If there is no God, no heaven or hell...

Lowell, MA

#284 Feb 8, 2011
Blueboy wrote:
When are you going to remember,THOW SHALL NOT ARGUE POLITICS or RELIGION. It's a lose lose situation.
We must respect the other fellow's religion, but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart.- H.L. Mencken

Lowell, MA

#285 Feb 8, 2011
I know - but not all wrote:
If there is no heaven or hell, no God...then what is the purpose of not living every day for the moment? Why bother to be kind to others? Why bother to obey laws? If the life we have on this earth is all gone once we die, and there is no afterlife, then why can't I just do what I want, when I want - so what if I step on some toes or break a few laws? And, by the way, who gives authority for the laws I may break anyway? And from what authority do those people get them...and it goes on and on...If I do not have to be accountable to something greater than myself, then frankly, does it really even matter? Again, on whose authority? And from where does he/she get that authority? Where did it come from? Some guy make it up?
People say we need religion when they really mean we need police - H L Mencken.

Montreal is a fairly typical city, with many churches, and presumably many god-fearing people in the pews. On October 17, 1969, the Montreal police went on strike. By 11:20 A.M. the first bank was robbed. By noon most downtown stores had closed because of looting. Within a few more hours, taxi drivers burned down the garage of a limousine service that competed with them for airport customers, a rooftop sniper killed a provincial police officer, rioters broke into several hotels and restaurants, and a doctor slew a burglar in his suburban home. By the end of the day, six banks had been robbed, a hundred shops had been looted, twelve fires had been set, forty carloads of storefront glass had been broken, and three million dollars in property damage had been inflicted, before city authorities had to call in the army and, of course, the Mounties to restore order.

If the good people of Montreal truly believed that there was a god watching them and ready to punish them for their sins, their actions certainly did not bear that out. It would seem, based on the evidence, that the presence of police, and the threat of prison, and not fear of god's wrath, is what keeps people in line. The Watts riots would certainly seem to be another case in point. Storefront churches abound in Watts. But, when the police were unable to do their jobs because of the riot, fear of god did nothing to deter looters.

Perhaps, the belief in forgiveness of sin emboldens believers in their evil behavior, since they can simply repent and have the slate wiped clean. Those of us who don't believe in some magic eraser for the soul are actually a bit more careful about what we may be held accountable for here on earth.

Murfreesboro, TN

#286 Mar 23, 2011
People say why should i be good if there is no heaven or hell. well consider this, say you rape some beautiful young girl,kill her and throw her in some ditch.Then you say i sure enjoyed that, But that was somebodys' daughter who loved her.
Then somebody finds your beautiful daughter and rapes her and throws her in the ditch. How would you feel about that?
Bob Dole

Phoenix, AZ

#287 Mar 28, 2011
If their is no God? What is stopping a person from living however they want, and who has the authority to tell them how to live their life.
When James Naismith invented the game of Basketball, he was entitled to make the rules of the game, since he created it. The same holds true if you believe in the Christian God. He created everything, and is entitled to make the rules. Now if James had invented a hoop, and ball and said have fun. I could play the game however I see fit. So whats stopping me from playing however I want? Majority rule, but where do they get their authority from? If we have no creator then we have to guidelines. With no guidelines, we have absolute freedom.

Lakeville, MA

#288 May 16, 2011
I'm at the point where I just don't know and what difference does it make. I wouldn't behave any different than I do now, which is Christian like behavior, the lexical meaning, which is basically to be the best person I can be. I'd like to think there's a heaven; I was taught that, but honestly, I'm not sure I buy it. I believe in God; I don't need more than that. I have no idea how all of it works.

Lakeville, MA

#289 May 16, 2011
What difference does all of this make. We all have our own prism from which we see and understand the world. For me, it's simple, just be the best person you can be; follow the ten commandments...be decent!!! Is there a heaven, who knows. I wouldn't change my behavior either way.

United States

#290 Aug 21, 2011
you would think that you all would read the writings that first describe a place of torment, known as hell. The word "hell" is not in Scripture nor is "hell" described as a place that exists currently. Hades is mentioned, the mythological burning pit of the Greek gods. Much, if not all the misunderstanding stems from modern man assuming they have the Wisdom to translate the paleo-Hebrew writings. The B'rit HaDashah ("New Testament") has almost entirely been filtered through this same Greek mindset. The paleo-Hebrew and Aramaic mindsets of the early Hebrews has the Key to Unlock all of this, Journey On my friends......."shalt not PERISH, but hath Everlasting Life" (eternal death, hmmmm)

Saskatoon, Canada

#291 Dec 13, 2011
religion is just a scam on stupid people who cant believe in themseles, or help themseles, if two sides go to war , both have god on their side ,??? rich people who know how to manipulate poor to protect their wealth. stupid people put their faith in nothing but a martyr. an illusion a holy ghost, smart people put they re faith in themselves... believe in yourself you go places, believe in so called religion and you go nowhere..... in the bible satan only decieves man and is punished, god destroyes man numerous times in the bible , and yet you humans look up to and put your faith in a bigger deciever than satan ever was.. if it wasnt for satan getting man kicked out of the so called garden of eden.. we wouldnt be were we are today with the technology we have today... we would still be in a 'habitat for humanity

Saskatoon, Canada

#292 Dec 13, 2011
the judge to your soul is morality, the greater the morality the 'GOODER' you are and vise versa the lesser you are the eviler you are,, You humans are born evil, taught to be nice as youth , discover free will by puberty and then become both good and evil. You humans are on this planet in the middle of a galaxy with no other forms of life around . if gods planet is all good and satan planet is all evil , then man is on this planet because he isnt trust by good or evil... man can be both good and evil = you cant trust humans....

Vero Beach, FL

#293 Dec 23, 2011
Hey Derrick, you okay? You seem to be talking about yourself in the third person?

Mesa, AZ

#294 Jan 22, 2012
I know - but not all wrote:
If there is no heaven or hell, no God...then what is the purpose of not living every day for the moment? Why bother to be kind to others? Why bother to obey laws? If the life we have on this earth is all gone once we die, and there is no afterlife, then why can't I just do what I want, when I want - so what if I step on some toes or break a few laws? And, by the way, who gives authority for the laws I may break anyway? And from what authority do those people get them...and it goes on and on...If I do not have to be accountable to something greater than myself, then frankly, does it really even matter? Again, on whose authority? And from where does he/she get that authority? Where did it come from? Some guy make it up?
Because to be good when there is a reward like heaven, and a penalty like hell, is meaningless; But to be good and just, to be an amazing human being when it is easier to serve oneself, to step on others instead of expending oneself to lift everyone up, including oneself; to find the win-win of true profit, is harder... and THAT, is truly great, virtuous, and dare I say epic, for a human being, with all our faults and faculties...

If there is no heaven or hell, then virtue is real. Truth and logical consistency stand, with or without a god. Truth stands on the integrity of itself and it's logical validity, not some monarchical decree....and truth doesn't exclude a god, if anything a god must be bound by truth to be a true god. Without heaven or hell, it just means the actions stand on virtue alone, not coercion.

If this is an honest question, I ask you: are you so simply swayed to hurt others and do wrong if it serves yourself? Would you really be unkind and wretched if there was no god?.. or would you do right by your heart, striving to be the greater best that you can be for the sake of being good, for what good is, and not for want of a reward or fear of punishment...

Without an afterlife, a person's legacy and definition rests on what they try to become in their only life. In a sense, the stakes are as high as they can be. The truth is greater than the human with ignorance of it; who's life is devoid of it, and the exercise of it as a standard. IMHO it is this reality that the notion of god, right and wrong, and religious morality tried to capture in the first place. A moral "code" is an attempt to capture and describe this to others who may be lost, but to confuse the code for morality is to confuse a name for the thing.

A=A; A+dA=A'; d=deltamap; I give you props for asking important questions, and I challenge you to answer them yourself in lieu of defending your set positions against an external contrarian... hope that helps.
A Real Christian

United States

#295 Feb 6, 2012
I know this is a dead post but I hope that someone will stumble upon this:

The world is not good. Your not good. Obama is not good. I'm not good. Nothing is good. Except for God.

Now just hear me out. Think about it. Who does actually do something out of the kindness of there heart. No one. Everyone does it for either monetary or emotional gain. Either you get paid or make ourselves feel good.

Freud even said himself that every person has a selfish impulse. It's because we are stuck in these human forms that we cannot escape from humanity and into spirituality. We are all selfish. I will definitely admit to that.

I don't know what most of you believe, but there is a God. We have fallen away from us, and we have denied him thrice (as in humanity as a whole). He loves every single one of us. He's calling us home. Will you answer his call?

Troy, NY

#296 Apr 10, 2012
There is no right or wrong ...obviously. You should live life for yourself....obviously. Obviously you should do what you want. It's basic evolution and basic common sense. Only a retard would think sex with a beautiful woman is morally wrong or that homosexuality is wrong. I think most of us figured this out in kindergarten. Maybe you're an idiot. idk.

Harrisonburg, VA

#297 Jun 27, 2012
Chelmsford Kid wrote:
You should follow the morals that atheists have. They live descent fully moral lives without the threat of God and hell. You shouldn't be a good person for the sole fact that you're afraid not to be by threat of damnation. It's quite a shame if religion is the only thing that keeps you on the straight and narrow.:(
I agree that bible was not the original form or concept of morality

Auckland, New Zealand

#298 Jun 28, 2012
I'm athiest and I am a lot more moral than most of the christians I know, so we are not immoral.

Ypsilanti, MI

#299 Aug 25, 2012
Last Of The Morlocks wrote:
<quoted text>
99% of all atheists are not what you describe but are immoral and ignorant people who try to justify their lifestyle by living by the me first attitude.
So you know a lot of atheists? Most are afraid to tell you because of your judgment. But we live our lives, work hard, love our kids and contribute to our communities because it's the right thing to do, not because we need some big deity in the sky to tell us to be good people. If you need God to help you with that fine, but some of us find respect for ourselves and eachother enough motivation.
C Alonzo

Santa Ana, CA

#300 Oct 21, 2012
Has any one ever died and came back down and said ya thare is a heven??? Dident think so"""

Alexandria, VA

#301 Dec 6, 2012
people like you judged are selfish and stingy, the only reason you are probably a member of a religious faith/church that preaches about a ficticious afterlife is because your looking for and feel like you deserve some big prize for the struggles you deal with on a daily basis or because your trying to cheat death thats just now how the world and reality works.. why act accordingly if there's no sky daddy no eternity of paradise or eternity of damnation you ask? because we realize this planet wasn't in the greatest shape when we first got here and we would like to keep it in the best shape we can for the next generations of babies and adults that live here after us when were gone and thats what requires humans to abide by the social contracts they form with other people whether those people are religious or not christian or non christian believer or non believer..
you understand now?

Alexandria, VA

#302 Dec 6, 2012
we've had regualtions and codes of conduct back when we lived in stone age societies centuries ago way before christianity the fairytale bible and the idea of fake jesus ever showed up

Tyngsboro, MA

#304 Dec 12, 2012
Libertarian wrote:
<quoted text>
Funny, you'd think statistics on religion in US prisons wouldn't reflect the exact opposite. Oh wait, that would involve using facts to reach your conclusions, which would make you an enemy of religion.
Atheist % of prison population 0.21%
Catholic ~39%
Protestants ~35%
Almost all criminals are religious. Funny, huh?
You fail.
Atheists *might* constitute a larger percentage of prisoners than we previously thought… but we really have no idea:

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