repeal the Michigan Driver responsibi...

Since: Aug 11

Saint Clair Shores, MI

#514 Aug 27, 2011
My wife paid all of her fees (from 3 tickets)and they STILL suspended her license. Now...guess what, she MIGHT get her license back if she pays more fees. She has a good record, no DUIs or anything. This is just another way for the state to get money out of the citizens. Totally not fair. As much as I love Michigan, I may leave. Then guess what? They will lose a good, law abiding, TAX PAYING citizen.

Antioch, TN

#515 Sep 28, 2011
Towne Krier wrote:
Don't think for one minute you won't be affected by this extortion. You or someone you know will be one day. Then there no since in crying, if you won't get involved.
I do now realize now that I am growing up and life is passing me by, that I made a stupid mistake drinking and driving. But now I want to get this right..I have a job, and I get rides to work. Every day I wish some one would just give me chance to proof myself. tHERE IS NOW WAY i WILL EVER PAY MY 10,000 TO THE STATE OF MICH FOR SUCH A MISTAKE. IS THERE ANY ONE OUT THERE THAT CAN GIVE ME SOME STEPS IN WHAT I COULD DO TO START A NEW RECORD OF THIS MISTAKE. i WOULD BE WILLING TO DO COMMUNITY SERVICE IF NEEDED. i JUST WANT TO BE A GOOD DAD IN DRIVING MY SON AROUND SAFE..

Saline, MI

#516 Dec 15, 2011 That is a pettition to revoke this assanine Driver Responsability fee law.

South Bend, IN

#517 Dec 16, 2011
How many signatures do we need?
Tired feet

Avondale, AZ

#518 Dec 20, 2011
I was informed by a judge that he felt that the law was injust and taxation without representation also it is Double Jeopardy

White Cloud, MI

#519 Jan 15, 2012
Ihave a hard enuff time afording my insurace soo you charge me 500.00 more dollars for two years I cant aford that so you take my drivers licence so I lost my job and you still want me to pay the responceaability fee without a job cant get a job without my lincence cant grt my licence without a job

Detroit, MI

#520 Feb 4, 2012
George wrote:
I am a victim of the Driver Responsibility Law in the
As of April 2007, I had fees under this law of over
$5,500.00. These fees were imposed purely
administrative. These consisted of only Driving while
suspended and no proof of insurance. To put this in
prespective, if it were not for these indiscretions, I
would have a perfect driving record. I have not
received any traffic violations or had any accidents
In April of 2007, I was forced to file for Bankruptcy
to eliminate these fees and restore my driverís
license. I was forced to do this in order to secure
employment, as there is no public transportation
available. All things being equal if I had the
financial resources, I would have paid these fees. But
do to the fact that I am a single parent and widower
who is responsible for the sole support of my 2
children, the choice becomes fees or food.
After restoratation of my license from the secretary
of state in April 2007, the State of Mich.(dept of
treasury) reinstated the suspensions because they did
not receive a discharge from the bankruptcy court
within 60 days. This required me to pay a motion fee
of $260.00 to the Bankruptcy Court to reopen my case.
On March 18th 2008, I was stopped by the police and
issued a summons for Driving while Suspended. This
required me to post a bond of $400.00. If found
guilty, I will be subject to fines of $1,000.00 and
the loss of my employment and the loss of my car for
up to 3 years.
These fees and fines and loss of income can be
outlined as follows,$5,500 in Driver Responsibility
fees,$4,000.00 in court fines,$30,000 a year in
salary for 3 years,$1,000.00 in current ticket fines,
$125.00 in reinstatement fees,$ 260.00 filing fees,
for a total of over $101,000.00!!!!!!!!!!
Can I ask wht chapter bankruptcy you filed??? I was told tht you could not have these fees removed?/

United States

#521 Mar 24, 2012
The Driver responsibility fee is unconstitutional AT BEST. Not only do we have the right to NOT incriminate ourselves, The 5th amendment is against DOUBLE JEOPARDY. We have the right to not be charged twice for the same offense. A FEE is still a CHARGE, just as you pay FEES for credit CHARGES. Calling it a fee does not disburse the Government and it's officers from their oath: "To uphold the Constitution....." of both Michigan and the United States.
An OATH or VOW is made to GOD, by the way.

Any JUDGE or OFFICER, knowingly prosecuting with this DRF as a potential FEE is guilty of breaking the Constitution.

As a student of Linguistics... The word LAW is from Anglo-Saxon (a German dialect), the conquerors of England. The word is Licgan, although many sources prefer the Norse Lagu.
Middle English, from Old English lagu, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse lǫg law; akin to Old English licgan to lie ó more at LIE.

You see the LAW is a LIE, just as all LAWyers are Liars.
Think about it. Every time you enter a court there are two sides, defense and prosecution (same meaning as PER-SECUTION.)
But there is a third group, of Judges and lawyers, on either side and between. They NEVER LOSE. They will get fees/ charges handed over to them.

FEE [AF. fee OF. fiu, fieu, fief, of G origin] 1) In feudal law, any feudal benefice, or estate in land heldby a feudal lord. 2)Law. At the common law, an estate of inheritance of land, being either a fee simple, a fee without any limitation to any class of heirs or restrictions upon alienation, or a fee tail, an estate of inheritance limited to a class of heirs. 3)The territory held in fee. 4) a CHARGE fixed by law for certain services or privelages, as sheriff's fees; license fees. 5)Compensation for professional service. 6)A fixed CHARGE for admission, as to a museum, or for stated privelages; as, club fees. 7) a gratuity, a tip.
Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, fifth edition

Finally, we all as US citizens have certain rights. No Law or Government is valid without the CONSENT of the PEOPLE! Please tell every Judge (or third party caller agent for the state of Michigan), They are breaking the 5th amendment of the constitution, and WE DO NOT CONSENT!!!!!
Natalli James

Chicago, IL

#522 Apr 1, 2012
I too have lost my life. My mother passed away when I was 19. Since I have no other family, not even a father.... I honestly didn't care about my own life. I really screwed up. I didn't care about how I was driving, or even if I woke up the next day. After getting counselling, I have come to a conclusion that I do want to live.

I have racked up a lot of speeding tickets, even went to jail as well.

I still have to pay my tickets, AND A $2000 DRF.

I ended up losing my job. Not being able to get to work. I ended up losing a place to stay and AM STILL HOMELESS. But I moved to Chicago. Yes I am homeless but I can still get around via public transportation.

In Michigan public transportation is virtually non-existent.





Natalli James

Chicago, IL

#523 Apr 1, 2012
I just made a page on facebook called
"The People vs. State of Michigan"

Its time to stand up and fight for our rights. Check out the page, click like if you support.

Comment and write your own opinions and views. Lets be heard!!!!
Natalli James

Chicago, IL

#524 Apr 1, 2012
David Flood

Milwaukee, WI

#525 Apr 11, 2012
drivers resp fee is bs wrote:
i'm from michigan and now live in florida i have that stupid fee from there for driving on a suspended, the first time didn't know my license was suspended the second time i was just trying to go to work, i can't get my license here in florida because it's suspended there and i have to pay that stupid fee which equils 2000 dollars, i hope they repeal it soon, all my fines r paid i think it's bs that they have my license suspended still.

I have been living in Wisconsin for 5 years. Michigan incorrectly suspended my license for a ticket I fought and won in 2006. Did not know my license was suspended. Got pulled over here in Wisconsin and got a ticket for suspension. Now more DRF's. Michigan will not even respond and phone numbers and fax numbers are impossible to get out of them.

You sound like you have similar issues. Any advocate groups or phone number you have that may be able to help?

United States

#526 Apr 14, 2012
I will definitely join the facebook page....... What will we do about this law!!!!!!
Melissa Malzahn

Mesa, AZ

#527 Apr 25, 2012
I've Owed the state of MI since 2006, and owe still $2,0276.00. I've recently moved to Arizona for my health. My mother is now going blind, and my 73 year old father has to drive us everywhere. My 23 year old son was in a roll over accident and broke his neck and back and ribs. Now he can't drive. I'm on SSD Income which isn't enough to survive let alone pay those Fee's.. I need my driver license back. I've been sober since Febuary 5, 2006. Paid all my court cost and fines, and probation fee's, tether fee's for 6 months. Was released early because I completed everything I was asked to do. So why is it, That MI can still charge those fee's. I've applied for Heart ship whatever it is. But they want me to appeal, and give all the information I had before I moved to Arizona. How do I get my license back in Arizona?

United States

#528 May 17, 2012
I think this law is so unfair.....I paid my ticket that started at $300.00 that I did not have for not re-newing my tags ontime and no proof of insurance. Since then my car was repossed. Now I finally got money to pay ticket go to SOS she tells me that I nerd $125.00 but first I have to pay $400.00 driver responsibility bill that is$400.00 now I could see if I had a drunk driving record, speeding ticket or no points on my record I have a clean record. I don't have money like this the SOS office was empty. Another rule so black people. Soon the people @ SOS will be unemployed
A Lil Wacked

Sterling Heights, MI

#529 May 18, 2012
Beware good people of Michigan that are still motorists.... My daughter got 'nailed' this way and I saw it today with my own eyes. Cops using radar guns, while standing at the fence, near trees and bushes and near bridge intersections along 696... saw it today in Roseville. Isn't that a form of entrapment?
Michael O

Kansas City, KS

#530 Jun 8, 2012
I left the state because of this law. (500*2)+(125*2)+(125)+60 is what I owed. I never knew that my license was suspended. I now have my license back thanks to a $125.00 a month payment plan to the State Treasury Department. Had a pretty good job in Michigan and things weren't too bad. However I left the state because of this ridiculous laws and other ways they're trying to exploit money out to make up for the budget. I've even read recent articles quoting lawmakers about how much they need the money from this obscene law. Goodbye Michigan. I'll come back if you get your head out of your @
What a Scam

United States

#532 Jul 16, 2012
I was in college in 2003 when I received a traffic ticket for allegedly speeding 7 miles over the speed limit. Well, I paid the ticket a few days late, and unbeknownst to me, my license was suspended for the late payment. Even though I paid the fine for the civil infraction, speeding, the State of Michigan tacked on another $1,000 fee called a driver responsibility fee. So here I am, totally clueless, driving to work and school, trying to live the straight and narrow, on a suspended license for missing a minor speeding ticket.

A few weeks later, a cop pulls me over for some random reason, and informs me he has to TAKE ME TO JAIL because my license was suspended and I owe nearly $1,000 in driver responsibility fees and late payments. Luckily, I had enough money to pay the fees, but I was totally caught off guard. Why didn't the State tell me my license was suspended? It was like the cop was lying in wait, hoping to pull me over so the State could tack on more fees. Because I was driving on a suspended license, the State did indeed tack on more fees---an additional $500 for driving on a suspended license. When all was said and done, I paid over $2,000 for a minor speeding ticket. My license was suspended for nearly 6 months and I almost lost my job and nearly had to drop out of college to manage the fees, fines, reinstatement costs and the suspended license. Now, I have a criminal record for what driving 7 miles over the speed limit and paying my ticket late?! I'm not a criminal the State of Michigan and its corrupt legislators including Governor Granholm are the true criminals.
What a Scam

Wayne, MI

#533 Jul 16, 2012
These fees are certainly double jeopardy, excessive under the 8th Amendment, due process violations and a form of taxation without representation. The sole reason for DRFs is to create a revenue generating scheme for the State Treasury. The fees have only a tentative connection to the nature of the traffic offenses they purport to deter.

The fines are excessive in relation to the original civil infractions/moving violations. These excessive fines actually encourage people to drive on suspended licenses. The fees are so steep that the average citizen cannot pay them. In order to remain employed and productive, however, most violators have to drive to work in order to pay off the DRFs. If they are pulled over while their licenses are suspended, more fees are tacked on and they either spend time in jail (debtors' prison) or pay off increased fines for driving on suspended licenses.

District courts have an established schedule of fines and late payments for, example, failing to pay a traffic ticket. So, why does the State need to impose an additional fine in the form of a driver's responsibility fee and license suspension on top of the district court penalties? This is a form of double jeopardy. Some would argue that the fees are civil penalties, but the suspended license and subsequent DWLS's are criminal offenses in Michigan. The district court penalties and contempt mechanisms are already in place to deter the civil infraction. We don't need additional fines and costs handed down from the State.

Flint, MI

#534 Jul 19, 2012
So we all feel strongly about this law being imposed on us against our will. The question is, what are we going to do about it? Angry and frustrated rants on a forum is a good start to let others know they are not alone in being victimized by this law but it is only the first steps. To truly make a difference and to cause change we need to bring this into a brighter light and to a larger audience. We need to start the process of getting this law on a ballot to have it repealed. It's time the government listen to the people, it's time we stop bowing to government who imposes unjust and unconstitutional laws on its people. We have a right to stand against oppression and demand to be heard. We have lived with decreasing freedoms and increasing extortion from our government, they have been slowly shortening the leash and waiting for us to get used to it before shortening it again. It's time we open our eyes and see the big picture. This isn't just about one law, one fee, one problem. This is a step in showing the people that we do have a voice, we do have a choice, and that we need to exercise what freedoms we do have left before they too are taken. This will also be a step towards showing the government that the people can come together and cause change, that we are willing to come together for a righteous cause, and that we will no longer simply keep our heads down and our eyes to the floor.

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