Superferry considers pulling out of H...

Superferry considers pulling out of Hawaii - The Honolulu Adver...

There are 569 comments on the The Honolulu Advertiser story from Sep 14, 2007, titled Superferry considers pulling out of Hawaii - The Honolulu Adver.... In it, The Honolulu Advertiser reports that:

Former Haleakala head urged Superferry EIS StoryChat: Comment on this story Hawaii Superferry executives have told the state Senate they need to know within the next six weeks whether they can operate or they ...

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Ewa Beach, HI

#1 Sep 14, 2007
I say the superferry is a great thing. I am not for what all the protesters are ranting and raving about. They are not making no sense to me. I truly hope that it goes threw and that way I can visit my family more often in the outter islands

Honolulu, HI

#2 Sep 14, 2007
I think that the superferry is a good thing for us and that losing the superferry would be a big loss for the state and that the protesters should wake up and smell the coffee and realize that sometimes change can actually be good. Besides when Ive gone on trips to visit family on the neighbor islands they always said not to rent a car cause they would take us around or let us use one of the other cars and when it gets down to really needing to go somewhere the car is not avaiable or everyone is too busy to take us where we need to go.

Wahiawa, HI

#3 Sep 14, 2007
The state said that the Super Ferry did not need an EIS; in recanting its position, the state may be somewhat liable for now reversing itself, through the courts, for damages, if the ferry cannot operate. Fears that the ferry will contaminate neighbor islands are ill-founded; other transportation methods visit all islands daily, and have been for a long time. It seems that it's a matter of "I have mine, now stay out" by the protesters.

Las Vegas, NV

#4 Sep 14, 2007
I don't under stand why people of Hawaii , fighting to get rid of the Superferry..?????
Every time when something good comes to Hawaii,, some lolo's from Hawaii ... Fight It...... I live in Las Vegas and every time I see my people come here to gamble
and lose all their money... Now that the Superferry is here and will keep the Hawaii money in Hawaii.. The LOLO's fight it ???
Hawaii lool at the big picture.......

Bellingham, WA

#5 Sep 14, 2007
From the other side of the pond, I'm somewhat surprised by the protests and blockades of the superferry. I thought Hawaii was
about the so called ALOHA! Shouting
and cursing at passengers is somewhat crude and juvenile. Maybe
you should bar all flights from the
mainland and the rest of the world
including all deliveries from the
mainland that stock all the stores
on the islands like the Walmarts,
Costcos,Foodlands, Times, etc.
Of course there's no pollution from
all the daily flights between the
islands carrying only nonevironmentalists. I'm a true
enviromentalist and would swim or
paddle my canoe between the Islands
not take a plane or a powerboat.
The superferry is better for the
environment than any single commercial flight between the Islands. The Washington State and
British Columbia ferry system carry
millions of passengers a year and
I shutter to think how many planes
would have to fly each day if our
ferries would be shut down. Each
plane(jet) produces alot more CO2
than any ferry and the passengers
will most likely also rent a car
to get around on your Islands, except maybe on O'AHU. A true environmentalist would support the
superferry over the other most
popular mode of transportation airflight.

Mililani, HI

#6 Sep 14, 2007
The Superferry is a BUSINESS venture no different than a new restaurant or store. IF ALL of the 'dots' and 'x's' are not done properly, DO IT. It is the responsibility of the proprietors to ensure that all regulations have been met or their busniess venutre is at risk. Their due diligence will increase their chance of success. Their lack with increase their chance of failure. No one is to blame but the proprietors. Restaurants and stores need to mind the building regulations, health department, etc. What's new? No cry babies belong in business. Grow up or get out of Hawaii.

Since: Sep 07


#7 Sep 14, 2007
I too believe the ferry is good for our state. Hooser is just an ant on a mole hill. This guy needs to get a job, a real one. Most of the forums, chats and threads that i've read lead me to believe that most people, including many from Maui and Kauai, support the ferry.

Yes, I will agree that there are issues that need to be addressed but that doesn't mean that the ferry should be shut down.

The ferry is being singled out and being treated unfairly. Maybe the ferry should take all their employees over to Maui and Kauai and find new jobs only fair right.

I hope all those involved in stopping the ferry sleep good at night knowing that they are depriving these workers and their families. With or without the ferry there is no way to stop us from coming nor can you stop crime.
DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!
Lester Brandt

Honolulu, HI

#8 Sep 14, 2007
It seems to me that the Superferry people have already achieved their objective. They got their Federal loan guarantee. Once they got the money backing they probably could care less if Hawai'i will allow them to operate. They can do as SeaFlite did in the 1970s and go elsewhere.
Avoiding an EIS to qualify for federal loan backing should have alerted the State of Hawai'i that this was a risky deal from the start and should never have been allowed to happen.
Capt Ken

San Diego, CA

#9 Sep 14, 2007
I think all the environmental hoopla over the SuperFerry has been stirred up by Hawaii's omnipotent labor unions. Airlines, Matson, Young Brothers, etc. all stand to lose some commerce to the SuperFerry. Labor unions still control most of our legislator puppets. It's crazy to hold cruise ships that daily dump thousands of visitors on a community and flush ship toilets tens of thousands of times daily, interisland tugs & barges, pleasure & charter vessels & Maui County ferrys to no standards and have the SuperFerry held to another because they are the new operation in town that has resisted unionization. Grow up Hawaii and fire your current batch of legislative losers that do not represent you or Hawaii's interests, only the unions of Hawaii.
Disgusted with the Socialist Banana Republic of Hawaii.
More Grandstanding

Qualicum Beach, Canada

#10 Sep 14, 2007
If the HSF owners can't see their way through, they deserve to fail. The grandstanding Hail Mary ploy with the $5.00 fare announced the day after they'd gotten the ruling from Hawai'i's Supreme Court was irresponsible, evidencing further mismanagement and, as was predictable, doomed to fail. It was simply a "middle finger" gesture that backfired.......also predictable.

Every Austal catamaran that has been built over the last several years has gone on to eventual FAILURE. There are 3 nearly identical vessels sitting up here, they were called PACIFICATS, having been auctioned off for pennies on the dollar. And these 3 vessels were built for the BC Ferries which is OWNED by the BC Government........why did they fail? Despite being built and operated by one of the largest and most experienced operators in the World?

ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS, that's why. They didn't last a month and it was OVER........

The Spirit of Ontario, the AUSTAL built catamaran vessel which stopped by in Honolulu and was showcased by HSF.........has also since failed.

What you have here is a group of enthusiastic businessmen who know ZIP about operating a ferry system that has been bluffing their way through to the present day impasse.

If the article heading.."Superferry considers pulling out of Hawaii" is supposed to be a threat, it's just another bluff, there's really no one out there that wants or needs the Alakai or the sister ship presently under construction.

I'm not against the concept of a ferry system in the Islands and am saddened to see this one destined for failure.

No one did their homework, that's a recipe for failure.
Waimea Witch

Kailua Kona, HI

#11 Sep 14, 2007
Once again, the State has exhibited its ridiculous inadequacies in ensuring smooth sailing (no pun intended) for a new business venture. And once more, an option for locals when traveling interisland is quashed! I was looking forward to loading up my truck and shopping on Oahu for items that are too expensive to ship - furniture, bulky items, etc. If Kauai and Maui are so worried about the added traffic, maybe all new car shipments should be scrutinized - after all, they don't leave! I'd be amazed if Superferry doesn't sue the State - then we'll all be paying, once again, FOR NOTHING!!
Roy Yanagihara

Honolulu, HI

#12 Sep 14, 2007
rikio wrote:
The Superferry is a BUSINESS venture no different than a new restaurant or store. IF ALL of the 'dots' and 'x's' are not done properly, DO IT. It is the responsibility of the proprietors to ensure that all regulations have been met or their busniess venutre is at risk. Their due diligence will increase their chance of success. Their lack with increase their chance of failure. No one is to blame but the proprietors. Restaurants and stores need to mind the building regulations, health department, etc. What's new? No cry babies belong in business. Grow up or get out of Hawaii.
I disagree. Unlike other business ventures, the ferry is more like a public utility service that creates and supports other businesses. Unlike a used car dealership or liquor store which would have little impact on others, the ferry would have been used by many businesses. For example, a pumbering or electrical contractor would use the ferry to take his workers and truck to a neighbor island to do some work and return the same or next day. Doing the same thing with Young Brothers would tie up his truck for almost a week. But you already knew that, right?

Honolulu, HI

#13 Sep 14, 2007
I support the HSF 110%. I believe it will be a good thing for the State. It is sad to see that the HSF is taking the brunt of the blame since the complied with all that was required of them. Environmental imacts? Can someone please list what those are that are not already being affected by the cruise ships, airlines and rental car companies?

Kihei, HI

#14 Sep 14, 2007
Let em leave, all they do is complain. They show no aloha or love for the aina. The state should it into an artificial reef and sink it. NO BAILOUT FOR THE SUPERFERRY!
Born and Raised - 40 yrs

Honolulu, HI

#15 Sep 14, 2007
I find it ironic that the people who seem to be opposing the Superferry are "5-7yr" locals that moved to Hawaii from other states as well as young, uneducated "born & raised" locals who protest just to protest. Protestors need to realize that there is a larger community out there besides themselves. Remember, I live here too.

United States

#16 Sep 14, 2007
How about the ferry comming to the Big Island until thes thing is settled.
Cat Manapua

Saint George, UT

#17 Sep 14, 2007
I feel sorry, too, for the small businesses on Maui and Kauai. The SF represented an affordable fast way to access the much bigger Oahu marketplace than the traditional ways of flying product (costly) or barge (slow).

A lot of families depend on small business in the neighbor islands and the SF is a great opportunity for them - you know, the people who actually work all day.

Honolulu, HI

#18 Sep 14, 2007
I think Superfery is union my brother works part time and is ILWU I think the boat too. They still paying him he says its a good place to work

Honolulu, HI

#19 Sep 14, 2007
Let’s be clear about the persons and interests that are behind the Hawaii Superferry.

The Board of Directors of the Hawaii Superferry reads like a roster of revolving door ex-military officials. Like John F. Lehman, former Secretary of the Navy and founder of the investment firm JF Lehman, a company that specializes in investing in military industries with a controlling interest in the Superferry.

Lehman is associated with the Heritage Foundation, the notorious Right Wing think tank that intellectually and politically influenced such anti-Native Hawaiian and anti-environmental groups as the Grassroots Institute, Pacific Legal Foundation and Aloha for All. He is also associated with the Project for a New American Century, the folks that cooked up the illegal and catastrophic occupation of Iraq and a blueprint for U.S. Empire (well, they euphemistically called it “Pax Americana”).

Lehman proudly announced that the Hawaii Superferry would partner with the military as a “Westpac Express” to shuttle Strykers and other military personnel and equipment between islands and beyond. The first Westpac Express was a contract between the U.S. military and the Austal Corporation, makers of the Superferry, to move U.S. military personnel and equipment around Australia and Southeast Asia.

According to testimony from Sean Connaughton, Maritime Administrator of the U.S. Department of Transportation before the House Subcommittee on Seapower and Expeditionary Forces of the Armed Services Committee (March 15, 2007), U.S. taxpayers subsidized $140 million of the $180 million price tag for two Superferries through Title XI loan guarantees.

Connaughton said that “Although the Administration has not requested funding for new loan guarantees since 2001, Congress has periodically appropriated money for this purpose.” He seemed to suggest that the Superferry was another pork barrel earmark project.

Further he stated,“The ferries are also militarily useful and [Transportation Command] has expressed an interest in them. The Hawaii SuperFerry vessels will be offered for enrollment in the Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement, or VISA, program.”

Like the Strykers and the UARC, the Superferry is a conspiracy by politicians, the military and corporations to impose their profit and military driven agendas on Hawai‘i over the opposition of affected communities and regardless of the ultimate costs, consequences and impacts. Kaua‘i’s powerful assertion of their right to live in peace and protect their island from invasive and destructive forces is an example we can all learn from.

Honolulu, HI

#20 Sep 14, 2007
Wow! Maybe the protesters on Kauai don't want people bringing marijuana from Oahu to mess up their market.

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