No One Smiling at Kool Smiles

No One Smiling at Kool Smiles

There are 667 comments on the WXIA Atlanta story from Aug 6, 2007, titled No One Smiling at Kool Smiles. In it, WXIA Atlanta reports that:

Tens of thousands of Georgia children may soon lose their dentists. A major provider of dental services in Georgia, Kool Smiles, with ten dentists offices across the state, is suddenly losing two, big contracts ...

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Fall River, MA

#680 Oct 17, 2011
I am currently a patient at kool smiles. I absolutely hate them. There not gentle at all! Iv had 2 traumatizing events there. In which I was in so much pain I begged them to stop and the put me in according to them soft restrain. Im glad the don't have the right to pull my teeth anymore and I go to another dentist for that. Don't send ur children there. It's not worth it. I would rather have my teeth rot then go there

Richmond, KY

#681 Oct 24, 2011
tell your story here! they are working on a story about this.

Dallas, TX

#682 Oct 27, 2011
My husband serves in the military and the ins that's he gets alot of places don't take it which I think is terrible the men go and risk there lives for this country and there families can't even get properly cared for I took my daughter to a dentist and she has to get two very small fillings and the recommend me to take her to a dentist that deals with children and so I looked for one in net wrk and unfortunately kool smiles was the only one :( and of course it's in low income area and it was obvious everyone in there is on medicaid which tax payers like myself and my husband pay for that and the ppl that go there with ins get rip off they tried to say that the ins doesn't cover everything and that I would have to pay and I was not stupid and asked them for a copy of what was going to be done and they were charging me for over four stainless steel crowns!!!!! Wtf what because someone like us has norm ins we wrk for it and they want to hustle money outta us hell no I think it is horrible that my husband is risking his life for this f up country and nobody but the f ing ghetto takes the ins and then want to f him outta money this place is a horrible dentist I can't even believe this company wrks the way it does no wonder bout all it gets is medicaid ppl and I have been in contact with the military ins provider and I hope this dump looses there contract with them and anyone who posted anything good is prob a fake and just trying to make kool smiles look good there prob from corporate don't believe anything good you hear about them because it's not true!!!!!
Former ks patient

Virginia Beach, VA

#683 Nov 2, 2011
I stopped taking my son 3 yr old when they strapped him to the chair so tight that it bruised his arms and chest, sad thing is he liked dentists...till then

Dalhart, TX

#684 Feb 6, 2012
Relieved wrote:
<quoted text>
I recently applied and interviewed for a OM position in Amarillo, Tx. Thank goodness I decided to research Kool Smiles. There is no way I would accept a job with a company that is under investigation by the FEDS. I can't understand why the abusive treatment of children is allowed to continue and new clinics are opening? Someone with first hand knowledge needs to step up to the plate and let these Texas communities know who they are dealing with. Contact the local papers!
I have taken My daughter to Kool Smiles for the past year and a half and had nothing but a pleasant experience. The visit is always fast, the staff has always been wonderful, and the doctor has always talked to my daughter about every little thing he was going to have to do.. She has had 2 cavities filled there with no fuss at all. She just turned 4 and we love it at the Amarillo Kool Smiles and haven't had one unpleasant moment while there! I have not seen them strap down kids or lose their tempers. As for a business being about the money.. Its called a business, If they do not make money they cannot serve you, there are strict policies for a reason.
kool smiles poor kids

Shepherdsville, KY

#685 Feb 19, 2012
I also have worked for kool smiles it is not a very good place to work for they only are concern about the money they make they are aggressive when they do treatment plans if the too has decay on the interproximals they automatice says it need a crown and that is not always the case, and as for parents you should demand to go to the back with your child you would be so upset at the things that go on back there so please insist that you will be going back if they refuse then go somewhere else where partents are asked to come back with their child
respond to sheph

Shepherdsville, KY

#686 Feb 19, 2012
Kool smiles tries to help the children, alot of the kids that come in have never seen a dentist and age of 8 and 9 they should of already seen a dentist atleast 15 times to check their teeth, so if your child has a lot of treatment to do just please ask questions, and you are always entitled to go for a second opinion that is your right as a parent,please get envolved with the dentist and your child to improve in their dental appointments
Cash Smiles

United States

#687 Mar 2, 2012
After changing insurance carriers, I started researching dentists that accepted my carrier and specialized in children. I was referred to Kool Smiles. My son's first visit to the other dentist was horrific with him being 12 months so I knew his second visit would be no different. The KS staff were amazing with him. After his initial cleaning visit, I was informed that he had 2 surface cavities which needed fillings and because he was screaming and squirming they suggested he be placed in a papoose. No problem, I knew they couldn't service him any other way besides gassing him. Not one time was I informed that this was not covered by insurance of ANY KIND!.. At the time of payment which I was told would be 31.00 after copay was met, I was hit with a 76.00 charge for "Behavioral Management"..I asked the receptionist why wasn't I told about this charge, why was it never written on one the 10 forms I filled out, why would they not offer that information WITH the procedures for child restraints? I was completely in the dark yet owed 76.00. Her response was, " I apologize,but I never know they use the papoose until they bring me the statement of work performed". Okay, that's fine BUT just proves my point. If I had been told there was an additional uncovered fee, we wouldn't be having this issue. I could have held him myself for free!.. I just paid it and called corporate. I can't understand why a company that catered to children as young as 1 wouldn't mention this fee KNOWING most kids that age are going to utilize this apparatus. Simply unacceptable! I cannot be the first patent to address this issue so why it hadn't been fixed is beyond me..Cash Smiles, you gotta do better in this business or customers are going to look elsewhere for service.

Virginia Beach, VA

#688 Mar 7, 2012
Today I was asked by my daughter to meet her up at Kool Smiles in Virginia Beach on Holland Road. She has two boys age 3 & 4 (both a month away from turning 4 & 5.)The oldest boy was having pain with one of his bottom teeth, so she decided to take them both for a cleaning. She has great Insurance Delta PPO, but always seeing the Kool Smile Commercial on TV, she thought they would really cater to their specific pediatric needs.
I arrived shortly after they did and when I walked in I could tell something was not right. This was not like any dentist office I had ever visited. The girls behind the counter appeared rugged, rude and without any smiles. There was one large playset in the far left corner & one small table with four chairs next to it.
The playset that had a slide & a ladder to climb up was FILTHY and you could tell no one had cleaned it in a long time. The sitting area was run down & old dingy chairs. At first I thought we must be in the wrong place. This could NOT be a kids dentist.
Our appointmemt was at 0945. From behind the counter an hour after sitting there someone behind the counter yelled out the two boys names. We made our way to the front desk where the girl who had called our name disappeared. My daughter said, " I think we are suppose to go through the door." So we did. We walked through & no one was there. Where did she go? Another girl at the far end of the front desk area said, " Did she call your name to & leave again?"
I was starting to boil a bit at this point.
I told my daughter this could not be a dentist office. Maybe we were on "What would you do." or some other TV show.
The girl at the desk told us to walk to the right & to just find an empty room & wait there.
Hey Lady!! This is our 1st visit & so far this entire place has flunked at customer service.
We found a room that was empty & went in.
I told my daughter we were getting the hell out of there & I began to call my dentist. Just at the moment a girl walked in ..Never introduced herself & walked us down the hall & informed us my daughter could be with the younger boy in one room & I in another room with the oldest boy next to her.
Upon entering the room there was NOTHING related to a child. It was a bare room with a bar along the wall with dentist stuff on it & a blue chair in the middle with a light above it.
BEING A NURSE!! I could not but help but notice the equipment that was in the room was filthy. The floor was dirty and containers to mouthwash, etc where all opened.
I was thinking how do they clean teeth in this room with no sink to rinse or spit in? Most importantly they were not even washing their hands.
Long story short the youngest child did not resist the care of the employee's (Thank you Lord) but his mother was informed they found a cavity & he would need a crown. WHAT???
When the hygenist (If she was one) came into the room I was in with my grandson all hell broke loose. My grandson while waiting another 30 minutes for someone to come in developed anxiety. He decided he did not want his teeth cleaned nor was he going to let anyone look in his mouth. I informed the girl we were going to cut the visit short and plan for another date to get looked at.( OF course my real plan of action was to get out of there & find a real dentist ).
At that point the employee informed me she was going to get another girl and would be right back. When they returned they had informed they were going to brush his teeth and told him he was big baby and than they informed me how they planned to perform this task with an unwilling participant.
One girl was going to lay him off the table & hold his head between her thighs & the others would retrain his hands and feet.
I went next door with my grandosn to grab my daughter & my other grandson to leave & the dentist who was actually in the room got to hear me unload my thoughts and than she informed me that is how they do things around there.
Both boys will NOT be returning & have appt with a real dentist
Concerned from Tupelo

New Albany, MS

#689 Mar 17, 2012
March 16, I had an appointment. I confirmed it on March 15. I drove 20 miles for my appointment only to be told it had been canceled. I was speechless. Why? I asked. I had been going there several times and my insurance had already verified. They told me they might work me in but it would be a while before my insurance would be verified. At least an hour. I said "No Thanks". I got home and called the Atlanta office. They sent me to 3 different people and then finally hung up on me. The only thing I have checked on was my claims. Nothing had been filed against my insurance since I had been going to Kool Smiles. I had work done in October 2011 where I paid $150.00 dollars out of pocket. I guess my insurance wasn't filed. According to Humana, nothing had been filed. I questioned that to Kool Smiles and they said they had filed and would send it in again. Lo and Behold, it showed up on my claims. I GUESS THEY WERE MAD THAT I QUESTIONED THAT. SOMETHING IS GOING ON THAT I WANT NO PART OF. GOOD BYE KOOL SMILES!!!!!!!!!!

black knight x


Since: Nov 11


#690 Mar 17, 2012
Dentists pad their pillows with cash and sleep very well!

Las Cruces, NM

#691 Apr 16, 2012
We have been taking our two daughters to Kool Smiles in Las Cruces, NM for over a year. The office is very clean, all the assistants and office staff are very professional and the dentist are totally patient, explaining each thing they are doing. Our 10 and 12 year old both love their Dentist visits now. I also started going to the office when they opened for adults. Great care! No pushing for additional work unless needed. We are very happy with the Las Cruces office. They also always explain billing prior to any work and we've had no problems with it.

United States

#692 May 2, 2012
Kool Smiles Hater wrote:
I hope this is checked frequently....My first thought of Kool Smiles was WOW, this company is doing something amazing... HOWEVER, and EVERYONE listen, Kool Smiles is corporate america....
They do NOT care about their patients, and that is not to say that some doctors do not, but all around as a company, they care only about making $$$.... The do not respect their employees, who all are over worked and underpaid... I myself, have worked for KS and I do have to say, I LOVED my job, I worked hard because I believed in what I was doing, however at the end of the day, KS is corporate america!!!! THE ONE AND ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS HOW MUCH MONEY YOUR OFFICE MAKES... AND IT'S ACTUALLY EVEN WORSE THAN THAT... I wish I had someone to talk to about this!!! And Obama Follower, I am so with you.... I can not WAIT until their time comes, I will be right there with you... I was actually removed for speaking out, and for NO REASON... BUT I am talking to someone about it.... SO..
. It is true i saw dis lady yelling at a little kid with 2 other doctors around

United States

#693 May 2, 2012
Today 5/3/12 i saw dis lady yelling at a kid saying dnt do this and there were other 2 doctors around doing nothing

Bryan, TX

#694 May 2, 2012
... We have KoolSmiles here in Texas. They're currently being sued because....

1. They would refuse parents to be in the room while procedures were being done.

2. They literally STRAPPED minors into a chair (without their parent's permission or knowledge)and...

3. Do a FULL MOUTHS WORTH of NEEDLESS (not to mention just plain bad) CROWNS on BABYTEETH (Once again with out parental consent of knowledge) meanwhile...

4. They PULLED chipped and broken adult teeth (which ironically could have been saved with a crown) so they could do implants... Once again without informing the parents.

So no, this isn't the gov hoarding in on your dental care GA, this is the Kool Smiles company being sued for their idiot branches over here. These locations tortured children just so they could bill medicaid and medicare.

Check this out... It happened in GA too!
Tell the Truth

Santa Fe, NM

#695 May 22, 2012
For those who have been negatively impacted, retain attorneys and have them reported to the dental board and then file lawsuits,report them also to BBB in your communities, write letters to the editor in your hometown papers.
Tell the Truth

Santa Fe, NM

#696 May 22, 2012
This nonsense should not be occuring in any dental office much less in those serving children, but there is much greed in these businesses. It's being seen in other dental offices as well with people needing immediate care at the mercy of unethical supposed professionals who put money before the patients good.
Former CTL

United States

#697 Jul 2, 2012
This place is all about production. They operated this place like a Chinese sweat shop. I only dealt with the chaos for the bonus checks. One monthly bonus check I got was for $950 another lead assistant got $600 extra for one month. The thing I hated was holding the heads with the towel blind fold. I am hoping this factory will stop operating as usual and change the way they do business.

Otis Orchards, WA

#698 Dec 3, 2012
I had a very bad experience with cool smiles. I am 19 and was a patient at Cool Smiles. After my previous visit I came in to make an appointment for cleaning and they told me I had to wait a week. So After a week I come back for my scheduled appointment. Because I had no insurance and was a student I had to pay cash. Not only did they tell me a different price then when I made the appointment of $100 more the manager looked me up and down and after half an hour she came out and said that she refused to see me. Even after I offered to pay with a check she said that they should not have scheduled an appointment for that day and they won't take any kind of payment from me. She gave me a name of another dental clinic and told me to go there. Her reason was that she was done for the day and didn't want to deal with any payments. She said she only took patients with insurance and if I didn't have insurance then I could not be seen. I had gotten furious because previously they told me just a week before that they took cash. I was really upset because of the time I wasted there instead of going to an important class and the treatment i was getting. I told her I was mad she laughed in my face and said it doesn't matter if I was mad or not. She was done dealing with patients for the day and they were soon closing the office. I still don't understand why she treated me like that I believe its because of discrimination because of my different ethnicity.
lovin Kool Smiles

Gulfport, MS

#699 Jan 23, 2013
My son has been going to Kool Smiles for four years, the one is Biloxi, Mississppi. I read these complaints and I'm like what are ya'll talking about?!?
The Dr my son has is very kind, very patient with my son. I guess I should mention my son has Asbergers Syndrome, so for him to like someone new is rare, but he loved his Dr. From the get go.
In the four years we've been going there, we've only had to pay them 10$ for an amount that insurance wouldn't cover. He's never been diagnosed with a cavity. Never had to have anything major done.

As for their so called ' assembly line' you can go back with your child and wait and watch them like that, my son is going to be eight and I refuse to just stand at the window. Assert yourself more KS-cruel assembly line.

I am extremely happy with Kool Smiles and I will continue taking my child there for as long as he is under my roof.

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