"The Navy" The worst thing you can do...

Suffolk, VA

#2915 Dec 8, 2013
New recruit wrote:
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I am a 29 year old female, new recruit and leave January 14th for basic and going in as HM active duty. I know I'm a bit older going in than most but I joined because I'm in love with the sciences and end goal is navy nurse corps and to serve my country. I feel strongly that this is where I belong. My grandfather was in the navy and a huge part of my decision to join. I am just shy of my AA and could apply for many of the science fields that are trained for in the navy. As I approach January 14 I'm starting to second guess as I read some of these forums. I haven't been able to find much on here positive. I really am excited to go and just wondering if anyone has any advice they could offer? Thank you guys for your service and I really do appreciate any info you might have to offer wether it be good or bad.
My advice for you, If you enjoy nursing do not join the navy. The
Navy will do nothing but make you hate what you love doing. most of the people above you either IDC or FMF are going to be nothing but giant dicks unless you are willing to give it up, which I've seen female sailors go that course just so they get less crap from the chain of command. Honestly.. I would recommend going with the civilian side of the medical field. The navy has changed a lot since your grandfather was in, most of it for the worse. Of course don't let biased opinions influence your decision. If you want to go navy and get a taste for how it is more power to you. Just be careful.
Another thing the recruiter won't mention is the amount of sexual assault that goes on behind closed doors in our countries "FINE NAVY".


#2916 Dec 13, 2013
Listen to Icarus, everything he is telling you is true.
Nuke et

Philadelphia, PA

#2917 Dec 16, 2013
Well I told you all I would update but there it's nothing new to report. It's been over two months waiting on processing paperwork while I sit and do what seems like absolutely nothing all day. If there is a Hell, the navy routes their paperwork. Im just tired of reliving every day with the people I used to work with all judging me like I'm crazy for wanting more for myself. I feel so fucking beat down that it's hard for me to even stand up to anything anymore.

Phoenix, AZ

#2918 Dec 18, 2013
Former Navy wife wrote:
I know what your feeling. my husband was in 10 years and sometimes it sucked, but sometimes its not that bad. many people said how stupid he was for getting out half way through his career. but it was a decision that had to be made only by him. If you hate it, okay, just remember that when your re-enlistment comes up. I wont say that the Navy was the greatest experience for him or I. We barely seen him during sea duty.
Now that he is out, its not all roses. you still have prick bosses and you are still at the bottom of the totum pole and have to work your ass off for respect. So, its not just the Navy or military in general that goes like that.
The one thing that we have learned is even though the military gave us alot to complain about, its no different then any other job. we used to complain about the pay, but now after getting out we realized that with him not having a full degree, he was actually making good money. Go to school, use your GI bill and get as much from this experience as you can. you dont want to be sitting by yourself in 30 years regretting spending so much time bitching when you could have done something better for yourself.
And I think calling all Navy wives fat and ugly is not only wrong but very ignorant. You will realize one day that love is love.treat other as you want to be treated. maybe thats why you are having such a bad experience, maybe your negativity is effecting the people you work with, which in turn is making your situation worse. negativity breeds and its hurts you worse then anyone else.
Well said

Clarksville, MD

#2919 Dec 23, 2013
whiter power- Heil Hitler
- Whiter Power

Since: May 10

Norcross, GA

#2920 Dec 25, 2013
graetness wrote:
the navy is great they protect the country

Naples, FL

#2921 Jan 1, 2014
***** I love you comments. I will like talk to you, encourage my child to be enroll en the Navy
I do not want be a looser in USA.
I know this note is past 4 years. maybe your are there.

Naples, FL

#2922 Jan 1, 2014
NavyLady wrote:
<quoted text>
Well said
hello Navylady, I love you comments, can you encourage my daughter I do no want her be a looser. Can you? Please.
Paper McClipperson

Silverdale, WA

#2923 Jan 8, 2014
"person" if your daughter joins the Navy, she will be a "looser!" There are plenty of great jobs out there in the civilian world, and better ways to see the world than inside a tin can!
AEAN former nuke

Newport News, VA

#2924 Jan 8, 2014
Well, I can understand most everyone's opinions on here. Its simple, the navy isn't for everyone. Just like not everyone makes a good customer service worker. If you feel you can make it in the navy then your first step is figuring out what job you want. Try to find someway to talk to those who actually do that job to be sure its what you want. And be sure you see if your ASVAB score will be high enough so you'll qualify. You can take practice tests online and at most recruiter offices. Don't be afraid to try something other than your first choice. You might just like it better. I got contracted nuke and ended up being switched to aviation electrician. I like it a lot more. I'm not stuck on a boat in the engine room but I do freeze my ass off in the bitter winter winds on the flight line. Its all about deciding what is a lesser evil to you. Boot camp is a tongue taste of navy life. It will give you an idea of how it feels to be deployed, be restricted to barracks or on a ship, and how important it is to be able to not necessarily be friends with everyone but at least get along. There is a lot of high school drama, but that's because there are so many who join right after they grad. I worked in civilian sector for 3 years before I joined and it has helped me immensely. A bit of job experience goes a long way. Also, keep in mind that each transition you go through gets closer and closer to the real navy way. Boot camp is a base for info you need to know like basic navy knowledge, how to act, speak, and interact with those of higher or lesser rank than yourself. Next is a-school. You learn the basics of your chosen rate and get a little bit of freedom to help get you closer to a complete transition from civilian life to navy life. Then you go to your first command. This is where everything should really start to cement and come together. Biggest lesson, never base everything on your first command. Try visiting others to see the good side and bad of each. And be prepared for good and bad people and good and bad workers. There will always be those you like and work well with but be prepared to work with people you don't get along with and/ or don't work well or pull their weight. So weigh your pros and cons before making the decision to sign yourself away for 4- 20. If you do decide to sign on the dotted line, just take it day by day. Navy life is like the weather. If you don't like it right now, just give it a moment, it will change. So enjoy the good days and just push through the ducky ones

Chatsworth, CA

#2926 Jan 17, 2014
hate the navy !!!

good for nothing at all .

Virginia Beach, VA

#2927 Jan 23, 2014
Ive been in 2 years only. an i must say this is the worst thing i could have ever did. I understand all u happy go lucki navy lovers dont want people to talk down on it but when moet of the navy leaves a bad taste, what can you expect. Im an engineer and ive found that some rates, ranks, and commands just treat their people different. Ive seen pregnant women held on ships in shipyards, 6 on 6 off watches with work days plus drills, and one of the most hard working MMs i know was made to stand watch for 2 ETT members and he still had to stand his own watch. Engeineers are hit so hard our department lost 8 girls 5 firemen to ententional pregnancy. other departments had maybe 3. And i got coursed out for not excepting a physical therapy appointment that still wasnt going to happen for another month.To those who made it into an understanding or cool command, more power to you, but i think that thumbs down would out weight the thumbs up. especially when the thumbs down are the thumbs that are doing work, not paperwork. And i know what you think ...that whole "I DID IT TOO. I DIDNT COME IN WITH AN ANCHOR THING." You dont have the same heart as others do, or you had a better command that cared. Mines doesnt and the other angry people didnt either. Let them vent on these websites. it was made for them to get out their anger and voice it. Dont be upset,its an oppinon.

Clayton, IN

#2928 Jan 27, 2014
hey I have just signed up for the navy as a swcc special forces I expect it to be the hardest thing that I have ever done and then sum but if you all hated the navy so much why didn't you do more research before enlisting ? I have an uncle who is 0-7 and a grandpa who is captain over seas now I find it an honor to serve I know it has its bad sides but if you look for it you will find it. I am young 23 and am proud to serve my country
Nuke et

Philadelphia, PA

#2929 Feb 4, 2014
mormonboy27 wrote:
hey I have just signed up for the navy as a swcc special forces I expect it to be the hardest thing that I have ever done and then sum but if you all hated the navy so much why didn't you do more research before enlisting ? I have an uncle who is 0-7 and a grandpa who is captain over seas now I find it an honor to serve I know it has its bad sides but if you look for it you will find it. I am young 23 and am proud to serve my country

Well Mormon boy, had exactly the same attitude as you coming in. I hope it works out for you I really do. However you are comparing your family of officers to enlisted experience and that is where a big difference lies. You see officers generally get some sort of say in the working in things. They never clean, never get deep into maintenance or things of that sort. Their time in the navy is completely different from that of enlisted. I'm sure you'll understand when you get there, but probably not since special forces is a completely different realm of the navy and doesn't operate at all like the rest of the navy.

Tokyo, Japan

#2930 Feb 5, 2014
I really hate it when people say "the navy isn't for everyone." Neither is being set on fire. It's just bad. End of story.

Chelsea, AL

#2931 Feb 7, 2014
The navy is the worst. Admirals need personal drivers to take them to dinner. Captains routinely fly off of ships to go have meals with their family's back home and leave their "shipmates" to eat the slop that has been rejected by California state prisons. Our newest aircraft carrier doesn't have working toilets. Sailors have to shit on top of shit. Feces over flows from toilets and into berthings. Most have given up and carry bottles around with them to piss in now. It's shameful and embarrassing, and will eventually lead to our financial downfall. 40 grand for a joy ride? Sure why not? Let's do it 10 times a day.
Nuke et

Philadelphia, PA

#2932 Feb 10, 2014
Halo wrote:
I really hate it when people say "the navy isn't for everyone." Neither is being set on fire. It's just bad. End of story.
Lol I feel like I'm the one who is crazy when I'm depressed about this shit, but I know I'll look back on it and realize everyone else is crazy

United States

#2933 Feb 22, 2014
No offence navy guys are players yes they are sweet and kind and very smart im proud for what they are doing for our country but never believe the sweet talk of a sailor I shuld kno :( .. plus they have one girl in every port and cant be faithful for shit only some of them but eventually theyll grow out of player stage

Pittsburgh, PA

#2934 Feb 23, 2014

Amazing its sucks and full of gays
Mr Aleistar

Denver, CO

#2935 Feb 26, 2014
I'm unable to pay for college now, and don't want to spend years working minimum wage so I can save money for it. I know that I want to be a writer and eventually write novels, so I wouldn't make a career of the navy. I just want a better job than fast food and money for college so I can live a better life than I am right now.

Anyway, is it not worth it? To join the navy to get money for school and to learn some skills too?

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