Jimmy Swaggart Ministries Faces New S...

Charlotte, NC

#120 Jun 8, 2013
Amen! And another thing: Jimmy Swaggart runs over to king David’s adulterous affair as an excuse why he can be restored and start back preaching. First of all, David only did this sin only ONCE;

secondly, David was not a preacher so he wasn’t restored to preaching;

thirdly, why go back to an old testament king being forgiven instead of going to the new testament qualifications for a PREACHER. Paul plainly told the current qualifications to Timothy and Titus…and a repeated adulterer DISQUALIFIES himself forever from preaching. He can be forgiven, restored to serve God, but NOT RESTORED TO PASTORAL leadership. Swaggart’s ego can’t handle this new testament TRUTH, so he runs to king David (not preacher David) and pulls his story out of context to discount Paul’s new testament instructions since they chap his hide and disqualify him. Talking about scripture twisters!

Why is God so strict on his new testament preachers either walking the chalk line or stepping down? because if they continually get away with it, every believer in the pew will see a cheap version of what grace can do.“Thou that sayest thou shalt not steal, dost thou steal…” The only two results that come from this type of person remaining in the pulpit are, 1. making people bitter who know what they did; 2. giving newcomers the idea you don’t have to be responsible for your actions. Kill somebody with a gun....but don’t step down from preaching afterwards. Just say God, I’m sorry…and goright back to preaching. I personally believe Jimmy Swaggart’s EGO will not bow to being anything short of a Jim Jones-type leader! He will not step down and be contented serving God as a fallen, disqualified preacher. it’s either “LET ME CONTROL OR I WON’T SERVE AT ALL!!!”
HE KNOWS (since he admitted his porn addiction) that Murphree, Garcia, and, yes, Camden, are not the only three. YOU KNOW YOU HAVEN'T COME CLEAN! You waited a year for your first "I have sinned' confession. And now you've waited over 20 years for all the many others. You know you saw many prostitutes. Don't make me sic the big boys on you...they'll reveal some of the others!
your friend

United States

#121 Jun 17, 2013
why don't you let let JESUS be the judge of those SWAGGARTS, and not you ! Judge not lest you be judged.
your friend

United States

#122 Jun 17, 2013
Not Righteous Just Right

Springfield, IL

#123 Jun 18, 2013
Mark wrote:
After reading the majority of these comments, only one word comes to mind.
Mark, you are absolutely right. "Idiots" is a very strong word to use, but it shows you the type of people the Swaggarts and their ministry prey, NOT PRAY, upon. After you read their posts and you see their lack of education, you understand why JSM has these people by the purse strings. When you cannot spell their name correctly (Swaggard),or you can't put any punctuation in your sentence, then all you have is blubber. People such as the Swaggarts depend on these people to fund their "ministry". Right now Jimmy Swaggart Ministry is on their television network, SBN, begging for close to 3 million dollars. That number still shocks me. Every month I tune in just to how much more money they are asking than they did last month. It averages between 2 to 300 thousand dollars.
And in just another week or so, they will be back on begging people to buy their "Jimmy Swaggart Expositor's Study Bible". A bible that is Jimmy Swaggart's interpretation. Jimmy has even removed what we refer to as "Jesus's words in red print". That's right, the words of Christ are in black print. BUT... Jimmy Swaggart's interpretation is now in red print. And if you ever watch any of his discussion shows, you will see that he has one of his sidekicks reading the words of the Bible while the other reads what good old Jimmy has written with every verse.
I am a believing God fearing man. But I almost fear what Jimmy Swaggart and his ministry is doing to people that have a real need in life. People who are hurting, people who are on the edge of a disaster. And every month they give every dime to JSM believing that JSM is going to save them. People, JIMMY, FRANCES, DONNIE nor GABRIEL SWAGGART can save you. There is only one person. His name begins with a "J", but it isn't Jimmy. It's Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ alone.

For those that believe Jimmy is the true man of God he professes to be, during this Beg-A-Thon they have on their station right now, call them and tell them that you need 1000 dollars to get out of your financial crises. Call them and ask if they can donate 100 dollars to you to pay your light bill. Call them and ask if they can give you 20 dollars to feed your family. You and I both know what the answer will be. And when they tell you "NO", tell them that GOD will give it back to them 100 fold. Because that is what they tell you every Sunday, every Wed. night, every Share-A-Thon and every Biblethon to get every dime you have.
Not Righteous Just Right

Springfield, IL

#124 Jun 18, 2013
Nancy wrote:
I believe the man is preaching the word of God. If God can forgive, why can't we? He has the best singers on television, and I love his singing. I can watch him all night and all day! None of the other preachers can claim that. Plus, I've been watching him for over twenty years!

It's all a show! Don't you get it? A show you pay for. Those singers are paid, so they better be the best. WAKE UP! If it's singing you want, go buy a Bill Gaither CD/DVD. You'll get just as much blessing from one of those as you will from a man who proclaims to be the only person God spoke to about HIS true message is "the message of the cross".
We all sin and fall short of the Glory of God. But this man steals in the name of the Lord!

London, UK

#125 Jun 30, 2013
Hi id like to add my comment. I was dealing with a loss of my partner i was c of e raised and went to sunday school my whole life i believed in God i knew there must be more than this. I was heartbroken however i had a love of music country style I got led by accident to jsm after a month orctwo i said the sinners prayer i cried so much then immrdiately i found my new testament and couldnt stop reading Irecieved the words isaiah had a vision and dreams recently i spoke in tongues Jesus isx real and jimmy is annointed to preach i am in a local church i sing praise talk Jesus to anyone the annointing is real I have had so many experiences i witness to others i am joyful again my family can tell you the change was immediate i think God loves and forgives us and we should all love after all thats the command love your nieghbour as yourself i have been given a home a baptist preacher is my landlord who contacted me so many experiences of provision the church i attend is growing people come when theres spirit. filled people attend you cant destroy peoples faith after all anyone who loves the Lord Jesus and acknowledges him is called to read the gospel of grace if Gods forgiven jimmy as many stories in the bible are of forgiveness look at paul then we should do also i ask jimmy to forgive himself yes hes human but God searches hearts i know what i have is real and thankyou jimmy forvpreaching the message of the cross xx
Still wondering

Marion, IL

#126 Jul 3, 2013
Still wondering if the singers are all sincere, or just on the pay roll. Does anyone know?
pamella scott-emdin

Brooklyn, NY

#127 Jul 7, 2013
As far as I'm concern Jimmy Swaggart is a real man of God. I have been watching his ministry since 1989 on TV and i have never seen such a preacher. He who has never sin should cast the first stone on jimmy now or forever hold your peace , I am a Catholic and i am from Africa Nigeria and I believe in the words of God that says ! Touch not my annointd and do my prophet no harm !

United States

#128 Jul 8, 2013
I have prepared a place for Jimmy.Eternity in Baton Rogue is worth a life of televised hypocrisy and deceit.Where for art thou Gemini????

United States

#129 Jul 8, 2013
Still wondering wrote:
Still wondering if the singers are all sincere, or just on the pay roll. Does anyone know?
Google the hind images of them flashing illuminat hs.sand goat head hand signs all slutty looking posed up on each other.They are withces.
Jill and Grace sexy

United States

#130 Jul 8, 2013
and they know it.I'd like to #&$& her while she's making satanic hand signs to honor the occasion.don't be sexin up the parishioners or the club patrons.Its obvious Jill influences Francis' cosmetic surgery choices.sad to see through freudian eyes.mind control demastered.get right with the god usurpers.
Agree on women

Marion, IL

#131 Jul 9, 2013
I noticed the picture you are talking about and figured as much about the women.
How about the guy singers. Are they in it for the money, or are they good people?

Ashdown, AR

#132 Jul 9, 2013
I bought an Expositors Study Bible a while back, just to see if it would help with my understanding of god’s word, I already have a couple of other bibles, but I found them much harder to understand. I do not belong to any religion or earthly church, I truly have Jesus in my heart, he died on the cross so that I could be forgiven of my sins, and I have accepted him as my personal savior. He teaches me his way’s every day I learn more of his peace and comfort, & love.
The bible say’s we can judge a tree by the fruit it bears, it seems to me that The J.S. Ministry is spreading the word of god, & (bearing fruit). I don’t know Jimmy Swaggart’s heart, but god does. I know that he is just a man, and as men we all fall short, the only true good we can do is only with the help of Jesus. God uses the just and the unjust to accomplish his will.(Christians if you find fault with someone use your faith pry for them)
I noticed that there were several that made post that said they didn’t believe in god, and that is your god given right, but I would really like to urge you guy’s to really study the bible and not take any ones thoughts on the matter, form your own opinions, I’m sure you will be glad you did.
google eyes

United States

#133 Jul 11, 2013
Agree on women wrote:
I noticed the picture you are talking about and figured as much about the women.
How about the guy singers. Are they in it for the money, or are they good people?
any time you have a question don't bothering asking people online.they will kite to you for evil kicks.just Google all your questions.maybe that will help you with some other things. o_O

Wills Point, TX

#134 Jul 16, 2013
the bible is filled with hate,witchcraft,sorcery,
talk to Moses, he was the chief witchdoctor !! and all the prophits are forture tellers, nothing more !!!!

Jseus spoke of these DEVILS of the bible.

Ewa Beach, HI

#135 Jul 19, 2013
I could remember watching him on TV back in 1985 and as he was preaching about how terrible the youth of today is with all of the STDs going around. And all of the talk about safe sex. And he said the only kind of safe sex is no sex. I looked at the TV screen and a voice said to me; He is dong exactly what he is doing exactly what he is telling you not to do. He will have to answer to God like we all will when we meet Jesus. So instead of hating him don't. Pray for him. God is watching.
A Dude

United States

#137 Jul 25, 2013
The singers are genuine. I know personally. Everyone in front of camera is sincere, that is the only way you can be in front of camera. And by sincere I mean they truly deep down believe what they are doing is for Jesus Christ. As far as the pic, it was a joke picture with props purely for fun. Nothing more than goofing around.
Loyal watcher

Marion, IL

#138 Aug 1, 2013
A Dude I would like to email you, or talk to you if possible. I really enjoy their singing
Marie smith

Milwaukee, WI

#139 Aug 3, 2013
Blank wrote:
<quoted text> Do you also like Swaggart's getting busted (more than once) with hookers? What about his CLUELESS, shrill and hate-filled wife? What about his entire family's constant condemning and judging of others? What about his constant begging for money? I am not one to speak for Jesus,but would Jesus do these things....i think not! And before i get slammed for being non-religious, it is not true...I am a Unitarian and belive in God!
Unitarian believes in all religion..Swaggart Ministries preach Jesus..might want to get your facts straight..by the way what skeletons do you have in your closet..
Marie smith

Milwaukee, WI

#140 Aug 3, 2013
Eddie wrote:
<quoted text> Hey, Jesus doesn't exist outside of the bible. There's no evidence that Christ lived at all. There was nothing found anywhere to actually prove he was born. No corrorborating evidence of ANY kind. It's all made up.
Only a fool says in there heart there is no God..Jesus is God..

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