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Donald Tenn

United States

#21 Jan 8, 2009
Continued PART 2

Of course after my initial ordeal where I was forced to combat Shannon's false allegations for 15 months was over, I did receive a California Court order and judge signed order for visitation with my Daughter Madison. Certainly that was enforced by the police right? Wrong! They tried but not only were they met with Shannon further interfering with visitation but enter that nasty, corrupt VAWA again. Yes VAWA.

The way VAWA operates is that it's a blank check for anyone who can report back and say, MAN BAD, woman good. Well of course law enforcement is very well aware of this and they actually receive VAWA dollars training them to say just that... MAN BAD, woman good. That's why when a woman beats a man bloody, the man goes to jail, for VAWA dollars!

Well, Moultrie County States Attorney Marvin Hanson wants some of those VAWA dollars and a pat on the back from this organization so, instead of enforcing the California Court Judge signed order, he told the police to no longer assist Mr. Tenn in his efforts to visit with his daughter.

This is where Marvin Hanson became guilty of Visitation Interference and Child Abuse by furthering the Parental Alienation that my daughter Madison had been subjected to for 15 months at that time.

Marvin Hanson was not done, in order for him to get those VAWA dollars he had to say, MAN BAD, woman good. Well, get this! He contacted the California State court and asked if there was a restraining order which he could enforce in Illinois and have me arrested!

Another 18 months have passed since these crimes were committed against my daughter Madison and myself. I recently returned to Illinois in an effort to visit with my Madison and give her some Christmas gifts, Nobody knows where she is or if she has met the same unfortunate fate as poor little Caylee Anthony, whose Mother kiiled her and dumped her body in the bushes.

I traveled to Sullivan, Illinois twice in an effort to meet with Judge Flannel to give him Madison's Christmas gifts, he was never in. I tried giving the gifts to Marvin Hanson so that he could give them to my daughter Madison. Unfortunately, I am not with DOVE and I have no VAWA dollars so my efforts to communicate with Marvin Hanson were ignored.

There you have it, that is why I am willing to talk with the Illinois Governor, State's Attorney General, Department of Justice, FBI, whoever.

There is no shame in my game as I have done no wrong. I was a stay at home daddy that loved and cared for his daughter each and every day all day before Shannon Phillips abducted OUR daughter Madison.

Now that this story is out there for everybody to read, how much longer do you think I have to live? If I am not arrested on some bogus charge and mysteriously die in an Illinois jail? I will probably die of a shot gun blast to the back of the head. Either way, the coroners report will call it a self inflicted wound. At least you know the truth!

Madison, your daddy loves you very much, all day every day.

Donald Tenn
Curtis Halfson

Park Forest, IL

#22 Jan 11, 2009
I've seen you all over the news if this is really you. Holy crap! I'll check the f4j.us site to see if this is you and I'll write you from there and give you my humber so we can do something. I'm new to this and haven't taken action like that other guy said but I have been going through the same things for years and want to change it.

Buncombe, IL

#24 Feb 19, 2009
My social worker decided it was good idea to sleep with her clients, and I'm sorry to say I was one of them. But she is definately a predator and hit me up at my weakest point, after my kids' mother died. She cheated on her husband and didn't even sweat about it. She made threats to "rig" urine sample results if I ever told anyone about us. Well she did anyway before I even told anyone. She seemed so nice and seemed like she was a true advocate for my boys and I, but I was mistaken. That's just the tip of the iceburg. I really need help and a better lawyer. Not one that feels obligated to the court.

They should fear change

Montrose, CA

#25 Mar 23, 2009
jen wrote:
My sister works 4 dcfs and shes rich from taking kids in illinois
what do u mean she is rich

Since: Mar 09

Montrose, CA

#26 Mar 23, 2009
FATTY wrote:
<quoted text>
what do u mean she is rich
is there anyway you can contact me so we can talk about this. at we.rfamily08yahoo.com

Farmington, MO

#28 May 10, 2009
My Grandaughter was born on March 20,2009.My daughter had taken drugs til she found out she was 2 months along, she did really well until Jan.2009,She took a half a morphine pill ,and went to coucling to get help. Well the hospital reported her being possitive for meth when my Grandbaby was born. She hasn't done meth since she was 15. So dcfs came and told her they were taking the baby into custody as her test was sent to special lab along with the baby's and if it came back negative she wouldget her baby back. Well both hers and the baby's came back negative ,and they wouldn't give her baby back or let me have her. They placed her with a lady that is wanting to adopt an infant female.I found out the foster parents are related to the baby's attorney. We need help bad getting our baby back.The system is very crooked here in Olney,il.


#29 May 12, 2009
To Whom It May Concern: I hope that this information make the desk of someone who cares and can help my family. My wife and I took in my Cousins Child at the age of 3 months and we did this out of the love for the child. We were told by Aunt Martha’s (DCF) that we were not going to get that much help but we will get something. Well to this date we have not got any help; we have got a Son that we love as if he was from us. And that how we have treated him. I have been place in Jail twice and have had my life turn upside down. We have got too the point that we have had to use our savings fighting Aunt Martha’s (DCF) and the system that they have brought into our lives. I believe that one or both of these Cook County sheriff's officer have or still do have some type of relationship with the child mother or someone at the group home that she lives at. I have written letter and made call to ever person that I can think of and have been told over and over it nothing that they can do. We took on the job of caring for the child with only one goal in it; and that was to give him a home and family that loves him since his mom did not want him or could she care for him. And we did not want him to be another young black man place in the child welfare system. I Can talk to anyone that want to talk too me and go into what been going on more in-depth then what I have fax and email. I can not fight DCF and the Cook County Police officer by my self and if for some reason my life is taking on a dark road, or my ID is found at some murder or something happen to my family I want to make sure that a paper trail is left. You might say that I'm over blowing this, however when I was place into the police car and driving down that back road with the officer who told me that he was getting me back for what I have done to the baby mother then I saw my kids growing up with out seeing there father anymore I saw my wife being with out a husband.


#30 May 12, 2009
I can be reach at [email protected]

Bismarck, ND

#32 Feb 28, 2010
The biggest drain on our economy is in the mismanagement and miss appropriated funds going into State Child Protection Services. With $70,000 to $140,000 a year jobs for the top guns of the state agency, and $100,000 C.A.P.T.A. funds available annually per child, is it any surprise that the administrative hearings adjudicating children dependent wards of the state do not require evidence of need to do so? After acquiring the number of children necessary to justify the budget required to operate on large enough scale to retain workers to keep the grants flowing, there enters the problem of silencing the children who want to go home. That is where the pharmaceutical companies step in. Utilizing expensive toxins, that disable the children and cause disastrous physiological changes to the human body, DCFS routinely punishes the children [no matter what the age] that do not readily submit to the program. The cost? In addition to ruined human potential, we have increased spending from Medicaid for "medications" that do not meet advertised expectations, and more prisons for all the dysfunctional adults the State is turning out. If Obama would do one great act as President of America, the greatest thing he could do is eliminate Dependency Hearings in Juvenile Court,(when a real case of abuse or neglect occurs it is prosecuted in Criminal Court) take away Psychiatry's license to practice Medicine, and cut federal grants to the states to limit the states to honest work.

Cleveland, OH

#33 Mar 29, 2010
please help...we have a developmentally challanged daughter, that also has behavior issues...they had us sign a 30 voluntary agreement, and now ohio dcfs is fighting for temp custody...they say not abuse or neglect, but dependency...at no fault of our own...court this thurs, shes been gone 30 days, and they still have gave me no visitation plan!!! she is 16, and does want to come home!!!e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any suggestions...

Elk Grove, CA

#34 Jun 9, 2010
Tired of VAWA

My son's ex got a restraining order against him, no shock there. A little history on mom: three removals for abuse in Sacramento county, one possible removal in Placer county. has convictions for arson and insurance fraud, transporting a controlled substance (meth), six failed drug tests resulting in her being sent to rehab while pregnant- subsequently kicked out of rehab when she failed a drug test after being allowed to go to her mothers funeral. Has taken out or attempted to take out 6 restraining orders for domestic violence.

Hates me (paternal grandmother) as I tried to keep CPS from returning my grandaughter after last removal. Most of her family court hearings continuing to deprive my son of visitation usually are against me, not him. She promises him that he can have unlimited access if he moves out of my home and never lets me see my grand daughter.

My son violated his curt order Sunday by going out to the lake with her, her new boyfriend (who has a felony record for domestic violence and drugs) the new babysitter (who has several felony convictions - one as late as 2009 for selling meth. He came back high. So they were all out at the lake doing drugs, with the kids there.

I am tired of Sacramento county CPS not doing anything, want a good read? Search that lovely agency.

I am seriously considering taking a page from mommy's book and trying to use VAWA to my advantage and get a DV restraining order on her to protect my granddaughter! Anyone else tried that?
My Turn

New Lenox, IL

#35 Jun 29, 2010
We just had our children removed from our home 7 weeks ago. Our daughter (2) climbed out of her crib and broke her arm. We took her to the ER and followed up with a pediatric orthopedic doctor the next day. 5 days later a DCFS worker and two police officers were at our door saying we needed to turn the children over to protective custody or submit to a safety plan. Our 2 year old could only be with a relative who had not seen her in 6 to 7 months. We would NEVER hurt our children and have been miserable without our kids. It is so hard on the family. The police, and will county states attorney's office closed their investigation within 2 weeks. What gives DCFS the right to do what they have done?? Any help we can give/recieve to get our story out there would be appreciated.

[email protected]

Erie, PA

#36 Jul 16, 2010
Jason wrote:
Hi, my name is Jason and I'm looking hard for people in Illinois that want to expose and clean up the family court system. Whether your issues are with a judge, a bad lawyer, DCFS, VAWA/ridiculous orders of protection, etc., etc. please contact me on myspace.
I am looking for people to rally, protest, have meet ups, do recruiting, court watching and court reporting, meeting with legislators and MUCH more.
TOGETHER is the only way that we can solve the problems that family court system causes but I haven't come across many people in IL. that want to do more than complain and play on the internet.
If you want to be a part of the solution please conact me on myspace myspace.com/charlie_the_tuna9000 or if you don't have a myspace you can reach me at [email protected]
In the meant time check out my favorite talk show Get Off The Bench attalkshoe.com . The archives are there for free and when the show is on youcan call in with questions. They address everything with solutions, not just saying what the problem is. Also please visit www.f4j.us
I am working on planning rallies outside of Will County and other county courthouses and I want YOUR stories to be heard. If enough people end up there I will have the media show up with no problem so that YOU can tell your story and so that we can expose what is really going on with the system. If you want to participate in anything that I have mentioned please contact me.
my name is landa i live in canton ohio Im fighting for my 2 kids we have to stop cps & family court u can contact me on face book or u can e-mail me [email protected]

Erie, PA

#37 Jul 16, 2010
Chris wrote:
I just ran in to your thread and couldn't agree more. We need to get people involved. I have seen my friends and family members get screwed by the system over and over again. One judge actually threatened to throw my friend in jail because he made a statement in court that he wanted to see his children.
my name is landa i live in start county ohio we have to stop cps & family court u can e-mail me [email protected]

Addison, IL

#38 Dec 24, 2010
I am a single mother of a 16 month old baby girl. I accept full responsibility for making a poor choice in the care of my ddaughter. I recieve no assistance from her father nor the state. When my daughter was 9 months old she was taken from me. I had a live-in boyfriend who helped occasionally with watching of my daughter. When I stepped out for errands one morning I came back to my daughter having a broken arm. She was immediately taken to the dr for an x-ray. 4 days later she was removed from my care while we were still at the hospital. After spending 4 days in the hospital I came out miserable and immediately got a restraining order on the bf. I have no drug habits. I am a hardworking independent young girl who would never intentionally put my daughter in harms way. Poor judgment on my part. Absolutely. 9 months later, I see my baby girl once a week for 2 hours at a time. I missed her first step, her first words, her first tooth, her first daycare, her first birthdate. I can not even begin to explain the emptiness I feel without my baby. I fought her father on keeping her. To me she was a miracle. We survived a complicated birth. We survived her father abusing me during the pregnancy. We survived, all to miss all her firsts. There is still no talk about when she'll be returned. All the while I get more and more depressed. I began drinking. I began not caring about anything but the day I see her. She is the only thing I truely have interest in anymore. In court I get spoken to like I'm a horrible person, my mothers personal problems are brought up, I recently failed a drug test due to a positive show of amphetamines that when looked into were actually solely due to taking Claritin-D. When the drug test showed up positive I was ridiculed in court and told that I was a liar. I can not afford a lawyer, I can hardly afford a 1 bedroom apt in one of the worst areas in Chicagoland. I've been told that if I don't get a lawyer theres a chance shell be put up for adoption. Needless to say the stars in my sky have fallen.
very upset

Brazil, IN

#39 Jan 14, 2011
the dcfs system in olney il sucks.they removed my children from my home.they were called on us for apparently making meth.which was not true.and when they couldnt find anything against us they said it was for fighting in front of the kids.thats bullshit.i had already moved out and left there dad 2 months before this.i had my children in a safe enviroment.JARED THOMPSON was the case worker.i think he was obsessed with me or something he was always at my house and telling me my kids couldnt go to there dads side of family for holidays unless he {jared} went with us.i did everything they wanted me to do.i even quit talking to there dad.then there dad came to my mothers house and threatened her boyfriend they removed my kids from me saying i couldnt keep them safe.my children were not here when it happened and the cops were called.but i still lost my kids for 3 months over this.but i fought back and won i got my kids and have filed a lawsuit against dcfs for harrassment and not having reason to remove my kids.they were not EVER abused or harmed while in my custody.and the person they placed my kids with was the dirtyest person i ever seen.my 2yr old fell off the kitchen table and had to get stitches in her head.BUT THEY WERE ABUSED WITH ME.well anyway i got them back and this nightmare is over with dcfs.i think they need to investigate all the dopeheads that dont take care of their kids and dont have heat or food.and leave the ones that r trying to b good parents alone.they pick on the wrong people.i guess if we were all dopeheads living off of welfare we would b safe and not have to worry about losing our kids.i think JARED THOMPSON should be FIRED.he is worthless.he also did the same thing to other one of my friends.he makes up stuff just so he can take your kids.thats more money in his pocket the more kids he removes from their homes.
very upset n lville ill

Brazil, IN

#40 Jan 14, 2011
because of all the crap dcfs was putting us thru my boyfriend tried to commit suicide.one reason being that JARED THOMPSON told him no matter what he did he would never be able to be with me or his kids again.i thought dcfs was suppose to keep familys together?well not around here they do everything they can to keep you apart.my kids dad didnt even get visitations with them when they were n foster care.that is not fair esp for my son.he spent every waking hour with his dad then dcfs took him away from all of us they wouldnt even place them with family.they moved them to effingham first then to robinson.they destroyed my sons life.he failed the 4th grade and before all of this was a staight A student.so someone PLEASE tell me how dcfs helps?i think they just ruin your life.maybe if someone put them and their family thru what they do to people they would STOP treating people so bad and have some compassion.its all about money n their pockets.they should all be fired.
Trying to help

United States

#41 Jan 14, 2011
Here’s some websites that might help someone.

Contact this guy and see if he can help in anyway.

Here’s where you turn a bad lawyer

Turn where you turn in a bad judge

Whistle Blowers laws website Illinois

FBI office (Chicago IL)

Department of justice

American civil liberties union

Illinois General Assembly ( laws of Illinois)

Lisa Madigan’s office (how to use the Freedom of Information Act)

Illinois State Police
Help here

United States

#42 Jan 14, 2011
You might think about joining the Illinois Militia. This would be the best way to go about getting your points across. It’s all legal to belong to a militia, or form militias in the United States. The more members in the Illinois militia the more they will take notice to your views and might change things in legislation, but it needs lots of members to do this.

Illinois Militia website


Lancaster, PA

#43 Mar 10, 2011
ndspeagle wrote:
My Grandaughter was born on March 20,2009.My daughter had taken drugs til she found out she was 2 months along, she did really well until Jan.2009,She took a half a morphine pill ,and went to coucling to get help. Well the hospital reported her being possitive for meth when my Grandbaby was born. She hasn't done meth since she was 15. So dcfs came and told her they were taking the baby into custody as her test was sent to special lab along with the baby's and if it came back negative she wouldget her baby back. Well both hers and the baby's came back negative ,and they wouldn't give her baby back or let me have her. They placed her with a lady that is wanting to adopt an infant female.I found out the foster parents are related to the baby's attorney. We need help bad getting our baby back.The system is very crooked here in Olney,il.
Yes, because your Daughter did meth and other drugs pregnant and before. People like your daughter make it bad for innocent mothers who have never done drugs. She does not need custody as long as she has a drug problem. If she couldn't give up drugs for her baby, she never will. Even if she didn't know she was pregnant at the time, it doesn't matter, she should not have been doing drugs at all.
I don't know why your daughter is on drugs/or did drugs, but because of the statement you just made, It could be used against you if you wanted custody of your granddaughter. It takes a long time for someone to recover from drug addiction, and her mental state of mind is being used against her the reason she does not have her baby back. I don't mean to be so hard on you "Grandma" but, you really need to analyze the situation. Do I think it's right that they placed your grandbaby with total strangers? No, I am pro-family. Try and get a relative or close long time trusted friend of the family to apply for custody of her. That you know would be capable of being her legal guardian, that way you will be able to see your grandchild.

Yes I agree IL has a very corrupt system. On of the DCFS workers tried flirting with my husband directly in front of me,and wanted my baby, because shes mixed race, meaning she could be adopted out and placed with any family. But it didn't work, I have my baby and I continue to fight the battle with dcfs

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