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former employee

United States

#149 Dec 5, 2012
I worked at family video for a year, store 538. It's ridiculous how you're treated there... I was told after a year I had to be let go because of my attitude... Explain how my attitude has been great for a year and all of a sudden its bad? This came after we got a new manager who refused to work with me on hours.. I live an hour and a half away from the store and still managed to make it there on time, I worked until I was 9 months pregnant came back from maternity leave 3 weeks early and yet I was unreliable!! Fv does depend on the computer to determine labor however they should start letting the computer make the schedule if that's the case ... I have worked numerous hours off the clock, but I've always clocked out with dep to make sure I was paid for the trip to the bank. The dm always came in to complain never helped when we were busy nor offered. I've only seenm the rm once.... The no break policy is ridiculous I worked at one of the busiest stores in our district and have opened the store running a 6 due to the returns in the drop box... I think tleast a 5 minute break could be spared... I got wrote up for sitting down to eat (which took about 5mins) while I worked a 14 hour shift because someone forgot to come in literally... I understand you are to stay busy but geez some of it is just ridiculous ... Being a former employee I wouldn't even do business there.. its ridiculous... Our damaged videos were put back Om the shelves just so we could make an extra dollar... The em also threatened to terminate employees if they didn't tell everything that goes on in the store texting included... In a year we've and 3 managers and 4 mits the test is harder than any test I completed on college... I was under the impression I'd have full time and benefits.:. Wrong...I was stuck there sometimes until 3am I have an infant and a child on school that wad ridiculous... Before the new manager started I opened every morning until she decided she didn't want to close... Big change... Family video is a horrible place to be employed I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!! For the people who think everyone is whining if you don't already work there maybe you should observe and if you do then you're not doing your job right !!! Complete the tickler do inventory check for nsi cgeck for muds whole running a drop box like msn that would run you up to 4s on a daily basis keep your customers happy move movies preface movies replace ad boxes greet everyone iny case run your managers job because she doesnt do it she leaves it for you keep your .movies put out and still manage to keep your sanity then do another review... You'll whine as well!!!!

Saint Louis, MO

#150 Feb 10, 2013
i work fo a family video currently and have run into a different issue. Myself as well as half the employees at my store have beenpromised pay increases at our reviews but then never gotten them. My current manager went almost a full year without receiving the raise and never got any compensation because there was nothing about it written on his review. This has now happened to me and it has been 4 months since my review. What can I do to make sure i am reimbursed for my raise?!?!

Millsboro, DE

#151 Mar 6, 2013
so what's the key to getting hired into fv ? I blew away their extreme tests !-I took less tests for a Top Secret Gov Security Clearance !-kinda ridiculous. in the end, they weren't interested in me, although I have a BA in business and years of management exp. Super friendly, outgoing, cool... thoughts ?
Pathetic Famvid

Ravenna, OH

#154 Mar 20, 2013
Patrick wrote:
so what's the key to getting hired into fv ? I blew away their extreme tests !-I took less tests for a Top Secret Gov Security Clearance !-kinda ridiculous. in the end, they weren't interested in me, although I have a BA in business and years of management exp. Super friendly, outgoing, cool... thoughts ?
Probably because you weren't an 18 year old girl with blonde hair and big boobs. It's a pre-requisite with them. I wish I were only joking... Their biggest profit is from the porn, rented mainly by weird older guys, so it helps business by employing attractive girls. I know this because I worked there, and they don't keep this fact a secret.

United States

#155 Jun 5, 2013
Former MIT wrote:
Wow, I thought my store was an isolated story!
10 hours in a store alone, no breaks and no relief even in an emergency. I was terminated when I ran to make a bank deposit and my car broke down, my manager wouldn't answer her cell phone (which she never would answer when away from the store) I did not have money for a cab and walked a mile back to the store, when I arrived my manager was there scrambling to find someone to cover my shift, she never called me. I explained what happend, she said it not to worry. I took two days off to attend a family gathering, when I returned my DM and manager were standing in store parking lot and fired me ( this was standard termination procedure) no verbal warning, no write up, nothing! I could write several of these entries of things that they had done to me and other employees.
. Plz do write several more Entries. We are reading to gain knowledge n knowledge is power. Now they pay 15mins to take deposits. So they read n try to improve.
gary lewman

Saint Louis, MO

#156 Dec 23, 2013
Patrick wrote:
so what's the key to getting hired into fv ? I blew away their extreme tests !-I took less tests for a Top Secret Gov Security Clearance !-kinda ridiculous. in the end, they weren't interested in me, although I have a BA in business and years of management exp. Super friendly, outgoing, cool... thoughts ?
i was a manager there for three years. trust me.... you dont want to work there
Ummmmmm really

Lincoln, IL

#157 Mar 23, 2014
I agree with the last person! At least you have a job! Not many people can! I have worked for a company and my fiancé does too, that no matter how long your shift is you don't get a break. But they can't complain cause at least they are doing something fun while helping other people! Think of how firemen are, police officers, medics! They didn't get a break but they find something to keep them occupied! If you have down time typically there is something that you COULD be doing! Like cleaning, straighten up! I guarantee no manager is going to get mad if you break out some cleaning supplies and straighten up!

Pittsburgh, PA

#158 Mar 30, 2014

Martinsville, IN

#159 Apr 13, 2014
Ruby wrote:
We are a small town battling to keep Family Video out of our residential neighborhood - I need some history of their tactics - moving in without adult video and then opening that section later. There are plenty of spaces available in our town and we would welcome them to take one of those, but, we do not want a store with adult videos in close proximity to homes and schools.
Any history would help. I know a few years ago they were involved in a few lawsuits over the same thing. We need help and we need it fast!!!!!!
So you don't believe that adults should be free to make their own decisions? Please leave this country.
Just SMH

Fredericktown, MO

#160 Apr 21, 2014
In the above post, it was a response to someone wanting to know how to keep Family Video out of their neighborhood. I had to laugh at what "Ruby" wrote.

The writer is/was so worried about "Adult Videos" in their neighborhood and near their children and schools. OMG! Really???

How would "adult videos being in close proximity to homes and schools" hurt anyone? The videos are out of site and do not harm anyone. If someone wants to rent an adult video they must be at least 18 and go into a separate area to see the selection. Or do you think the videos put off a "vibe" that will corrupt your precious children? Or do you think that if people have access to adult videos that it will make a person want to rape and pillage your neighborhood citizens?

Just get over it. You act like sex is a bad thing. What people do in their own privacy is their own business.
Current Employee

Kingfisher, OK

#161 Jun 25, 2014
#truth... I loved my job so much at first, but now I come home depressed and tired. They are always "hiring" because current employees are always quitting. Applying for a different job soon.
So, 8 hours at a time with no breaks and all alone all day! If you dare deviate from what the precious labor sheet tells you, it's a big problem. You spend so many stupid hours doing inventory every single day... come on. I'm sure the "Royal Family" of Family video started their precious little business by sound standards. It worked for them, but this world is so much faster and busier now. They constantly add another task for you to squeeze in while trying to give every customer a full tour of the store. Friday night is insane. They make it impossible to have enough employees because of their guidelines. And, how many managers do they have to have? My regional manager never did Squat! He'd just come in like a Shooter and tell you to sell more candy. Don't freakin' lend a hand for a minute or anything. Anyway, if you still work there, I am totally sad for you. It seems like a nice place at first, but it is one big SWEATSHOP with no breaks, lunches or common sense. Why do you think they can rent their movies so low? Because they treat the employees like Animals.

Washington, DC

#162 Aug 11, 2014
JustMe wrote:
I was told by the "uppers" that the suit is laughable, and means nothing to them.....
Well, I was a former Manager, and I was fired for no reason what so ever. I did file suit to clear my name, and they quickly settled. I am currently a Special Agent with a three letter federal agency, and I have been contacted about the suit. I explained to the attorneys that I am not interested in any monitary gain. I am only interested in exposing what I saw and heard. I was specifically instructed not to hire "fat, ugly, pregnant, or old people". I am also privey to what goes on at the annual Cancun Trip. The "off the clock" and "no breaks" issues are only the beginning. I can only speak to the people I worked for in Illinois, like Kevin J., Brian O., and Yvonne C., although judging from the comments on the forum, it is clearly a culture with this company.

I cannot wait to expose them.

Elyria, OH

#163 Jan 18, 2015
family video is awful! i worked there for a month and since i was new they treated me like i was nothing. the hours sucked, and the process of getting a job was ridiculous.
Worked there

Owasso, OK

#164 Aug 29, 2015
Terrible place to work. Run away as fast as you can.

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