K2 Banned In Iowa

K2 Banned In Iowa

There are 200 comments on the WHOtv story from Jul 20, 2010, titled K2 Banned In Iowa. In it, WHOtv reports that:

Tuesday morning efforts of an Indianola family paid off. They say their son, David Rozga of Indianola, committed suicide last month after smoking K2.

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Fed up adult

Arlington, IA

#1 Jul 20, 2010
K2 did not kill your son. There is nothing in K2 that will turn a normal person suicidal. Your son had problems. Deal with it. Stay out of my personal life and let me make the decisions I want.
420 friendly

Saint Robert, MO

#2 Jul 20, 2010
That is most awesome. You gotta love a country that lets you buy alcohol and you cant smoke marijuana. i never heard of anyone who killed a bunch of people from driving under the influence of pot, but numerous times daily it happens to persons who drink alcohol. when will everyone wake up and realise the only reason pot is illegal is because of corporate america.there is too much money to be made from selling alcohol

Davenport, IA

#3 Jul 20, 2010
where is the proof that K2 killed this guy? and why hasn't it killed more?? This is just stupid. Gee..Just admit your kid was messed up and killed himself for actual reasons, I mean why didn't the other kids he was with kill them selves? Stupid...Stupid...Stupid....I can't figure out why our state is broke when we waste money on stupid stuff like this....
this is bull

United States

#4 Jul 20, 2010
Im so sick of living in a "free country" FREE? All we are free to do is work, pay in to the man and die. What freedoms do we have? None! GOD this is so stupid, I'm sorry your son was a mess inside, and you did not know about it, wecome to the real world folks, and now like every other time someone does somthing stupid, we have a new law!!!We have to protect our kids! So no one else can have any freedom of choice! thank you all!!
K9 snorter

Urbandale, IA

#5 Jul 20, 2010
I been using this for 10 years and I ain't yet to see one thing why it ain't healthy. So you folks who is snorting K9 just keep doing it. As long as the FBI ain't standing outside your door every time you do it like they do mine you should be find.

San Francisco, CA

#6 Jul 20, 2010
I endorsed the ban before the vote at the meeting as a parent and medical marijuana patient tired of being kicked around in the media.

and finally the Assistant Attorney General is to report back to the Board next month what they can and can't do regarding the start of a medical marijuana program in Iowa....make it legal, make it green.

Des Moines, IA

#7 Jul 20, 2010
The effects that k2 or marijuanna has on people don't make you kill yourself that kid killed himself because of problems at home and not because of the effects of k2.
norml guy

Waukee, IA

#8 Jul 20, 2010
I understand the parent's frustrations here but I can't believe that using k2 was responsible for their son's death. Like most parents who have had a child commit suicide, they can't fathom a reason their child would resort to such a terrible act. Most of the time there is going to be underling factors that contributed to the person's choice. These could easily go unnoticed by parents or friends.

How many times has someone committed suicide after using alcohol? I'm sure thousands of cases are out there. Now you don't see people blaming alcohol as the sole cause.

I'm sorry such a terrible thing had to happen, but get real. K2 was not the reason this kid killed himself. This ban is just another knee jerk reaction to criminalize something that is not understood by many people.

Urbandale, IA

#9 Jul 20, 2010
Back in the old days we "huffed" and "puffed" and "blew" the house down and nobody really cared, even if we died. Now we have all these liberalls trying to take all our rites away from us. Well they can't take away my rite to get high and escape realitee. I'll find something else to smoke or snort or injunct myself with. It's that simple.

Mark my words if they can do it with incensed they can do it with anything!
Matt Bachman

West Des Moines, IA

#10 Jul 20, 2010
This is a classic case of post hoc, ergo proper hoc fallacious reasoning. I think it's pretty telling that we're jumping on K2 as the cause of this kid's death (a tragedy, no matter what you think on the subject) instead of the means by which he did so, or, even better, a sweeping look into David's mental state prior to imbibing K2, the easy access to a gun, as well as his relative immaturity (he was only 18).

It's only natural to attribute a suicide to a clouded mind when someone commits suicide while under the influence. However, if this standard were applied consistently, we'd likely ban most substances on the market.

Noone is clamoring on banning alcohol, even though a demonstrated positive correlation is found among youths who use it and suicide (source: AFSP).

I have not seen the media present a fair picture of this, presenting testimony from those who have tried K2 personally and who have not suffered ill effects; these stories do not reach the Board of Pharmacy, rather, they focus on the ill effects and little else.

RadioIowa thinks it's perfectly fine to interview one person from the IODCP--itself in the business of being a partisan in the 'drug war'--and calling it an open-and-shut case that it's a menace to society.

Meanwhile, marijuana itself is as of yet still illegal for personal enjoyment (though the ban on medicinal use may soon be lifted), though amphetamines are still readily available via the method of doctor-shopping for an ADHD diagnosis, and the combination of alcohol and tobacco kills more than both marijuana and amphetamines combined, likely by a factor of 10x or greater.

Tens of thousands of Iowans lit up today, and I have yet to hear of one who, perhaps coincidentally, committed suicide whilst under its influence. Ditto for K2; David's death was the FIRST instance I have heard from this drug.

It's not even purported that David died BY K2, but rather that he smoked K2 and then subsequently committed suicide. The journalists covering this story, in their infinite wisdom, have neglected to look into the fact that David died via the use of a gun, likely one that he did not own.

Would it be outrageous to consider the fact that an unsecured gun was left in the house? I don't mean as a criminal investigation, rather as a rational discussion of what bears the greater responsibility for this tragedy. I think it is worth considering this, especially given the totally sparce evidence we have for considering K2 to be a drug worthy of a ban.

The only evidence we have is one anecdote, among perhaps 10,000 (or more) neglected accounts of K2 being used by Iowans for personal enjoyment safely and responsibly. It's easy to see the issue here; and while I can't blame David's distraught parents, the possibility that perhaps their son was more than slightly mentally perturbed before taking K2 is something they need to seriously consider.

Des Moines, IA

#11 Jul 20, 2010
I can speak from a personal point of view on this matter because I do know this family and have for years. David was a close friend of my son's, played in the band together at church, and most definetly did not have a reason to kill himself. He had a bright future, and a LOVING close family. So, for all of you narrow minded people who want to think that he was sucidal and just killed himself you are wrong. The Rozga's are just trying to do the right thing to get the word out so that other family's don't go through what they are going through. If after hearing about this story, you as an adult, still decide to put substances inside your body that may potentially kill you, then that is your ignorance. I believe the Rozga's hope to save lives by going public on this horrible event in their lives. I applaude them for being strong enough to even fight for the ban on K-2 as it has only been a little over a month since they lost their son. And by the way, after reading some of the posts and comments disputing this story, I was quite amused with the grammar and misspelling issues, that speaks for itself!! Mike and Jan, keep on doing the right thing, even when it is hard, your friends and family are praying for you.

San Francisco, CA

#12 Jul 20, 2010
parents who leave unattended guns in the home are to blame no matter how you spin it.

I am a parent and not a gun owner. My son is 19 and smoked this junk before. I am 43 and know there is no substitute for the natural.

Why aren't we banning shotguns in the home.

Creston, IA

#13 Jul 20, 2010

2nd..I say it is time we all brake the law! Store Owners? Rufuse the ban.PLEASE!! We need folks like you to help us end tyranny. Until you do they will keep banning your products. All they need is a stupid excuse and a kid as a poster child and your done. All the government cares about is gain more opportunities to control our lives. So lets STOP LOOKING TO THEM TO SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS. Or this is what you get. A government you deserve a life totally governed.Only a society without morals needs a government.
IE.. Ya know in New York they forced all restaurant owners to stop using veggie oil to cook with. They now have to use a by-product that costs 4x as much. Now those are some real FRENCH fries.
Whos Walla

San Francisco, CA

#14 Jul 20, 2010
wallaiowa wrote:
still decide to put substances inside your body that may potentially kill you, then that is your ignorance.
Ok Wallaiowa, please post conclusive evidence that K2 can potentially kill you. Don't come on a public forum without evidence to back it up. Ill let you in on a little secret, the K2 didn’t take his life, a bullet from an unlocked gun did! For someone who will knock on a bunch of people who seem to be grammatically challenged you sure seem to be either ill-informed or ignorant. Please go smoke some K2 and give us your unbiased opinion on the substance then do a bit more research before spouting at the mouth.
And thank you Matt for posting some researched facts!(take a page out of his book walla!)

Ogden, IA

#15 Jul 20, 2010
how in the hell is beer legal i smoke and drink and i act more stupid whn i drink and so does everbody else

Creston, IA

#16 Jul 20, 2010
I also wanna add...this will only encourch it's use all the more by those who live the druggie life. Those who manufacture k2 just trippled their incomes as this will be on the black markets soon.
I don't know of any substance that will force a person to commit suicide.
Anyone who thinks I am being too harsh on these church goin folk must understand they need tough christian love to face the real truth behind his death. Otherwise they believe lies of the devil..after all he was smoking to get high. He obviously had issues that they are ignoring and we all in Iowa have to pay for this disbelief.
If I hung myself should they ban rope?

Urbandale, IA

#17 Jul 20, 2010
About those french fries. I prefer healthy cooking so I bake mind. I don't need no fat clogging up my arteries. How ever when it comes to K2 there's no info about the harmfullness of it. Iowas trying to make a legal presidant out of it and they just did. If they had just asked I can gaurantee 100% of the people here would say they dont care one way or antoher. Like gay mariage. Leave the people alone to decide for theirselfs what is rite and what is not rite for them. AMEN!

Des Moines, IA

#18 Jul 20, 2010
It appears that the only people who think David had a perfect little life made of marshmallows and candy-canes are the adults in his life. His friends are saying he was depressed. Enough so that he was anti-depressants. How can your child be on anti-depressants and it doesn't occur to you that they're depressed. The desperation for easy answers and something easy to blame after a tragic event is clouding peoples' perceptions. Completely understandable. The only thing that could possibly be worse than losing a child is that child taking their own life. How horrible.
It sucks

Oelwein, IA

#19 Jul 20, 2010
That this kid died, but K2 did not kill him. He killed himself. He might have smoked a drug that pushed him over the edge, but he still killed himself. If I smoke weed I dont go off and think "hey it would be really neat if I pointed a gun at my head".

I agree with Confused above me, just because his parents didnt notice that their son was depressed doesnt mean he wasnt. In fact I would go as far as to say that he probably was. I mean you dont just start smoking K2 for no reason. Maybe its because he wanted to be different from his family is why he tried it.

Why do you think that suicide is so prevalent? Not everyone acts suicidal before taking their lives. So saying that "he was a happy kid and had so much to live for" doesnt mean anything to me. Just because you see him as a happy kid does not mean that he was.

Alright I'm done ranting.

West Des Moines, IA

#20 Jul 20, 2010
Sorry Youknownothing,

K2 will never be on the black market.

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