Illinois rethinks taking driver's lic...

Illinois rethinks taking driver's licenses for traffic tickets

There are 359 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Mar 6, 2008, titled Illinois rethinks taking driver's licenses for traffic tickets. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

As if the $125 ticket wasn't bad enough, Lauren Kamm's illegal left turn onto Ashland Avenue in Chicago earned her an extra surprise: Her driver's license was confiscated.

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Hastings On Hudson, NY

#362 Jul 31, 2008
hey i've got a question. Can an officer site a driver if the driver has parked at his residence and gone inside not knowing that he had committed any traffic violation?
This happened yesterday to my son.
Da Fuzz

Paso Robles, CA

#363 Aug 6, 2008
linda wrote:
hey i've got a question. Can an officer site a driver if the driver has parked at his residence and gone inside not knowing that he had committed any traffic violation?
This happened yesterday to my son.
The short answer is yes. Ideally he should have written him when he observed the violation. Sometimes you see a traffic violation, get a call, and can't make the stop. I usually let that little fishy get away.
CPD Need Hobbies

Woodridge, IL

#364 Aug 23, 2008
Who are these cops anyways? 60 credit hour holding, community college going people who want to feel "special" because they wear some stupid badge? PLEASE! It is as easy to become a Chicago cop as it is to get a job at McDonalds! A few laps around some university campus, attending "traninig school" where you don't even actually train but is more like a second high school where you goof off and finally graduate after like a year?...stop being lazy and go to a real college, earn a degree and educate yourself!
Hegewish Cop Trap

Woodridge, IL

#365 Aug 23, 2008
Beware of the cop trap on 130th St. going towards Torrence Ave.(coming off the I-90 expressway near the Ford Plant!) Go 35 MPH! Them bitches will get you!
Chicago driver

Cedar Lake, IN

#366 Sep 23, 2008
I just got a ticket yesterday for "disobey solid red signal". I was turning left onto Fullerton from Lincoln Ave heading West. I was in the intersection when the light was green and completed my turn after it went red. The cop pulled me over and said I ran a red light. I looked it up and it clearly states that if you are in the intersection when the light is green to make a left turn you may finish your turn even if the light turns red...I have to go to court on Oct. 23 and deal with this crap now. Funny how close we are to the end of the month...
Carl from chicago

Lisle, IL

#367 Oct 17, 2008
I am new here in chicago and just got stopped, the cop took my license away, i thought she had forgotten to give it back and I was actually looking for a police department phone# here on the net. I am really impressed by the stupidity of this law. its really amazing, I just cant believe it...


#368 Jan 27, 2009
As was already noted.. for those who seem to be so conscious of traveling burdens from lack of ID should 1) have a readily available bond card, 2)already have another state photo ID, or 3) not back down from wanting to put up a $75 cash bond, (YES we don't mind following you to a cssh station for it). Certain offenses: DUI, operating without insurance, misdemeanor offenses, don't allow the discretion of not taking a driver's license. Responsible driving means taking more precaution than just looking in your rear view as you pull out.

Moline, IL

#369 Feb 9, 2009
i got my license taken from me because my license plate light went out.
Downstate Resident

Decatur, IL

#370 Mar 1, 2009
In response to one of the comments, I live south of Kankakee, and my licence got taken, anyway. You don't get to keep your licence just because you're further away from Chicago. I, too, thought the Cop had kept it by accident, I didn't realize he was more or less required to do so.

Here's my problem with insisting on the I-Bond or some other tactics: it doesn't help the unsuspecting tax-paying citizens of Illinois that will get inconvenienced in this manner, the ones who DONT know that they have any options other than surrendering their licence, and that's if the cop even bothers to tell us he's keeping it. These people constitute the majority of Illinoisans, as I bet most folks don't know what kind of rude awakening they're in for if they get pulled over.

In support of your fellow citizens, if you have time at a traffic stop, you SHOULD bog down the system by insisting on the bond. Tell all your friends and relatives so the potential pool of people doing this increases. In my job as an Engineer and in my day to day life, I can tell you that no one ever made a change because a small minority of people whined. You must take action in your own way; in a way that makes them feel the bite in their wallet. Of course, when they fix it, they'll say they're doing it for the citizens to make our lives easier, with no mention about how much it suddenly started costing them. In the interests of full disclosure, I should mention that the way this could backfire is them raising taxes to deal with the increased costs or taking money that could have gone towards other endeavors that we may or may not find valuable.

For me, I shall call about substituting a cash bond for my licence, meaning I'll have to attempt to track down the cop and ask if he'll prety please forward my licence to the city clerk since I'm travelling in two days. So now I have to kiss his a.s.s. Even though my real instinct is to yell at him for shoving a thing up my you know what in this manner. I know, I know, he's just doing his job! Of course, if they can produce licence quick enough, I'll march to the DMV and ask for a replacement. This would ordinarily be my first choice but theyre closed on Monday.

PS: Another way IL is backwards is that Georgia where I lived has been able to look up insurance info using the cop computers since probably before 2005. IL still relies on a piece of paper even though a) I could have cancelled the darn thing for a refund two minutes after it arrived in the mail OR b) I haven't even had to look at the paper documentation, let alone remembered to put it in my car cos it's 2009 and I paid it online. Yep, I f'ed up by not complying with the law as currently written, but why are Illinois civil servants sitting on their asses instead of using our taxes to help and upgrade us?

Don't buy the junk about 2.4 mil. It's been years and anyone who has to make purchases of 1/100th of that magnitude knows that a) technology especially computer-related gets cheaper as time goes on, or worst case, b) you get WAY more bang for the same amount of money.

The talk about people not showing up for court because they got to keep their licence is also bogus as heck. Just ask, HTH are the other states handling it? You mean to tell me we're the only ones doing it right? We don't live on an island, you know! There is nothing wrong with learnig from our brothers and sisters who run other states!
Downstate Resident

Decatur, IL

#371 Mar 1, 2009
Just to clarify my statement about I-bond, I'm in favor of whichever method takes the most amount of time and causes the most inconvenience to the PD. if the I-bond let's you off on the spot, if you have the time, in wish world I would much rather see you insist on the cashbond with no mention of I-bond. And certainly don't let them take your licence because you have a backup state ID. Just my preference, anyway. You're the ones that'll know what you can afford to do when the time comes.

If they stop allowing us to post a cash bond at the police station, we can easily win a complaint on that issue.

United States

#372 Nov 12, 2009
I had my license taken (even though I asked explicitly if there was anything I could do/pay to keep it) for not moving into the left lane on the highway, where a car was pulled over on the shoulder. Now I have to wait 6 weeks for my court date, and drive back to a location 200 miles from home. In the meantime, I will get a State ID for travel and buying Sudafed, but does anyone know how how to rent a car without a license (esp. in another State, where they are unfamiliar with the IL law)???

Sandy, TX

#373 May 12, 2010
So I moved out of CHicago and live in Austin now. I am going to Chicago this weekend, do you know if these idiots will take my out of state license if pulled over and ticketed?

Sandy, TX

#374 May 12, 2010
Chicago wrote:
I had my license taken (even though I asked explicitly if there was anything I could do/pay to keep it) for not moving into the left lane on the highway, where a car was pulled over on the shoulder. Now I have to wait 6 weeks for my court date, and drive back to a location 200 miles from home. In the meantime, I will get a State ID for travel and buying Sudafed, but does anyone know how how to rent a car without a license (esp. in another State, where they are unfamiliar with the IL law)???
I once went to San Diego and had a paid reservation but couldn't get the rental because I had a ticket...they never heard of such a thing when I tried to explain. Illinois is a very strange state.

Since: Dec 09

Bolingbrook, IL

#375 May 12, 2010
This is just a tip that has worked for me, its something I found out by accident one day when I did not have my license with me......

When you get pulled over of course the cop asks for your license, well one time I said "I dont have it on me" and the cop asks "you dont have it on you OR you dont have one ??" So I said "I just dont have it on me" So you can see right away the cop is focusing in thinking he just caught someone without a license...then he asks for SS#, name, address, etc. and goes back to his car....5 minutes later he comes back and says "everything checks out but did you know I can take you to jail for not having your license on you??" and I say "nooo I did not know that, I just had it in my other wallet" then the cop says "well since everything checks out you get a warning today, make sure you drive with your license at all times" and I say "thank you sir" and drive off.

I never got pulled over for anything crazy, nothing more than 10mph or so over the limit, headlight out,one time the classic "it was yellow sir" on a red light...4 or 5 times I have been pulled over and said I dont have it on me and each time I have been let go...just act polite and dont be stupid. I dont know if they let me go because I dont have the license to forfeit or if they are happy to find out I do actually have a valid license. I always keep my license in my console just in case...

Crystal Lake, IL

#376 Jul 6, 2010
i recently got a speeding ticket, the officer first claimed i was going 40 then when i said i am pretty sure i was going 30 when i checked my speedometer he then said "well the speed limit IS 25" and walked away to go write me a ticket.. not to mention after agreeing i was going 30, he wrote on my ticket i was going 40....he also took my license.

i am definitely pleading not guilty to his lying ass.
Lost Mine FEB 2013

Sparta, MI

#378 Feb 5, 2013
Rethiking must have stopped. Evidently this still isn't a big enough deal for the legislature to resolve! 5 years after this article and nothing has changed! Yes, I made a mistake but this makes little sense if any with technology available.
barf on government

Nashua, NH

#379 Feb 12, 2013
Drivers license ?

You don't need no stinking drivers license !
just steal a car and yer off & running ( drugs guns or what ever )

In the hood we don't need no stinking gun permits we just buy guns, shoot kill and wound anyone any where every day and nothing happens. We so bad the cops don't even come here.
(or maybe then don't know where we are, but everyone else in the city knows where to get hooked up)

we don't even bother to pick up our brass and nothing happens to us. But don't be critical of us remember it is hard to pick up your brass when yer driving away from the scene at 35 MPH in the hood.

we sell drugs everyday, every night, 24 7 and we make a lot bread Fred with no licenses no taxes no nothing, cause nothing happens in da hood.

Girls? yea we sell them no taxes no permits no nothing but profit.

We recently have opened a new business venture the Storm door repair business.

a side line that sprang out of a need to repair all those storm doors, windows we damage during our drive by shooting rampages , and business has been great, no taxes, no permits just lots of profits because of the excessively high rates we charge.
( over charging people we learned that trick from city government we can charge anything and people pay it.
( cause people on the south side are dumb and just go along to get along)

Brought to you by:

& Local 17 3/16 of the storm door repairman union
so Chicago chapter.

Our motto " we are so good so greedy we get paid overtime to answer the phone & take your call for help or we don't answer your call.

Elmwood Park, IL

#380 Mar 21, 2013
the cop fulled me over yesterday he said i was beating the red solid light . but when i got home to check my ticket my ticket said is failure to stop on the stop sign? and i know there is no stop sign on that street only traffic lights. should i contest it?

Detroit, MI

#381 Jun 10, 2014
Best case scenario: Tell Em You Forgot Your License At Home. Can't take away what you don't have.

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