Gitchie Manitou Murders in 1973
Jeff in Sioux Falls


#83 Jul 8, 2007
Nice job Jill!
A picture is worth a thousand words.
You get the "star of the day."

On another note ... any Captian 11 crew members out there?

Catholic Boy was a regular on the show.
Seems to me he was the BIG tootsie roll winner.
Me, I once won a drawing for the Texaco fire chief helmet with built in PA microphone.

Minot, ND

#84 Jul 8, 2007
Thank you for the "star of the day" Jeff. I was on Captain 11 once, I remember being really afraid of the Captain, he seemed kind of irritable, but I was only around 4 years old.

Minot, ND

#85 Jul 8, 2007
Here is something I found at

1976- At 9 o'clock in the morning two brothers, 8-year-old Andy and 6 year-old Joel Rygh were playing in Gitchie Manitou Park, Iowa when they heard "strange noises followed by a grunting sound and then a whistle." When they looked in the direction of the noises they saw a seven-foot tall man standing behind a bush. He was wearing a shiny blue uniform. When the whistling sound became louder the boys ran to get their brothers Chris, age 11, and Tom, age 9. All four boys then saw a pulsating glowing domed object emerge from behind a large tree 50 yards away. The object was "about the size and shape of a large haystack." It hovered with a humming sound for five seconds, and then sped away. Small oak trees that the craft hovered over were later found defoliated.(Source: Pat Miller, Sioux Falls (SD) Argus-Leader, August 15, 1976).
georgia in minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN

#86 Jul 9, 2007
my thanks also on the photos.
i was on captain 11 for my birthday, i think i was 5. i was so revved up i couldn't stop jumping up and down. my dad was yelling, "georgia sit down!" over and over from the audience. captain 11 picked me up hitchhiking once. he did seem kind of irritable as captain 11, i think maybe he didn't adore doing it, but he was nice when he picked me up hitchhiking.

how come the argus leader article from 7 years ago is not online anywhere? did you read it in the argus?

i didn't know there were regular "crew memebers." anybody remember the rest.....
"you must be kind,
you must be fair,
you must be brave.
Captain 11!"

Minot, ND

#87 Jul 9, 2007
Hi Georgia, I looked at the Argus online and it appears their archives only go back one year. I thought they used to go back further and you could pay to see the article. That is so funny that you were reved up and your dad was yelling at you. Cute story!
curious in wash st

Kennewick, WA

#88 Jul 9, 2007
Crew member here one time for my birthday party. Dave Dedrick pulled me out of the pool at the Y once.
Great pix Jill.

Minot, ND

#89 Jul 10, 2007
More pictures from Gitchie Manitou- july of 2000- seriously, that crane was there, why? I don't know. You can see it is a long walk to the park.

[IMG] 0ahcz.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] vt5p5.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] s4rih.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] 7vas7.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] bzb4.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] z8f7n.jpg[/IMG]

Minot, ND

#90 Jul 11, 2007
Sorry for the poor quality, I used a film camera for these pictures and scanned them into the computer

[IMG] 3l0i.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] 1v1s.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] t0hv8.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] h4w0.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] aydk.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] aydk.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] t26u8.jpg[/IMG]
Catholic Boy

United States

#91 Jul 12, 2007
Jill in Sx Falls. What is your connection to this story? Your photo's are really helpful.

Catholic Boy

Minot, ND

#92 Jul 12, 2007
I have no connection to the murders, I just remember when they happened, a lot of people were upset. I am just fasinated by Gitchie Manitou in general. The article in the Argus Leader back in July of 2000 inspired me to go there and take pictures. I just thought I would share them with everyone. I always wondered how 3 brothers in one family could all be bad, and why did they do it? Nobody really seems to know.
Catholic Boy

United States

#93 Jul 13, 2007
Hi Jill,
I too, am facinated by Gitchie Manitou in general. You asked your self, "how 3 brothers in one family could all be bad"? There was definately some trauma in their lives before this all happened. I would bet they were abused kids.
Where did you go to high school (if you feel like sharing?)
I live near where the Scott Peterson trial took place, one of the jurors has a kid who plays baseball with my son.
Catholic Boy

United States

#94 Jul 13, 2007
Interesting note: Everytime I post it shows the differentlocation where I logged on from...
Curious in Oregon

Eugene, OR

#95 Jul 13, 2007
JILL, thank you so much for those photos...what is the brick structure and is that like a fire pit in the center? It gives me chills, honestly, like a prairie version of the Blair Witch area. I lived within 20 miles of that place and don't know why we never explored there.

Georgia, I would enjoy seeing your paintings of members of the Manson family...did you do Squeaky Fromme? She was one member of that group that I felt sympathy for, maybe because she didn't commit any murders and her love of the environment and animals redeems her madness somehow.

Catholic Boy, so the Keg is the one on 26th & Sycamore...? Now I know I have to go back and visit. I love just driving around Sioux Falls for the memories...we watched Captain 11 every day after school, my brother even had a cap like his and wore it to watch the show...why we never went to the studio to see the how I have to wonder...our mom's would throw birthday parties for all of us yearly and host them either outside at the picnic table or inside for winter birthdays...lots more work with rowdy kids than taking them to S.F.

Also, I think I've mentioned this before but I highly recommend "A Rip In Heaven" by Jeanine Cummins, written about the murder of her cousins, her brother was a witness and survived, later to be charged for the crime, a terrible case of police idiocy and he was released when one of the perps confeessed to his girlfriend...anyway, the 4 men who raped and pushed these kids off a bridge into the Mississippi had been doing drugs and drinking, and the ringleader "felt like hurting someone" that night. The group dynamic was interesting as far as leaders and followers. Perhaps the Fryer's also had something like this's a memorial website for the victims...
Curious in Oregon

Eugene, OR

#96 Jul 13, 2007
Sorry about the typos above...I'm in deadline and it's making my fingers tired

Georgia, you're right about is a South Dakota thing, there was a bar in the Western Mall way way long time ago that had kind of a south of the border theme and they served chicslic when it was hot and new. How about calling sloppy joes by their SD name - taverns - people think you are nuts out here if you call them that. I remember the Boogie Bar or whatever it was, and it's making me think of that great Sioux Falls establishment...Fenns Ice Cream and Candy...I think they made the Walnut Crush? That was my kind of air pollution, the sweet smells around downtown in that time. Was Ming Wah downtown by Fantles?

That reminds me of other downtown like the Nickel Plate, Hamburger Inn and Lemmonds with their French pastry...We also enjoyed El Matador, and the First Edition. Tasty Freeze on East 10th of course...

Ambush smelled "wrong" on me as much as I enjoyed it on others, I wore Heaven Sent for a change from Oh De London, and even English Leather when that came out in the 60's...

Minot, ND

#97 Jul 13, 2007
Hi everyone. I left Sioux Falls before High School, then moved back in my early 20's. I only attended grade school in Sioux Falls. I loved "Hubbards Cuppords" when it was in the Western Mall. They had yummy ice cream and lots of barrels of candy.( I might have spelled the name wrong).
too young to know

Isanti, MN

#98 Jul 14, 2007
It has been so interesting reading everyone's posts. I have been in love with Gitche for years. It was still a place to get away from parents.(and smoke pot and go to keggers) I went to school in Brandon, so it was pretty close to home. I have been thinking of visiting again this summer.(Mostly to be spooked out) I have always wanted to know what was so scary about that place. Now I know a little more.
I live in Sioux Falls now. The Ming Wah is still open, so is the Hamburger Inn. The El Matador is Sushi Masa, the best sushi ever. The Stockman's closed just recently.(that was a scary place) I will always miss the Pomp Room!

Minot, ND

#99 Jul 14, 2007
More pictures:

[IMG] r7cd3.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] k17yf.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] lhipt.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] o6q2o.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] kh2ex.jpg[/IMG]
Curious in Oregon

Eugene, OR

#100 Jul 16, 2007
Too young to know...welcome and thanks for the Sioux Falls update...Brandon had a great crafts fair, I remember. I would have loved to be back in SD this past weekend for the Brookings Art Festival.

Has anybody heard about a haunted house, deserted, outside of Sioux Falls? A friend who grew up there said they were trying to find a party in the country and took a wrong turn and drove up to this house that was brightly lit and many people were the on the porch dressed in clothes from the 1800's, they assumed it was a costume party and left, later they tried to retrace their steps and finally found the correct gravel road, but the drive to the house was overgrown and impassable and the place was just a shell. He swore it was true, I think it was east of Sioux Falls...
georgia in minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN

#101 Jul 16, 2007
i just wrote a big post and it somehow disappeared. hope this doesn't pop up twice.

curious in oregon,

i never did paint squeaky. just remember, charlie's a big environmentalist too. i painted susan atkins, aka sadie mae glutz, because i was the most repelled by her. she is still in prison and married to a lawyer. she will never get out. i also painted gypsy and bobby beauseliel. also in prison and married---writes music. i don't know how to transfer images from my camera but it's time i tried.(one of my paintings of gypsy and sadie was just sold and is not on my camera.)

jill---more thanks for the xtra photos.

does anyone remember foremost dairy? how about terrace park milk---and the rad sign on the bridge (10th street? 12th street?) of a carton of milk pouring milk into a glass? also just a memory--dixie bake shop. white petit fours (sp?) my mom used to get those---we thought it was so special.

now i KNOW no one will remember this---the awareness house.

the quarry?

Catholic Boy

United States

#102 Jul 16, 2007
I had a truck stolen a few years ago, my license plates said SX FALLS. Sx Falls has been a favorite subject of mine since I moved away in 1982...Thanx for the memeories.

Anybody know someone from the show City Confidential? They might like this Gitchie stuff. I was in Lake Tahoe when they filmed that episode.

Jeff in Sx Falls...Yes, Captain 11 and I shared some time together but what you don't remember is one day I was at the station visiting a friend who worked there and it was the day elvis died. Somebody at the station gave me the yellow piece of paper from the UPI teletype machine that said - Special Bulletin Elvis Pressly dead. Details to follow.

My friend was a camera guy at Kelo who was in Mrs Ensmingers class.

Curious, wanna come over and play catch sometime? I've still got an old softball.

Georgia - Squeeky Frohm (sp)took at shot at President Ford on J Street in Sacramento. Still in the clink here in Calif. You know, she would love to see your work too.

Chas Manson had a hideout in Chatsworth, CA the home of the porn industry today. I go there for biz a few times a year and usually check out the old history associated with Helter Skelter.

Too young to know...Did we go to second grade with you too?

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