"The Navy" The worst thing you can do...

"The Navy" The worst thing you can do to yourself

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Navy Brat

Libertyville, IL

#4 Apr 27, 2006
Escuse me but you guys are really ignorant. For your information my father is in the Navy and he goes on those ships all the time. He gets sent over seas and has to go around the coasts where all the other militarys are. navy men and women are hard working you guys are ingrateful and deserve to be on the ships when and if they sink





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United States

#5 Apr 27, 2006
Navy Brat,I haven't got a clue as to what started this.Just sounds like a bunch of assanine school kids to me.Don't waste your time.I thank your Dad for his service.Be proud of him and thses idiots can get last.They dodn't realize it is because of the military they are free to be stupid.

United States

#7 Apr 28, 2006
Well n.h. my brother stayed in the navy 17 years and the only reason he got out was he had been shot.He joined the reserve when he was 17 yrs. old left for VN when he was 18, did 2 tours of duty there and has been just about everywhere.All this without 1 complaint.I know many that were and still are in the navy and not one of them come close to saying something so stupid.It is the military.What do you want steak?Well, the air force has the best food and living quarters,you should have went there if what you were looking for was better food and better living arangements.It's a ship,what you want your own room with jacuzzi&strawberries every morning.{that does sound good though}I know my son was in the army and when he first went in(at 18) he would call when he could wanting to come home.After boot camp he said it was the best thing that ever happened to him.He was deployed after 9\11 & when the Iraq war started.So sorry you are treated bad but get over it.
Jason Braver

Springfield, IL

#9 Apr 28, 2006
Obviously, you were only semi-literate when you joined, had an attitude problem to go with it, and disklike anything that isn't handed out to you or doesn't go your way. I AM in the Navy right now. I KNOW what it's like, and I KNOW what I'm talking about and I've seen my share of your type during my career. And you don't have a thing in the world going for you except your hatred and inherent need to blame the whole world for the problems you yourself created. The Navy can help you grow, but you have to be at a certain level of maturity when you go in. As I see it, the only mistake the Navy has made is in accepting you in the first place. I feel sorry for you, but then again---nah...you've brought it all on yourself. Good luck in whatever else you try in life. Perhaps someday you will figure it out.
Jason Braver





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United States

#12 Apr 28, 2006
Do you think they ill accept me N.H. I am over.......the hill but I would try my best.I did try to join the army wayyyyyback when but darn I was born with a problem and they wouldn't accept me.Why did you join something you hate so much.GOD help us.

United States

#14 Apr 28, 2006
Well said LTCMDR. I have never yet seen any Military Person that did not like to complain.I did when in the Army.
NH. Try to grow up.The man was only making an obersion.And he must have been right, because instead of answering his post, you had to start calling names and use abusive language.Which tells me you are wrong and you know it,and do not have the education or words to debate intellegently.
If you dont like it.Why dont you try to improve your self,gain rank,and then you will have it as good as you say they do.
But you would rather set around and piss and moan about poor me.
So I say to you,shape up or ship out,it was your choice to join,you have no body to blame but yourself.So go home to mommy and get your sugar tit.
Cause she is the only one who gives a shit.

United States

#16 Apr 28, 2006
navy hater wrote:
i didnt start calling him names, i just told him he was wrong. i realize all the nerds of the military will gang up on me here, but oh well. the military is full of lames and that is just the way it is. i can tell your a lame already. i garuntee that if you have a wife, she is fat and ugly. i would put money on it. but there is no way to find out so, oh well. but you and i both know it. and it is spelled LCDR. fucking idiots.
Is that the best you got junior?

United States

#18 Apr 28, 2006
Yes. I enjoy my life very much since I have learned to deal with my anger.I suggest you try it also.
Maby you can get some of your buddies to help you out on this.
Your ranting,raving and crying only amuses me.
Try again.

Flint, MI

#19 Apr 28, 2006
I have known plenty of people who joined up in the military. Some liked it; others hated the entire experience. It's called an opinion. No matter what anyone types here, you can't force someone to change their mind about it. I never joined the military- I was never silly enough to d that. But I'd say it's a bit misleading to claim that every single military man or woman is completely and totally happy with their choice in joining up. So, for everyone saying, "No one else is complaining" really is lying to themselves.

United States

#24 Apr 28, 2006
navy hater wrote:
thank you. some one with some sense finally. the military is not all its cracked up to be like in the movies. I am pissed at myself everyday for joining. one of the biggest mistakes of my life. but i signed a contract so i have to endure it. i have been in for about 3 and 1/2 years and it has only gotten worse. im just counting the days until my release. i even volunteered to go to iraq last week so that my time was just a little bit shorter. thats how bad it is. So HOOHAH, you can bite me. because you are just one of those superficial people that thinks you love it because its all you know. you need to find a life, quick.
<quoted text>
I have a life and a good one.I am not considered a military type.I volunteered for the draft and put in my 2 years.I didnt love it.However it was an experience I am glad I had.
Why would I want to bite you? You are doing a good job of biting yourself.You are like a mad dog, full of hate and disconet and and no way to express your feelings so you roll around on the ground and bite yourself.
As I said.Tell it to your Mom,cause he is the only one who cares. Hooah.
Greg Harrison

Ambler, PA

#28 May 1, 2006
navy hater wrote:
for both of your information, i am in the navy and it sucks. so get screwed, you can say all the crap you want, but it still doesnt change the fact the it sucks. they treat you like crap, the food sucks, and the pay is even worse. so dont say anything until you lived it, then you would agree with me. I guarantee you dad is not happy. he is probably miserable, especially if he is in great lakes right now.
The United States does not have a draft so that means you enlisted, sign a contract if you are not happy get out the navy has no need for anul orfice,s like you
I served 4 Years 1966 to 1970 its like any job it has its days. But you sound like a loser and wont make it in civilian life eather

Granite City, IL

#29 May 1, 2006
navy hater,
ur a freeckin wuss if u think the navy sux, my dad has been in the navy for over twenty yrs and hes had a tough time during so mainly bcuz of his race and right now he is in iraq
if u hate the navy so much y r u part?
ur a disgrace to all that intercollides with the military

Granite City, IL

#30 May 1, 2006
oh and he'z a chief petty officer...
and u r a???

United States

#33 May 1, 2006
Just fail 3 pt tests.Be prepared for some rough months ahead but that will get you home you should be brought up on treason charges,you are a puke.

United States

#34 May 2, 2006
Are you black?
navy hater wrote:
for both of your information, i am in the navy and it sucks. so get screwed, you can say all the crap you want, but it still doesnt change the fact the it sucks. they treat you like crap, the food sucks, and the pay is even worse. so dont say anything until you lived it, then you would agree with me. I garuntee you dad is not happy. he is probably miserable, especially if he is in great lakes right now.
Not Your Typical Liberal

Wichita Falls, TX

#37 May 2, 2006
Navy hater why did you join the Navy in the first place? Free college, I bet. And then you found out actually had to work for a living, didn't you? Maybe you should have done your research on all services before deciding which one to join. As a former military dependent, I think nowadays people join the service for the college money and that's it. Navy hater you seem to be one of those people. It's scary to think that you are protecting my freedom for the next six months.
Dr M

Riverbank, CA

#38 May 2, 2006
Navy hater......I know where you are at. Have one inlisted Son and one an officer.

The inlisted Son can not complain enough on how badly they are treated. The officer has opted for special services (Seals) because he can not take the politics. He is in the 3rd day of hell week and loves the fact that rank means nothing in this program.

Don't hang your head. American's are proud of our military.

I am grateful for the sacrifice you and other have made for our freedoms. It is not taken lightly by most of us.

Get your discharge and use the few benifits you have earned for service to your Country.
Former Navy wife

United States

#39 May 3, 2006
I know what your feeling. my husband was in 10 years and sometimes it sucked, but sometimes its not that bad. many people said how stupid he was for getting out half way through his career. but it was a decision that had to be made only by him. If you hate it, okay, just remember that when your re-enlistment comes up. I wont say that the Navy was the greatest experience for him or I. We barely seen him during sea duty.
Now that he is out, its not all roses. you still have prick bosses and you are still at the bottom of the totum pole and have to work your ass off for respect. So, its not just the Navy or military in general that goes like that.
The one thing that we have learned is even though the military gave us alot to complain about, its no different then any other job. we used to complain about the pay, but now after getting out we realized that with him not having a full degree, he was actually making good money. Go to school, use your GI bill and get as much from this experience as you can. you dont want to be sitting by yourself in 30 years regretting spending so much time bitching when you could have done something better for yourself.
And I think calling all Navy wives fat and ugly is not only wrong but very ignorant. You will realize one day that love is love.treat other as you want to be treated. maybe thats why you are having such a bad experience, maybe your negativity is effecting the people you work with, which in turn is making your situation worse. negativity breeds and its hurts you worse then anyone else.

United States

#40 May 3, 2006
I enlisted right out of high school during a time of recession. Couldn't find a job. Nearly went AWOL the first few months, but stuck it out. It wasn't all roses after that either, but saw 12 countries and several states during my two enlistments. Yes, I signed on again. Used my benefits to go to tech school and college.

Looking back on the experience, I think it was the best thing I ever did.. never did get over the sweet smell of salt air and still have a yen to go back to sea.

One thing I've learned in the years since my service time..... your life is what you make it, as is your job. For the past 15 years everyone around me thought I was nuts because I enjoyed my job..... life is too short to fill it with unnecessary stress and grief. Do your job, but leave it at work at the end of the day... military or civilian, it is mostly a matter of attitude. Come to understand that and life becomes so much more enjoyable.
Pokey Mon

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#41 May 3, 2006
I enlisted in the Navy in 1963. I was 17 years old. My Dad told me I had four choices, 1)Trade school, 2)College, 3)Marriage and a job, 4) The Service. I chose four. The Navy made a productive citizen outta me. Plus, it was the best six years of my life! I had a ball! I saw the world, drank good booze and met beautiful women! Then simply sailed away! I would recommend the Navy over all of the other Services, in particular the Army (unless you want to be a ground pounder). And remember, the Navy has produced the smallest number of casulties in Iraq, and Southewest Asia in general. So anchors away!!!

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