Phony social worker convicted

Phony social worker convicted

There are 178 comments on the story from May 5, 2006, titled Phony social worker convicted. In it, reports that:

Maryland Attorney General J. Joseph Curran, Jr. announced today that Letitia Jonelle Miller, of Waldorf, was convicted by Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Joseph A. Dugan, Jr.

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King George, VA

#155 Oct 25, 2012

Mineola, NY

#156 Oct 31, 2012
Is she on - 39, Staten Island, NY- Wow, lesbian issues...drama and hate?
Leave her Alone

Jamaica, NY

#157 Nov 5, 2012
Your Enemy wrote:
This slut is in the hideout, running away from officials. If anyone knows her whereamount, please post her location here.
Stop your lieing no one is being wanted by the official just leave her the hell alone, it is a shame that the focus is on her she has moved on with her life so leave her alone. Is your life so miserable you are focusing on her.

Alexandria, VA

#159 Feb 4, 2013

Since: Feb 13

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#160 Feb 4, 2013
I only know of her

Since: Feb 13

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#161 Feb 4, 2013
jay-jay wrote:
Is she on - 39, Staten Island, NY- Wow, lesbian issues...drama and hate?
google her

Since: Feb 13

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#162 Feb 4, 2013
this was awhile ago. she doesn't deserve the bad press. she is a good person. pathological liar but it is what it is
Leave Her Alone

United States

#164 Feb 10, 2013
I cant blieve after all these years people are still writing about her she has gone on with her life working things out with her sons father so they can raise their son together so I have heard and good for her.

Get over it already you were hurt like everyone else but you have to admit even though she lied she was there for you in some way, in GOOD way it was not all bad

Just leave her be so she can continue her life with her kids and and bay daddy give them a chance of a normal life without this blog crap.
Missed the bullet

Decatur, GA

#165 Jun 5, 2014
Sayuri Singh is what she goes by now I met her on . Saya, Sayuri, Letitia etc... I've read this blog and it's mind blowing to me. She have matured a lot and address things a little different than what I've read. She is still a liar as many of you stated, she will never totally tell the truth, her approach is different. She really knows how to make a person feel special, I must say I was feeling her a lot, but things just didn't add up to me. She told me she was FBI retired, and a lawyer, but things just didn't add up. I'm like one of the other person on here I Google names. Sayuri Singh who is this person I waited and one day I was on Skype with her missed her. She Skype back as a message and the name Letitia came across I didn't question it because I liked her a lot, but I did put a mental note, because that's her word. So more lies came and went she said she had a house in GA and was in Staten Island due to her job. Well she never made it to GA and I got antsy started letting her do her not calling or Skype decided it is what it is lol. I got a call from her that her father passed and she had to come up with all this money. She stated that Brionne was suppose to go to Texas and need pocket money. I said well how much you need she said $100 I said I will give it to her send me your bank account. She said it in her 4 year old sons name, I said to her that's not going to work she said try my sister's name Letitia Miller I questioned it but remember my mental note Letitia I immediately Google the name and that's how I found this blog. So whoever started this blog thank you so much I missed a bullet because of this blog. She is trying to change but old habits are hard to change. Lying is all she knows but Letitia, Sayuri, Saya I'm praying for you always. No love lost, as you said you never ask me for nothing directly, but you know people have a great weakness for children and you uses that to get what you want or need. I would have accepted your pass and not judged her but she lied to the end. It's her sister not her I missed that bullet. Lol
Shes still at it

Washington, DC

#166 Jun 6, 2014
Missed the bullet...glad this blog is out here so you can save yourself the agony, pain, aggravation and whatever else this chic puts out here. She is still at it, and you would think that after all these years she would reform herself.
Need to Know

Springfield Gardens, NY

#167 Jun 26, 2014
Question for Missed the Bullet . When did you start talking to Letitia and for how long because I was with her and was she acting like she was all into you?

Jamaica, NY

#169 Jun 27, 2014
Shes still at it wrote:
Missed the bullet...glad this blog is out here so you can save yourself the agony, pain, aggravation and whatever else this chic puts out here. She is still at it, and you would think that after all these years she would reform herself.
No she is not still at it, this bitch got her ass to kiss as she said she stopped calling her and now is in her feeling. Why the hell would she ask this bitch for anything oh yeah she posted my friend never asked her for anything then she say 100 that I do not believe that she did.
Everyone makes mistakes and she has had her share of f up but she is doing dam good she has a good paying job not some bs job so apparently she is doing something right if she has had it thus far, she has her own place paying her own bills.
FYI, she doesn't have anyone in and out her children life she is doing what is necessary for her kids, and if she has not committed to you or stop calling texting you or if you noticed a change within her that she is shying away from you get the hint that she is not interested at all you were that temporary setting. As I stated I am a good friend of her that accept the good bad and indifferent. Just putting it out there

Jamaica, NY

#170 Jun 27, 2014
Need to Know wrote:
Question for Missed the Bullet . When did you start talking to Letitia and for how long because I was with her and was she acting like she was all into you?
FYI I do not know who you are but a word of advise if you are saying you were with her what on a dating thing because her heart belongs to one person and one person only and it is not you so don't start this bull shit blog going leave her alone she is not with you apparently because I have not met you so that means you are not relevant. Forget what you heard or wish will happen she is not interested in and how you know that
Does she call you? No that means she is not claiming you and you don't cross her mind. Is the only time you hear from her is if you text or call? then she really doesn't give a shit about you. Have you gone places with her where she held your hand or presented you as her? No then you were there for the moment or season and she really had no intentions of getting with you for a committed relationship. Are you a fat chick, dark skin (No offense) she would never be with a big chick so keep it moving. it is not her cup of tea no matter what you heard she was trying not to hurt your feeling. Have you noticed any change with her giving you the cold shoulder. little nasty? She is screaming for you to back away and this is her way of saying she doesn't want the side action any more so I suggest you keeping it stepping.
I know where my friend heart is and it is not you. Just leave her alone read my tips above if any stand out then know she doesn't want you as her spouse significant other and was looking for that door to run the hell out. Trust me when I say she knows who she wants to be with and spend her life with so save yourself the pain and walk away she is not interested in anything with you and has bowed away hoping you got the hint do you and not continue this blog shit
Need to Know

Springfield Gardens, NY

#171 Jun 27, 2014
Im someone from her past just wanted to find if she was up to her old tricks

Jamaica, NY

#172 Jun 27, 2014
Need to Know wrote:
Im someone from her past just wanted to find if she was up to her old tricks
As you have state you are of her past so why does it concern you what she is doing that is the problem instead of everyone moving on with there life they are concern with what she is doing. Leave her alone she is not with you messing with your life who gives a f what she doing,

If you are so concern about her life you have nothing better to do with your life.

Not that you deserve an answer No she is not she has a good job doesn't ask anyone for anything she has been at her job for two years making it happen and do not need this blog to be started up again due to some bitch posting. I can't understand why females when they get hurt why cant they just move on what is this childish blogging shit.

She is very happy and has put her past where it is in the past.

People should stop acting like they do not lie to their spouse every now and then when they know they shouldn't. Or sometimes we as female come into situation where are home life is something we will lie about example living with the so called ex and lieing about it having something in their past that happen the don't want to hinder something new and they tell a story to appear to be something they are not- when that is done know that she really doesn't want a future with you because if she did she would tell you the real deal and you can either take it or leave it.

Stop concerning yourself with her leave her be dont start this blog to cause her to lose what she worked hard to obtain to provide for her kids. Move on she has and I hope she is happy with the person she is with/ or has her heart she deserves that.

Macomb, MI

#173 Oct 10, 2014
Im trying to fine this bitch.

Atlanta, GA

#174 Jul 24, 2015
Nena Pots wrote:
<quoted text>
i think u need to go to church n pray for your own damn self worry about u n ur damn kids!!if u have any!!didnt ur mother ever teach you worry about yourself and not other people!!!well im giving you the advice!!!dammit!!!leave the precious child alone!!!she hasnt done anything TO YOU PEOPLE!!!
That child is in on it too bro no rite from wrong I was a victim of both mother an daughter I met Siayuri off of zoosk last year fool me only innocent person is the son . Siayuri is working as a home broker Coldwell in ga. She will mess up again but she is up to her old self so sad. I decided to let go an let God.

Decatur, GA

#176 Jul 25, 2015
whom wrote:
<quoted text>
I dated her met her on zoosk 2014. I live in ga. I was good to her an daughter I must say both are good at what they do I wanted to show up and show out only thing I wanted back my ring and for her have lied about her health I visit her once in the hospital she go by Siayuri Singh.Now she is engage to Sonja she told me that was a best friend She could never make time to spend with me That's when I put something was not right. It was always I need never if u are &#128076;. Now she is working at Coldwell broker in bulkhead dealing with ppl personal infor wow.




Decatur, GA

#177 Jul 25, 2015
Topix is a website that is causing problems throughout numerous communities. In a day and age where cyberbullying is out of control, Topix refuses to do anything about it. Unlike most websites they don't require registration of their users, they don't post IP's and there is no real monitoring of the content. This is irresponsible and Chris Tolles, the CEO of the company is asked to please develop a conscience when it comes to the thousands of people having their reputations torn apart each day on Topix. While we don't know Chris Tolles heart, he has shown no concern for the content of his site. Even Topix on users only consider it a gossip site. Tolles often cites freedom of speech to justify his deplorable site, but fails to recognize cyberbullying, libel, and defamation are not part of free speech. We ask for the following:

Registration of all users with a valid email address, content monitored, the combining of some less popular forums so the site is easier to keep track of, a better feedback system, a live person to speak on the phone with when filing a complaint, and banning of users who abuse the forum. We would like to see a Disqus type of sign in system.

Powder Springs, GA

#178 Jul 27, 2015
another victim wrote:
I do not feel sorry for this woman..I am one of her many victims..she had taken so much from me..i am still dealing with a lot of emotional, financial, and stress issues..i was one of the women she was suppose to marry..there was actually two of us at the same time..long story..anyway she is a liar, cheat, con artist, criminal,and just not a human being..she is way beyound needing mental help..there is no sympathy her from me..she does not need help..she need to stay locked up until the end of her time..she has cause so much pain to people over a long period of time..someone like her do not need to be apart of our society free..she is working on her next victime now even from see..she still dont care..i wish i never met her and most of all i wished she never see the sight of freedom again..
It was only last year for me siayuri Singh really played me and her daughter bri was the second one to play mind games wow the only innocent one is the son. She me so many lie's her son dad rape her etc.Once i looked her up she already did her damage to me . So yes her and bri still at it. She lives in Ellen wood ga, with her next victim.She works at Coldwell Banker in Buckhead ,dealing with ppl personal information IAM sure she will be on the run again.

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