Morris, IL

#103 Aug 6, 2013
theleosme wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree! My boyfriend and I live 4 hours apart, both in Illinois. We've been noticing this for the last year or so. Lots of scratch tickets, no winners. Not even the free ticket winners. I think the state has some explaining to do....

Champaign, IL

#104 Aug 10, 2013
The gas station clerk in my town told me today to expect a change in Illinois pick 3 and pick 4 in the next 1 month. Both games will be tweaked to introduce more expensive options
a concerned citizen

United States

#105 Aug 25, 2013
I've bought 12 of those 20x or 5x or2x and there was 1 i do mean one winner of $10 they don"t put any winners In the black area. This is a known fact there really needs to investigate this matter!!!!!!!!!!

Chicago, IL

#106 Sep 30, 2013
The Illinois lottery is spamming people with this fire ball stuff. They say the game is one way and without notice they change it. They don't let you no the rule change. The lottery is all about taking your money. You suppose to be paying a extra dollar for a better way to win. I really not a lottery player but the last couple of days I played to try out the new fire ball but they change the rules without notice so I discontinue my self from playing.

Berwyn, IL

#107 Oct 9, 2013
I have bought countless scratch off tickets. I buy the 10, 20 , and even 30 dollar tickets. I am beyond disgusted. There is no way they are paying what it claims on the front of the tickets. The state is committing fraud. The state of Illinoi is broke and ripping off the poorest people which play the most lottery. I am so depressed thinking about the money I spent on tickets and never won more then a 150 bucks. Illinois is a scam state.

Chicago, IL

#108 Nov 12, 2013
hi i got a whole pack of 250,000 cash and 43 was losers out of 49

Chicago, IL

#109 Nov 17, 2013
i got a book of 29 only 9 tickets won all $25.00/20.00
lottery customer

Berwyn, IL

#110 Nov 19, 2013
And what about when the lottery machine screws up during a live broadcast. All of a sudden the claim technical difficulties and results will be shown later. That is a scam. The next thing you know the numbers they did show are not part of the winning combination cuz they redraw the numbers again and don't show it. That is scamming. They should keep the numbers that already came up. I mean this has happened like 3 times in the last two months. And the scratch offs are a complete rip off. I have bought so many of those and the most I ever won in 5 years of playing them is 200.00 It is disgusting. And now the illinois lottery is showing pictures of thousand dollar winners. It used to be like at least 50,000.00 winners were shown. How desperate to show thousand dollar winners now on the site. Pathetic. I can't wait to move out of this state. It is so corrupt.

Bronx, NY

#111 Dec 21, 2013
Scratch offs its false real scam!! I've been playing for years and i never won anything ..... sucks

Bronx, NY

#112 Dec 21, 2013
Don't buy win for life scratch offs its all fake

Williston, SC

#113 Jan 2, 2014

Belvidere, IL

#114 Jan 8, 2014
i dont play any more, what about Hit or Miss why dont they show it live,is it computer pick.if it is you will never win just like slot machines they are program not to pay out any big winnings. dont play save your money.you have better odds at roulette wheel pays 35-1.illinois sucks and they are doing everything they can to take your money.
curious George

Chicago, IL

#115 Jan 18, 2014
Scratching my head wrote:
Is there a way to find out the total number of tickets produced for each scratch off game? Illinois is a big ass state with widespread corruption. Instead of land of lincoln it should be land of stinkin crooks. I don't tell anyone i'm from IL anymore if i don't have to, nothing to be proud of anymore.
curious George

Chicago, IL

#116 Jan 18, 2014
I'm so glad to see this forum. I have been playing the Illinois lottery scratch tickets for years. I've always wonder why aren't there more winner. I played the merry millionaire scratch off around Xmas time I've bought about 200 dollars not one winner at $20.00 a pop. Than they have were you could save then losing ticket for a chance to win a million after the scratch off merry millionaire was over. Get this there never an announcement of the end of the game was over. I check an nothing was said about who won. I saved all my losing ticket for nothing. I believe and have not doubt that something is very wrong with Illinois lottery.when they investigation start on this scam I'm going to be the first in line to file lawsuit.
bummed out

Collinsville, IL

#117 Feb 16, 2014
I have ost $1000 in 3 das on illinois lottery scratch offs. Iplayed the $30 $30,000/week for 30 years ticket. the approximate overall odds to win is 1 in 2.43. I lost on 7 of them n a row!!! and on the 8th one all i won was $30 (a break even ticket). I am also done with the Illinois lottery. Is my fault for being foolish enough to play in the first place. Im going to be taking my money to the casino from now on lol.
james t

United States

#118 Feb 25, 2014
We all no it is a scam .we need to go public about it in a different way .why do u think they privatized it.with the computer speeds and tech now ,they no exactly the least played number and thats the one that comes out.just watch when they show the numbers they just show it coming up the shute.they zoom in on the camera and dont show the number before it comes up the shute I could give u page after page of all the subtleties they do to steal from me and u but it wouldt take4 pages.by the way im.saving 400 a month by not playing,
Illinois corruption

La Grange, IL

#119 Mar 16, 2014
This f ' n state sucks. It is the most evil state in America. It is run by corrupt poliicians. These scratch offs are the biggest scam. The scratch offs are run by a private company and they are scamming Illinoisans out of their hard earned money. I have bought countless scratch offs and hardly any winners. I just spent over 600 bucks in the last week and the most I won was 20.00. I am sick over this bullsht. And it's not like it's a fair shot. These stores sell thousands of tickets and hardly any of them hit something substantial. I have gone to different stores over the years. Every one of them has not had one winner win something substantial after selling thousands upon thousands of tickets. There are hundreds of thousands of store in Illinois and hardly any of them hit anything substantial. I bug 10,20,30 dollar tickets and still don't win anything substantial. The most I ever won on a scratch off is 200.00 after 6 six years of buying them. I am no longer buying them in Illinois. I will go to Indiana to buy them now It is just not worth it.

Chicago, IL

#120 Apr 1, 2014
I have decided to withdraw form playing since I have been losing badly. There was a time instant ticket paid something but not anymore. I am done.
lotto sucks

Chicago, IL

#121 Apr 4, 2014
Illinois lottery is a shame. They changed the games to make the odds worse. Selling false hope. All people involved are crooks.

Markham, IL

#122 Apr 10, 2014
You can go to Il Lottery.com and see all the big winners are almost always in the north suburbs or the west. A Few are in the City downtown. It is very rarely if ever in the south side of the city. that anybody wins anything big ..My husband played in Indiana cause He had to go there for work and He would win a lot more often than in the Illinios scratch offs There have been a few big winners on the mega and powerball here but not many. There were two in Tinley park or maybe Three that won . That's it. My Mom heard something about someone taking the winners but it was never on the news . You may be right. I wonder where They print those tickets. maybe They are being stolen. Either that or the state has less prises so They can keep The money. I don't play scratch off that much as I did anymore the most You will will is a hundred or so.

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