Why Presidential Candidates never speak about new ways, policies, or laws on how to Stop Child Sexual Abuse? They need to enforce the laws at hand and apply a stronger one.

In the State of Pennsylvania laws against child abuse are taken lightly, the perpetrators are better protected than the abused child. See the Sandusky so many children, lives ruined to protect the perpetrators and their image. Who speaks for the children, who stood up and put an end of so many years of pain, no one came forward until it was too late. Washington needs to apply a law to make it more difficult for Pedophiles and take a child's life more seriously help these innocent children. Pennsylvania has the inmunity law, and good faith, if the police beleived they act in good faith it was the best thing at the time they are protected. That needs to change because Monroe County Children and Youth and Pocono Regional police in Monroe County Pennsylvania care more about their image, auhtority and standing than a child in danger or abused. Pedophiles are given more respect, leadway, and opportunities where does that leave a scared, huirt innocent child ALONE with no protection. Washington needs to change that they need to force authorities and government agencies in Monroe County Pa, to protect the children and spek on behalf of the children. The perpetrators lost that privilage when they put their hands on an innocent child.