Man at home in the 'vortex' of animal...

Man at home in the 'vortex' of animal protection

There are 61 comments on the Baltimore Sun story from Aug 17, 2008, titled Man at home in the 'vortex' of animal protection. In it, Baltimore Sun reports that:

Had all the animals in America gotten together to vote on their spokeshuman, they might have given the paws-up to somebody like Wayne Pacelle.

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Joseph Lamp

Comstock Park, MI

#1 Aug 17, 2008
Having known Wayne Pacelle for many years, and having stood side by side with him arguing our case for animal issues in the Maryland legislature, there is no question about his leadership skills and his compassion for animals: Mr. Pacelle is truly the “best of the best.” Articulate, brilliant, politically astute, passionate, persistent, and caring are terms that define him. His clarion call promoting human responsibility towards animals is being heard loud and clear nationwide, with more people signing on every day. If you feel this passion and want to help us in Maryland, we need you too. Please go to to find out what you can do.
Carolyn Kilborn

Plymouth, MI

#2 Aug 17, 2008
There are many fine animal protection organizations in the U.S., no doubt. But time and time again, when I've attended important Maryland legislative hearings regarding animals, one--and only one--national organization is there, standing up for animals, pushing for animal protection laws: The Humane Society of the United States. And their leader, Wayne Pacelle, is the reason. I, and , the state-wide organization that I co-founded, am proud to lend my support to his stellar and ground-breaking work for all animals.
Sgt Adam Porter

Philadelphia, PA

#3 Aug 17, 2008
All true American patriots support War for Animal Rights. We support troops in Iraq, even though that war was illegal. Iraq had laws against the violent overthrow of its government with deadly serious consequence. Yet, we went ahead and removed Saddam Hussein from power. We need to do the same to free animals from the horrors of factory farms, so-called "government" research labs. We need to support genetic engineering and bionanotechnology which HELPS animals, such as synthesizing meat. We cannot waste time arguing about the "property rights" of the extremists who electrocute foxes, minks up the rectum to make fur coats.
No one who claims to love and support freedom will defend those who confine cows, chickens, and pigs in crates for a life sentence. Unless those animals gave their permission to be eaten, we need to ignore the frivolous complaints of the owners of factory farms and fur farms.
Pam Longenecker

Baltimore, MD

#4 Aug 17, 2008
Wayne Pacelle and his dedicated staff are doing a brilliant job exposing the public to the once hidden cruelties rained upon billions of animals (in the US alone) year after year. Their investigation and exposure of factory farming, the fur trade and puppy mills (etc.) can and will give us the power we possess to stop theses inexcusable horrors. We, as EDUCATED CONSUMERS and/or REGISTERED VOTERS, can say NO to products(yes, even that LIVE puppy you purchase from the pet store is a product) created through these most inhumane practices by denying those businesses our dollars and rewarding, through our purchasing power, those establishments, brands, and individuals who choose a different path, AND through communication with and voter support of our elected city, county, state and federal representatives pass laws to protect animals. Right here in Maryland, Annapolis for Animals ( ) is a grass-roots organization of state-wide voters banding together as first responders to promote humane animal legislation. We came together earlier this year as a direct result of activities organized by the Humane Society of the United States and are so very pleased to be the voice of and vote for the animals here in Maryland! We look forward to other Marylanders joining us!
Kerry Taylor

Annapolis, MD

#5 Aug 17, 2008
Mr. Pacelle's shift in perspective from "animal rights" to "human responsibility" may effectively reach more people in the effort to promote the humane co-existence of people and animals.

I'm grateful for the work of HSUS and groups such as Farm Sanctuary, who give many of us means to assume our human responsibility. I'm also grateful for organizations like Annapolis for Animals-- critical to building grass roots support on a local level.

United States

#6 Aug 17, 2008
Let's see -- he had his awakening at the zoo as a child, he had his awakening at a camp in high school (I believe), and now his awakening was while he was in college??? WOW -- so many!!! Each one changed him -- HA!

Katrina - where his organization is under investigation by the LA Atty General for absconding with so much money - and the disappearance of how many dogs?

Michael Vicks - where his organization was immediately begging for money to support the dogs. However - he neglected to tell the public that he never HAD the dogs, would never have the dogs, and wasn't involved. Then - when they figured out they couldn't use these dogs for THEIR purpose, they called for their immediate death! At least one of them have become therapy dogs and the rest are being rehabilitated and rehomed!

As for the downed cows! Oh yes - they had an undercover agent who took film. However - they didn't release it for HOW LONG after the fact?? Well after that downed cow was disposed of so there was no evidence to prove them wrong! IF it was all that dangerous and IF that cow was going into children's lunches - then why in the Sam Hill didn't they release this earlier? Ah - because they don't really care about the children.

Let's get real!! The guy is a piece of work! He's scamming the public - and you're helping him! Want the truth? Ask him about his contacts with terrorists! Ask him about the H$U$'s agenda! Ask him if his shoes are leather, his suits wool, or if he has any ailments that have been cured by animal research! Hope he never gets diabetes, needs massive skin grafts, or in any other way needs the help of the animal world!! He has no pets, doesn't want any pets, and really doesn't like animals! Just ask him!!!

People loving the pets - my eyeballs! His core value is the almighty dollar - and how can he get more of it out of everyone!

Sacramento, CA

#7 Aug 17, 2008
Apparently you did not research HSUS, Pacelle or peta for your article. Or it was simply a vanity puff-piece for which you were paid by the interviewee.
Animal rights and animal welfare are entirely different animals.
Peta kills animals and spends vast amounts of money on advertising. HSUS also kills animals, but is percieved as an actual animal sheltering organization. They are nothing more than money launderers for disturbed people who believe they must legislatively impose their anti-pet philosphies on others.
Here are some links which might help you in your research.
pork chop

San Francisco, CA

#8 Aug 17, 2008
Gee I didn't know Wayne had that many mothers to write such nice sweet letters..Wayne Pacelle loves animals? I think not. Wayne Pacelle loves one thing ..POWER..
By the way there is no War for Animal Rights.. but heck .. don't Wayne any ideas.. he has enough of them already.. Like the KILLING of Vicks dogs.. did you know the H$U$ called for the MASS destruction of the now pets. Some are now being used as THERAPY dogs. Of course, Wayne as "polite" enough to wait until the FBI and others told him to "cease and desist" from begging for money to "help Vicks' dogs" before calling for them to be killed.
Katrina.. surely you jest.. the H$U$ is still up on charges and investigation of where the MONEY went.. not to mention hundreds of dogs that "disappeared".
Wayne and the H$U$ were chastised in their "downed cow investigation". It took SIX WEEKS for them to "get it together" to say they were protecting childrens lunches.. I don't know about you.. but if I see what I consider a hazard to a child.. I deal with it RIGHT NOW. I don't wait until I think I can get my name in print..
Oh well maybe Wayne will have yet another epiphany.. If he does he will be sure to let the world know.. after all nothing is more important to Wayne.. than you guessed it.. WAYNE
"Friends Don't Let Friends Donate To the H$U$ or their "sister organization" PETA
By the way.. Wayne has NO pets...
hermine stover

United States

#9 Aug 17, 2008
my sexually intact, happy animals do not regard Wayne as anything but something like the way my great grandparents regarded HITLER. And my dogs are not even all Jewish! Wayne is a self proclaimed saint Francis with an unhealthy interest in the sex lives of our pet animals and no regard for the constitutional rights of the human beings of the once United States Of America and its Constitution. and he makes tons of money doing this. In my opinion he is a cultist, and the cult is not GOOD, especially for animals and the people who love them.


#10 Aug 17, 2008
his made me want to PUKE
(Had all the animals in America gotten together to vote on their spokeshuman, they might have given the paws-up to somebody like Wayne Pacelle.)

He never had Michael Vick dogs , he wanted to put the asleep , but he took the money and ran with it .

And with Katrina , he took the money and ran . This man is a joke . He doesn't care about animals , only what he can make off them . He is joined at the hip with Peta.


#11 Aug 17, 2008
This made me want to PUKE
(Had all the animals in America gotten together to vote on their spokeshuman, they might have given the paws-up to somebody like Wayne Pacelle.)

He never had Michael Vick dogs , he wanted to put the asleep , but he took the money and ran with it .

And with Katrina , he took the money and ran . This man is a joke . He doesn't care about animals , only what he can make off them . He is joined at the hip with Peta.


#12 Aug 17, 2008
This made me want to PUKE
(Had all the animals in America gotten together to vote on their spokeshuman, they might have given the paws-up to somebody like Wayne Pacelle.)

He never had Michael Vick dogs , he wanted to put them asleep , but he took the money and ran with it .

And with Katrina , he took the money and ran . This man is a joke . He doesn't care about animals , only what he can make off them . He is joined at the hip with Peta.
pork chop

San Francisco, CA

#13 Aug 17, 2008
LOLOLOL.. Waynes "Aunt Harriet"??? LOLOL
"my Aunt Harriet brought me lots of National Geographic books. I was fascinated by them and couldn't quench my thirst for more information."

I'll bet.. I remember National Geographic too but only nerds looked at the animal pictures.. The rest of us .. well as healthy young boys will.. we looked for the "graphic" which were you Wayne?.. "quenching that thirst".. LOLOL .. if you were not so puffed up you could actually be a pretty good stand up comic.
Friends Don't let Friends Donate to the H$U$.Give to YOUR LOCAL SHELTER.. Know where your money goes...
Aunt Harriet

United States

#14 Aug 17, 2008
Interesting piece of fiction. However, it is time for a reality check. I am Wayne's Aunt. You can call me Harriet.

I am really surprised that Wayne Pacelle, my nephew, would re-visit Michael Vick or Hurricane Katrina.

Lets examine his request for "special donations" for Michael Vicks dogs. And, before we do that, first you must understand that at no time that means NEVER for the animal rights faithful were these dogs in the care, custody, and control of the HSUS. They wanted these dogs dead. That was recommended by the HSUS to be their fate. HSUS had "no business" telling anyone what to do with these dogs once they were no longer considered as evidentiary.

Pacelle hires criminals. Case in point is John "JP" Goodwin, the HSUS dog fighting expert." What exactly are his qualifications you might ask? What was Wayne hoping to find on the resumes of prospective candidates for this position... DOMESTIC TERRORIST perhaps? The FBI has Goodwin higher up the food chain than Al Qaida!

Goodwin is a high school dropout who set fires. When he couldn't sit down in an intelligent fashion to get his point of view expressed in any other manner, he simply set another fire. Would you like to see his photograph in his ANIMAL LIBERATION FRONT t-shirt?

In a telephone conversation that I had with HSUS office last August, I asked about the credentials and qualifications for JP Goodwin. This was the quote I vividly recall from that conversation Are we to judge people by their past actions? We have many people working here from PETA & ALF!!

Good God! Pass the collection plate and tell me how to apply. I actually have a few degrees that Wayne might consider useful. Oh, let me re-think that. He would have a serious problem with me. My brain is NOT pre-programmed to the Tower of (Pacelle) Babel. I am not fast tracking to buy his baloney. He can't sell it to me. Since I was never a PETA-trained "operative", he wouldn't be able to flip my switch and hardwire me to his way of thinking.

Pacelle, my nephew, is an AR zealot at the controls of a cash-generating machine. No less. No more. His agenda is so clear that it is transparent. Irwin, the former Prez, was an "ordained minister." Boy, that sure came in handy when he appealed from the animals rights' pulpit to SEND MONEY, SEND MONEY, SEND MONEY.

Every time there is a fire, flood, or crisis in the United States, you can bet your last dollar that Wayne Pacelle and his volunteers will be there for a photo opportunity and, within hours, he will be pleading for more money.

Pacelle knows his ship is taking on water. His days of rhetoric spewing are numbered. There are too many eyes watching him and following the money!
pork chop

San Francisco, CA

#15 Aug 17, 2008
Now really if you are Wayneo's ( that what we used to call the little darling as he cheerfully picked his nosse and wiped it on his mothers curtain) real aunt.. tell me.. doesn't he have a birthmark somewhere?? Doesn't have three numbers?/ Isn't his real name Damien? cause if the H$U$ isn;t a cult.. i'll eat my last issue of .. well .. National GeoGRAPHIC
Friends Don't Let Friends Donate to cults like the H$U$ and PETA.. give locally..know and see where your hard earned money goes..
and in Oaklnad we say Send Mo'Money Mo'Money Mo'Money...

Cleveland, OH

#16 Aug 17, 2008
It would be nice of all the people that give donations to cults like Peta, HSUS, and the other AR extremists would wake up and donate those millions to their local shelters and rescues where it would REALLY help the animals. Pacelle is a fake, only interested in the power and the money. As is his entire organization and others of their ilk. They can afford the lobbyists that introduce and get passed legislation that takes away your rights to own pets, to make decisions for your pets that should be yours alone with the input from a vet, and to generally remove all animals from our use including their use as food. How he thinks this country could feed so many people on plants alone is beyond me. Mass starvation would be the result. Open your eyes, you donors, do the research!

Since: Aug 08

Annapolis, MD

#17 Aug 17, 2008
Interestingly enough, Megan (response from Sacramento, Ca) refers us to to support her vitriolic response. If you go to the website for , you will see at the bottom of the page that ActivistCash is copyright protected by the Center for Consumer Freedom. According to SourceWatch, "The Center for Consumer Freedom (formerly called the 'Guest Choice Network') is a front group for the restaurant, alcohol and tobacco industries. It runs media campaigns which oppose the efforts of scientists, doctors, health advocates, environmentalists and groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, calling them 'the Nanny Culture --'"
Canada Mocks J00

Innisfil, Canada

#18 Aug 17, 2008
Kerry Taylor goes to bat for his pal Wayne Pacelle by copy-pasting from some website

and fails.

Consumer Freedom's site says [right at the top where any literate human can see it]: Promoting Personal Responsibility and Protecting Consumer Choice.

Its "About Us" can also be found at the top of the page: where anyone can learn more about them.

And the fact that, for a group with a supposed hidden agenda, they're not doing a very good job of hiding it from the public, since they're being up-front with their declaration that "only you know what's best for you".

Now that you've shown us your "madd copy-paste skillz" by copying off of some website [hey look; I can do it too!], why not address any of the points in the Activist Cash site, hmm?
Sheila in NJ

Piscataway, NJ

#19 Aug 17, 2008
I sent this directly to the reporter, and decided to post it here too.

Wayne Pacelle sure pulled the wool over your eyes, didn't he? He has been changing his tune lately, since, I assume, discovering that people remember what he has said in the past, and that people are contrasting those earlier statements with what he says now. For example:

In 1993, he said,“I don’t have a hands-on fondness for animals…To this day I don’t feel bonded to any non-human animal. I like them and I pet them and I’m kind to them, but there’s no special bond between me and other animals.” Wayne Pacelle quoted in Bloodties: Nature, Culture and the Hunt by Ted Kerasote, 1993, p. 251.

More recently, he said that a visit to the Bronx Zoo alerted him to animal issues.

But today he says, "Like a lot of other kids, I had an instinctive empathy for other animals. I saw them as peers, and not as underlings. I do think that images and stories of animals in children's books are powerful educators for kids, but I tend to think that these views were already present in me." (from your interview)

He mentions the HSUS "investigation" of the slaughter plant in California as a sign of the concern of his group for animals and for people. So, why did he not release that video for FOUR MONTHS after it was shot? My take on it, probably cynical, is that he wanted to make the most publicity, and trigger "the largest" beef recall ever, since the meat was well mixed into the national food supply by then.

He talks about what a huge issue dog fighting is. While I certainly don't condone the activity, the "wanna-bes" such as Michael Vick probably got most of their ideas about it from the publicity that HSUS has created. Five, 10, 20 years ago, who ever herd about dog fighting? Next to no one, that's who!

As for Hurricane Katrina, you should have asked Pacelle about the numbers of "pit bulls" that disappeared from the HSUS-supervised shelters overnight, the dogs that were not released to breed rescues, the early dispersal of owned dogs around the country making it difficult to reunite them with their owners, and especially about why the Louisiana Attorney General is investigating the disposition of over $30 million collected by HSUS in the name of Katrina pets (only about $1 million of which can be accounted for).

Pacelle has turned HSUS from what was truly an "animal welfare"-oriented group into an "animal rights" legislative/lobbying juggernaut. They are spending millions of dollars in California to support Proposition 2, while suing the National Egg Board for putting money into opposing the initiative. He's a carpetbagger, taking his anti-farming measures into states that barely had activity in the areas he publicized, such as hog farming in Florida and veal calves in Arizona; now he's trying to hit larger targets, such as egg production in California.

Next time you interview someone, I suggest you educate yourself about the subject beforehand, so that you can follow up their statements with some hardball questions that show what they *really* believe!
cat lover

Clear Spring, MD

#20 Aug 17, 2008
Wayne percell has no love for animals. NOne! HSUS wanted the pit bulls confiscated from the vick case slaughtered simply because they are pit bulls who were abused into fighting. All HSUS is about is the money.

The HSUS constantly puts down the no kill movement, by calling them hoarders - HSUS would sooner see animals dead.

HSUS is all about the money and nothing more.

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