Strange & Unusual - Second Grader Str...

Strange & Unusual - Second Grader Stripped Naked, Spanked in Fr...

There are 248 comments on the First Coast News Jacksonville story from Feb 28, 2007, titled Strange & Unusual - Second Grader Stripped Naked, Spanked in Fr.... In it, First Coast News Jacksonville reports that:

By Jane Watrel WRC/NBC News Channel PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MD -- School officials in Prince George's County, Maryland are investigating a relative's actions in a charter school last week.

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Medford, OR

#185 Jun 26, 2008
Lamar Ringgold Ga wrote:
What a weak and hypocritical reaction from the school.
Imagine the outcry and calls for sexual assault charges if the child were a girl being spanked by an uncle. Imagine the calls for sensitivity training and mental health counselors for the grieving students if the child had been a girl and the relative a man.
The school's liberal hypocrisy has been exposed for all to see.
Amen brother tell it like it is.
So the aunt MIGHT get one pat on the wrist.
You are sooo right. The double standard at work again. Being an older guy, this kind of punishment was very common when I was growing up. Without hashing out if spanking in general is good or bad, it was only the boys who were spanked at school, and bare-bottom, witnessed spankings to boys were common. I still shiver when I remember the humiliation I felt.
Paddie boy


#186 Jul 10, 2008
I do not thing my aunt that did that to me was wrong or should have been punished. I know she loved me. And I have never been in jail. So she and her friend paddled me across their knees when I was nude and gave me enemas. I don't blame them I was a bad boy at time swearing and doing other things.
Paddie boy


#187 Jul 10, 2008
My aunt only did in her house not anywhere else. There is more to the story but I can't really tell now. I lived with my aunt. She was not mad at my mom or dad. I just loved living with my aunt and her way of punishment.
Paddie boy


#188 Jul 10, 2008
My aunt only did at her house and never in school or outside. It was private for the most part with just a number of people seeing me nude and paddled.
Paddie boy


#189 Jul 14, 2008
My aunt paddled me all the days of her life even when I quite older. It did not matter to her how old I was. I got put naked across her knees and her friend Mrs. E.

I tied to stop her but she made my uncle lift me off the ground and took off my pants and shorts to make me nude. He then paddle me across his knees and told me to apoliges to my aunt and ask her to paddle me across her knees. I was not allowed to touch my rear I was not allowed and he slaped my rear send to her. She paddled me and kept me nude the whole day to work with in the kitchen and got paddle a few times that day for trying to not take my clothes off when she demanded. I never tried that again. What she said I obeyed.


#190 Jul 14, 2008
Like I said I never been in jail and am sane as anyone else. I have 3 kids that I never had to paddle. I did time out. What I needed they did not. And I am very glad my aunt took me nude over her knees so often. I am not a nudiest. But I guess I was for my aunt and Mrs.E. and my uncle.

Miami, FL

#191 Jul 14, 2008
Tom3 wrote:
The charter school is attached to the Assembly of God. That's all you need to know about this story.
The Assembly of God are Religious Reich Wingnuts who believe that Christians should take over the US government and impose a theocratic police state, and Christians should hasten the Apocalypse so they can all go to Jeeeeezus.
In other words, they are all psychotics. And that's why they permit child abuse and sexual assault (pulling down pants in public).
Paddie boy


#192 Jul 16, 2008
I don't think anything is wrong with that. Obviously that is how I grew up so it didn't bother me. Once you nude that it!


#193 Jul 17, 2008
I think spanking is a good form of disipline if done correctly and in private. I have 3 girls age 6,9,11 and a boy age 9. I would never spank them in public or in front of there friends.
If they have earned a spanking it is done in the privacy of their bedroom, yes they are spanked on their bare bottoms over the bed with a lexan paddle. How many depends on the offence but it is either 1,2 or 3 strokes per year of their age.
Last month my 9yo daughter got caught shop lifting some sweets she got 27 strokes of the paddle on her bare bottom, her bottom was bruised afterwards, but she will never steal anything again I know that, sometimes 1 servere spanking will serve as a lesson for life.

Since: Jul 08

Portland, OR

#194 Jul 18, 2008
Perhaps the Aunt should attend parenting classes if the child is mis behaving so badly she needs to do it at school in front of everyone. Besides, if the child is one who repeatedly misbehaves enough to deserve a spanking, perhaps she needs to rethink her form of discipline.

If I had been there and witnessed it I would have intervened. I wouldn't want mine, or any of the other kids witnessing something like this.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

#195 Jul 27, 2008
Paddlee wrote:
I got paddled nude across my aunts knees many times. And I don't regret it at all. I need it.
I was spanked by aunt and uncle up to my 18s

Buenos Aires, Argentina

#196 Jul 27, 2008
i was spanked naked by aunt and uncle until my 15s¡¡

Towson, MD

#197 Jul 28, 2008
Kids need discipline man. My mother whooped my tail plenty of times, but it was warranted for some of the stuff I did.

Better teach the kids the hard lessons of life now, before the world teaches them. Then, everyone will be crying at a funeral wondering where they went wrong.

Isn't it written somewhere in the bible that you should discipline your children like that anyway. Not punching or anything, I mean like a belt to the backside.

And for the record, if the Aunt waited until she got home to spank him, do you really think he wouldn't act out again?

Now, since she embarassed him(which is what some children need), do you think he'll risk acting out again?

See my point?

See it darn it!

Towson, MD

#198 Jul 28, 2008
David wrote:
Just a question...and please don't turn this into another debate...what was the aunt doing in his school in the first place? And, where were his parents? Okay, that was two questions, but still...
It could have been a few different things. He could have been staying with the Aunt while the parents were away for the week. The parents could have been contacted but unable to get up to the school right away. You never know, they may have "given her the order". "gasps"

Towson, MD

#199 Jul 28, 2008
Oregondude wrote:
<quoted text>
You are sooo right. The double standard at work again. Being an older guy, this kind of punishment was very common when I was growing up. Without hashing out if spanking in general is good or bad, it was only the boys who were spanked at school, and bare-bottom, witnessed spankings to boys were common. I still shiver when I remember the humiliation I felt.
If this were a father or uncle spanking his daughter or niece, he'd be charged and convicted of anything sexual assault or close to it. Everyone would be screaming Chester all over the place.

Since: Jul 08

United States

#200 Jul 28, 2008
DavidH64 wrote:
<quoted text>
The "10 gallon hat, 2 oz brain" quip is definately aprepo in describing you.
Oh, I'm late.

David, if you're going to pretend to be an intellectual, you must learn to look up a work prior to posting it, just to make sure you know how to spell it.

It's "definitely", and "appropos".

I'm just sayin'....

Kingfisher, OK

#201 Aug 13, 2008
sexual assault? c'mon idiots. how do you get sexual assault from the kids pants being pulled down? your the type of person that makes more out of this than need be.


#202 Sep 5, 2008
I think that the aunt had no right to spank the boy in school but however I do belive in spanking and using the belt or paddle and in private.

When I was little my father/mother or whoever spanked me would remove me from the room and take me to there room and tell me that I'm going to get the paddle and then tell me how they are going to do it.

They would say to me now I'm going to undo your pants and pull your pants and underwere down to your knees and then I will put you over my knees and you will be getting the paddle for 40 times on your bare bottom and if you try and put your hands back there then once you have gotten the 40 paddles I will stand you up and put you in the corner with your pants down and I will set the timer and after the timer goes you will then get the paddle on your bare bottem again for 50 times and then back to the corner and we will do untill you stop trying to put your hands back there while I paddle you bottem!!!!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOUNG LADY!!!!


#203 Sep 8, 2008
I agree with spanking with a belt or paddle because when I was young my mother/father an if it was in a mall my pants and uderwere would come down and I'd be given the belt and if it was at home I was stripped down to nothing and paddled for 2 paddles and then I had to stand in the corner with nothing on and wait for 5 minutes and then get a couple more paddles and this would go on until I had 50 hits with the paddle and my bare bum was bright red and I could not sit.


#204 Sep 9, 2008
I have something that I also remember getting a spanking with the belt for. I was 6 years old at the time and I was still having accidents so I still had to were a diper and I was in the living room of our house and I was playing with my sister who is 3 years younger than me and for some reason she started to cry and I no that I did not do anything but both my parents were in the kitchen and when she started to cry they both came in to the livingroom and my mum picked up my sister and took her upstairs to try and get her to stop crying and my dad then told me to get up and so I got up and he took me by the arm and he took me in to the kitchen and he pulled out a chair and I thought he was just going to sit me on the chair and I he knew that I still wore a diper. I was looking down and then I looked up and he was taking off his belt and I said "Daddy what are you doing"? He said that I was going to get the belt. I thought he was just going to do it with my diper on but I found out quick that it does not happen that way. The next thing I knew thatmy dad was taking down my pants and undid my diper and the put me across his knee and gave me 12 really good swats with the belt.

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