United Nations Are Always above Law

United Nations Are Always above Law

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#1 Mar 6, 2012
United Nations Are Always above Law


So, human beings should create the international police who have the power to arrest UN officials, bureaucrats and workers. And human beings should create the court that can judge celebrities who are now actually above the law.
Raj Chanani

Torrance, CA

#2 Mar 29, 2012
What are you? I am Human Man Brown Vegetarian ITConsultant Humanist

Torrance, CA

#3 Apr 2, 2012
What is your religion? Humanism, used to be Hindusim Buddhism

What is your nationality? Californian, used to be Indian Bengali American

What is your ethinicity? Deshi, used to be Hindi Marwari

What is your species? Human but will evolve into a new species

What is your profession? IT Consultant, used to be Student

Torrance, CA

#4 Apr 2, 2012
What is your objective? I {We} are trying to cause a major devaluation of either the Yuan, Dollar, Rupee, Euro or Ruble, because people need news and pain.

What else is your objective? I {We} the people of the world are trying to cause a Nuclear war between India, China, Russia and America, because they have made lofty claims. Once again people need news, pain and pleasure. If you are reading this, you are a shareholder, because it will put a program in your head and you will do.

Torrance, CA

#5 Apr 2, 2012
Do you smoke? Yes, I smoke about 1 pack a week.

Do you drink? Yes, I ocassionally drink wine.

Do you eat meat? No, not by choice.

Why are you telling me this? Because you are reading it.

Why am I reading it? Because you want to grow.

What is the cost? A lot of pain and a little bit of pleasure.
Raj Chanani

Torrance, CA

#6 Apr 6, 2012
I was recently diagnosed with Psychoterapia Obsessive Complsive Disorder. I wanted to thank the Medical industry for the diagnosis. I wanted to thank the Social Security Administration for their assistance. I was held agaist my will in a Mental Instution for nearly 20 days. The doctors wanted me to sign a form stating that I was there with my free will but that seems contadictory when I was not allowed to leave. The nurses and doctors from various ethnic tribes injected me with various drugs against my will.

Beacause of the agreement, I told one Black woman that Hindi want to talk to Swahili about the problem. I am sure that the Mandrin, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, English tribe understands the problem. If not, my people will eat at your basic life energy until the problem is resolved. I predict many dead Hindi and Swahili people. It's the hard agreement.

Thank You,

Raj Chanani
Human Man Vegetarian

Torrance, CA

#7 Apr 8, 2012
What are you doing? I am releasing a very lethal bacteria at LAX.

Why? That way those fuckers from around the world will take it back to their cities.

What will happen? I {We} predict that 99.95% of all animals, plants, birds, creatures will die.

Why do this? There is a shortage of food and living space.

What else could it be? They may be telling me a story to ruin my day.

What can we do to change your mind? We are set. Some things must happen to fix the balance of the issue.

What do you mean? If I don't do that, then a team will do that.
Raj Chanani

Torrance, CA

#8 Apr 10, 2012
Pure Math is like Pure Religion

Minus Infiniti is like the Devil

Plus Infiniti is like the God

If you add up the two together, you get nearly a zero. It will never exactly add up to true zero, but close. Be pratical and it works.

If you pray to the devil, you get certain powers.

If you pray to the god, you get certain other powers.

The demons work for the devil.

The angels work for the god.

For us Humans, they are both good and bad, because they are more powerful than us.

Do you want to pray to the demon or angel? I say neither.

But, then how will we get those powers? Yes, then pray to either the demon or angel.

But, he is praying to both of them? Ofcourse, then he will get the net of it.
Raj Chanani

Torrance, CA

#9 Apr 10, 2012
Truth is like Plus Infiniti, How you want things to happen.

Lying is like Minus Infiniti, How they want things to happen.

Most of us are somewhere in between.

Torrance, CA

#10 Apr 13, 2012
What are you doing now? I am burning the bag and buriying it under a ton of earth and seeds. Something good or evil will grow there and then we will eat the fruits of our labor.

Oh my god..........

What is it..........

The foolish people of Torrance have sent the Fire Department and they are backed by the Police Department.

Who started the fire? It was I said Raj.

We have to put out the fire, it is agaist the code.

How come those people can have a barbque said Raj??


OK said the cop.


Raj motions for the cop to halt and he does.

We are really sorry sir, the fireman says to Raj's dad.

We really have to put this fire out.

No, says Raj, let it burn out.

Raj's mother arrives with a jug of water and gives it to the fireman.

They put out the fire.

OK, everybody nothing to see there...
Human Survival

Torrance, CA

#11 Apr 14, 2012
What are you doing? I am solving the bald people problem, including myself. Yes, folks, I am also balding and it ain't pretty. I don't want to get a hair transplant or toupe or rogain. It is nature fixing something big, I am sure of it.

So what are you doing about it? I am working on a virus that will kill off 99.95% of all bald people. That way the pretty healthy people can survive.
World Economy

Torrance, CA

#13 Apr 15, 2012
Competing Nations
China America India Brazil Russia

Mexico Japan Indonesia Pakistan Nigeria

United Kingdom Germany France Korea Canada Italy

Turkey Vietnam Iran Pakistan Philippines Egypt Bangladesh Congo Ethiopia

Isreal Hong Kong Singapour El Salvador

Torrance, CA

#14 Apr 15, 2012
Yes, I find you very attractive, baby, but you have a kid and seperated from your dude. I am single, no kids, dating.

Torrance, CA

#15 Apr 15, 2012
What you going to do with all this money?

1) Burn some of the dirty money
2) Wash the rest of the dirty money with water and soap
3) Spend it on movies, eating out, philosophical book, car maintainance, house maintanance, friends, acquaintances, stock market, other stuff

Shouldn't you donate some of the money?

No, I had to do stuff to earn this money and they also have to do stuff to earn the money. Give and take.

Torrance, CA

#16 Apr 15, 2012
Raj, there is an imbalance, What should we do??

For the purpose of South Asia, send payment bill to bengal.

For the purpose of Planet Earth, send payment bill to america. Then america to send payment bill to california where I live.

Beyond that, I can't tell you.

Torrance, CA

#17 Apr 15, 2012
How do I {we} wash my {our} mind(s) if what you wrote starts to disturb us??

1) Watch a few G rated movies.
2) Watch a few PG rated movies.
3) If adult, watch a few R rated movies.

It will clean your mind quite a bit.

Torrance, CA

#18 Apr 15, 2012
Raj: Are you a pologomist?

Jane: Yes, Why You?

Raj: Yes, I am also pologomist.

Jane: I thought that it was a sin.

Raj: Yes, anything you do is a sin, so let's enjoy each other like nature intended.

Jane: So, how many do you need on the side besides me?

Raj: First you baby.

Jane: I need you and 10 on the side.

Raj: That's great, I need you and 7 on the side.

Jane: What about the children?

Raj: What about them?

Jane: You know the offsprings that you produce with those other bitches.

Raj: And the offsprings that you produce with those other dicks.

Jane: Yes.

Raj: Well, we can raise them, we will be their uncle and aunt.

Jane: We will tell them that their mother and father died, soon after giving birth and that we raised them and the town helped.

Raj: That's a great idea. You know what it is when you are hungry, you feel like you can eat everything in the store.

Jane: I am full just reading this. Is this like brain food?

Raj: Yes, Jane it is brain food to fix what ails you.

Jane: I'll see you later.


Raj Chanani

Torrance, CA

#19 Apr 17, 2012
What brands of cigrettes do you smoke? Mainly, Marlboro Reds, Marlboro Lights, Camel Lights, Winston Lights, Dunhill Reds, Dunhill Blue pack, Viceroy, Benson & Hedges, Wills, Gold Flake, Bidis.

When did you start smoking? I started smoking and drinking in college because some of my acquaintances smoked and drank. I ocassionally drink champagne and red wine.

Arn't Cigrettes bad for you? Well, they tell you not to smoke that much because it takes a lot of time to make a single pack of cigrettes. If you notice the writing on each of the cigrettes such as the brand name. Also, the skill needed to put the filter and paper on the cigrettes.

Why did you stop drinking cola all of a sudden? Because it costs a lot of time to make the cola and the can. If you notice the fine writing on the can, you can see the hard work that went into that one can.

Why did you stop drinking milk all of a sudden? Because that milk is for the calf not for us Humans. Also, because someone has to touch the cow there, you know where, to get the milk. You know what, I don't even like cow's milk that much, it's just that we have gotton used to drinking it. I am pratical, if you know what I mean, pratical in the sense that I can ocassionaly have some milk in my tea.

Why don't you eat meat? Originally, it was because I am of the Vaish {Business people} class of the Deshi society. Now it is because certain wild animals are more in agreement with myself cause they can smell it on you. You know what you had for lunch, also when you poop it out they can smell it in the shit. I am sure that other wild animals are more in agreement with the meat eaters.

What do you eat? Mainly fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals, sugar, salt, spices, some milk, some cheeze, tofu, ocassional scrambled eggs and similar products.

What do you drink? Mainly water, fruit juices, smoothi, tea, coffee, ocassional cola, ocassional wine, ocassional champagne, rarely whisky.

What kind of woman can you go out with? I have dated women from many ethinicity and some are more compatible with myself than others. The vegetarian thing is a big thing for myself and 500 million people of the world. I am open to a woman that is a Herbivore or Omnivore. I think we would have a hard time if the woman was a Carnivore.

Why are you telling me {us} this? Because you are spending your free time reading this. You should go outside while the sun is still shineing and take a deep breath and relax and enjoy the day. If your supervisor does not allow that, then quit and find a new job. The world will help you to find a new job.

Torrance, CA

#20 Apr 18, 2012
Hello People of South Asia,

Please send 10,000,000 deshi people to North America.

Money Supply

Torrance, CA

#21 Apr 20, 2012
What do you think will work? I {We} think that a 90% reduction in the money supply is just what the doctor ordered.

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