms says that it sucks or at least has the sense to admit it ,

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#544 Jan 18, 2012
Mississippi is the worst place on earth.I have been to all 50 states and the white people born and raised there are ignorant,fake,cowards. Yall lost the war so burn yalls flag.Cowards.

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#545 Jan 18, 2012
Mississippi is terrible.Please boycott that state.
flying solo

Chicago, IL

#546 Feb 2, 2012
I have been off this website for awhile because it make me sick to hear what people have to say about this wonderful state, especially the people who was born and raised here. Apparantely, there is alot of anger in all of you that are writing negative remarks and you choose to unload on Mississippi and the South in general. I actually feel sorry for you because you probably are not even happy with the state you are from or where you are living now. Maybe a little soul searching could be a good remedy.
flying solo

Chicago, IL

#547 Feb 2, 2012
allahuakbar wrote:
Mississippi is terrible.Please boycott that state.
Especially with a name like yours. Is it a given name of is it one you chose for yourself. If it is a given name and you came here from another country, just be glad you got in and believe me, you will never find it better in the country you came from no matter where it is.

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Pale Blue Dot

#548 Feb 24, 2012
Mississippi joins 4 other states with a negative rating from a recent poll with California taking the top spot as...

California Most Hated State, According To Recent Poll


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#549 Feb 29, 2012
I've been in Mississippi for a month now. Im a yanky and have a mexican wife. I've been through the country country parts of Mississippi. In my time here everyone has been more than nice. We had diner at one old white mans house. He had guns a confederate flag and such and he treated us just like family. Im sure in time I will run into some ignorant people but overall everyone here has been just fine.

Madison, MS

#550 Mar 8, 2012
Dangerous drivers. Everyone in Jackson, MS loves to stay within 1 car length behind the car in front of them, no matter what speed they travel at (usually 80+ on the highways). I guess the laws of physics have not made it here yet...no wonder this place ranks so high in accidents.
Anti Mississippi

Chicago, IL

#552 Apr 17, 2012
Mississippi is horrible! Sometimes I have to go there to pick up my husbands 2 girls from a previous marriage. The girls are both undereducated and though they are the sweetest little things ever I worry for their futures. My husband and I have both agreed to send a extra 400 to his ex-wife on top of the original 640 so the girls could go to a private school. After a year of sending this amount to her, come to find out the girls were told to lie to us about switching schools and the money is no where to be found. I have come in contact with a few nice people but my lastest trip down there ended horrible. I was held my knife point and my wallet and jewelry was stolen. The guy that did this was white. When I called 911 a cop arrived and actually told me not to worry about it and that there really isn't a point of filling a police report. I personally hate Mississippi, I would never will never move there. I am exteremly well traveled being my dad was in the military and i went to 9 different high schools alone by transfer. I have found that most of the people I have came incontact while in mississippi are two faced, judgemental, and back stabbing people. Point blank!

Oxford, MS

#553 Apr 29, 2012
Live in Oxford, MS... often considered the most progressive place in the state. People are generally snooty and fake, and there is a tendency to run into the same people a lot. So, living here feels like high school except that it never ends. Also, lot's of white people statewide move here because there are not as many blacks here as most other places in MS... I don't think that's a very good reason to base one's living arrangements upon.

Ellicott City, MD

#554 Jun 15, 2012
I am considering retiring and relocating to Lamar or Jones county. I am a retired military officer and have family members remaining in Bolivar county. I started reading this post as I have been trying to get a feel for the state of Mississippi. My dad and mom were born and raised in this state, although they relocated during the second world war, because my dad was in the navy.
I must say that this thread has given me pause. I am open to comments. By the way I am black.
Mississippi Native

Ethel, MS

#555 Jul 8, 2012
I was born in Mississippi and have lived here most of my life. Granted, I live south of Jackson, which is an area that is better off economically than the northern part of the state, so life here may be a bit easier than in the northern part of the state. I love my home and the people in it...people of all races, not just my own. My mother married a "Yankee" a couple of years after my father died. He is a very good man, and is much loved in our community. As a matter of fact, in our town, we have many residents who have moved here from the north, and have been welcomed with open arms to the area. People who mistreat others based on their race or where they come from are ignorant...and ignorance isn't something that is limited to the South, or to Mississippi. From what I read in the posts above, it seems to be wide-spread to many geographical areas. Oh, and we aren't all uneducated, lazy and fat either...some of us even have degrees and actually work and pay taxes...imagine that! Don't be so negative. Every state has its problems...if you don't like Mississippi, find a place you do like and move there!

Greenwood, MS

#556 Nov 4, 2012
Oh wow people defending Mississippi. Look I've lived in New York for 12 years and now I live in Mississippi. My verdict? Mississippi is quite possibly one of the worst places to live in the US. I don't need statistics or stereotypes but my personal experience with people here has NOT been a good one.

There is no social acceptance or diversity here. Yes this can exist anywhere but again I lived in NY and by comparison I can walk down the block and have a conversation with someone I've never met and yet here people either sound like you don't want to talk to them or in my case...rub you off as a geek/nerd/awkward after you say something to them. Southern hospitality?

People here are rude, obnoxious, and socially backwards. Get this? double whammy...It is blacks. And I am black. I can easily see that a lot of problem is caused because of a great majority of us.

And Statistically if you people wanted a few. Economically we are the NUMBER ONE poorest state in America. How is it that Louisana's poverty rate is higher than ours and we are still poorer than them? Yes MS sucks that bad. Who cares if obesity is everywhere? We're number 1 in that. And we're one of the only few states that has no progressive solution for it because this state is NOT progressive. In Math & Science we are ranked 50 in the country. Need I say more.

If you other Mississippians like it then good for you. I think you guys are letting your personal attachment allow you to talk decent about the state. But factually this state sucks dick. As vulgar as it is it is true. I could leave but the environment has dragged me down. If the state provided much more of an opportunity to get out I WOULD, but if it did I wouldn't be here bashing it so much. Again, if you like Mississippi good for you but what you're saying is that you like mediocrity, non-progressiveness, social ineptitude, poor trending, and just plain poorness overall

Memphis, TN

#559 Dec 12, 2012
Smarts wrote:
<quoted text>
From the description above I believe he they refering to white people
He is right You are just another person on earth no one cares how you feel about black people we all got to die one day so all this prejudice shit dont mean shit because all that shit is not caused for just learn to shut the fuck and be happy your still living life is to short for all this.

Starkville, MS

#560 Dec 12, 2012
Alas, I too cannot stand living in Mississippi. I would love to say that I'm "forced" to live here, but that would make it too easy. What do I hate about it? Just about everything. There are reasons why the state is at or near the bottom of every damn ranking by every poll or study when it comes to the "good" things, and at or near the top when the rankings are "worst first". But personally, I just can't stand the ineptitude. I guess it comes from the state's public schooling (another one of the worst rankings in the country), but you can't find anyone who knows what the hell they're doing. You need a roofer? Call all five roofers listed in the phone book,(yeah, it's a big city) and the only guy who will even come out to look at the roof will be Bubba Joe, in five or six days, driving his 1962 pickup truck with Maypop tires, a dead dog in the back and a step stool for a ladder. He doesn't know shit from maple syrup and wants $15,000 up front to reshingle the roof with thumbtacks and Wrigley's Doublemint gum. You need a plumber? Bubba's brother Bubba Earl shows up, a week after your place has a foot of water on the floor, and he's driving the same truck. Today I went to three different "windshield repair" places (because we have nothing but gravel roads here) to get yet another ding fixed. First place, 3 "open" signs in the windows, the door is locked, and not a swinging dick in sight at 2 in the afternoon. Second place, some 96 year old hag was startled by me just opening the door to the place, then she looks at me like I'm interrupting her 9,000th attempt to reach orgasm with herself before telling me I have to come back at 9:00 tomorrow morning 'cause there ain't nobody here to do that right now. Third place, nice enough people, but they only replace windshields, they don't fix 'em. Even though their sign out front says they do. I took a day off for this shit, and STILL didn't get it done. I don't think there's doctor in the state who actually graduated from a medical school with a degree in medicine, if there is he's been outcast from a real hospital for molesting candy-stripers. He'll do his year in hell then go back to a better place, somewhere like Khazakstan or Angola. In most parts of the country you get what you pay for, here you can't get it no matter what you're willing to pay. If your car breaks down you're better off walking, because a "mechanic" here will fuck it up so bad the factory couldn't make it right. And he'll make you think he did you a big favor. Culture? They think that has something to do with buttermilk. Any play or concert is so hillbilly redneck that you'd think it was a 2nd grade school play.

Anyway, I'm still pissed about the windshield thing. Anybody got some Valium?
MS Teacher

Poplarville, MS

#561 Dec 16, 2012
There are a lot of problems in Mississippi, and I can vouch for the low teacher pay as I am a teacher in the state. However, I love my job and I love my students. Kids in Mississippi deserve to have teachers that care about them. I was born here, and have lived here most of my life...by choice. There are many things I dislike about my state, but generally speaking, I love the people. They are some of the most giving and kind people in the world. Did you know, that per capita, Mississippians give more to charity than any other state? Maybe it's because they know how it is to do without. We can also boast of some great universities and colleges. The state government, however, needs to do a lot of changing. I agree that they get us on all kinds of taxes. They tax everything. I am not fooled by lower property taxes.
chi town mexicano

United States

#562 Dec 17, 2012
Damn so if I were to go down south, would you treat me kindly?
Mississippi Girl wrote:
Oh and one more thing. No one hates Mexicans! The reason most southerners are upset is because there are people coming into our country stirring up trouble by not getting their citizenship. And yes we are the ones who are suffering because illegals are committing crimes and not being punished the way any one of us Americans would be. It has nothing to do with being Mexican. That goes to any illegal. Some people need to get their facts straight before they start in on Mississippians again.
flying solo

Union, MS

#563 Jan 2, 2013
Bichons9 wrote:
<quoted text>
And you are helping the state by supporting a REPUBLICAN GOVERNMENT THAT FEED THE RICH MORE AND MORE but do so... "QUIETLY????" I doubt that ANY of the RICH write on this site..Again, everything with HALEY BARBOUR is..hush..hush..
Good ole Rebublican Mississippi Governor DOESN"T WANT ANY MONEY? BECAUSE HE IS WORRIED AQBOUT THE DEFICIT?? The POOREST state in the country that should be for "The people" still supports "the RICH"...the state with the poorest, most obese, worst education..still DOESN"T GET IT. Mississippi is a laughing stock in the nation because you all have no idea what is being done with the "Federal money=$2.00/$1.00 given...To ask when Mississippians are going to wake up...is easy answered...NEVER!!! Keep voting for the RICH REPUBLICANS THAT CARE ABOUT...WHO?? YOU?? Can I sell you a bridge to NOWHERE FOR MISSISSIPPI????
Oh, I guess it's important to reveal that I am a middle class WASP residing in the "Magnolia" state? And it's good to know from you "intellectuals?" that Mississippi will not be adversely affected by the economy!!!!
take your picture off this blog you are so ugly and you think you are cute.
flying solo

Union, MS

#564 Jan 2, 2013
cadence wrote:
I've been in Mississippi for a month now. Im a yanky and have a mexican wife. I've been through the country country parts of Mississippi. In my time here everyone has been more than nice. We had diner at one old white mans house. He had guns a confederate flag and such and he treated us just like family. Im sure in time I will run into some ignorant people but overall everyone here has been just fine.
Im sure you will run into someone that will have to show their ignorance and I apologize for them but you will come int contact with more generous people than you will ignorant. Congradulations on your wife and being Mexican, I know she is a beauty. By the way, I lived in NYC for 25 years and I love the "yankies". Some of the best friends I have. Hope you enjoy your stay and welcome to Mississippi.
Kennyraycarrsupe rstar

Show Low, AZ

#565 Jan 7, 2013
WOW ...the south is great place to be..most of the people here are wonderful. And they are good people...thank you god for the beautiful gulf coast that you let each and every one of us enjoy every day..t I know we have been threw a lot but together we will make the south a better place . God bless the gator boys and thank you for gator wrestling!

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