Illinois lottery scam?

Elmhurst, IL

#62 Sep 13, 2012
the only true winners are the people who run the lottery. and howabout those so called lottery promotions they occassionally have at supermarkets. they promote the game by giving out free scratch offs. and you know, every ticket is a winner! so what do you do? you buy more tickets. and you lose. how stupid do they think the public is? the lottery is a scam and i hope one day somebody there will answer for their crimes when caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

United States

#63 Sep 20, 2012
Just a little tip here guys buy the lotto tix from the machines. It doesn't matter if you trust the people behind the counter or not.there is a whole bunch of places around my area that you never win but not the lottos fault after you by them hang around where the counter person can't see you and peek at them and watch them pull the tickets off after you get them.I have saw it done many times so with the machine you have a better chance. Also when new tix come out the winners are odd numbers and after a couple weeks they turn into even numbers.just won 1000 bucks off a 2 dollar royal ritches so they are out there but just watch where you get them from

Chicago, IL

#64 Sep 27, 2012
Most of the time, the tickets are sold way after all the winning prizes are claimed ! wait a minute... then this a pure SCAM! I am spending dollars to play a game that is sold legally in the market, yet that has NO prizes left??? Why then still the tickets sold in the first place?? God Bless America !

United States

#65 Oct 11, 2012
As of today 10/11/12 ....I am convinced the pick 3 and 4 are fixed the mid-day pick 4 was 6789....right in sequence with todays date 10/11/12 ...6789 ....such BS hope one day they air an error and all hell breaks on WGN
Margie Becker

Gastonia, NC

#66 Nov 22, 2012
Does anyone know if in Illinois they have a scratch off which features the Chicago Bears ,, I need one before the 15 th of December
The lone Ranger

Round Lake, IL

#67 Nov 25, 2012
They should do a federal investigation on Quinn and the lottery.

Plainfield, IL

#68 Nov 26, 2012
Packers Fan wrote:
I win with Wisconsin scratch off and lottery. I used to with Illnois about 20 years ago. don't win shit from them now. Illinos a crooked state in everyway and everything. The goverment suck just like the Bears & Cubs & White Sox and your great Obama too. More of your politicians in prisons than citizens. GO PACKERS.
whos in 1st pally,,, GO BEARS

Masontown, PA

#69 Nov 27, 2012
Pennsylvania no different?
The 1980 Pennsylvania Lottery scandal, colloquially known as the Triple Six Fix, was a plot to rig the Daily Number, a three digit game the Pennsylvania Lottery offers. All of the balls except 4 and 6 were weighted, meaning that the drawing was almost sure to be a combination of only 4s and 6s. The scheme was successful in that 666, an expected result, was drawn on April 24, 1980; however, the unusual betting patterns alerted authorities to the matter. The chief conspirators were sent to prison, and most of the fraudulently acquired winnings were never paid out.
Planning the conspiracy

The plan was masterminded by Nick Perry (1916–2003), the announcer of the Daily Number. Perry was born Nicholas Pericles Katsafanas in the Morningside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He attended Peabody High School and Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. After serving in the U.S. Navy in World War II, Perry began a career as a radio broadcaster in Charleston, West Virginia, then entered early television broadcasting on Pittsburgh’s WDTV, the forerunner of KDKA-TV. Perry switched to the WTAE-TV television station in Pittsburgh in 1958 working as a staff announcer. Later, he became a news and weather reporter and was the host of local sports shows like Bowling for Dollars and Championship Bowling. In 1977, Perry became the host of the live nightly broadcast of the Pennsylvania Lottery, held in the studios of WTAE.

Perry first discussed his idea with two of his business partners whom he worked with in the vending business, brothers Peter Maragos and Jack Maragos. Once committed to the plan, Perry approached local Pittsburgh lettering expert and WTAE art director Joseph Bock about creating weighted ping-pong balls that were replicas of the official balls used in the lottery machines. Bock agreed to help, and experimented with powder and other substances until he settled on white latex paint. Bock performed careful experiments to determine just the right amount of paint to use so that the weighted balls could fly up off the bottom of the machine, but not high enough to reach the vacuum tube so the ball would be drawn out of the machine. The men thought it would be too risky to weight nine of the ten balls for each machine, so they decided to leave both the 4 and 6 balls unchanged. Those would be the only balls light enough to actually be drawn. This would reduce the number of possible combinations to eight: 444, 446, 464, 466, 644, 646, 664, and 666. Bock then applied labels on the balls (obtained from an art supply store) that matched those of the originals.

Perry received access to the machines and ping pong balls through the involvement of Edward Plevel, a lottery official. Plevel left the machines and balls unguarded for several minutes on a few occasions. Perry also got WTAE stagehand Fred Luman to actually switch the original balls with the weighted ones before and after the drawing. Bock then took the rigged balls back to his studio and burned them in a paint can a half-hour after the on-air drawing was done.

Charleston, IL

#70 Nov 29, 2012
You can tell your a Fudge Packer fan you piece of shit, go suck off clay Mathews and run your fingers through his hair you queer, if it wasn't for the packers you wouldn't even be on the pro sports map chicago has the 3rd most championships in the world so go get educated.
Packers Fan wrote:
I win with Wisconsin scratch off and lottery. I used to with Illnois about 20 years ago. don't win shit from them now. Illinos a crooked state in everyway and everything. The goverment suck just like the Bears & Cubs & White Sox and your great Obama too. More of your politicians in prisons than citizens. GO PACKERS.

Mchenry, IL

#71 Dec 2, 2012
yep i agree what a scam ive been playing for only 3 years now cant win a DOG GONE THING here i thought it was just me that was so unlucky so finally i decided to look on here to check things out i will not be buying any more tickets thanks

Chicago, IL

#72 Dec 18, 2012
Illinois lottery is a racist low down shut my mouth. How in the hell can blacks spend the most money on tickets standing in long lines and not get sh@#... and the only winners are whites in remote towns in illinois. How about that Indian winning 1 million. I do believe at the bottom of tickets they have numbers saying your race and gear the money toward whites. I will not give to them anymore those dogs have all but eliminated any money on scratch off tickets they are screwing players every which way but loose stop handing the racist dogz your money they care nothing about you. That let you see that every time the pot get heavy.
more information

Chicago, IL

#73 Dec 18, 2012
If all people of color file a class action lawsuit against the state I bet they start putting money in alternative neighborhoods. Go to the state bldg and file a discrimination suit. How in the hell can they continue letting whites win all the money. We are the damn fools and they are loving it. But if we file a class action suit the fuc$s will realize they aint shitgery.

Chicago, IL

#74 Dec 26, 2012
Look at all the repeat winners in pick three.Ihave played the same number for 4 years and have cashed in nothing, i'm always off one number.Some numbers are coming in constantly.heir cheating or controlling numbers

Bloomington, IL

#75 Dec 26, 2012
Once again 323 on pick three 42 times since june has my number been off by one.42 rotten times

Chandlerville, IL

#76 Jan 1, 2013

Downers Grove, IL

#77 Jan 5, 2013
the scratch offs are a scam. Here's a tip on the scratch off. I worked at a grocery store in Bridgeview called Eagle & I noticed if there was 1 good ticket in batch of 10 then there more they were all bunched together. It would either be looser after looser or free one free one then nothing. If you get a good one there is a chance there is another $100.00 in that batch or then next batch of ten. If you don't get anything but free ticket & a dollar or 2 they count on you spending that back in. I never play Illinois one state official in another state was caught watering down the balls so he & his pals could win. If that can happen in another state, I can only imagine what can happen here. I'd get Indiana or the nationwide. I though this was to get our schools taken care of not crappy teachers who only work 9 months a year. If the kids aren't doing any better then I believe some one else should grade the papers & that teacher should get a warning. If that doesn't work. Out the door. I had the laziest most crooked teachers. One alone gave A's to all the football players & the cheerleaders & he was a coach. We have the most tolls of any state, the highest parking & I'm leaving this shit hole. I can't live here on Disability& that was his 5th DUI . I never even got my medical bills paid.I was hit by a drunk driver at noon & no cops anywhere it wasn't the end of the month quota time.It is false advertising. Good luck on the lottery. the state is the slowest paying on their dept.They sent me in the mail a ticket for not stopping a right turn on red long enough. So I sent them a picture of a check for $150.00. How do they know how long I stopped,I know I stopped! Let them find me in Texas. Florida or Mexico. Laura

Chicago, IL

#78 Jan 6, 2013
I have been playing since 1980.I spend a few thousand give or take a few a year.Once I won $1000 on a $20 ticket.Another time I bought $200 of $10 merry millionaire not even a free ticket.Needless to say I was disapointed,since then I still play ,but think these tickets don't have frequent winners like their should be.The ill. lottery posts a winner on the web.The one girl won a million dollars.And to make things even worse it was her 1st time playing the scratch lottery game.Well maybe someday it will come out that it's been fixed.20x20 tickets every ticket I bought not 1 stinken winner.Now I am so poor the homeless feel sorry for me.

Belvidere, IL

#79 Jan 15, 2013
I've been playing for over a year on scratch offs and I haven't won more than $12 on a ticket but how come when I check the lottery website all the winners are in Chicago or around the Chicago area it's pissing me off, I'm starting to believe it is rigged.

United States

#80 Jan 29, 2013
illinois lottery player wrote:
I have played at least 200.00 a week in scratch off tickets of the Illinois lottery. It has to be a scam. These tickets do not pay off. The most I have ever won on 10 and 20 dollar scratch offs in Illinois is 150.00. Something is going on where the state is ripping off lottery players to close budget gaps. I have bought so many of these tickets and most of them are duds that pay nothing. The worst ticket so far is the 200,000,000 dollar spectacular scratch off for 10.00. It is a complete joke. The ticket advertises 25 million dollar winners. It is bullcrap. I have played ever since it came out and bought countless tickets that were duds that pay nothing. It is very discouraging to say the least. I am no longer buying any scratch offs in Illinois. They just don't pay off. They let one person win the million dollar prize right away when it first came out just to tease people into buying them. Then this same person had his niece go out and buy a ticket. She won 500.00 at the same store that made the news. Well I am amazed cuz I have bought countless tickets and the most I won on the spectacular tickets is 100.00. It is disgusting.
CHRIS...I am curious as suspected the same in Florida - But if you wish to see absolutely for sure, will assist you in ezmatch Illinois using exact number system and Astrology that works - try an exact ticket at the exact time/place and see results - contact paneagle7 yahoo or astrologyweekly forum online. If it's fixed, we will know. If not, your in luck, finally.
Scratching my head

Homewood, IL

#81 Feb 3, 2013
Is there a way to find out the total number of tickets produced for each scratch off game? Illinois is a big ass state with widespread corruption. Instead of land of lincoln it should be land of stinkin crooks. I don't tell anyone i'm from IL anymore if i don't have to, nothing to be proud of anymore.

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