I reside in a state known as the ďShow Me StateĒ, but it should be known as the ďScam Me StateĒ. I have been going through the unfair treatment and fraud that has been committed by the state agency in which as a resident I provide their funding thru taxes I pay. I had to result in going to my elected officials to try to get some sort of satisfaction. I have worked with many companies here in St. Louis, the like of Boeing, Citi Group and even the IRS. But, the level of corruption, fraud and deception is like what we have seen and went thru with the banking and mortgage scandal & collapse. I have decide to pursue legal actions in order to get justice, our elected officials claim to be fighting for the people but it seems that all they are for is what the state agencies, that deal in corruption, fraud and deception. I have produced the document that the state has submitted to a court of law, which included its fraudulent amount. If you look at the form 14, included in this email and look at No# 8 is $1,159.00, then No# 9 says multiply line 8 by each parentís line 4 (65.70%) here is the equation is 1,159.00 X 65.70%= 761.463 not 1024.00 as the state has fraudulently provide. I have shown them their error and they have admitted their error but states its nothing they can do to correct it, I have to spend my money to go to court to get it fixed but until then they are garnishing my check for that amount living me with little to live off, I have sent this information to the Stateís Attorney General, and to the DOJ, all the way to the federal level in order to get justice, but no one cares, so I will hire a lawyer that will be looking to take this case national and even to the supreme court, because I working to have the state agency in the state in which I reside extort my hard working money from me because they are corrupt and deceitful. If you the elected officials, we the people elected you in canít fight for me (the people), then I rather not live in this state. And if on a national level, they ask for my opinion of the state of Missouri, I will tell them itís the ďScam Me StateĒ.
I donít understand why a state agency director Ms Alyson Campbell, Family Support Division, swear or affirm that the people in her charge, accurately and faithful execute their duties. But, in the response I received from this state agency bears the contrary, it states that based on basic mathematical skills we all should possess, it seems those skills are lacking in the Administrative Hearing Office representatives that conducts the hearings involved in child support. This director states she has to submit a corrected document to the circuit court that the agent in her charge calculated and submitted to the circuit court as being correct was a fabrication.
Also, The stateís attorney generalsí office did confirmed that the state agencyís ability to conduct accurate hearings, which turned out to be false, and even the stateís representatives that enacted the laws that gives this agency director itís authority to do whatever it is that they donít do accurately.
What part of the word Accountability, do you people canít understand, I always thought that employers, i.e.,(State) tried to hire the best and the brightest, but it seems not to be the case here?Maybe, because Iím black they thought I wouldnít notice how the math equations donít add up or maybe Iím not smart enough to know when numbers on a form donít add up to what is suppose to be the TOTAL.
No wonder education seems to be poor and lacking in the state of Missouri and in the people who are representatives of the state government agencies.
Here is what I had been forced to do to get. Itís the incompetent ability that gets me frustrated. Iím sent paperwork with incorrect information, Iím told by modification worker to have a lawyer on retainer because the state agency will screw up the file and the only way to correct the stateís mistake is to go to court and have a judge correct it.