Bangor Maine Sucks!

Farmingdale, ME

#63 Dec 16, 2012
Its the same all over Maine not just in bangor people calling authorities making up Sh!t.
False accusations just for the fun of it. retards all of them!!

Westbrook, ME

#64 Mar 13, 2013
People are stupid in Bangor. I have a homeless friend that called me from the Hope House (which is a shelter). Anyway some stupid guy answers the phone and in a dull sounding voice says "Hope House" then mumbled something I couldn't understand. So I simply asked him in plain english who I was and that I was returning my friends phone call, I gave him both my first and last name as well as my friends first and last name. The idiot on the phone said "Who is Chris?" I said "I'm Chris returning my friends phone message." But at the same time the dullard started talking over me. He then asked "what is this about?" and I repeated what I said before. He then said that he couldn't tell me if my friend was there or not - which wasn't really my question at all. And I do understand for privacy laws they can't confirm if anyone is there or not that is homeless. But again this was NOT my question. I mean if my friend David was there you'd think he would simply get him and put him on the phone. The man did say that he could take a message but what is the use if it's just gonna end up being a game of phone tag? I mean each time I call back I'm still going to get this ignoramus on the phone who keeps refusing to go get my friend and/or can't even tell me if he is still there. Anyway there was more to the call than this but you get my point. Out of state I've called other homeless shelters, businesses, offices, stores, etc, you name it and never in my entire life have I been on the phone with more stupid people than up in Bangor Maine. This guy even sounded stupid. Why would they let him answer the phone if he can't understand a simple request. It's not like I was asking if my friend David was there but rather I simply stated my name, his name, and that I was returning his call. Only to fall on dumb ears. Now that said I've had a lot of similar problems with the lack of professionalism calling other places as well. I mean heck I've seen a girl in my home state that has Down Syndrome that worked part time in a local office answering phones and even she was more professional and smarter than most Maine people answering phones up in Bangor. Another issue I have with people from Bangor is that you can say 1 thing and they here something else. Then reply to you as if you said something different. Sometimes they gut uppity and snotty about it too even when you try to correct their misunderstanding. Can't wait to move away. Maine is not at all like in books, movies, tv, magazines, or travel websites. They all play up who nice Maine is or how smart they are but in reality its a poor dirty state with very stupid uneducated people in it. After this phone call to the Hope House I was very frustrated. I know certain policies keep them from telling us if someone is there or not but still it was a rather ignorant phone call. I mean even if my friend is there that still means they probably won't go get him to let him know someone is on the phone for him. Stupid People!!!!!!
Oh Snap

Bucksport, ME

#65 Mar 19, 2013
I have to say since living in Maine that it's hard. You can't have a decent rational logical argument with a Maine person. They are very self absorbed and mean. They are very uncaring even if they pretend to be caring. Even if they truly think and believe they are caring that in all reality Mainers are selfish and two faced. As long as they got theirs they don't care if you have yours even if you worked hard to help them achieve a Mainer get theirs.... if you know what I mean. They are either very sneaky or just extremely stupid people.

Winterport, ME

#66 Mar 26, 2013
This is ridiculous... There are bad people everywhere--no matter where you go. There will be people yelling things at you no matter where you go, it may just be more prominent in Bangor. And to all the people who are referring to residents of
Bangor "fags" having "gay voices" and someone's "fag boyfriend," you are just as bad as the people who are yelling profanities because of your disgusting and incredibly offensive language. If you truly are concerned with the drug involvement in the area, do something about it--don't sit here complaining about it, or simply just avoid Bangor if it's presence bothers you so much.
Northwest Territory Dave

Ancaster, Canada

#67 Mar 26, 2013
yukon Mark wrote:
As for all the drug dealers kill them all then let God sort it out!
lol yes thats the answer. Idiot.
Your Benefactor

Framingham, MA

#68 Mar 27, 2013
Steven wrote:
<quoted text>
Maine has always been like that nothing has changed, the only thing that is different is that you vacationers are waking up to the fact that Maine is like most other run down places. A lot of you people were brainwashed. Also you're easily fooled when you see a tourist trap sales clerk smile at you when they give you your over priced ice cream cone or buy some little nick nack made out of wood that only costs 2 cents but they are charging you $40 for because you're too stupid to know better. Then you tourists leave the state still believing the stereotype without ever having to actually live in Maine. Maine for the most part has always been poor with run down rap hole houses and apartments and dirty old trailers. But you'd rather believe the old Angela Landsbury TV show image and tourist pamphlets. Then come up here with too much money to know what to do with and get HAD big time when hick Mainers sell you over priced dinners and pictures in frames you could have made yourself.
You're stupid. The only thing holding your hick state together is tourism. You should speak more kindly of the only people keeping Maine above water.

Old Bridge, NJ

#69 Apr 11, 2013
Your Benefactor wrote:
<quoted text>
You're stupid. The only thing holding your hick state together is tourism. You should speak more kindly of the only people keeping Maine above water.
can lobsters still be-caught in the rivers and bays ?

Maggie Valley, NC

#71 May 24, 2013
An African American woman moving to Bangor for a job at Umaine. How would this person fair with racism? Anyone know the best places to live- Old Town, Bangor, Orono, etc? Quality place around or lower than 750, even if it is a studio apartment. How much is the heat bill or electric bill there (they are separate correct)?
ha ha

Bangor, ME

#72 May 27, 2013
Bangor sucks because of 3 big reasons! 1. Pill heads 2. Pill heads 3. Pill heads. Nuff said?

Bangor, ME

#73 May 30, 2013
What I hate most is that Bangor is a very tiny city with like 7 or 8 Cab companies yet if you call a taxi they are usually very late 9 times out of 10. Not sure what takes them so long??? They all will tell you 15 or 20 minutes to keep you waiting but show up well over an hour later. How can a small city like this with almost a dozen taxi services be so slow??? Too busy taking the Meth heads to clinics??? I do agree about the pill heads and junkies but I don't know any of them personally but I do see a lot of people on the street or driving around that obvious at like they are on junk. I moved to Maine from NY thinking that it was like some nice place but it really is not.
Old Adam

Castine, ME

#75 Jun 10, 2013
Well I think Bangors big problem is that there are too many bad neighborhoods mixed with the good neighborhoods. I remember a few decades ago that the degenerates, drug abusers, alcoholics, and low lifes used to live mostly on one side of town. The upscale hard working people who cared about their families lived on the other. But even then there were tiny pockets of bad places. For example you might live on a very nice street and at the corner was a house or two in which you had your scum. I'm not saying all poor people are scum but most scum live like they are poor... Now a days you'll have a very nice area but just 1/2 block away are rows of houses that are now turned into apartments filled with crack heads. Or you'll be walking past a nice section of town then turn just one block over and find yourself in slumsville. As more and more nice neighborhoods get mixed up with the bad I've noticed old colleagues and decent friends slowly moving away over the last few decades. It's sort of spreading like a disease. Now even if you have a section that is full of expensive homes even those are getting surrounded by trash. Too many people strung out on drugs walking around fighting all night. It's not safe anymore to be out even in the late afternoons. I've found needles on the ground in some very nice sections of town as well as the bad areas encroach on us. I'm semi retired and was going to stay in this area after I fully retired but I've already made plans to move away to a nice retirement village with good security in a safer section of the country. Warmer too. Like I said the big problem with Bangor is that there are no more really true upscale sections of town anymore as more land lords buy houses and turn them into Welfare and Section 8 housing for Drug Dealers who are disrespectful rude obnoxious dangerous and noisy. I can clearly see property values plummet even more in the next few years see we are thinking about selling our home ASAP. At this point even after the housing crisis a few years ago we have decided to cut our loses on the property value and just get out of this area.
Old Adam

Castine, ME

#76 Jun 10, 2013
lydia wrote:
Its the same all over Maine not just in bangor people calling authorities making up Sh!t.
False accusations just for the fun of it. retards all of them!!
I think Lydia is in denial. I think people have had legitimate reasons to voice their complaints as well as call authorities on the growing number of degenerates in Bangor. I don't know about other places in Maine but I do know that Bangor has gone down the tubes.

Bucksport, ME

#77 Jul 5, 2013
I'm only 35 and I agree with the others even if some of them are old or not. But I think Sayoose is obviously upset because this topic touched the painful truth that he or she doesn't like. ha ha Sayoose sounds like someone that might do too many drugs and is just a college drop out hopped up on junk they inject into his or her arms.

Bucksport, ME

#78 Jul 5, 2013
I agree with others way too many Pill Heads in Maine. Lots of freaks and ugly too fat stupid people.

Bucksport, ME

#79 Jul 9, 2013
Kids in Bangor are evil. I just saw a kid at a neighbors yard look around and then pull up some flowers that was planted. Then he looks around again to make sure no one saw. Then he walks to the next house and looks into that persons mail box. I yelled "Hey what are you doing?!" but he didn't see me from my window and he ran off. Sad thing is these are the same kids that act like they are so innocent and nice but grow up to be tomorrows criminals. It starts as tiny little things like pull up some old lady's flowers and the brat goes on to see what else he or she can get away with. And most these kids in Bangor have parents that act more like kids then adults so they have no role models. These kids end up being crack heads just like their thieving parents.

Lincoln, ME

#81 Jul 14, 2013
will1 wrote:
Lets do nothing all day but chain smoke cigarettes 24/7 and walk around with our cell phones stuck to our faces calling everyone up to see if they have drugs. Lets all act like punks and drive like idiots and tweak out day and night over $#!t that doesn't matter to educated people. And when we run out of cigs and drugs lets bum money off people and never pay them back. and if someone doesn't lend us more money or cigs lets get pissed off and whine that they won't help us out with smokes or drug money. And while we're at it lets talk about how solid we are even though we have kids we never see cus' we're all dead beat parents. Well, time for another smoke break it's been 5 mins already.
You are 100% correct! I watched the city deteriorate from the inside the last 20 years and live far far away from that shit hole now, couldn't be happier and raising my kids in a better place, they should just firebomb the whole city and get it over with.

Bangor, ME

#82 Jul 20, 2013
The cops in Bangor are corrupt and often side with the "bad people" of the area. Or corrupt business owners or crooked land lords. This is why so many good people are moving away. And talk about a brain drain. Wow anytime I see anyone that has any smarts at all leave at a very young age. Unfortunately many good people get stuck here too. We moved back here to take care of a sick aging family member but after she died we got stuck here again. People in Bangor are morons and losers and like I said the cops are corrupt and stupid. One of them recently shot himself in the hand by accident during "Safety Training" ha ha ha What a bunch of hick hill billy losers up here. We can't wait to move out of state again.

Bangor, ME

#83 Jul 20, 2013
GladIgotOut wrote:
<quoted text>
You are 100% correct! I watched the city deteriorate from the inside the last 20 years and live far far away from that shit hole now, couldn't be happier and raising my kids in a better place, they should just firebomb the whole city and get it over with.
Since we moved to Bangor it's been horrible. Not sure what other areas are like but Bangor is over run with drug abusers, corrupt cops, ignorant people, and a serious lack of anyone with an IQ that even remotely resembles average intelligence. I mean these people are incredibly stupid. It's also got more Massholes living here than actual Mainers. ha ha And yes I agree 100% that Bangor Maine should be fire bombed to stop these losers from breeding. Most the parents in Bangor are dead beat dads and moms that do drugs while pregnant. Then everyone mooches off welfare. And talk about corrupt business scams. Wow. Is the rest of your state like this??? I hope not. Oh and don't try complaining to the police about a local scam artist or drug dealer because the cops will treat you like the criminal instead of the real criminals. They act like they work for the mafia rather than the law. We can't wait to get the hell out of here and move out of state again.

Czech Republic

#85 Jul 26, 2013
Bangor is like those towns in the Wild West that were the main hub for vast areas of countryside. Basically the entire hinterland of Penobscot County and other surrounding areas are serviced by Bangor. And like those old western towns it's where the backwoods people go when they want to experience "the city." Which wouldn't be a problem except: 1) Bangor isn't a real city; 2) hillbillies don't know how to act in the city anyway. So Bangor is infested with backward, bigoted, right-wing, conservative jackasses who spend all day ranting about "welfare bums" even though they themselves are the biggest recipients of government assistance (just like the Red States, which take more Federal dollars than they contribute, and yet consistently vote to cut Federal government spending).
Ah har

Bar Harbor, ME

#86 Jul 31, 2013
Your Benefactor wrote:
<quoted text>
You're stupid. The only thing holding your hick state together is tourism. You should speak more kindly of the only people keeping Maine above water.
And this coming form a Masshole ha ha Like who gives a flying fig what someone from Mass has to say about anything? LOL All you people are a bunch of loud mouth hooligans who fight over stupid petty things all day long when you're not talking at the top of your lungs so everyone has to listen to you rant on and on about pizza, shoes and drugs. LOL If there is any state that needs help it's Mass. Oh and PS you people are ugly in Mass Potato headed women and men that look and act like short tempered babies on steroids. ha ha ha

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