Ga. Vagos MC Shut down in Ga.

Mississauga, Canada

#104 Dec 4, 2012
well here in Canada the Vagos are making peace with the angels and the vagos arent criminal;but the other clubs are according to the interview the Canadian Vagos gave to the press ,,,peterborough Examiner story dated October 29th and they have great respect for the Angels and Outlaws ,,LOL i think here in Canada its called FEAR !!!

Mississauga, Canada

#105 Dec 4, 2012
only club in canada with members that have paperwork on them ,,,members out in goof from other clubs and out in bad from the HA ,,,crack smokers and junkies ,,,they are a great catch for the GREEN !!! nobody else wanted them !@!!

Cleveland, TX

#106 Dec 11, 2012
vagos got run out of everywhere first GA then MS then MO Thats what happins when you sell patches you get punks

Glace Bay, Canada

#107 Jan 17, 2013
Hey Boston if you never hung with a Vago so how would you know? Maybe your with that rat club the loners that works for Cops ? Maybe your just a cop?

Mississauga, Canada

#108 Jan 17, 2013
real deal Outlaw from Cape Breton you must know Chop er ,,the jewish russian ,irish Native ,vago ,,i now nothing of the Loners ,,,never been one ,,,but every club on the planet has or has had Rats in them ,if you were the real deal you would know that and wouldnt slam another club ,,the Rock Machine called Chop er a Rat ,,the Choice called Pammett a Rat ,,and its those 2 that keep calling another club Rats ,,,Pammett CoSigned Gord King and he is Found out to Be a Rat ,,there is Paperwork ,,,so you like all the posers need to learn one thing Club is exempt of rats !!! the Pagans have ex cops ,,,and they are in jail because of a Rat for the Angels ,,,same problems with Rats in the club ,,Outlaws same problem ,,Vagos have had there share along with the Mongols,,Sons of Silence and the Goose all have had RATs BANDIDOS had one that put 8 guys away for life in shedden ,,,leave the island dude and become the real deal ,,educate yourself ,,,all 1%er are watching the trial of the 4 in peterborough lets see who is and isnt talking to the cops ,,you might be surprised

Jenks, OK

#109 Feb 8, 2013
Oklahoma needs the green nation...
vagos support

United States

#110 Feb 16, 2013
Outlaws are abunch of lames vagos are forever

Support your local vagos
big one

Penngrove, CA

#111 Feb 18, 2013
ha 81 are the best mc
Wrong way

United States

#113 Mar 7, 2013
Wish yall werent in visable&was in our city its wide open there are many of us up here that are thinking of starting our own mc three patch here some of us gree up in the mc life style&eather start our own mc or become a prospecting chapter or a suport mc i know yall are 1%erswilling &i respect that!!!,i was born in east LA &rember growing up around yall but didn't get to see or hear anything about yall since i moved to AR&then to GA if yall are around come to toccoa GA it's open teratory,the only two reak mc in the area were the black pistons in cleaveland which got shut down by the outlaws because of a snitch in there mist can't blame them there huh nobody like a fucking snitch!!&then there's the wingman there mostly vet mc but not totaly,but they won't screw with yall though if tou want drop me a line my email is [email protected]& we can chat a bit
Wrong way

United States

#114 Mar 7, 2013
Ur full of shit on that bro& i'm a outlaw suporter but any mc that standa aginst the curpt commie government i'll clap for,it's the gutless peolple that have the major problem canda sounds like there smarter in wanting to make peace with the 1%ersblack mc world u get less shit &truuble that way&giving respect is always a good our government is the one thats afraid because they are trying to destroy all the mc's in the country because they want to rule the country&tell u&me how to live&what we can &can't do with our iwn life&i say if we aint hurting anyone thats not in the mc world than back the fuck off
Wrong way

United States

#115 Mar 8, 2013
Boston ur right there bro!!&he shouldn't run down any mc&it sounds like he doesn't have any idea of whats going on i'm not a patch member yet to ut hope to earn the right one day,i've hung around with some mc's the outlaws&black pistons&i'm a long haul or was till i had a hart attack&i was real close to starting my prospecting prosess,but when i had my hart attack i wond up going into hart sergery&when i got out&went by the club house &found out it was taped off with crime scene tape i called our chapter pres he told me what happend&said he'd get back in touch with me but his phone got cut off&the vp phone got cut off too,&the word on the street was the outlaws shut the club house down do to a rat in our group if that is true that then breaks my hart&i feel very lost without my black pistons brothers,they all knew i one day wanted to move up&become an outlaw @1%er i've alwaysed wanted to be an outlaw&felt like an outlaw since i was a kid&this was to be my second family,but now i don't know what to do&i miss the guys&don't know anyone else in another chapter, im glad i didn't die with my hart attack ehen i had it because if had to die i want it to ne as a full patched member of the outlaws ya know what i mean?? So see rats can fuck up a lots of peoples lives,even the inocent&they never made me do anything ilegal&they don't pass around other guys women the black pistons&outlaws treated my wife with the most respect&the other woman protected my wife&i met an outlaw comming through TN once &if you showed them respect than they were a great bunch of guys to hang with so to the people who has never been with or around a real mc back off till ur learn the mc world&like boston says don't run ur mounth about any mc well boston wish me luck on finding a new chapter&on my long trip in becoming an outlaw

Washington, DC

#116 Mar 9, 2013
Wow. Few in the know post it on the internet. Mostly gossip, & rumors here. Leave that chit to the OL's.
Respect to those that deserve it.
red dog

Minden, Canada

#117 Mar 14, 2013
hey i know that boston guy....i think is name is triver stills......he talks a lot for a guy that was kicked out of the rock machine in bad for working with the cop and latlyby the out thats why he talks about people he dont know
The real Chop per

Springhill, Canada

#118 Mar 22, 2013
Outlaws good people in Canada good times. Vasgos Vanada great club . I doubt that's Trev sill's because to this day he has great respect for the Vagos and Outlaws. A rat really ? I did my time in Gen pop. Naw I quit rock because there was rats in that new rock machine. I would love know who I rat on? I work for liven as do all my brothers. Feel free post my paper work I did my time alone in the pen ..The Rat word seems get tossed around alot today with no real paper work. I mean ther eis such thing as court papers docket numbers? I would say its a cop posting shit trying stir up shit all us real 1%ERS know better ride free and keep support whatever club you support . Its the goverment that is the real Problem!!
A Real Irish

Springhill, Canada

#119 Mar 23, 2013
Hey Boston you must be a cop trying to talk shit about Chopper ? I tell you this much he has mad respect from alot good people in the eastcoast even his rivail's respect this guy down here.
That there man went to the pen took his time like a real man and never sold a soul out for any deal. The poor bastard could not even get an early parole. He helped alot people out up there in that hell hole Springhill. I know this well because he brought me lots book's when I was in the hole.
he worked in the libary with Locke GRUB Macdonald and Nasty Neil Smith old real H.A. Halifax even when the screws shook him down on the range he never broke and took inside charges for someone elses tattoo gun . That little guy ain't biggest or meanest but he has one thing you don't and that he has a big heart more then you will ever know.
Respect Chop chin up this goof don't have a clue what you been thourgh little bro.
You know who I am brother .

Toronto, Canada

#120 Mar 29, 2013
real Irish like hell he did ,,and dude how come the badest Guy is Sydney doesnt know him come nobody knows him and as for mad respect ,,,,,bullshit!@!!who are you telling stories to ,,,and what shit did i talk about him ,,,,RMMC called him and still do a RAT!!! he isnt een known in the Pier ,,,,,like dude come on !!!

Toronto, Canada

#121 Mar 29, 2013
just repeating what i know has been said ,,i have no paperwork on anybody and dont really care i am not doing anything with anybody ,,,,,just heard the shit talking about and by everybody and the minute i guy has an opinion he is a cop ??
Iloveinternetfoo ls

Sydney, Canada

#122 Apr 3, 2013
Everyone know's the new rock is all RATS who did not make the cut from H.A do your homework. Fuck em we all quite their bullshit right across the east coast. I get a kick out of people talking about a club they never were part of or it's ex member's . I bet if you ask them who he or any of his crew were or was supposed to have RAT on they do not have an answer because it never happen. It would been in the paers as well ? The truth is there was a big group of us who were dumb enough join that net club and quit because there papers on there top brass do your home work. They are not the Real rock they have not been around since 2002 jerk off lmao..

United States

#123 Apr 12, 2013
Green boogers...Brag about being invisible.......

United States

#124 Apr 12, 2013
FUCM wrote:
<quoted text>
They couldnt make it as VAGOS and FUCM they wont make it as MONGOLS eaither. Why would you want to pick up another clubs trash.

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