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Lee Alexandria MN

Alexandria, MN

#592 Oct 14, 2009
Where are all the haunted houses in Alexandria, Minnesota? I know of the Downtown Broadway Restaurant, which was closed because of financial problems due to lack of customers because of the hauntings, but there HAS TO BE more!!

Portland, OR

#593 Feb 17, 2010
Kyle wrote:
I can't believe nobody has mentioned East Bethel! There is a church there that was named one of the top haunted places in the US a few years back... Some priest murdered like 5 kids (not sure about that number, or when). All of the people that lived directly around it have since moved due to the wails and screams heard at night. You can also see the priest and other apparitions in the windows. Wierd thing is, is that they re-sided the old church and put this fence all around it (with no gates). I was there when I was in high school one time with my friends... Scared the hell out us.
Do you remember the name of the church? Also, do you remember where this place is located more specifically?

Tellico Plains, TN

#594 May 26, 2010
Hannah's grave is a very powerful spiritual center. There is a lot more to it than the windmill. If you are there around one a clock you can here Hannah and her children playing. There was once gravestones at the site, which where removed for the safety of the town kids. It was said that anyone who disrespected the stones where haunted until they payed their respects to Hannah. The windmill was also removed due to accidents that were caused from attempting to climb it. When it was still up there wasn't a single person who was able to make it to the top. The death of Hannah and her family is varied, there are numerous different stories to what happened. The only way to know for certain is to ask her yourself.


#595 May 30, 2010
Surixurient wrote:
There is supposedly a haunted house in Hastings called the laduk-simons mansion. It has always had a creepy aura around it and as a child i explored the slavehouse/peeked into the mainhouse windows. Nothing really happened though;P. The Creepiest thing was that next door lives an old lady with a house overgrown in bushes and when she seens you sneaking around the area she yells at you in a really old and hidious voice. She was more frightening than any ghost.
Hi saw your post. am looking for house in Hastings Fl that is by a cemetary that is said to be haunted. Was told it was on Pig Pen Road. Do you remember where the house you saw is located? Thanks


#596 May 31, 2010
can you remember where in Hastings you were?
Thanks. [email protected]

Saint Paul, MN

#597 Jun 18, 2010
I was searching online for the same thing. Ive been out to Comstock school also, havent been in there yet- but really want to hear the history of it also. My curiosity is bubbling. So I second his question!
mike wrote:
I went up to comstock school tonight it wasnt scary it just kinda creeped me out i was wondering if any one had a full story about it

Minneapolis, MN

#598 Nov 15, 2010
Let me know the address you lived at! I actually went to the historical society today to find more about the house that I live in currently on Fillmore Street! Very unusual things occur in my house and I would love more information!!
Danielle wrote:
I live in Alexandria, MN. I have lived in several house/apartments since I moved here 3 years ago. I am a believer in the paranormal, but I do my best to try and disprove anything people tell me. But I do have a story I have not been able to disprove. I used to live on Fillmore street right when I moved here from college. From the get go, the girl who lived above my roommate and I said that some strange things have happened there and all the other tenants had left. The girl above us happened to go to the same high school as I, but was several years older. She had a young daughter about 3 who hated to come down to our apartment, her mother also felt that the previous tenants had done something to the house. After about one week I noticed strange things. The water faucet would turn on, so I had the plumber check it out..no problems. This happened about 5/6 times. Then we began to see shadows. My roommate hollered at me one morning coming out of her room and told me to get out of her way and to stop touching her, I was creeping her out. I was sitting on the couch in the next room. Same thing happened to me the next week. Right before I moved out we noticed a strange smell from the air ducts. Our landlord came in to check it out and pulled down the paneling from the ceiling and young girl's clothes fell out. They smelled awful, turns out they were the young girl's from upstairs. I am not sure what the smell was, but the clothes had obviously been soaked in something. We later found out the landlord renovated the house and found strange markings on the floor. After telling my new husband this story I finally found out that he has known about the place for years. He had been told when he was a young boy that there was a witch living there. He never managed to tell me this when I was living there:-) He also said that's why he would never come over. I have one more story but that one would take even longer. I guess what I am wondering is that if there are any people out there who would like to keep in contact with me about these things around the area. I am trying to start my own "Ghosthunters" but most people I talk to are not willing to help disprove anything. Also, I don't know if anyone else has been to the Glensheen mansion recently but I went there last year to try and get some stories or some info and they are very very "hush-hush" I would like to know what actually happened, I have heard way to many stories and the tour guides would only tell me to go read a book...lol

Springfield, MN

#599 Nov 24, 2010
my name is Sam Fox-Johnson.I am creating a ghost hunting club.I was wondering if you might like to join me.you can email me back at [email protected]
ashley linn

United States

#600 Feb 27, 2011
there is an abbandoned school with a wooden park in grandrapids minnesota my friends were parked outside of it one night then we saw something in the window and then the next thing you know there is this big fat white man with huge glasses that you would see in the 80s this guy just sat there in the back and did not say a thing i no he wasnt alive but he was there i swear it was really freaky so dont go there at night all by yourself i hope someone else goes there see's the same thing it was really crazy at first i saw the rims from the glasses then looked back i never beleived in ghosts till that night.
ashley linn

United States

#601 Feb 27, 2011
if you have any questions my email is [email protected]
Trick r Treat

Cumberland, WI

#602 Oct 23, 2011
Some friend's(about 6 of us) and I went up to Little swan cemetery in Zim,Mn back in 2008, It was the most eye opening experience i have ever had in the paranormal (never really believed in it before). We arrived at like 9:30pm, while most of us were walking around one of my friends wanted to explore the surrounding woods, so she went in by herself. We all heard a baby's crying echoing in the woods,noises in the woods sounding like someone running (my friend who went in the woods was in another area, as well as was too dark to even see to run in the woods, the moon was blocked by the branches ),at a point there was this old looking truck that drove by (1920 maybe?)and when it passed the moonlight had hit the window and all of us exclaimed "OMG THERE IS NO DRIVER!", another girl had taken a picture of the running sound in the certain area of the woods and it showed a man hanging from the tree. So we were all gathered around looking at this picture when we felt and heard drum beats coming from the ground. I have no way to explain it, there was this electric static that covered your body and the drumbeats sounded like old native american beats, you could feel the pound in the ground, we all just stood in shock no words could come out.At the same time someone who was afraid to get out of the car yelled " i'm hearing cymbals!". Me and this other guy decided that after yelling to our friend in the woods and her never responding that it was time to go and get her. With our flashlight we found her( standing by a barbwire fence telling her it was time to go when we heard this growl, it didn't sound human nor like an animal, it reminded me of one of the growls from the blair witch movie, we all took off running. I in the midst of it lost my sandel running (so if anyone finds it that's why). We all returned home and couldn't stop talking about the place, we since have returned numerous times, and the thing we always experience is the baby crying, running sounds coming from the woods, and on a few accounts that truck with no driver (one time we arrived and were pulling up when the truck passed us, we quickly followed it around the curve and it was gone. We tried looking for a side road but to no avail). MANY times are cars would not start for a few minutes. The only thing we have not experienced since the first time was the drumming, if i were by myself i would have thought i imangined it, however since we all heard it there was no way. There is also this energy in the air, I don't know what it is, but i think thats why people start to feel scared when they get out of the car. I have not been there for a few years due to moving, but i'm back in town again and am anxious to return to the tiniest littlest cemetery I have ever seen and experienced.

Garden City, MI

#603 Jan 16, 2012
I know of a good haunted location in the shurburn county national wildlife refuge just outside of Zimmerman MN. There's Indian burrial grounds that have been left abandon out on a hiking trail in the fefuge call the manhoman trail.. IV heard stories bout ppl seeing full bodied appearitions that look like native Americans and strange lights at night off of the trail. Never seen it myself but lots of ppl claim to have seen things out there.

Minneapolis, MN

#604 Mar 11, 2012
Matt Reed wrote:
Could any one give me an address to explore. Going on a hunted roadtrip for spring break and this places sounds like a must see
I'm jealous ive always wanted to do something like this

Since: Dec 11

United States

#605 Jul 19, 2012
Grey Cloud Island??

Marshall, MN

#606 Sep 6, 2012
Kate wrote:
Let me know the address you lived at! I actually went to the historical society today to find more about the house that I live in currently on Fillmore Street! Very unusual things occur in my house and I would love more information!!
<quoted text>
What is the address? Was it on the corner of filmore and 13th? My friend used to live there and had things happen.

Fergus Falls, MN

#607 Jul 12, 2013
Lee Alexandria MN wrote:
Where are all the haunted houses in Alexandria, Minnesota? I know of the Downtown Broadway Restaurant, which was closed because of financial problems due to lack of customers because of the hauntings, but there HAS TO BE more!!
I think my house has something going on have you found any information for Alex I'm on cedar st
Erin Johnson

United States

#608 Aug 4, 2013
DarkVelvetTearz wrote:
I was born in GA, but was raised in Northern MN all my life, Has any one out there heard of the old Mansion located south of bagley somewhere??? Any info would help its almost halloween. THANX AND PCE OUT.
Cox mansion. I used to live by that place.
Charlene S

Mitchell, SD

#609 Sep 27, 2013
I have been to the old School for the Blind in Gary, SD... Some 9 years ago, I went with a couple of friends and had some experiences. I decided to not go in the upper level of the building, however we did enter into the tunnels. The darkness that was in there was ... Something that I had not experienced in my life before (but have since.) While in the tunnels my body began feelings like my insides were turning, it was cold verry cold (we were there in the middle of summer 2004) as I was leaving the tunnels I felt something grab my left arm, the next morning when I had woken up there were 3 long bruises on the outside of my lower arm, just below the elbow where I had felt the sensation of being grabbed the night before. When I got back to the vehicle and began to leave all of our windows fogged up as we passed the school. I haven't been back there since and I would only ever return with a paranormal research team... This wasn't my first paranormal experience in my life either, I have grown up with many and in 4 different places in South Dakota I have had experiences.

Kansas City, MO

#610 Nov 27, 2013
Nikki wrote:
<quoted text>
I think my house has something going on have you found any information for Alex I'm on cedar st
thars lots of places in Alex I do this all the time we are ghost hunters

Kansas City, MO

#611 Nov 27, 2013
We ghost hunt like are page we love to hear story's and like to know about new places see what we have found we are from Alexandria mn if you have address to a place or like go with let us know https://m.facebook.com/PopeCountyInvestigatio...

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