moving to maine, good or bad idea?
Dr Protcology

Old Town, ME

#23 Apr 7, 2012
Anna wrote:
<quoted text>
... looks like someone doesn't know how to spell or count..
Looks like someone's a pedantic swine from the armpit of the Mid Atlantic states.
Spencer McCullough

Hudson, ME

#24 Apr 16, 2012
joe wrote:
my wife and i are moving to maine in june.I hope all the negative stuff is over hyped.Her family lives there and she wants to be close,we are coming from ca.We have two children and want to get the out of mexifornia.any thoughts?i do concrete work.
no thanks
we don't need more uneducated manual laborers
try guatemala

Baltimore, MD

#25 Jun 7, 2012
Hello, I am currently a nurse and my husband does roofing. We live in NY and are planning to move to maine hopefully by the end of the year. Preferably southern mainr or mid-coast. Im assuming that the majority of people on here bashing maine have never lived in NY. For those of you that have, is it better? NY is terrible! Especially if you want to talk about unemployment rates and taxes. The majority of people living in this state dont work and honestly dont plan on working because our social services are so abundent if you don't. Look forward to the move!
Joseph Alexander

Bangor, ME

#27 Jun 8, 2012
Hi I just wanted to answer the question about weather or not Maine was a good place to raise children? I guess that all depends on where you are moving from, in every state any where you go if your kids are looking for trouble they will find it. I have lived in Maine my whole life I am 26 now and I lived in Florida with my father for two years in high school. I know for a fact the public schools in New England are a lot better than most. When I moved back up to Maine my junior year most of my credits from my previous school were not even accepted. Also I found it interesting that in most high schools across the country consider a 60 passing!! Not in Maine you need to get at leaste a 70 to pass a class. So from my personal experience the schools in Maine and New England are much better than some schools down south, and the standards are much higher for high school and college. Maine is a great place to raise your children and have a nice family, not a great place for a young person like myself because there isn't much to do outside the town of portland. And it is relatively expensive to live here. Maine is a great place to get a good education, the high school drop out rate is relatively lower compared to other states. So if you want to raise a good family and give your kids the best education public schools can provide Maine is a great place. My friend kelly moved to Maine with her mother when I was in high school, we went to Scarborough high which is one of the top public schools in Maine. She came from Oakland California where she came from no one made it past grade 8! She said if her mother hadn't of moved her up here she would have never graduated, that was just how it was where she came from! In Maine dropping out isn't "cool" and most of the time when people do drop out it is because of illness, pregnancy, etc. I noticed in Florida people my age thought it was awesome that we could stop going t school after 16 if we wanted to, not in Maine. Don't get me wrong I don't plan on living in Maine much longer, but I'm young and I got a lot of life to live. I can definitely see myself moving back to Maine when I am ready to settle down. But I have just graduated from college with an associates in applied science of medical assisting, so I plan on moving out of state soon. I am so great full that I was able to get my education up here and stay out of trouble there arnt many distractions up here. So yes move to Maine your kids will thank you one day!:)
Wicked Mainer
Pam Bryant

Winder, GA

#28 Jul 14, 2012
Please forgive my stupidity about the living in Maine, but my family is seriously thinking about moving up there. I noticed that in one of the comments above someone said you need to be resourceful to live up there. Was just wondering in which way they were speaking of. Also noticed someone said there is no trash pickup. Did this person mean trash or garbage. Here in the south we have both. Our reason for moving is we want to provide different experiences for our grandchildren that we are raising. I know that the heating up there is mostly fuel and I was wondering how costly that is. My hubby is on disability and I drive a school bus just for the insurance so as for a job I should be able to find one. I guess my biggest concern would be for my kids. I worry about how the children there would accept them. As for me and the hubby we can get along with anyone. So if someone could please give me some input I would greatly appreciate it.

Cliffside Park, NJ

#29 Aug 20, 2012
I am from Jersey. Its terrible here! I can't stand raising my family here. The taxes are terrible, rent is very high (close to $1,200 for 2 bedrooms), and car insurince is sky high!

We are looking to relocate, and we were thinking about Maine. The biggest thing I am concerned about is schooling. My son is going into the 6th grade and my daughter is going into 3rd grade and the schools in my town are horrible, I am dreading my son moving onto the middle school for next year!!

But thank you Joseph Alexander for the post. It really helped me see more into the education that Maine has, being that is my number one priority. Schooling is very important to my husband and I and I want my children to have the best public schooling they can get.

We are also looking into Connecticut, would anyone have any suggestions for what would be the best state/town on the east coast for schooling? I work in an office as an assistant/library assistant and my husband works for continental airlines (being we can move anywhere we want that is by an airport)

Garland, TX

#30 Sep 22, 2012
I don't live in maine, nor have I visited but I will tell you Texas is a great place to live. No it's not like the Wild West and most people don't have a Texan accent. It's not super cold during winters, but some winters it will snow but not a whole lot. It doesn't cost a whole lot either. Jobs are not that hard to find. Do some research on it and tell your mother about it.
Master of Puppets

South Paris, ME

#31 Sep 30, 2012
According to surveys, Maine elementary schools are in the bottom 10 of the 50 states for academic performance. Take that however you choose, but coming to Maine for education is like going to McD's for health food.

Athol, MA

#32 Sep 30, 2012
Wow -- all of these negative comments.

I have lived in NY, Massachusetts,'down south',a nd in southern Maine.

- the winters are fine here. Basically no different than NY or Boston (maybe a couple of degrees).
- safe. We leave the doors unlocked, car unlocked, kayak in the yard, bikes on the porch. no problems. not ever.
- taxes ? way lower than NY. As for the guy making $57k and netting whatever - that's mostly federal tax, not Maine.
- On the other plus side - friendly people, very high quality of life, absolutely stunning nature all around from ocean to mountains.

Levant, ME

#33 Oct 2, 2012
inMaine wrote:
Wow -- all of these negative comments.
I have lived in NY, Massachusetts,'down south',a nd in southern Maine.
- the winters are fine here. Basically no different than NY or Boston (maybe a couple of degrees).
- safe. We leave the doors unlocked, car unlocked, kayak in the yard, bikes on the porch. no problems. not ever.
- taxes ? way lower than NY. As for the guy making $57k and netting whatever - that's mostly federal tax, not Maine.
- On the other plus side - friendly people, very high quality of life, absolutely stunning nature all around from ocean to mountains.
You live in southern Maine, which is essentially northern Massachusetts. The actualities of Maine north of Portland include geographic isolation, the absence of jobs that pay a living wage and inbreeding. High quality of life? Take a drive through Oxford county.

Manchester, ME

#34 Nov 14, 2012
Hi, I am a 33 year old man, previously from Vermont. An old friend of mine talked me into coming up to Maine when I was ending a relationship, and so I moved kind of on a whim and have been here 2 years. Vermont is very earthy/hippy, and so moving to Portland was no big change. As for you, if you don't consider yourself to be a bit of a hippy or appreciate the weird gay/art scene, you will be pretty annoyed. If you are considering Portland, you must be looking to move to an urban area. Keep in mind, this city is VERY VERY SMALL, limited, and expensive. Make no mistake, Portland is not really an actual city. Its a TOWN. And its one of those places where everyone is always saying how underrated it is, what an undiscovered gem it is, etc. And there is this attitude in the air that if you just stick it out and work whatever jobs you can find, eventually opportunity will come because, although you can't necessary SEE it, there is a TON opportunity here. The truth is, it doesn't usually deliver, because its not true. Its a town of 60 thousand people, mostly native to the area. The job market here is in really bad shape, and its impossible to compete with the locals and their personal local references. The community is pretty insular in that way. The big thing that people tout here is the art/music "scene". Well that's boloney too- I am a musician and I find the music scene to be very amateur and limited. Another example of how overrated this place is. Also important to note, is the high number of Sudanese and Somali immigrants here. The city does nothing really to desegregate these people, and some of them are really, well, annoying!- they simply come from a very different culture. So if you are sensitive to black middle- easterners who literally look like they just crawled off a camel, then seriously, you might not like it here. As for winter, YES expect plenty of DARK DAYS, cold, cold, cold (0-20 degrees Jan-Feb),and plenty of snow. Also, parking bans during storms, and don't screw up, or they will tow your car off and make you pay high fees to get it back. When renting, ALWAYS rent units with HEAT INCLUDED. Old houses have heating costs as high as $300 per month in peak winter. Take heating costs VERY seriously when considering where to live. Good luck!
The Canadian visiting USA

Plymouth, MN

#35 Jan 5, 2013
First and foremost I reside in Fredericton,New Brunswick,Canada so therefore when we cross the Woodstock,NB/Houlton,ME border and are on our way to the city of Bangor I find the scenery somewhat boring because you can see trees after trees making me believe that Maine is a heavily forested state so what I'm trying to say is that it appearing to be a heavily forested state may not be your "cup of tea".Finally just because I find the Maine scenery somewhat boring on the way to Bangor doesn't mean that I'm against this state so therefore I'm simply stating my opinion on this issue.

Middletown, NY

#37 Jan 19, 2013
if maine lacks in social services this is where i need to be!!!!!!!!!!

Greenwood, MS

#38 Jan 31, 2013
I am a born and raised redneck from south Mississippi and I am trying to decide on whether or not to move to Portland or Windham Maine. My wife has all her family there and we have talked about moving there for years. We have come to a conclusion that we will be moving there in march. Though I am nervous being that I hear I may have a hard time finding a job. Any suggestions?

Paterson, NJ

#39 Feb 1, 2013
The wife & Me & are 2 kids ages 1&2 are looking to move to maine maybe in march as well. but all of these negative comments make me want to reconsider were from upstate ny she works fulltime min wage I work pt min wage.. we really wanna move there but we can't afford to fail & use all of are money while struggling what I need to know is. Is honest truth can we make a living there renting & working like everyone else or are we gonna sink ? Are there jobs available? What is cheap rent for a 2 bedroom?

Wiscasset, ME

#40 Mar 1, 2013
I live in a little town in Maine called Waterville. It's an excellent little city! It's a bit shifty in the south end but every city has that somewhere. The north and central area are very safe and everyone's is super friendly! The education is good and there are several colleges, one being Colby college.
Lelah Anderson

United States

#41 Apr 1, 2013
Maine is POOR. It is my home state and after living in many major cities I returned to Maine to be closer to family. It was great for the first 5 years but after that I should have moved and moved FAST. The economy is one of the worst in the country and owning your own business here is just plain stupid since Maine is considered the most "unfriendly state in the U.S. to do business". It has become a welfare state with many, many retirees who have made money elsewhere.
Maine is stunningly beautiful along the coast line but don't expect to own a home there unless you are independently wealthy or have made your serious money elsewhere. The coast of Maine is owned and privatized by out of state people who visit the state during the summer and shut down their homes in winter.
The schools are O.K. but the drug problems here are as bad as any major city.
There are pockets of culture but they are nothing more than pockets and you should not move here if you plan to expand your exposure to the arts. It is a place to live if you love hiking, biking, boating, etc. Not a place to prosper financially or culturally.
Nice Place to Visit

United States

#42 Apr 1, 2013
Maine may be a nice place to visit/vacation, but isn't a great place to live. I've been here for less than a year and have already had enough of this state to move away this spring.

If you aspire to spend your entire life sucking off the government teat (i.e. Section 8 housing, food stamps, Mainecare, TANF, etc.), Maine is the perfect state to reside in.

If you're college educated, appreciate diversity, and enjoy engaging in activities that don't involve skiing, ice fishing, moose hunting, or wearing snowshoes, you'll be bored to death in Maine.

As an aside, I've met some nice people here, but I've never seen such horrible dental hygiene that seems to be symbolic of Maine. It looks like a Great Pumpkin convention with all of the raggedy-mouthed people up here. Tragic!

Scarborough, ME

#43 Apr 9, 2013
I'm 39 years old and born and raised in Maine and I would not recommend moving to Maine to my worst enemy! There are tax on taxes here and the climate sucks! Winter starts in mid to late November and lasts till mid may! Then we get 3 weeks of summer in July then it's time to start prepping for winter again! Someday I will leave this toilet of a state!

Scarborough, ME

#44 Apr 9, 2013
Maine where dreams come to die!

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