"The Navy" The worst thing you can do...
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Darby, PA

#2936 Feb 28, 2014
Mr Aleistar wrote:
I'm unable to pay for college now, and don't want to spend years working minimum wage so I can save money for it. I know that I want to be a writer and eventually write novels, so I wouldn't make a career of the navy. I just want a better job than fast food and money for college so I can live a better life than I am right now.
Anyway, is it not worth it? To join the navy to get money for school and to learn some skills too?
If you can find a job that is good. So far I've found very few that enjoy it.
LS2 Vincent

Seattle, WA

#2937 Mar 17, 2014
I got sent out in 2011 for PTS and would give anything to go back. Yeah S-8 on the Truman (for the most part) had a shit command (lousy leadership) but you can find that in any job. I got out and now work part time (been begging for full for almost two years now) at 10 bucks an hour. It's shitty outside of the navy. For the most part from the posts that I've read the people complaining are the ones that are still in and to them I'll say you really don't know what you have. All it is is hard work and that's easy. imagine doing the same work for shit pay and shit hours... that's life outside the navy. But as they say "the grass is always greener" and I honestly was the same way when I was on the ship (I hated it). Shore duty was straight though. Just ask anyone who is ex-military and they'll say the same thing (they did to me) "stay in as long as you can". It sucks out here trust me. If nothing else the money and benefits are awesome. Keep your heads up and push hard to your next command it'll get better, just don't quit.

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#2938 Mar 28, 2014
I have been reading through the threads and believe most responders are missing the main point.

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#2939 Mar 28, 2014
The military, especially the NAVY, is a horrific life for a teenage enlisted person. You will basically occupy the asshole end of the NAVY for @ 3 to 4 years. This is Not a movie, 3 to 4 years are dog years when you are a teenager. Don't join this bullshit, go to university, work hard, screw coeds, and get a STEM degree. Let the illegals, hoodrats, whatever join. I am not personally attacking the lifers, but the truth has to be said........

San Diego, CA

#2940 Apr 10, 2014
"Keep your heads up and push hard to your next command it'll get better, just don't quit. "

Exactly what every blowhard khaki and lifer tells me on this godforsaken ship......."It'll get better after deployment...it'll get better after INSURV...it'll get better after [insert bullshit evolution here]"...it's how those stupid lifers bamboozle you into reenlisting. I'm not going to reenlist and run the risk of being sent to another terrible command.

Charlotte, NC

#2941 Apr 16, 2014
Tyler wrote:
I just stumbled upon this topic while I was actually trying to find information about cross rating and I feel obligated to throw this little tid-bit in. I just finished my TAP (transition assistance program) class for those about to exit the NAVY. Wonderful information about the real world, but that's off subject. The instructor running the class was a civilian and she had us make a short list of our major stresses. Out of 30 people almost every single sailor from every different walk of life, and every different rate said that one of their major stresses was dealing with incompetent leaders. For every good one (because they do exist also) there are ten bad ones. I'm thoroughly disgruntled with the navy, haven't spent 4 and a half years aboard a sub with the most horrible micro managing, paranoid, close door policy, witch hunting captains anyone could imagine. This isn't why I'm leaving because I know the navy isn't one man. I just had a child and although I'm taking risks with this crappy job market, I'd rather risk it and come home to my family every night than spend 6 months where e-mail is the only contact with my family. I don't know how the married lifers ever did it...
I know you wrote this a while back but I wanted to comment on a few things. I went through TAP as well back in 99 and it was the same way back then. We had some a$$hole master chief stand in front of the class threatening to send everyone in the room back to their command if he hears one word from anybody while the instructor was doing their lecture. Overall the lectures were excellent. Adjusting to civilian life was very difficult for me and it took about six years for me to readjust. I loved my job in the Navy but I hated the moronic imbeciles I worked for. They were incompetent, incoherent, and raging alcoholics. Port visits were nothing more than bars and the red light district. I found it incredibly difficult to find a liberty partner that wanted to do things other than the whore house and bar scene. Even back in the 90's the economy sucks and jobs were hard to find. Jobs are easier to find now than they were back then so don't let that hold you back from getting out. Make the most of your time and learn as much as you can. Take advantage of the GI Bill and move on with your life.

Niceville, FL

#2942 Apr 27, 2014
After doing a search looking for a teammate, I somehow stumbled onto this page. I was hoping to read one post from a disgruntled sailor, coupled with a few additional posts offering advice or encouragement. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. I am proud to serve my nation as a sailor in the US Navy, but even more so, I am extremely thankful to be a part of a small community where opinions and posts like the ones I have read above are non-existent. It's great to work with highly motivated, intelligent, physically fit, and fearless sailors on a daily basis. To anyone reading this who is considering joining the US Navy, please do an extensive search of your options and make an informed decision after you consider what other options you may have….. and in the rare chance that you happen to be very smart, intuitive, fit, fearless, and motivated; give Navy EOD a call.

Montgomery, NY

#2944 May 1, 2014
You know when it gets better. When you get out.
Mr. LS2, the reason you're having such a hard time outside the navy is because you're useless as person and to the progress of the human race.

Montgomery, NY

#2945 May 1, 2014
Bob Saget wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeah, because what I said brands me as a moron. Try again, dude. Say something with a little more concrete definition and I might actually consider you more than a military drop out.
And you REALLY said "OUR real world".
That is just hilarious.
Well it's been quite some time since I've checked this out, and yes what you said brands you as a moron. A person of low intelligence and the inability to create you're own thoughts. Yes I did say OuR real world, because that sad excuse of a life you have in the Navy is a pathetic waste. I was, am and never will be a drop out. I did "my" time, but please stay in. Dear Jesus stay in. You will not move the world forward out here. You're one of those people that are a hindrance to progress.

Montgomery, NY

#2946 May 1, 2014
Guy303 wrote:
So this is how it is. As some said, the Navy is more of a cooperation than a military force now. That’s true, most of us can agree its playing itself like a business; worrying about “numbers” and trying to meet this-or-that requirement. Unfortunately the Navy is still the Military and hasn’t enough personnel that are competent enough to make it a business. It uses national pride, job security and travel as a marketing ploy to get these numbers they need. It claims to care about the quality of personnel it recruits but that’s obviously 1: Not true or 2: True BUT with lots of loop holes/exceptions. So that contaminates the pool of “good” people with “bad” people, at least by the Navy’s standard. Good or Bad, all either party needs to do is show up to work to keep their job. Doesn’t mean they need to do it, or be good at it, or have a desire to do it. So after a while you have all these senior sailors who know nothing and do nothing but have the authority to make people think otherwise. So that’s how we get the vast amount of stupid, lazy, socially inept, politically bias/naive, fat and over all, just bad people in the military. Despite what some you of say, you all know they exist. So when you have a nice batch of new sailors that a ready to bust their ass for what they were promised and they end up getting LITTLE to NONE of that...Yes they get pissed and disgruntled. They have the right to be. In the end they make a decision.“Do I stay and put up with this shit and become like them?” or “This shit isn’t for me, I’d rather go back to being a civilian” Typically it’s the second choice for those who can’t stand the vast amount of idiocy in the Navy. Simple! Not a hard concept. Refusing to accept the fact that these people have a legitimate reason to hate the Navy is asinine and—for a desire to sugar coat it with a less appropriate word—Ignorant.
For those who have been in the Navy (or military in general) more than 8 years and preach about how the woes of the people who hate the Navy, will be the same woes they cry when they are out...I’m sorry to break it to you guys but that’s not true. If you stayed in 2 terms than you honestly have NO CLUE what it takes to be a successful civilian at this point. You are being catered in a large portion of the aspect of adulthood. Normal people have constant threat of losing a lot in a little bit of time. Humility is a big reason why those people keep their jobs. They’re also constantly cognizant of their independence because it’s REAL. This doesn’t linger over the heads of most military personnel. I will also add that if you join at the age of 18 and are preaching this...than dear lord you have no idea what you’re talking about.
Corpsmen guy, your rate has a great reputation for having the kind of people I described above. Your type definitely isn’t the brightest ... when in all actuality they SHOULD be because people’s lives depend on you. But it isn’t your fault, nor is it any of theirs. It’s the fault of your employer because they set the standard for your job performance. So how about getting the fuck out their backs; Let them rant...because God knows if they spoke up about any oppositions they had than they would just end up getting screwed over. Personal opinions are suicide ...You know that. Another concept that is on a whole ‘nother line of severity in the military
The Navy fuckin’ sucks man...People deserve better! and as the hard headed, resilient Americans we are, we usually we usually strive for a greatness that the Military won’t let us have.
my friend wrote this while we were in. And new people thinking of joining reference this or any of guy303 or my old posts... they go back a while.

Chandler, AZ

#2947 Jun 20, 2014
So is the Navy shitty or what? I've heard good things and bad things, and I guess whether or not you'll enjoy it depends on the person. But one thing I can ask, that can't possibly be too biased, is...
How's the food?

Atmore, AL

#2948 Jul 2, 2014
Well, misery certainly loves company.
I see a lot of bitter and spiteful posts on this forum. People JUST DO NOT GET IT.
If you think the grass is greener in the outside world look at issues(sexual harassment, preferential treatment, unfair workloads) in BANK OF AMERICA, MAGELLAN, WALMART, MICROSOFT) some of these big name companies have HUGE issues and yet you never hear about them.
True you can just quit in those, but like some other people said it isn't hard to go to fleet and family and go sad panda out if you really wanted to get out and be a little bitch that way.
If the command climate is poor and you got bad leadership, STEP UP AND GO FOR THEIR POSITION. I DIDN'T LIKE MY WCS SO REPLACED HIM THEN EVENTUALLY BECAME LPO. I wasn't part of the "good ol' boy network" either. Never hung out with chain of command or any khaki and certainly never joined or did anything for that "First class petty officer association" yet made first in 4.5 years.
I changed some of the things at least on CVN71 especially some of the BS stuff like field day for time(waste of man hours) and instead focused on effective manner so they have more time for qualifications and actually learning something useful. Plus ensured my guys used Tuition assistance, USMAPS, and kept letters of recommendation.
I am sorry to hear you had a shitty chain of command/lack of leadership, but if you don't like the way things are they won't change unless someone does something about it.

Atmore, AL

#2949 Jul 2, 2014
Jay wrote:
So is the Navy shitty or what? I've heard good things and bad things, and I guess whether or not you'll enjoy it depends on the person. But one thing I can ask, that can't possibly be too biased, is...
How's the food?
Food depends on whether you got good or bad CS's (culinary specialists aka cooks) we had an amazing CS in the bake shop and her food was amazing.

on the Roosevelt, they would make omelets on certain days of the week with whatever you want in it for breakfast(which were pretty good).
Some days would be pizza and wings day (also good)
Lasagna was good and ribs were always a favorite.

Depends on ship and the cooks.

Of course the best days are when there is some big wig like when high ranking flag officers, MCPON or foreign officials would visit and then the food is really good.

Fairfield, CA

#2950 Jul 8, 2014
Well I've been out for about 3 months now. Best thing that's ever happened. I make twice as much as I did in, I have free time, and no more bullshit stupid orders I have to obey. Good luck all those that are still in. Hope your time is better then mine.

Helsinki, Finland

#2952 Aug 6, 2014
Hee... While drinking single malt i dream to join navy! But while waking up in my king size bed i am happy not in navy :D
Tom RyBek

Mellieha, Malta

#2953 Aug 7, 2014
Navy Wiffe wrote:
My Husband is in the Navy. There have been bad times and good times. He is an ET and the beginning was ROUGH. He is a hard worker and could not stand the people who complained and did nothing. Yes, he had his share of janitor work and did not enjoy it, but has worked his way up and I am proud to say he is a LDO. There have been many times when I myself have taken JR sailors to where ever they needed to be, had them over for a home cooked meal in place of ship food, etc. etc. The navy is what you make out of it. There is a starting point in every career. One just has to care and have enough pride in themselves and in their work to make it past that beginning stage to carry on. I am not going to lie and say it is great and easy. You put up with a lot and feel that you are not doing anything that you signed up for. After proving that you can make it past this there are rewards and plenty of oppurtunity if one wants it. The Navy isn't for everyone. Each person has to make that decesion for themselves. I am proud of what my husband does and you would be lucky to serve next to him, but just like many of the posters on here, somedays I think it is time to count our losses and get out.
I guess your husband had to lick asses and being a hipocrite to get his way up , i work very hard but still i'm a janitor after three years just because i choose to be who i am and not wearing a mask. I see a lot of people who get what they want because they wear a mask and after they're promoted you can see that they are so f***** Stupid. So that is why you start hating the navy just because i don't want to be an ass licker. Well in a way i feel good because although they become officers i feel that i'm better then them and good enough to be the General. The point is the navy is just like another job with Officers human beings pretending to be perfect robots more likely ( Hitlers ). I saw only few who really got promoted because he deserved it, its who's a pleaser and also luck matters. And if you open your mouth and complain about it you'll get hated and the same routine you get measured anger pain and in the end you hate the whole f***** army. In the end you quit and you start back from square one with a few years wasted. FTN.
peter jay

Hickory Hills, IL

#2955 Aug 11, 2014
SK2_SS-SW-AW wrote:
<quoted text>
Just the answer I expected from you. FYI...I wasn't an SK on the sub - Missile Technician, shippy. My watchstations aren't common fodder, and you probably would be bored by the semantics of securing & maintaining a strategic weapon system anyway. Nevertheless, Storekeepers do qual forward watches like helmsman/planesman. I was also qual'd aux electrician forward & topside sentry/POOD. Now, warfare pins - I take it you have none, hence your low opinion of their significance. Yes, I said significance not worth. Distinct difference. Whether you agree or not, the warfare pin is a time-tested model of professionalism - you qualify so you know about your vessel and how to operate & save it, if necessary. You must've missed that point. Submariners must qualify before ddoing anything else; they must prove to be experts of their craft as well as know submarine damage control so they might save the boat and crew if an emergency were to arise. As for doing "physical work"...well, who is it that orders all of the things you need aboard a ship? Who tracks that stuff? Who even knows how to get it and where to get it from? SK, maybe??? Who maintains those precious MAMs for your servers & modules? Who keeps the paper coming for all of your nifty color printers? How'd you get those nice printers in the first place? If you're a radio type, who is it that you go see when you have a CASREP and need to do an Urgent Material Screening to expedite your parts to keep your equipment from shittin' the bed? SK, perhaps? Shipmate, just trust that there is so much more to the Navy & world that you obviously have no clue about. Take chances, accept challenges, and keep it movin'! You sound ignorant like the rest of these clowns, whining about how awful the Navy is rather than taking the absolute initiative and inspiring some change. Study, put on khaki, and change what you can. Inspire a few more to do the same.
Shit, or get off the pot!
I would expect this from a boomer clown with enough downtime underway to qualify anything. Even as a MM2/SS I find your snotty attitude disparaging. Let someone feel the way they feel, chances are you lucked out somehow enough not to go through bad enough crap like diablo did, loser.
navy guy

United States

#2956 Aug 24, 2014
all of you are navy hating cock gobblers

Pompano Beach, FL

#2957 Sep 15, 2014
Despite proudly serving, I work at subway now because the Navy gave me no skills what so ever,(I can say as a positive that I'm going to college, but I could've done that regardless)

Just want to say thank you chief for not approving my chit to go to BUD/s because our ships deck division was short handed, I want to thank the recruiter who lied to me and told me to pick the rate of BM saying the rate I chose would fast track me to a chance at BUD/s since they weren't handing out Seal challenge contracts. What a F****** lie. I also want to thank my second command for not letting me cross rate to a different rate , despite getting an 84 on my asvab my job consisted of supervising people paint. My job was to literally watch paint dry. Thank you for giving me no marketable employment skills as a civilian. I literally WASTED 4 years of my life doing nothing, not even a deployment.

Pompano Beach, FL

#2958 Sep 15, 2014
Officers have their own area, Chiefs have the mess. There is no camaraderie.

The Higher ups always say "One team One fight" but that's a crock of shit, everyone covers their own ass, the senior enlisted and officers all do their own thing. Never in the 4 years I was in did my chief or CO come and sit down and eat with us or associate with us, to me that is failing leadership and sets a bad example for junior enlisted. They're good enough to lead us and preside over us but can't associate with us.

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