goodwill sucks

Broken Arrow, OK

#42 Oct 2, 2011
Why no location Lurknot...? Geeez have you nothing else to do. Done w/ this site. Done with Goodwill. Bye...

Phoenix, AZ

#43 Oct 9, 2011
I must say that I am a Customer Service Manager for Goodwill of Central Arizona, and I have to agree with most of the posts above. Unfortunately Goodwill treats their employees like crap. I have been with the company for nearly two years, and have just barely been promoted. The only reason I was promoted was because of a store manager who saw my experience and work ethic and pushed to get me promoted. Unfortunately the company fired this manager a month later for "undisclosed reasons". Before anyone starts in, I am a well educated individual. I do have a college degree and have several years of previous supervisory experience. I do not put much stock in rumours, however, I have heard that I am not being promoted as appropriate because the district director does not like me. Apparently I am "too much of a 'know-it-all' to be promoted further". I have consistently seen an abuse of power from management staff above me, and from senior management within the company. Unfortunately, senior management doesn't care to listen to the hourly minimum wage employees, and I find that I'm being told to just ignore the complaints. GICA, has changed the way they offer benefits to their employees, including charging for benefits for the employees that used to be covered by the company. Unfortunately, this change of a payroll deduction for healthcare did not come with a pay raise. In addition the annual pay raise for being a good employee is $0.25 per hour. We are told not give anything more. The senior management of GICA seems to not want to hear the complaints from their employees, and issues are simply brushed under the rug while those involved are let go for various unfounded reasons. GICA does not offer proper training for any of it's employees and does not honor the "promote from within" policy that it so often flaunts. The company could take steps to improve, however it should be done sooner rather than later. As far as doing something about it, I have taken steps and even requested to speak directly with senior management within the company and with the board of directors only to be denied each time. Instead I have been "documented" for failing to follow company policy regarding a procedure on the register. A procedure that has never been followed in the nearly 2 years I have worked there by any of the management staff, but has "miraculously" been on the books for years. I unfortunately do not have the faith in the "Goodwill Mission" that I had when I first started working for them. As of this post I am official seeking a position within another company that will allow me grow professionally and utilize the many years of experience and knowledge that I have obtained.

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#44 Oct 10, 2011
betterthanthat wrote:
Why no location Lurknot...? Geeez have you nothing else to do. Done w/ this site. Done with Goodwill. Bye...
I have found it is another way to irritate you, thanks for letting me know it.
Goose Girl

Fayette, OH

#45 Jan 5, 2012
Ohio is the same! The stores run a loop about keeping things out of the landfill, but we throw out so much good stuff that a semi-sized dumpster is full twice a week. They are always threatening to cut hours because employees are not working hard enough! The managers get big bonuses and the upper level managers drive BMWs. They treat the employees like criminals! They seem to think everyone gets jobs at the Goodwill in order to steal the great stuff that comes through! Who would want that junk! The only theft I have seen in the store is customer shoplifting and the manager steeling stuff that he wants for his antique collection.

Everything that has any value goes to the online store so that the goodwill can squeeze more money out of the customers. The nonprofit bull.... is all a scam!

Madisonville, TN

#46 Jan 5, 2012
WTF is up with them trying to beg for money when it is their birthday! You know who I am talking about. Go out on the street like all the other bums do to ask for hand outs!
debby wrote:
i like goodwill. all i see in the one i go to to buy books is black females. i think they do good giving them jobs. they don't stay long it seems though. one elderly black lady i've not see in a while. one day she had a few dollar biils pinned on her shirt so i asked what you got those dollars on your shirt for? her birthday so before i left i gave her 3 more dollar bills to pin on her shirt.

Bangor, ME

#47 Jan 15, 2012
Their pricing is outrageous, deceptive and expensive. The swapping of price tags to colors other than the next week is deceptive. I went in this Sunday (today) the color is red and could not find any red as compared to all the other colors. I hope they have a clear conscious, but then again money is the greed word in this business.

Milwaukee, WI

#48 Feb 2, 2012
I know of a person that worked for 4 years at Goodwill. She was off for a few days with Dr. letter due to an accident. The eve. she worked her and others were told to clean out their lockers, while mgr. stood laughing. This was done in front of other employees in break room.

We all need to write stores that donate, sell and promote them. Boston Store has Goodwill days so boycott them. Goodwill receives merchandise from Target. Write to Target corp. These places could do business with Salvation army, etc instead. Also write your congressman why Goodwill hardley ever has to pay unemployment. They are very corrupt. Fight back. What ever state you are in try to find other companies that donate/sell to Goodwill.

Kenosha, WI

#49 Mar 11, 2012
Here' how it really is folks!
Expose them for what they really are-a local multi-million dollar business with executives reaping huge dollars under the guise of helping challenged individuals integrate into society.
As we are continually urged to give our fair share to the less fortunate, we would do ourselves all a great service to learn a bit about where and to whom we choose to share our personal goodwill. By doing basic homework, some appalling facts come to light about how we are all manipulated into giving to organizations that give the impression they are totally about helping the needy when in reality they are all truly about helping primarily themselves. The most deplorable misrepresentation in our community is that of Goodwill Industries.
Goodwill Industries is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization—not to be confused with a ‘non-profit’ organization. Simply stated, it means they can make all the profit they want as long as it goes back into the company – such as into salaries. As an example: According to public record, our local Goodwill is a considerably administrative heavy BUSINESS with the CEO and the COO drawing well over $750,000 annually in combined salaries while driving very nice company financed vehicles. Additionally, these top two executives annual bonuses alone are each more than most of us earn in one year. This is just the top two executives! In addition to these two individuals, Goodwill has numerous very highly paid Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Directors all receiving many of these same ‘benefits’ which also include extremely lucrative healthcare programs as well as company subsidized investment and retirement packages. Maybe if we all did a little homework, and knew of these “dirty little secrets” we would not be so quick to welcome a new Goodwill Store into our community.
Also, according to public record, Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin retail operation alone brings in well over $35 million in sales annually. Their contract laundry services (to local hospitals), food service (to Great Lakes Naval Base) and manufacturing operations (to big business) additionally generate millions of dollars annually - for Goodwill. They also receive huge sums of dollars annually in government grants to finance their bussing and trucking operations. That’s right, you and I pay for those nice semis and busses NOT Goodwill. And that is only our Milwaukee based Goodwill agency. This kind of sleight of hand is going on in every community in which Goodwill has a centrally operated agency such as ours.
In this challenging economic climate of big companies drawing big bonuses while the rest of us are struggling to put food on our tables, it may better serve our community and the many other communities that Goodwill operates in, to inform its customers that a disproportionate amount of the money made from all purchases and donations is going to feed the huge salaries, new cars, and wonderful benefit packages of their executives.
Goodwill would have us believe that all of our financial support is going to help physically and/or mentally challenged persons. Perhaps if people understood the difference between non-profit and not-for-profit they would be less inclined to support Goodwill as they do. The question begs then to be asked…How many more people in need could be helped if not for the millions being used to line their own personal and corporate pockets?
It would be better advised to help those in need by donating to a local church or to honest deserving true non-profit organizations rather than contribute to the hugely inflated salaries, new automobiles and extravagant benefits of individuals who mislead us with “Goodwill Sales,” Green Bay Packer spokespersons and misrepresent where all of our money really goes. Their credo “92 cents of every dollar” goes to help the less fortunate is only true through the use of smoke and mirrors…and the head in the sand attitude of responsible journalism.

Washington, DC

#50 Mar 28, 2012
I was at the store on 85. I was excited about finding a dishware patern I have and a dresser. well seeing as these items were marked to high
It was not in the best of shape.
Each bowl was $ 2.71
each saucer was $.98
and the plates $ 2.98. With these prices I could buy the shit new.
There was also a shelving unit $ 30.00 (it cost thats much new at the depo)
A light thats someone marked $ 3.00 for yard sale they marked $ 15.00
lastly a dresser was $ 65.00.
The 13 year old manager said his staff knows what they are doing and to bad.
Well I will tell you whats to bad I will not give my items to goodwill any more nor will I shop there. I would send my stuff there so it would help out people who dont have anything. Well they cant afford to shop there any way. Fxxx Goodwill.

Washington, DC

#51 Mar 28, 2012
I second that. So true, so true.

Tucson, AZ

#52 Apr 3, 2012
Yep, treat their own workers like criminals. One store I worked at got robbed. But the cameras are above the cashiers, pointed directly into the till, therefore it wasn't able to capture the robber on camera!
Cashe Moneh Dogga

Tucson, AZ

#53 Apr 5, 2012
former goodwill cashier wrote:
I was shit canned for nothing. Interrogated like a criminal...then fired. Had evidence to contradict their story and STILL didn't get unemployment from them. They are in cahoots with the state in most EVERY state.
The clothes are also riddled with scabies.
Very Similar Story...It's sad how a company that promotes themselves as breaking down barriers to employment actually creates barriers for so many on peoples resumes!! Long story short...was canned for 'insubordination,' denied unemployment, but after I talked to a lady at DES about the was decided I was eligible for unemployment. Please, everyone, needs to join and share their stories on facebook:


#54 Apr 6, 2012
It's really too bad

Winthrop, ME

#55 Apr 20, 2012
I think they have forgotten their mission, read it?

Goodwill’s History

September 8, 2009

Goodwill was founded in 1902 in Boston by Rev. Edgar J. Helms, a Methodist minister and early social innovator. Helms collected used household goods and clothing in wealthier areas of the city, then trained and hired those who were poor to mend and repair the used goods. The goods were then resold or were given to the people who repaired them. The system worked, and the Goodwill philosophy of “a hand up, not a hand out” was born.

Dr. Helms’ vision set an early course for what today has become a $4 billion nonprofit organization. Helms described Goodwill Industries as an “industrial program as well as a social service enterprise…a provider of employment, training and rehabilitation for people of limited employability, and a source of temporary assistance for individuals whose resources were depleted.”

Even with a laudable history and record of accomplishment, Goodwill won’t be satisfied when so many people still need our services. Through our 21st Century Initiative, we aim to improve the economic self-sufficiency of 20 million people and their families by 2020. Times have changed, but Helms’ vision remains constant.“We have courage and are unafraid. With the prayerful cooperation of millions of our bag contributors and of our workers, we will press on till the curse of poverty and exploitation is banished from mankind.”

High Point, NC

#56 Jun 8, 2012
i worked for goodwill industries for 34 days in greensboro nc at 1235 south elm eugene street the vr counselor wanted to another 30 days i said not interested they wanted me to do housekeeping june 20 was my last they wanted me to be a slave cleaning the restrooms i quit vocational rheabililtation lunch money program was a joke $1.50 a day i got 51.00 total i only made $335.10 at goodwill $386.10 total what a ripoff they should be call greedwill no good in goodwill its a joke subminimum wages $1.00 an hour that is slavery do not work for goodwill

High Point, NC

#57 Jun 8, 2012
tim wrote:
i worked for goodwill industries for 34 days in greensboro nc at 1235 south elm eugene street the vr counselor wanted to another 30 days i said not interested they wanted me to do housekeeping june 20 was my last they wanted me to be a slave cleaning the restrooms i quit vocational rheabililtation lunch money program was a joke $1.50 a day i got 51.00 total i only made $335.10 at goodwill $386.10 total what a ripoff they should be call greedwill no good in goodwill its a joke subminimum wages $1.00 an hour that is slavery do not work for goodwill
i live in randleman
tim randleman nc

High Point, NC

#58 Jun 8, 2012
goodwill industries is a sheltered workshop they pay you subminimum wage what in december 1984 the vr counselor wanted me to go to the sheltered workshop at 4009 west wendover avenue for the smae lousy wages goodwill industries and the sheltered workshop are nothing but sweatshops modern day slavery
tim randleman nc

High Point, NC

#59 Jun 8, 2012
at goodwill industries they require that you take work adjustment classes i could not see myself do house keeping scrubbing toilets and boring tasks such becoming their slave goodwill industries needs to be under investigation for their so called job training after 34 days i was called into the work adjustment cooridinators office i was told that i had to come for 6 weeks i voiced my objection i said im not interested the work adjustment cooridinator asked is anyone saying bad things about goodwill the vocational rehabilitation called me about 2 weeks asked me if would return to goodwill industries i said no on october 23 she called me have you thought about coming back to goodwill i said no iwas tired of working for submininmum pay that is the reason i quit working the vocational rehabilitation should not refer non disabled people they profit off the disabled and non disabled the sheltered workshop at 4009 west wendover avenue is like goodwill you are not allowed to sit down you have to stand up 8 hours a day on a hard concrete floor shame on you goodwill industries and the sheltered for making people work for subminimum pay you are very greedy you dont care about them all you want is to make money off and pad your bank accounts it should be call badwill where is the money going? in your pockets you are not helping them 4.43 billion dollars in 2011 where did the money go in every greedy ceos pockets thats right the subminimum wage is wrong any one who has worked at goodwill do not work for them at all its modern day slavery it needs to be outlawed this is not the 19 century slavery was outlawed in 1865 end slavery now

Broken Arrow, OK

#61 Jun 13, 2012
countrygal wrote:
These places could do business with Salvation army, etc instead. Also write your congressman why Goodwill hardley ever has to pay unemployment.
I was able to get unemployment from Goodwill because they fired me after just 6 weeks because of job performance. Store Manager gave me a "catch on if you can cuz I'm really busy" training course. Goodwill had "no just cause" to fire me. I'm in a new job now so Goodriddens Goodwill!

Broken Arrow, OK

#62 Jun 13, 2012
I'll leave out her name but this was article online today. No Goodwill for ADA people.

Quote: Service Dog Allegedly Led To Barring From Goodwill Store, Tennessee Woman Claims ...

...a Tennessee woman dealing with disabilities resulting from a car accident, claims her service dog,...., led employees at a Goodwill shop to deny her entrance.

“About a month ago my husband and I went to the Goodwill, and we were approached by their supervisor. We were told that we had to leave or show certification or documentation for the dog," Holowka told WCYB.

That's not a legal request, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which states that "state and local governments, businesses, and nonprofit organizations that serve the public generally must allow service animals to accompany people with disabilities in all areas of the facility where the public is normally allowed to go."

....says she was involved in a car accident in 1992 which led to epilepsy that sometimes gave her partial complex seizures.....helps her deal with the resulting complications, but .... says the fact that she has no lasting visible effects sometimes complicates the process.

While federal law says one thing, the Goodwill store apparently believes another. WCYB reportedly spoke with a Goodwill representative who said that they'd be happy to admit .... and long as they showed the "right paperwork." Excluding that, they maintained that their policy says "no pets allowed." Unquote

Stupid is as stupid does. Even Forrest Gump can figure that out!

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