Police: Mainer raped woman after impe...

Police: Mainer raped woman after impersonating cop

There are 26 comments on the The Citizen story from Oct 28, 2008, titled Police: Mainer raped woman after impersonating cop. In it, The Citizen reports that:

Police say the victim accompanied Shawn Larkin of Westbrook to his home at Abby Commons, where she was assaulted early Sunday.

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Manteo, NC

#1 Oct 28, 2008
???who is this guy? whatelse hs he dun?

Atlanta, GA

#2 Nov 4, 2008
I grew up and went to school with this guy..This is some messed up stuff right here!!

Plainfield, MA

#3 Nov 18, 2008
was this some sort of holloween costume party? this does not sound like Shawn he is a good person and this is some messed up stuff trust me this is not something he would do.

Brooksville, ME

#4 Nov 19, 2008
Tis is my cousin, and its all crap! He is a good person! He would never do this, so everyone needs to stop!

Northfield, VT

#5 Dec 8, 2008
ok first of all people need to stop with all the bs lies and rumors this so called person that he did this too is nothing but a whore who cant work has no education and likes to make others lives a living hell, and too get people to feel bad for her when she isnt getting enough attention or people dont feel sorry for her for some reason. i am the closest person to him and i am tired of all this carp being said.
he is a good person works hard supports his family and would do anything he could for a friend in need. Not many of us have a friend like that if you do you are lucky to have them.....if you dont know him then you should keep your mouth shut to all those who do know him know he wouldnt do what he is being accused of and i can tell you since i know first hand of all that is going on that he didnt do this........ no one on here knows the situation but yet you are all willing to bad mouth him and spread rumors about him and you dont know him you do it because it makes you feel better or makes you feel somewhat important to make someone else feel like trash. well news flash he is one of the nicest and sweetest people in the world but you wouldnt know that because you dont know him so instead of running off at the mouth and talking trash about someone you dont know maybe you should take a look at your own screwed up life and see if there is something there that you could fix instead of trying to wreak someone elses life... i am sure everyone has had something in there life that hasnt gone right and yet i am sure that you were upset or would be upset if someone went running off at the mouth about you try thinking of the person you are bad mouthing and making feel like trash how would you feel in his position when you know you didnt do it

so to all those who think he is guilty and want to bad mouth him and think your opinion is the right one well its not why dont you do a web search on her and see what you come up with you would be suprised at what you find until you know all the details or i should say the truth then shut up one day you may be in a bad situation that you are innocent for and no one will believe you or they will say horrible things about you lets see how that makes you feel
Shawn Larkin

Northfield, VT

#7 Jan 6, 2009
mainer1111111 wrote:
???who is this guy? whatelse hs he dun?
I am THAT guy. I wrote a post for all of you to read. You are welcome to check it out and hopefully some of your concerns will be answered.

BTW- to answer your question, I have no criminal history. NONE.. even a perfect driving record.

Old Town, ME

#8 Jan 6, 2009
You have a criminal history for domestic assault.

You are liar, and a washed-up lonely old freak.


You will soon roast in Hell.

You mother also hates you.

Children think you look like the imprint their sneaker makes after it steps in canine feces.
Shawn Larkin

Northfield, VT

#9 Jan 7, 2009
I am interested in how you came to the conclusion that I am a liar. If you have some information that you want to share with the world I would love to be the first to know.

I am okay with the ocassional ramblings of people. Just take the time to back up your concern and judgement with some type of evidence.

My criminal history of domestic assault was due to refusing to give my son back to his mother when she tried to remove him from my arms in a fit.

I had to plead to that as part of the "deal" I was given by the district attorney. As I said, if you want to talk about it.. talk.


Saco, ME

#10 Jan 11, 2009
lol... he already did talk - you said u have no criminal history and then it turns out you do - i dont think ur brain works right

United States

#11 Jan 27, 2009
i worked with shawn larkin in new hampshire at a car dealership. he is by far the most egotistical liar i have ever seen in my life. you cant believe anything he says. he is smart enough 2 come up with elaborate stories that he feels wouldnt be questioned....i ll give an example.....he told of getting basketball scholarship to a school in mass. i dont recall the name at this time...a group of us went to the schools website that went back to like 1986 and there was no shawn...not even jayvee.....told us of dunking at 5 foot8 ....cmon...you are a lying braggart in absolutely every single aspect of your life shawn. i .am quite frankly.surprised this isnt a murder case as thats what i feel your illusions of grandeur are going to lead...just read his blogs as himself and the one by outofhtecan which if you couldnt tell is him too.i am delighted to see this jerks name run through the mud as it will knock the greatest chip off his shoulder that has ever been seen.....guilty of it or not.....shawn talks of karma well have a big cup of it shawn....enjoy

United States

#12 Jan 27, 2009
so shawn if u had a girlfriend why were you in the company of a whore/stripper....you didnt seem to worried about your son then or about taking this girl to your a place and what is this about being a cop....i think what you were doing impersonating a cop and rape is a trial run to something far greater and the complaintant may have saved the area on a real menace....this guy has no empathy and is so self serving i feel he is someone who should be off the streets BEFORE someone is dead

Burlington, VT

#14 Oct 22, 2011
Shawn is a predator weather he likes to admit it or not. Acting like hes someone running a "modeling competition" but really using it to fulfill his "needs". When he asks for nudes right off the bat, sends pictures of his penis clearly not asked for and constantly asks you to come sleepover, even offers you money? Yeah that is when you get the idea to Google the person. You are not arrested AND CHARGED unless there is evidence. I know he is all over anywhere that calls him out for this, acting like an anonymous poster but really trying to continue to manipulate people. I honestly wouldn't associate with him regardless of his record because he is scummy,constantly sexual and perverted and only cares about getting you down to his house on the days his son isn't there for money... Your brother isn't going to tell you that. I believe he is not a part of Vyzion due to so many females reporting him to the CEO. What creditably does he have to run any related to modeling? Its just a hobby of his? Hmm. Anyone would succeed if they fell for his bullshit. Too many models dropping out because of him doesn't say maybe he was perverted to them? Makes it very hard to believe anything in his defense when you've been a victim of this aging, slimy creep. I am remaining anonymous because he creeps me out that much...

Montpelier, VT

#15 Oct 4, 2013
I've known this guy for a long time and he is absolutely the biggest dirt-bag predator I have ever known. He is a sociopath... described as: not learning from experience, no sense of responsibility, inability to form meaningful relationships, inability to control impulses, lack of moral sense, chronically antisocial behavior, no change in behavior after punishment, emotional immaturity, lack of guilt and self-centeredness. Shawn is dangerous and should not be allowed custody of a child. He is twisted and he is a menace to society. He is a flat out liar and the best place for him is jail, where he can't hurt anymore people. He is in his own words "serial killer smart" and there is no doubt that any of the posts showing Shawn Larkin in a positive light were either created by himself, a family member or possibly a new victim who hasn't figured it out yet. The facts tell the truth. The numerous police reports do not lie.
Stay away from sick, twisted individual at all cost.

Frankfort, ME

#16 Oct 17, 2013
I think most Mainers are sociopaths. They can act real nice and cunning but rob you blind. These people can smile right to your face and stab you in the back at the same exact time. We are moving back to Mass soon. I left Mass because of all the jerks but to tell you the truth living back in Mass will be a refreshing change. At least most the a-holes in that state are obvious and tell you to your face they don't like you. Sure there are a lot of sociopaths everywhere even in Mass but up in Maine wow these people take the cake. We've met too many people both men and women, young and old up in Maine that are two faced sociopaths. I just learned recently that Maine has the largest prescription drug abuse problem in the nation, more babies born addicted to pain killers, just among a long list of problems. This is not the state that the tourist industry presses. We've met too many people here that are users, abusers, and two time losers. Specially in places like Bangor & Portland. We highly recommend that you never move to Maine and if you know someone from Maine don't hang out with them. These people are good at what you call "the long con" and will do what ever it takes to run off with your wallet, get into bed with you, or kill you. All these people care about is finding quick cash to buy more Monkey Dust to smoke or shoot up into their veins. Maine sucks and I'm glad we are leaving again. My boyfriend just quit is job and I just dropped out of a local college just so we can get the hell out of this state full of sociopathic liars.

Charlestown, NH

#17 Mar 9, 2014
Shawn Larkin, also on Facebook as Shawn David is a disgusting shame of a man. He is exactly what 90% of people say about him....a complete egotistical scumbag. He is a manipulative, self absorbed, piece of shit. It is unfortunate that he has set up shop with his business Advantage media group in Claremont, Nh. He is destroying and getting over on small local businesses who agree to pay him for services he is not coming through on. He hires young local woman in his office to prey on and degrade daily. He is a loser, manipulator, and rapist without a doubt!
the city I hate

Hope, ME

#18 Mar 11, 2014
Well at least he's not a respectable illustrious former CEO/city councilor/council president with an immoral criminal appetite, prowling for young yummy underage boys.

United States

#19 Mar 21, 2014
yesheis wrote:
Shawn Larkin, also on Facebook as Shawn David is a disgusting shame of a man. He is exactly what 90% of people say about him....a complete egotistical scumbag. He is a manipulative, self absorbed, piece of shit. It is unfortunate that he has set up shop with his business Advantage media group in Claremont, Nh. He is destroying and getting over on small local businesses who agree to pay him for services he is not coming through on. He hires young local woman in his office to prey on and degrade daily. He is a loser, manipulator, and rapist without a doubt!
Yesheis ...... It looks like you are from Windsor VT. Well I think you might like to know Shawn has bought a home in or near Windsor has moved there. I have some info on this man and would very much like to connect with you as soon as possible..... He is already scheming again and I am very worried...... Thank you in advance
problem in a new state

Claremont, NH

#20 Apr 15, 2014
He is now a problem in Claremont NH
problem in a new state

Claremont, NH

#21 Apr 15, 2014
He is now a problem in NH . He is a liar and cheat

Orono, ME

#22 Apr 16, 2014
problem in a new state wrote:
He is now a problem in NH . He is a liar and cheat
Since I moved to Maine I was shocked that these people are not like in TV or movies. Mainers are rude and obnoxious and most of them are LIARS. I've hated Maine ever since I got here. Just a bunch of players and cheats as well as stupid pill heads.

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