Bangor Maine Sucks!

Bar Harbor, ME

#42 May 5, 2012
I hate how you can't go for a walk or a car ride in Bangor without someone shouting ignorant comments as they drive past you. These are full grown adults and act like little punks. Its an abuse of their right to a drivers license. Sometimes people will throw stuff at you out their car or truck window, like a beer bottle or old bag of McDs as they shout something stupid. Bangor Maine is full of trashy people. Not a good place to live if you are upwardly mobile or any real sort of intellectual. Bangor is full of ignorant acting people.

Bar Harbor, ME

#43 May 5, 2012
PS and Bangor has become over run by drug abusers and drug dealers who all have little tiffs with each other. There's no real people in Bangor. Just losers.

Bangor, ME

#44 May 16, 2012
Bangor is the type of place you need to get to your mail before your neighbors do. Or get a PO box if you can afford one. Or else the drug dealing welfare moochers are going to take your mail looking for money.
Gotta Move

Orono, ME

#45 May 20, 2012
Bangor Maine is evil with evil people!

Bangor, ME

#46 May 27, 2012
I agree about how people drive around Bangor shouting rude stuff out their car windows. Just last night I was walking home and some guy yelled in gay fag sounding high pitched voice at me. I really couldn't understand what he was yelling. It sounds something like "I do believe in aliens" ha ha But it couldn't have been something as mentally retarded as that. But even if that was why did he yell that at me? ha ha Perhaps they ride around all day and night yelling rude comments and eventually run out of stuff to say, so they just make stuff up? LOL Who knows. In any case it's rude.
No Drugs in Bangor

Sedgwick, ME

#47 Jun 2, 2012
If you are someone looking for drugs do NOT trust anyone in Bangor that deals in drugs, specially women. They are a bunch of stupid goobers in Bangor. They will waste your TIME seriously. These people are stupid and ignorant. Not only that but they are game players. The men are dicks and the women are C#$TS! They will try to rope you into something you're not involved in or lie about you or twist shit around, lie to you, so on and so on. They are stupid too. In places like Portland there are game players too but at least down there you'll find good people to hook up with but up in Bangor they are a bunch of stupid hillbilly ignorant forks. They also nark on each other ALL THE TIME when they get pissed. How stupid! I don't do drugs but I know people that do and I warn you just don't try to find junk up in Bangor, they are a bunch of stupid forks specially over on OHIO STREET and over on ESSEX ST. Bunch of no nothing idiots that will waste your time and money :( You will be unhappy in Bangor!
No Drugs in Bangor

Sedgwick, ME

#48 Jun 2, 2012
PS Beware of a fat chick named Teak Robinson and her fag boyfriend KJ (Kenneth). Also another fat liar over on Ohio Street named Heather! And some tweak freak that calls himself HIPPIE with long dreadlocks. He's anything but laid back so I don't know why the freak calls himself Hippie. He will steal your money and run off with it. He also lies a lot too. He's a skinny tweak of a fella about mid 30's or 40's. with a breaded goatee and facial piercings. Don't trust him. He is a liar, a game player a thief, and a total and utter TWEAK! For a fag that calls Himself "Hippie". He sure is a spaz!

Castine, ME

#49 Jun 5, 2012
People in Bangor Maine drive like PUNKS! They don't know how to drive like adults. Bangor is full of punk drivers who can't stay off the sidewalk.

Brooksville, ME

#51 Jun 23, 2012
As soon as summer comes to Maine it's 90% to 100% heavy humidity all freakin summer longggg. It sucks in Maine! We freeze all winter long, have a damp muddy spring then when summer comes it's all dark clouds, more gloom, and oppressive humidity :( Even though it supposedly rains more during the fall (which I don't believe) the fall seems like the only nice time during the entire time up in Maine. And even then it's only every other fall.
Sami Nurse

Farmington, ME

#52 Aug 14, 2012
I was visiting a friend that works at a clinic on Pine Street in Bangor down near State St and each day we were outside smoking these people in their 20s or 30s would be dealing drugs right outside the tan and white apartment building on 113 or 117 Pine St. We could see them handing money to people in Cars and taking something out of their hand, then the driver would speed away. Sometimes people would stop and go up into the apartment and you could tell they were holding money in their hand. This one fat chick was sitting on the front steps one day and someone handed her some money and when she went to hand them something it fell out of her hand and fell down the steps. It looked like a small baggie of pills. Right in broad daylight these people are doing this. I often saw a white mini van parked out front with Florida license plats and this older man with a pony tail in his 50s hanging around. Hate to stereotype but the way he was dressed, the pony tail, flip flops, and the Florida plates sort of hint at perhaps him being a drug trafficer from Florida and also judging by what we saw over time with the obvious dealings from tenants that this must be a crack house. Though I think this man could also be someone who works for the landlord or handyman because he's usually around when work is being done. He also might be the landlord. However he looks rather suspicious. Neighbors we happen to talk to said that they also thought drugs are being bought and sold from this same building. But that sort of stuff happens all over Bangor now.
Sami Nurse is Jaime

Islesboro, ME

#53 Aug 17, 2012
Sami Nurse is not a nurse and is someone named Jamime who is making up stuff. She's a liar.
Ba Ba Brainna

Francestown, NH

#54 Aug 28, 2012
I agree Sami Nurse is not even a real nurse she is someone named Jammie you got her name spelled wrong. She's someone that hates a girl that used to live on Pine Street but isn't even there anymore and has been making up crap about were she lived to try and cause trouble. Jammie is a skinny woman with very short hair and is herself very much heavy into drugs and playing games. She's friends with some tools that live over on Garland Street and lies all the time. I heard that she even narked on someone she was purchasing coke from because she felt short changed. Don't listen to her she's a bitch she was flirting hard with my boyfriend a couple years ago. I do NOT hang out with this woman and she was some nut job that showed up at a party I was at. She was dressed in a bikini so small that it made her look like a hooker. So yah Sami Nurse is not a real person it's just some bitch named Jammie trying to cause trouble for people.
yukon Mark

Turner, ME

#55 Aug 29, 2012
As for all the drug dealers kill them all then let God sort it out!

United States

#56 Sep 10, 2012
what happened to Maine....used to be such hard working self reliant folk. Life just get to hard for you all and you just roll over? Now you are all no different than the rest of the flat landers all sitting back on the dole smoking the pipe.
Living in BGR

Springfield, NH

#57 Oct 10, 2012
I live Bangor, or 'the dirty B' as my friends call it, and I really like it. There ARE allot of fucked up people wandering around. Bath-salts, crack etc, they wander out into traffic thats why you have to drive kind of aggressively, the crack zombies will get you. Anyway Its really cheap to live here, and if you dont like it you can GTFO bitch.

Thank god winter is coming that will put some to the big sleep etc.

Manchester, NH

#58 Oct 30, 2012
No where in Bangor can I find a decent apartment. Even the nice expensive one's are built all wrong. Like this last one a friend of mine moved into has an extremely low landing in the stair way so everyone keeps bumping their heads on the way inside. People keep threatening to sue him and it's not his fault that the stair way is so small. The apartment itself is huge but to get inside you need to duck while you walk up the stairs or hit your head on the edge of the landing. So stupid. Every place I've seen in Bangor Maine is build all wrong. They have no sense or proportion or function what so ever. Stairs that go nowhere, closets that they call rooms, rooms with no closets, bathrooms with the sink, tub, and toilet all in the wrong positions, etc etc etc. Bangor maine is a overly renovated mess. I even went to one place in which I opened the pantry door to find that it's a closed off stair way they use for shelves. So to reach the top shelf you need to walk up the other steps. It's goofy looking. A lot of places in Bangor look nice from the outside with all that new siding but when you go inside it's a jumbled mess of everything being built wrong. One place we saw the entrance was on the back deck that looked like it was ready to fall off the building. Then you have to go through someones bedroom to get to the kitchen and living room. SO STUPID!!! And a lot of these land lords want way too much. Another place we looked at had this little entrance way that the advertisement called a living room but it wasn't it was barely enough room for a love seat and maybe a tv and not space for even a coffee table. And even if you get a large apartment in Bangor Maine there is usually something weird about it such as windows in odd places or doors that go nowhere or steps up and into closets, or like at my friends place the landing is so low that everyone keeps bumping their heads just to walk up the stairs to his apartment and he's being charged $800 a month. Nothing is very new or modern in Bangor either and the places that are new are cheaply constructed and overly priced. A friend of mine she has this place that is about 10 years old but it's cold in there with no insulation. Even though it's build right with rooms in proper order and place and the kitchen is nice you can tell that it's cheaply made and there has been wiring problems not to mention that if someone makes any noise a few doors door you can hear everything. To top it all off someone showed us what they called a fabulous condo in Bangor they really played it up but what it was is a bunch of crappy looking apartments they built out of an old parking garage downtown Bangor on Franklin street. And for some reason these Mainers are calling it a fantastic condominium for some reason. Parts of the down stairs lobby still smells a little like oil. Even the design of the building from outside still looks like an old parking garage. These land lords and realty companies in Bangor Maine are delusional if they think they are renting and selling anything worth spit. I used to work for a few businesses through staffing services in the area and a lot of the retail and business space you couldn't even give away. They spend time making the outside of buildings look nicer than they really are and slap some paint on the inside and then charge an arm and a leg for crap! I'm only stuck here because my boyfriend got a job here but I am moving in the next couple years. Sick of trash pits like Bangor with their stupid looking apartments that are build all wrong.

Manchester, NH

#59 Oct 30, 2012
vacationer wrote:
what happened to Maine....used to be such hard working self reliant folk. Life just get to hard for you all and you just roll over? Now you are all no different than the rest of the flat landers all sitting back on the dole smoking the pipe.
Maine has always been like that nothing has changed, the only thing that is different is that you vacationers are waking up to the fact that Maine is like most other run down places. A lot of you people were brainwashed. Also you're easily fooled when you see a tourist trap sales clerk smile at you when they give you your over priced ice cream cone or buy some little nick nack made out of wood that only costs 2 cents but they are charging you $40 for because you're too stupid to know better. Then you tourists leave the state still believing the stereotype without ever having to actually live in Maine. Maine for the most part has always been poor with run down rap hole houses and apartments and dirty old trailers. But you'd rather believe the old Angela Landsbury TV show image and tourist pamphlets. Then come up here with too much money to know what to do with and get HAD big time when hick Mainers sell you over priced dinners and pictures in frames you could have made yourself.

Bangor, ME

#60 Nov 19, 2012
I moved to Maine to go to Umaine. I live in Bangor and hate it! Besides all the bad drivers people in Maine LIE about each other all the time. If someone doesn't like you they will do their best to make you look like a jerk behind your back. Then with no proof what so ever everyone starts treating you like a jerk even though you didn't do anything. But nobody will tell you why. If any group of people are easily manipulated and fooled it's people up in Maine. As long as you get to them first and tell them a lie they will believe anything. Sad too because I have a buddy that moved out of state recently after a couple people started lying about him behind his back. Everyone started treating him like a loser based on nothing but rumors and lies. I've decided to not sign up for Spring classes and will be moving home as soon as Christmas break starts. Sick of the two faced back stabbing liars up here.

Bangor, ME

#61 Nov 19, 2012
PS I can't stress enough how terrible it is that people lie so much in the Bangor area. In my state there are liars too but wow Maine takes the cake. And it's not just the punk ass loser drug addicts or alcoholic students but also a lot of adults lie all the time as well. People that you would think have too much integrity to lie like that still lie all the time. After I defended a friend of mine that moved people have been targeting me with their foolishness and lying. I'm also sick of professors too that fudge facts and stats to match their political bias. When ever I match up their info with official statistics it doesn't really add up. Oh yea and I agree with the others here in this thread too about all the drugs. Wow! I think Maine has got the worst pill problem than even Mass. And most of them fight and argue over stupid stuff like drugs or small town nonsense relationship type stuff and don't care anything about becoming better educated or mature adults. I find myself stooping to their level too often that is why I'm leaving college here and starting school in a new state next year.

Bangor, ME

#62 Dec 8, 2012
Bangor is filling up with welfare moochers from Massachusetts. And they all act like punks too. For example if you are walking down the street one of them meat heads will walk in front of you to intimidate you into stepping aside. But what the Masshole doesn't realize is that this only makes them look insecure, immature, and crazy. They march down the sidewalks as if they are all that and a bag of chips. ha ha ha Up until recent decades usually men and women that were older in their 20s 30s 40s and beyond acted more mature and like adults but now we get all these Mass-Holes that dress and act like teenage punks even if they are full grown adults. And the one's that do work tend to cause trouble at work or swipe stuff all the time so you need to keep constant watch on them. They are also bringing their drug life stile up here to Maine. Bangor is now a trashy place full of mouthy people and it's more or less due to the surge of immature meatheads from Mass.

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