Coyotes for sale: Let's stop state's ...

Coyotes for sale: Let's stop state's live-bait trade

There are 134 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Oct 22, 2007, titled Coyotes for sale: Let's stop state's live-bait trade. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

Our position: The state should ban trappers from selling coyotes to be used as live bait.

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Bear Interest Group - BIG

Amery, WI

#142 Oct 28, 2007
Standish McDultry wrote:
<quoted text>
omg there is a van out there, darn thought police.
Who is to say who is sub-human. You?.The Nazis claimed people with university degrees, good honest charitable loving people to be sub-human because of the ethnic group they had the missfortune of being born into. This is frightening rhetoric.
Bear Interest Group - BIG

Amery, WI

#143 Oct 28, 2007
cicero resident wrote:
To those that do not live with packs of coyotes in your living space you need to THANK your lucky stars. We have several packs of coyotes a night run past our family farm house. They are so hungry they will fight to eat one of their own if injured. You cannot stand outside at night without a gun in fear of being surrounded by these animals. We just shoot as many at night as we can, then bury what remains there is the next day or so.
Fist, there may be an overpopulation problem with coyotes in some places, but if not for the coyote, most farms would be overrun by rodents and all the crops would be eaten. So there would be another reason to complain. The coyote plays an important role in the rural ecosystem now that the wolves have all but been eradicated. Also, the scenario of using a live animal as bait in a hunting enclosure is one of cruelty. Something that humans can choose to do or not do..It is not a neccessary behavior, but for the pleasure of those few who feel that any bait animals is not a living thing just as much as their preciour hunting dogs. are...
Jill Forster

Clear Lake, WI

#144 Oct 30, 2007
This is my name and I am on to the American Money Game. That is what it is about. MONEY. What makes me sick is the next day a good proportion of these people will go to church and be good Christains. Some not.

It is all about the money and America has no right to push our way of life as better. Our nation is sick. The illness is greed.

I ask any woman who had been hit beaten or hurt by a man, or any young child, or even a man who has been set up and hurt, or used. How would you feel? If you support or act in this manner your abuse, well you learned nothing from it. Only to abuse another living being with a heart, feelings and a family in the woods.

Our country and people should be ashamed of our treatment of animals. Is it any wonder the violence in America is on a rize. We have lost our ability for compassion and common good sense in a century and why. Because those who practice this trapping are children in Adult bodys. I want my fun. I don't care who it hurts. I want to play. Bad chilred in Adult bodys.

This whole subject of trapping coyotes is an insult to my intellegence. It should be to anyone who has a brain and a heart.

Mr. Bush our leader is a very rich man. He got there by taking life's of others. Our men and women in service. They come back mentally and physically wounded. Changed. They did not make money. People were for the war. Now things change.

However it is an animal now. When will our people stand up and say, this is too out of wack. I hear it from many even in this area.

Our government kills goats, or wounds them so for training for action on the field of war, the goats get bandage and treatment so the men and women know how to help there wounded fellow fighter.

BOTTOM LINE. GET SMART AMERICA. Read up on coyotes and wolves and bears. Get smart. These animals have children familys and they do what nature intended them to do. Not what money intended. We could learn from them.

If you don't get it by now then I say you have no substance, no depth, no courage, and yojr an stupid. Read.

Mount Pleasant, SC

#145 Nov 7, 2007
this is soooooooooooooo mean i hate this just because they look vicious there sweet animals! jesse

Mount Pleasant, SC

#146 Nov 7, 2007
i love coyotes thre cute sweet animals i want wone for my own

Plainview, MN

#147 Dec 29, 2007
look up coyote attacks on humans you will find there are and have been attacks on children deaths have resulted, there also have been attacks on adults
some one says predatory isnt humane its nature cool
im in touch with nature then and those who dont arnt
so there thoughts dont really matter.

Florence, KY

#148 Mar 28, 2008
i think coyotes look cute to but they look even cutier as a full body mount on my wall
coyote man

Leedey, OK

#149 Sep 5, 2008
The only reason anyone should trap animals is if they are harming them or their animals.
coyote man

Pampa, TX

#150 Sep 13, 2008
Does anyone know where i can get a fox or coyote for a pet. If you do then please E-mail me at
coyote killa

Cleveland, OH

#151 Jan 3, 2009
if any of u animal activists would read up on the survival of coyotes u would find that coyotes are nearly impossible to be killed out. they will only produce the number of pups needed to keep the population in check. if we dont hunt coyotes they will overcome us just like the wolves are out west now.
get them with the hounds

Blair, WI

#152 Sep 24, 2009
I also like coyotes, they give my hounds lots of exercise. Bear and bobcats do the same. The coons usualy tree right away so I just shoot them and move on to the next.
Happy hunting
Patricia Randolph

Florence, AL

#153 Jul 4, 2010
Coyotes are demonized partially because they are so good at adapting to human cruelty and violence (of which we seem to have no end of variation - especially toward non-human animals).
If any alien looked down on this planet, they would say "What species is overpopulated, and causing endless grief and suffering to other species and the planet itself? Humans, of course. CULL THAT HERD AND HARVEST THOSE HUMANS." (After all, in "hunter" thinking, hunting the hunter would just strengthen the gene pool, and they would be fair game for any weapon even if they were totally unarmed...I mean - fair is fair.)
Coyotes are the direct relation to our beloved dogs. It seems that humans are so limited in their short-term thinking, that they cannot realize that all animals are JUST LIKE THEIR beloved pets - but they just don't know them. I guess the human criteria for letting any being live is whether it is useful to or known to a human. Gee - there is an intelligent test. People even take their children to petting zoos and pet the baby lambs, pigs, and cows and then go have a hamburger or chicken nuggets, or a pork sandwich. Talk about SPLIT brains!
I have lots of coyotes in my woods - they do not bother anyone at all on my 72 acres - and I have lived here 10 years.
And to the guy sho just shoots the coons who tree right away - this idiot is a real prime example of a hunter.(They always say it is for food.) 99.99% of the "hunting" going on is just cowards killing for the thrill of killing. Recreational killing is just an excuse for animal abuse - and there are plenty of cowards ready to do that. Cowards all...and mostly with a low IQ.
Sierra Gonzalez

New Braunfels, TX

#154 Jul 7, 2010
Coyotes play a valid role in the ecosystem. They eat many small animals that would be cause alot of problems to people. They do not EAT member of their pack. The pack is a tight knit family group that usually consists of parents and pups. They are adaptable and intelligent but frieghten easily enough. We have plenty of coyotes here and as long as you do not do anything to invite them to your property, like leaving trash unsecure or left over pet food on your porch. They will leave people alone. As far as live bate to train dogs... I can understand the concept of training with rabbits and stuff but these coyotes are members of the same family as the hunters! That's like letting soldiers practice shooting at their cousins.
trent hensley

Moore, TX

#155 Nov 4, 2012
i no that this is long but it is what i think but put your feet in the ranch onwers and the city peopl that dont have live stock i am 15 i have been a roud wild life sense i was born i get that some people dont want coyotes to be traped and taken for dogs to kill y people sit there and wach and thank it is funny i my self dont like animals to be shot and and put to the side to go to waist or go through pain but if we do not do somthing about them they will take over i seen one this morning right by my house and every night my dogs are chaising them in the brush but never had one of my dogs get bit or nothing and i always here them yelping and calling other coyotes so i will shoot one if i get a chanse to because i have alot of bird like animals like geese ducks pecocks chickens i love animals and dont like to kill them for no reasen but i cant have them killing my animals like just about 2hrs ago we pulled in to the yard and a bobcat ran out of the yard with a wild rabbit in its mouth but that wood also expain y i have had 3 ducks 3cats 2 guinees come up missing and one of my geese have been atacked and has bight marks on his neck but i think my dogs chaised him of before he kilt him and i have a cat that has bite marks on his neck and back but i think my dogs done the same and got to him befor he finshed him of but that is what i think and if you think something plz put a coment and put my name first that way i will no you are talking to me thank you

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