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Battle Creek, MI

#535 Aug 1, 2012
Those who finally gain employment can not drive to work because they can not afford the driver responsibility fee. How can we recover our economy in Michigan.why can't this be forgiven after 5 yrs. of good driving?

Grand Rapids, MI

#536 Aug 5, 2012
been there, done that, got the t/shirt,read the book, saw the movie. i, too, have written senators/congressmen and get a reply completely irrelavent to my question or NO reply. lame asses. if anyone has any ideas how to fight this, email me at [email protected]

Eastpointe, MI

#537 Oct 29, 2012
Sign here, please. I'm also a victim of this seemingly unconstitutional law. I was charged with not showing up to date proof of insurance. The officer was in such a rush I handed him the wrong slip. When he told me of this infraction, I told him it was just the wrong paper and I had the correct one in my glove box. He told me what's done is done. I paid the fine because I thought it would be easier than finding the time to go to court with my busy schedule. Now, I'm stuck with having paid THAT fine and now am paying $400 more over the next two years for the same offense even though I HAVE and HAD up to date proof of insurance. He even asked if it was the same insurance agent and company and I told him it was. It's a scam wearing the mask of law. More and more unconstitutional laws are popping up every day in the form of Executive Orders and under the facade of "National Security". We need to fight back. It's "We the people" not "We the indebted". Take back America and our rights.

Eastpointe, MI

#538 Oct 30, 2012
I'm currently setting up my own case to be possibly reviewed my a lawyer and taken to court. If enough of us join together, we might just have a shot at fighting this unconstitutional abomination.

Cincinnati, OH

#540 Nov 19, 2012
This is a scam. Plain and simple. I paid the ticket for driving without insurance, and I paid the DR Fee two years in a row. The state STILL suspended my license, and told me various stories about why. They supposedly sent me forms I never received, orders of action I never received, and my "suspension" date and "due date" changed every time I spoke with someone at Treasury or SOS. I went back and forth between the Sec. of State Office and the Dept. of Treasury, and I got a bunch of runaround and passing the buck. This is nothing but a scam. Now that the law has been repealed for lack of insurance, I'm contacting Gov. Snyder's office and filing a complaint.

Cincinnati, OH

#541 Nov 19, 2012
The people who work at the SOS office and the Dept. of Treasury are liars. I have been on the phone with them all day long about my DR fee. I paid $200 in 2010 and also paid in 2011, but they suspended my license anyway. They said at the SOS office that they sent my notice of action to my old address, and I mysteriously never received it. My mail is all forwarded to my new address and my mom lives at the addresss on my license, so she would have let me know if I got letters from the SOS office. I called and made arrangements to pay in Oct. 2011 for two withdrawals, and both payments cleared my bank. My license is currently suspended and I had no idea. They lie and change their story at SOS and Treasury, and they do not care if you can't afford the fee. I am lucky enough to work from home, but it is still hard for me to come up with $125, plust he $60 to renew my expired license. I called Gov. Snyder's office and spoke with someone there, and we will see what they can do. This morning, SOS said they suspended my license on 12/21/11, and now they are saying it was suspended on 12/7/11. They are either idiots or liars or both.

Marquette, MI

#542 Nov 19, 2012

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Cincinnati, OH

#543 Nov 20, 2012
Contacted Gov. Snyder's office and spoke with a staffer there yesterday. They promptly called the SOS office about my issue, and someone from the SOS Dept. State called me. I wasn't able to return their call because I was working. I plan to call the SOS Dept. of State back today, as well as following up with Snyder's office. I will be getting in touch with he MI ACLU and the motorists' association. I may be forced to pay it, but I'm going to make the state's life heck in the process. It's extortion and theft; plain and simple.

Cincinnati, OH

#544 Nov 24, 2012
Is anyone interested in filing a class-action lawsuit against the SOM on behalf of people forced to pay this fee? I contacted filmmaker Michael Moore about this issue. I would be willing to join with others to sue the state of Michigan. I also had an issue when I paid in 2010. I paid the amount in full ($200) in 2010, and it cleared my checking account. About a week or so later, I got a notice of action from the SOS, saying they were going to suspend my license if I didn't pay up. I called them and told them that I already paid and that I had proof in my bank account. They backed off and said "their system needed time to update" and said I was all set.???? So...I had only a week to pay that fee? Say what? The DOT and the SOS say they are working separately when you call, but don't believe their lies. They are working together to scam you.

Cincinnati, OH

#545 Nov 24, 2012
Tommy wrote: mdrl06/petition.html
Sign here, please. I'm also a victim of this seemingly unconstitutional law. I was charged with not showing up to date proof of insurance. The officer was in such a rush I handed him the wrong slip. When he told me of this infraction, I told him it was just the wrong paper and I had the correct one in my glove box. He told me what's done is done.
Yep, they can still bust you even if you have insurance, but don't have the card in the car with you, or whatever excuse they want to make to write you that ticket and put you in the DR Fee pool. It's a gift to the insurance companies because if they f*** around and cause you to get your license suspended, you will have to pay more in auto insurance from here on out. F them all.
Seriously, I want to join in a class-action lawsuit against these idiots.

Athens, OH

#547 May 17, 2013
And Mich wonders why people are leaving in droves???? Someone needs to wake up

Detroit, MI

#548 Dec 20, 2013
freedom wrote:
Hello, I am one of the customer service people who you talk to for the drivers responsibility fees...
For those who whine about being levied or liened… lets be honest. Dreally think legally we can do this on a whim? You are given at least 3 months of contact by phone and by letter. If you have not updated your ADDRESS at the SOS (and by law you are required when you move) is this our fault? If we cannot find a valid number for you we skip trace. Which means we have many ways of looking for you, this may even be by leaving messages with friends or family members along with again tons of letters. It then goes to collections… where again we try to contact you by more letters and calls. The min is 3 more months it often goes YEARS. We have to have a min amount of calls and letters to you. Your tax return may be taken.. does this not give you a clue we are looking for you??????? HELLOOOOOOOOOO
*To recap, min of about 6 moths of letters , calls, and general hunting for you… perhaps you saw we called but, did not have the money (see above paragraph), or thought we would go away.
The reasoning behind the whole thing….
I come across too many accounts where there is repeat offences. Do you people not learn?
Drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs, and anything to do with the above fore mentioned… Do I really need to explain why you have to pay a fine? Often your license is suspended by the courts. You are a danger to yourself and mostly others. I do not care about your life if you do not. However by engaging in behaviors you may take out innocent lives by your actions. Stay home and be drunk or high or whatever….
No proof of insurance…sounds harmless, but, when you drive without the insurance and hurt someone in an accident or have property damage you get sued, often you have no money as you cant afford even the insurance. The other persons insurance may have a ceiling of how much they will pay… the nice people who LIVE in the state of Michigan make up $$$$ the remainder. Why? Because there a non insurance fund for people who are not insured and cause damage and cannot pay. So using an analogy…it is like the people who shoplift , the consumers end up paying for the goods two fold. You get upset by shoplifters who cause you to pay more… why not non insured drivers who cause to pay A LOT more in taxes? Do you want to pay for those who do not have insurance and kill or maim someone? I don’t…
To sum it up, driving is a privilege not a right!
the views above are not sanctioned by the state of michigan nor the company i work for
freedom of speech means freedom to disagree
You couldn`t be more wrong. We have the freedom and the right to travel. The state extract funds illegally. The state engages in a conflict of interest with every demand for payment for driving fees,tickets (which have no standing in a court of law and registration fees. No? Then why pay fees for registering the SAME vehicle EVERY YEAR? I don't pay tickets because most "infractions" are illegal shakedowns that r EASILY defeated in court. I would expect someone being compensated by the system to be as biased as I've read. MY tickets were the results of what these "peace" officers perceived to be "illegal". Like parking close to a sign that stated no parking on weekdays would be enforced on snow days" It was the middle of July :/.It didn't stop them from issuing a ticket. I won easily and told them to try suing me next time. To travel is a right. PAYING SOMEONE TO DO SO IS TO ASSUME THE U.S. IS ACTING UNDER BRITISH RULE PRE-1776! I pay what I owe. I don't owe the state jack!

Middlesboro, KY

#549 Jan 27, 2014
freedom wrote:
that is all you can say? sounds like sour grapes to me........
I lived in the state of MI and received a ticket in the state of KY, I paid the fine in KY and have been paying on a 4000 dollar fine in the state of MI. Here is the problem, I have sent in all the required information, proof of income, etc.... I cannot get the state of KY to work with me , they do not even know what an Abstract of Removal is, they sent me a letter which had the same charge on it twice, same date and time as well. It simply had a green line marked through the second copy of the charge. MI SOS refuses to accept such a paper for the removal process, thus I am paying for the same charge-ticket twice. When I first got the ticket; as I stated, I was a resident of MI. I paid KY their fine and pulled my jail time, Why is It I must pay both states is what I do not understand. Furthermore, now the MI responsibility law is no longer in effect; people who now receive a ticket in another state while residing in MI no longer have to pay the state on MI. I have since moved to the state of KY after loosing my job of construction in the state of MI, being in jail in the state of KY I was not able to be on the job some 450 miles away. I ended up moved to the state of KY because this is where my family lives, same reason I was coming here when I got the ticket. A visit home can be costly if you get a ticket in the state of KY and have a MI drivers license. Now my mother has to take me to work when I actually get to work. I am now being ask for the same information again that was just sent to MI less than a month ago.MY question is this, since I paid my dues to the state I received the ticket in and they have never heard of an abstract of removal in the state of KY what further steps can I take to get my fine to the state of MI back down to the original 2000 dollars, which is outrageous since I paid KY almost 900 dollars and done jail time, I have the original 2000 dollars nearly paid off but 4000 dollars is a ce I am now going through a divorce and my work hours have been cut. Any suggestions are welcome. I am at a loss here as to how to get KY to understand what it is MI SOS is asking for, they only ask me what is an Abstract of Removal, and tell me they have never heard of such a thing and they don't removed tickets or fines despite the fact they have been paid.

United States

#550 Jul 19, 2015
jimwings wrote:
<quoted text> I hope you get an unnecessary ticket and are forced to pay the fines for which you "think" crybabies are born.
You're probably one of those white knuckled 55mph on the freeway causing accidents

Niles, MI

#551 Aug 4, 2015
I am 67 years old. Never had a dui of any kind. I haven't had a ticket in 30 years. But my kids and grands cannot drive due to DRF's. SO, I am only licensed driver in my family. I have extremely bad degenerative disc desease, fibromyalsia, and two bad knee's that need to be replaced. I can't have surgery cause I have no one to take me to hospital or surgery. Ride a bus right? Let Granholm try that one herself.I have to get them to work, doctor apt's, grocerery story, drug store, all the necessary stuff to live. We are not rich people. This law was made out of greed, and Granholm got a Bozo Button for it.Now I've done nothing, but I have to pay the price anyway.This law makes a hardship not just for the offender, but for the whole family, and I personally hope every law maker we have that voted for this crap gets to go thru something of equal stress. I believe in God, and eventually he will repay them in his own way. I ask God's mercy for all who have had to endure this.

Toledo, OH

#552 Mar 29, 2016
I wont pay thier i will only work for cash! I will only rent a home... And i will never pay them a dime of tax money again until i have a valid license back in my hand....they will lose out on far more than thier $2000!!! And as for my A** they can pucker up and kiss that! But they will never suck it dry! Cause they dont have control of my finances!!! I do! So michigan" the great blood sucking state" can lick me where i sh#t!!! Ahhhh haaa haaaa!

United States

#553 Mar 21, 2017
Eric wrote:
I got hit with this fee about 5 years ago now. I got a DUI when I was in college and they levied a $500 fine on me. Then they also placed a $2000 fee on me for this crap. I paid my first year's and never paid the other half. As it was, I finished college and moved back home to OH. My lawyer at the time had told me that I didn't have to pay if I didn't want a MI license. Apparently there are only some states that recognize this fee as legitimate and will suspend your license for it if you still owe in MI. So MI suspended my license and I told them that I won't be paying and they can just have my license. Now they continue to harass me and threatening to garnish my wages. I already have over $3,000 in debt, not including my mortgage, without this. They also told me that OH does now participate in this, but I'm quite sure that was an outright lie. Last year I renewed my license with no problem and even had to go to traffic court and this fee was of no issue. I still won't pay and I doubt they'll actually be able to get anything from me since I no longer live in MI.
Is this still true? No repercussions after moving ?

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