Strange & Unusual - Second Grader Str...

Strange & Unusual - Second Grader Stripped Naked, Spanked in Fr...

There are 250 comments on the First Coast News Jacksonville story from Feb 28, 2007, titled Strange & Unusual - Second Grader Stripped Naked, Spanked in Fr.... In it, First Coast News Jacksonville reports that:

By Jane Watrel WRC/NBC News Channel PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MD -- School officials in Prince George's County, Maryland are investigating a relative's actions in a charter school last week.

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#205 Sep 9, 2008
I think that children should be spanked if they need it but I'm 30 now and I was in the States on holiday and I did something that was wrong and the police got called and I got taken to court in the States and I had to stay in jail. While I was in jail a guard came to my cell and the section of the jail that I was in only had 7 cells in it because I was in a seculded area because I could not do it with the other people and in this area you are in your cell and allowed out for 15 minutes a day. Well when the guard came to my cell he said that I was going to be punished and I thought that I had to stay in the States for a while in jail but I thought wrong. The guard came back with 4 other guards and told me to lay on my stomach so I did and they put my hands behind me and handcuffed me and shackled my feet and then they stood me up and walked me out and down a hall and I thought to myself that all they were going to do was put me in a different cell but again I was wrong. We got to a room in one part of the jail and they took me in and once all the guards witch there were 4 men and 1 women were all in and the door was shut and locked they told me to take off my clothes so I took off my shoes and socks and pants and left my underwere and my shirt on and they said no all has to come off so I took all the rest off and once everything was off on officer took 1 arm and 1 took another and 1 took 1 leg and 1 another and 1 guard addministered the punishment witch was 10 hits with a strap on my bare bottom.


#206 Sep 9, 2008
I think that people that are adults and are in a hospital for mental reasons should not be punished but there was one hospital that I was in and I was in a part of the hospital were you can not come and go unless you are with a nurse. One day my nurse told me to go to my room so I did and she locked me in there. A few minutes later she came back and told me to get into Pj's and I said no so she left and locked the door and then next thing I knew there was secrity guard coming into my room and so I backed into a corner but the grabbed me and threw me down and presided to strip me from my clothes and then once I was stripped of my clothes they put me across my bed and on guard gave me 15 good paddles on my bare bottom and then they put me in hospital Pj's and locked me in my room for 1 hour.
Paddie boy


#208 Nov 10, 2008
I was not allowed to touch my rear after a paddling or touch anything on my body. One time my aunt and her friend gave me a nude paddling across their knees. Then I had to go to the wall and bend over with my legs spread. My aunt had Mrs. E. take me to bed about 8:00 PM. I had to scatch me testicles and they saw me. My aunt took me across her knees real quick for doing that. Then Mrs. E. took me to bed paddling me as I walke with the paddle. I got to the bed room and she sat down she took the paddle and raised my testicles and said do not touch these in front of women, understand. I started to cry. She said "what are you crying about." "You have nothing I have not seem since you were about 3 years years old." "Now get across my knees for your paddling" She gave me a real paddling of 8 wacks across my nude behind. Then I got over her knees and hopped round because it hurt. I did not touch my rear or she would have paddled me again.

Then she pulled the bed sheets back and had me lay on my stomach. She kissed my face and my cheek as I got in bed. She then took the paddle and paddle my rear with on good wack. Then she took her hand and paddled me again. Then she put the cover on me. She told me my aunt would keep me nude and I would help her with house in the nude and get 3 more paddles for touching myself. Of course my aunt got me up in the morning and gave me a paddling as she said on the bed. And I have to what all thing Mrs. E. told me I was sentence to that day.

These two women knew who to tame me to become a man. I loved them. You expain it. I can't I wish they were still here doing that to me.

Decatur, GA

#209 Nov 11, 2008
I know how this child must have felt when i was in fifth grade I was stripped naked in front of all the girls in my class. I was accused of looking up the girls dresses which I did not do but anyway i was punished . The nun beat me knocked me into a daze thebn removed my clothes.
I was made to stand naked in front of the class .
someone said you get over it but you do not it has been over 40 years and every time i see a girl in a school uniform the event haunts me
Hope some good person stoips this abuse


#210 Dec 3, 2008
My aunt and her friend paddled me nude across their knees. I then went to the corner being bent over and my legs spreed. I also stayed many time nude to help me aunt with housework as punishment.

She allowed me no privacy. When I get hair on my testicales she made me put my leg up on chair and she checked and grabbed them to see how much hair I had. She also then made me bend over and open my rear for hair too.

My mom lived there and would also put me across her knees nude and paddle me. And she watched my aunt and her freind Mrs. E. paddle me nude across their knees.

I also was not allowed to close the door when I went to take a bath or the toilet. I had no privacy. My aunt said I neeed none.

I grew up a little flakey but not that much. I loved my mom, my aunt and Mrs. E.

That the way they punished me. What could I do? I do miss the three of them. They paddled me till they left this world.

Kolkata, India

#211 Jan 7, 2009
I thik a good spanking is required to control disobediant child.So I stripped naked my 12 years daughter to give her a good spanking and compelled her to work on gurden on nude for the day.


#213 Jan 23, 2009
after a paddle I had to go and bend over by the way with my legs wide open for additional punishment. That meant any one the came to home saw my complete nude in the corner with my legs spread.
boyscout spankings


#214 Feb 4, 2009
when i was in boy scout camp i was playing cards. the scout master cot me. he said to teach me about gambeling. he said to me to strip. he took my naked body and layed me on the bunk. he tighted my hands and feet to the post. he gaged me so i could not protest. he said he was going to punish me severly with a switch on my bare bottom. he had my stomic over a lot of pillows so he would not miss my but and it would make it hurt more. he drew 7 cards. each was a picture card. he told me a won 70 wackes. he got said i would get 70 times 70 strapping with his garisson belt at the rate of 140 per night until we went home and each week for the rest of my membership in boy scouts in the back room. i did not quite. hehe i think i like getting spanked any takers?
justice of gym


#215 Feb 5, 2009
i will never be in a gym a alone again. i was slow to undress and take a sawer so every one was gone. i got dressed and started to walk out of the gym. then 5 guys showed up and said they where told to spank me on my bare bottom with a black belt 100 times wile i was naked in front of the cheer leaders girld. first the took me to the exercise room where they stripped me naked. then they put me over the horse and strapped my bare naked bottom 100 times. then i was the tighted to the exercide bed on my stomic with pads under my stomic naked. i remained naked all and tighted all night. in the morning the female gym teacher saw me and said are you going to get it. in a little wile the cheer leading team showed up and spank me each about 25 times. there was 10 of them. i was spanked like this cause i toldthe male gym teacher to to f himself. i was let got to go home naked. i got rapped on the way home by a gay guy. but i never told the gym teacher to go..........
paddling boy


#218 Mar 11, 2009
Once in while when I got out put my aunt with touch my balls to check he how I was in the night. I got use to it. She did what she want to do to me I if I told her no I would have gotten a nude paddling across her knees. I did that enough with her my mom and Mrs E.

Edmond, OK

#220 Mar 17, 2009
sheryl clark wrote:
The aunt had no business spanking unless she is the parent, and she should have spanked him in the office not the class room while naked, if he had of been dressed i wouldnt had a problem with it
what? when i was growing up ANY adult had the right to spank me and my nephews, end of story. our society is messed up when you can't spank your kid anymore for discipline.

Singapore, Singapore

#221 Apr 6, 2009
Kate wrote:
I feel that when a child has comitted a wrong, she deserves to be spanked, and taught a lesson. I feel that embarassing the child is a good punishment. For example, I spank my eight year old daughter in public on her bare bottom if she throws a tantrum in public. At home, I make her stand outside the door naked after a spanking. I feel that shaming is effective.
Wow. This post is over two years old but I feel compelled to reply. What constitutes a "wrong" to you? I find it funny how so many of the pro spankers only quote "spare the rod and spoil the child" from the Bible but the Bible also says fathers etc do not exasperate your children. I believe 100% in spanking and punishment when a child goes too far, but I also believe parents need to be sensitive and realise when a child is being wilful, and when they are crying out for help or attention, or perhaps not doing their work because they have learning problems. Discipline is one aspect of parenting and needs to be balanced out with sensitivity and knowing when a child needs a smack and when they need a hug. Also to me leaving them vulnerable and naked outside the house, especially for a prolonged period of time, which this post seems to be advocating, is itself bordering on sexual abuse imho. If your child is not scarred by your actions it is despite your treatment, not because of it. I can only hope your daughter is growing up emotionally balanced despite your extreme treatment.
little hiyo

Minneapolis, MN

#222 May 9, 2009
wow i was spanked somtimes to but now it does not hurt any more.
Sir Spanksalot

Portsmouth, NH

#223 May 9, 2009
I believe very much in spanking, and I believe females of ALL age benefit in particular from it. It is usually the only way to get through their obstinate brains. Slapping a well-rounded female posterior is particularly satisfying if she is extremely pretty or gives off airs of superiority. Nothing takes em' down a few pegs more than being bare-butt, face down over a well-endowed male's lap and spanked until they are crying and begging you to stop! I often roam malls for hours until I see a likely female. As soon as I see her acting up, talking too much, swearing, whatever I personally deem to be inappropriate behavior for a female, I follow them right into the ladies room and spank them in one of the stalls. The last one I spanked was talking down to her boyfriend. After I spank a female, I run like hell out of the mall and take off in my vehicle. I always make sure to take the fake license plates off after a few miles and go look for a new mall to stalk. I correct an average of 15 females a weekend in my area, cruising 5 malls in a 50 mile radius. I'm retired, so I have lots of time on my hands. The youngest girl I've spanked was about 15, the oldest was roughly in her early 80's,(boy did she have a foul mouth on her!) I believe all of them were left better citizens and were helped by my correcting them. I know I enjoyed it very much!
David - the nudist


#224 May 11, 2009
This is beyong f***ed up to those of you who think this is okay to spank kids. If I could and if I had the law on my side, anyone I see spanking their children in public would get the end of a knife! Yeah, this burns me up, in case you can't tell from this post.
David - the nudist


#225 May 11, 2009
See, I was so burned up, I couldn't even spell right. "beyong" should be "beyond".

Salt Lake City, UT

#226 May 13, 2009
sassy wrote:
i think its humiliating iam 17 and my mother puts me over her knee pulls my underwear right off and spanks me untill my bottom is red raw and then makes me stand in the corner of the livingroom with my hands on my head an usually i wi touch my bum coz its sore and she start all aver again .
My response to you sassy is that i think you are getting just what you need. I think your bare naked naughty bottom should be spanked as often as you need it. and if you were to argue with me i would spank you again after your corner time. and then if you did not get it i would invite your friends over to watch you go out and pick the switch that i would whip you with until you promised to be a good girl, even though you are 24. as long as you live with me you are never to old for a good old fashioned switching, spanking, paddling, or corner time. i love you.
Richard Smith

Spring Hill, FL

#227 May 13, 2009

United States

#228 May 20, 2009
can i see a womens butt
Paddle boy


#229 Jun 11, 2009
Many time women who I did not know where at my aunts. I would be totally nude. My aunt would paddle me in front of them. She would bend me over and spread my legs apart so they could see all of me. Then she would put here hand around my waist and paddle with her hand, something with a paddle and sometime with a brush. Then I had to go to the wall and bend over with my legs spead so the women could see everything I had. They were were even allowed to slapped my rear if they liked many of them did that.

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