ABUSE REGISTRY: An Iowa Supreme Court...

ABUSE REGISTRY: An Iowa Supreme Court ruling could change the way I...

There are 33 comments on the WHOtv story from Jul 16, 2010, titled ABUSE REGISTRY: An Iowa Supreme Court ruling could change the way I.... In it, WHOtv reports that:

The Iowa Supreme Court has agreed to delay implementing a new rule affecting the state's child abuse registry.

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Jennifer Maudsley

United States

#21 Oct 10, 2010
I believe that the supreme court is simply looking at the wrong problem. Should someone be listed on the central abuse registry for failure to provide proper supervision? Absolutely! But should anyone be placed on a central abuse registry without having a fair trial? No!!! The use of the central abuse registry, in its current form, is a violation of Americans' basic constitutional rights!!!

Cedar Rapids, IA

#22 Nov 2, 2010
Seriously wrote:
Are you kidding me!??
People are not put on the registry for no reason!
My 6 month old daughter was abused while at her daycare providers home. She had substantial injuries and because the court couldn't prove without a reasonable doubt that the injuries were caused by the provider(she kept saying we brought the child to her in that condition, what reasonable provider would allow an injured child to stay in her home for 8 hours like that...get real!)
But since we couldn't actually prove that HER hands did the damage but was believed by the court it happened during the course of the 8 hours she was in the providers care, we were able to slap her with improper supervision. The most minor of all possible charges, but was at least something and it got her **** on the registry so she can't hurt another kid.
You think DHS is whacked trying getting justice for your severely abused,screaming, bleeding BABY! The system is F*ed from both sides. They said the only way we could actually PROVE she did it was either with her confession or the victim being able to tell them who did it. Yea, ok, my 6 month will get right on that!
So cry me a river that you think you were unfairly placed on the registry, you don't get put on there for no reason. SOMETHING happened...own up to it and take care of your children. If you are properly taking care of your children then you have nothing to worry about.
I imagine these 20,000 people that are on the registry for improper supervision are similar cases to mine. They didn't have enough evidence to charge the bastards with the real crime (because the child wasn't able to speak, ect) so this is all the could get.
A person shouldn't go free just because a baby cannot give a recount of what happened.
These people are guilty as hell and they know it, they ought to just be thankful this is all they got and keep their damn mouths shut!
You are completely out of line!! Your entire story sounds like physical abuse, that is not at all what this is about. I am so incredibley sorry your baby and your family went through this abuse and couldnt prove it. This is something entirely different. The founded cases stay on record for a very long time, circumstances change for people, they grow up, mature and can become wonderful parents.People make mistakes, Parents AND DHS workers!!!!

Cedar Rapids, IA

#23 Nov 2, 2010
Falsely Accused wrote:
For those of you who think people don't end up on that list for no reason- you are WRONG.
To "Seriously"- How would you feel if the hospital and DHS accused YOU of harming your child instead of the daycare provider? This happens. Then you would be on that list.
Individuals are placed on the child abuse registry without benefit of a trial. There is very little opportunity to prove innocence, and that is what you have to do with CPS. CPS is only required to accuse you, not prove beyond a reasonable doubt like in criminal cases.
I am on the list in a different state. My crime? Appearing to have bipolar disorder. CPS did not accuse me of neglect or abuse- they accused me of Threat of Harm by saying that because of bipolar I was putting my child at risk. I didn't have an attorney for several months into the case, and a founded disposition was made. Eventually I got an attorney, won custody of my daughter back, and was able to prove that she was never in danger of being harmed in my care. Oh yeah- during the case my doctor found out I have a non-cancerous brain tumor. Turns out I'm not bipolar after all- just had a tumor that needed to be treated.
I'm on the list. In my state, the legislature has made it impossible to be removed from the list.
If you think you can't be falsely accused of child abuse and end up on that list, type out your name and address. Let someone make a complaint about you and see how it turns out. Good luck.
I have to agree. I bet no one wil dare give up there name and address, because thats all it takes to have DHS investigating. I especially love that someone can be turned in for physical child abuse, meth use, etc. and have investigations and still not be founded or be put on the registry. Dhs are REALLY that big of idiots!!

Fort Madison, IA

#24 Nov 2, 2010
Getting a spanking on the bottom for being naughty should not be a reason for putting a parent on the registry. The last time I got spanked I never forgot it and learned a valuable lesson. I know parents should use restraint with punishment, but most are afraid to spank their children because of how DHS has turned parental control of a naughty child into a criminal act. No wonder we have such lawlessness. Just one thing leads to another.

Just don't look cross-eyed at your child or they will turn you in to the DHS quacks for child abuse.

Des Moines, IA

#25 Nov 2, 2010
I find i sick that god is brought into this. Like my father always said " if god forgives child abusers and those that let it happen then i don't want to go to heaven". MISTAKE REALLY these are children we are talking about. These people are not aloud to get jobs around children and the elderly for a reason. I am tired of excuses about why people harm children. Sure you deal with that for the rest of your life but i would never trust anyone with a past like that to care for any child. Those that do put that trust in others are taking a risk that is not worth taking.
Are you Serious

Mobile, AL

#26 Nov 6, 2010

Being a resident of Japser County, I can say without question, if you are involved in a domestic situation/assault and there are children in the home, both people involved can be "charged" with child abuse, neglect/failure to provide adequate care and supervision. The DHS only has to prove 51% of the evidence shows a situation could have happened at some point. The post by "Wrongly Accused" clearly shows she was assaulted by her mother, a criminal charge should have been brought against her. However, the daughter would have ended up on the registry just because she was involved in the situation.

I know the Jasper County DHS is very biased, and if they do not like you, you play like hell to be left alone by them. Most of the Child Protective Workers (CPW) in Jasper County make up stuff to present to the court, and do not want to work with families to fix problems. When families ask for services, they are told NO, the family has to accept the services offered by the department only.

Trust me, I am not surprised "Wrongly Accused" is on the registry, even though she doesn't belong there. The system is broken, and needs to be fixed.

Davenport, IA

#27 Nov 22, 2010
Until you have been wrongfully accused of child abuse keep your opinions to yourself. Do the research as to what these REGISTRY'S are. DHS is BOGUS and they provide FALSE information, leave information out and they cause the conflicts only to keep the paycheck coming! What a waste of time and money for our STATE NO wonder the STATE has cutbacks because you have workers that are abusing the system! I was wrongfully accused for Denial of Critical care; Failure to Meet Emotional Needs. I was seeking counseling for my son and the worker knew that then turned around and recommended my ex-husband (who I called DHS on in the first place for the abuse), to another counselor knowing that two different counselors would cause a conflict, SHE manilpulated the situation and then said my son, who is on the honor roll, couldn't function properly! There are Abusers that deserve the Registry, don't get me wrong, BUT, those are the ones that they don't bother with, they bother with good people like myself and other innocent parents that don't deserve this treatment. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!!!!
Mother of 4

Dubuque, IA

#28 Jan 22, 2011
YOU ARE SO WRONG!!!! THERE ARE INNOCENT people on that list!! It has even been proven and made public from actual DHS workers. So BEFORE you OPEN YOUR MOUTH and act like you know what your talking, THINK AGAIN--BECAUSE YOU DON'T!!
Innocent people have been put on that list because a crime was done in their home--while they were contacting the authorities.(I will not go into detail--crime was to horrendous)
So, my words to you to, SHUT UP!!
Are You Serious

Theodore, AL

#29 Jan 22, 2011
To all who have been treated badly by the Department of Harrassing Services, also know as DHS, I would encourage you to file an appeal on your "founded" report. You have 6 months to do so. Also, since we have a new Govenor, and new leadership in the House, I would encourage you to contact your local representitive and senators to express your concerns about they system and how it is broken. In Jasper county, there is one person over they whole department, and she supervises two counties of case managers. She doesn't seem to be willing to change her mind on most things, and the department seems to disregard what is in the best interest of the family, and favor what is in the best interest of the department.

Again, I would encourage you to please contact your state representitive and senator. The more people who do, can bring about a change for the better. Hopefully Iowa families can fear the Department of Human services less, and be parents more.
my daughter isnt yours

Dagsboro, DE

#31 May 15, 2011
rick glick wrote:
i would say that not a good we need to keep our kids safe at all times by taking them off the list what will happen next let drug dearler go dor to door not
You should really know! YOu were on the registry for 10 years, not only dhs but the police and lawyers in this area know you WELL! Stay away from my child and its creepy the way you use my daughter as a shrine on your facebook page~!

Santa Clara, CA

#32 Jun 30, 2011
To those who think you can not be put on registry for no reason, think about this. In 2004 I was coming from a trip out of state. In Missouri I was hit by a semi truck. My 5 month old son (@(he time) was in the car with me. My son suffered a skull fracture and both of his legs were broken. I had a shattered right arm and broken ribs. Both of us were unconcious when first response arrived. Since we were residents of Polk County we were transferred to Des Moines. I have no memory of being transferred or of the hospital stay. According to DHS documentation provided for court, I called a doctor a dirty name. He in turned called DHS who in turn took my son. The theory being since I called the doctor a name I must have beaten my son. I am now on the registry for another 2 yrs. I had no trial or hearing. I now have 4 children and have had no problems with dhs. Do not think you have to do something major to end up on that registry or that you yourself will not find yourself in the same position as many of us are in due to the registry.

Albany, GA

#33 Jul 19, 2011
I agree with those who are put on the registery for no reason by DHS..I know a person who abused my grandson in a hospital, while grandson's mom got done with having a Epidural and giving birth to her second son, she could not do anything as she was weak and getting sick..The guy that did the abuse got by with it, but DHS claims that the nurse that cought the SOB doing the abuse was not his fault it was my daughters..Now he has custody of their son the second child in his care..Now she has to have all the drop ins by DHS and all the others involved, has to have all her friends and their families she has known for years Approved..But the father that has the second child in his care got to have his girlfriend (now Wife)live with him and not needed to be approved by DHS, and he can take the boy around anyone without getting into trouble..My daughter seen bruises on her son's head as he had a big lump when she picked him up from the father, and he claims he bumped his head lightly on a wall..She took her son straight to the hospital and was there from 5:30pm-midnight as there was bruises up and down his body as well..Did DHS do anything to him (The Father) NO!!!! But my daughter got it for a little tap from a door when the child was behind it and father was sitting there on his butt not getting him from behind it, and she got ten years on the registery..There is something wrong with DHS, and that is they are so money hungry and are abusing the registery instead of helping these people out that did not do the crime..Instead of abussing the system like you are doing, and NO ONE IS PERFECT REMEMBER THAT, NOT EVEN DHS LIKE THEY THINK!!!!

Creston, IA

#34 Apr 29, 2013
rick glick wrote:
i would say that not a good we need to keep our kids safe at all times by taking them off the list what will happen next let drug dearler go dor to door not
You should know right? How hypacryatical! You know who you are and what you are. I found this on google..our streets are not safe with you or any other preditor off the registry. Granted, some stories are made up but most are not. Your behavior shows us it was not good to let you off the list. How long were you on the list again..he who changes his last name to match a child he is obsessed over..Glick is your real last name, not the one you go by on social networks.

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